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Hairul Nizam
Can we just acknowledge Batman for not being selfish and actually hand down the rope down for the others to climb and get out of there after so many years....
Slim Shady
The most inspiring movie scene ever created.
B o w i e
-What does that mean? -RISE. Give me the chill every time
Daniel Ceballos
Maximillian Osaben
Love the bats flying out of the wall. Just perfect.
Winter Review
"fish fish pasta pasta,fish fish pasta pasta" "what does that mean?" ..Rice. epic song goes on
The cheer they make after the jump gives me chills. Hard to describe that cheer in one word.
dietz andwattson23
Truest philosophy ever: security does not give you feeedom. Fighting through fear and challenging the unknown does
One of my biggest regrets in life is not seeing this in theatres.
The motto is, believe in yourself. Also, rope weight is marginal but provents from reaching full potential thats necessary to make that good enough leap. Excellent writting from Nolan that works in a psychological sence and on basic psychics terms.
"Calm down Batman. Now's not the time for fear....that comes later."
I'm not Hitler
what of this movie was two parts and part 1 ended right here, imagine that
Kelvin Mendez
Just like what Sam Raimi got right with Spider-Man, Christopher Nolan got right with Batman.
One of the best and most inspiring scenes in this trilogy.
Urayoan Ruiz
Am I the only one who liked dark knight rises better than the dark knight
Kevin Lopez
"Why do we fall so we can learn to pick are ourselves up"
Whenever the scene shifts to an IMAX aspect ratio, you know something magnificent is about to happen.
3:25 Can we all agree that every theater everywhere that everyone cheered in absolute insanity at that moment?
Even Batman hates leg day. He has to make a long jump and he's doing abs.
When you fall, no one cares. When you rise, people scream their lungs out. Rise! My friend Rise to glory!
Mario Habijanec
Nolan, you did know that crunches are bad for your back before shooting that scene, right?
Seymen Kiran
This scene alone is better than the whole new DC Universe (except for Wonder Woman and Man of Steel)
and he freed all the sociopaths and rapists at the end
Ok, but how does he make it back to Gotham?
shaqib kadri
He travelled from India to usa..the place is in india Rajasthan
Evan Townsend
anyone know the language in which he says "rise"
Idk What
More Dark Knight trilogy clips please! I'm loving them!
Fear is like a superpower. It makes you stronger, faster, smarter. It's always there. Like a companion. Fear makes companions of all of us.
The one thing that spoilt this scene for me was that man who looks directly at the camera at 3:27 :/ Other than that, fucking amazing
MidnightAssasin T
Fear is nothing but just part of your lives they come when you are afraid of anything and goes when you overcome it
Casey Dinger
I get tears every time watching this movie. Especially this scene.
Not a big fan of this movie, but this scene is awesome.
I remember watching this movie in rehab, when this scene happen I was bursting with emotion it had a second meaning to me. I’ve been clean since ! I rose from my tunnel
Pawan Yashwantkar
3:41 This is how you shock the people that dont believe in you.
Fabi F
Essen Essen Wasser Wasser! Essen Essen Wasser Wasser!! Essen Essen Wasser Wasser!!! Essen Essen Wasser Wasser!!!! Essen Essen Wasser Wasser!!!!! Essen Essen Wasser Wasser!!!!!!
Amateur Society Productions
When Bruce reached the rock, my brightness automatically went up.
James SOLDIER Austin
17 humans FAIL to "RISE"
Aashish Bohra
the fire of that scene wipes out in days .. but the rage the power of this 4 minute scene has audacity to give you goosebumps even after 6 years .. lyrics just torns you apart .. this is beyond "infinity"
Concept of the pit is not explained clearly. Why this dark pit is significant, how did Ra's Al Ghul daughter get here? How did Bane get here and get out. Who manages this pit? From what I know, Tibetan Mastiffs, when a pup are dumped into a dark pit and the Master greets it once a day for a short while with food and water. This establish a permanent bond and the Dog thinks the master as God and protects him for the rest of his life. The Dog being alone in the cold dark pit constantly tries to escape out by scratching against the walls, jumping up and down making its leg muscles strong. It also makes it mean and pissed off at everyone else but the Master. When it fully matures, Master frees it and the Dog remains by his side and swears an oath to protect him against any danger without fearing for its life and listen to all his commands. This is what Bane is made up off. When he was kid, he got pushed into this pit, was abused by others, maybe even sexually. All this torture made him strong and mean. He sacrificed himself so that the girl could get out. When he was a man, she came back and pulled him out of that pit so he swore an oath to carry out her commands and eventually captured Gotham and broke Batman. All that darkness molded him, made him fearless and when he came out to the daylight, he was invincible, didn't care about anything else except to hurt others.
filmed in india.... rajasthan
3:15 bitch lasagna?
Fahad Hilal
Just realized the man with that Brit accent is Emily's father from FRIENDS
I still don't understand why Cristian bail retired from batman please answer? ???
CS 22
This and Cooper's docking in Interstellar are the most inspirational scenes ever shot by Nolan.
Bruce got into the pit, Batman got out. This is my own inspiration whenever life knocks me down. Since the whole point is rise again. Over and over again. DESHI BASARA
Why dont he just climb with the rope?
Kal-El fan 49
The Dork Knight *Rises*
ilyass babi
Meaning of the dark knight RISES 🔥
Jordy Blake man
Everytime I watch this scene it motivates me to follow my dreams and not give up hope. I love it so much
Myrna Laboy
Batman is the Phoenix!!!!
The G.O.A.T
I'm just listening to the bgm,it gives me goosebumps always!!!!
Ravi Sharma
Deshi bashara, deshi bashara..........???
Nardo Sanmero
Fish and pasta... Fish and pasta.... Pasta.. Pasta.... Fish and pasta... Fishy pasta.. Pasta.. Fishy pasta!!!
Sarvesh Tanwar
This scene was shoot in India 3:38
God Exists
The music after he jumps gives me goosegumps everytime
Anurag Sawarkar
Nice and awesome scene also motivating to let your fear down!!! Will definitely watch this movie!!! Proud to be it is shoot in India in rajasthan and it seems to be old jail btw!!!😊😊
Nathan Thompson
Something that bothered me about this film, a plot hole amongst many but I have never heard it mentioned. he packs a bag of supplies, climbs the wall, gets to the top, and throws down a rope...why the hell didn't he leave the supplies at the bottom, get to the top, lower the rope, and go down and get it then, rather then climb the damn thing up the wall!
Diego Calderon
This scene marked my life.
Cesar Cortes
Can someone tell me, does bruce Wayne become afraid to die again after his chat with the doctor?
That’s why we love Batman!! 🦇
What do they say, what does it mean, and what language is it?
The rope must've been made for it to NOT be long enough to reach the other ledge. Hence why nobody ever made it out and the only people who did never used it.
Golden State Warriors fan since 2015
3:16 what did he say?
I’ve never seen this movie all the way through, just clips online & it’s still one of my favourites
ZGamingLightZX GL
This why u have 18k subs
Roy McBride
The trilogy made Batman epic again. My favorite superhero.
lordlossize GG
you know, despite bane thinking he broke the batman, he REALLY should have left a guard or two watching the hole so that if he did try making the climb they would stop him. banes overconfidence was his weakness.
Soto the Phantom
When you finally done with School & your Junior friends cheering you up
Ace Com4
When you put in the work and have no fear, then It is Possible! Possible! It is Possible! Possible! It is POSSIBLE!
Pierre Veloso
I really hope that wayne then came back and rescue his old friend that made in prison
Ravinder Pannu
if somebody wants to get motivated ,then this video is for him/her.. a legendry scene
Erick Antonio
One of the best Batman scenes for me since I saw this in the theather
Man thankyou for uploading this...this is so damn powerfull
Manas Rj Chhatar
Dat awesome background score deserved an Oscar❤️
Andrew Bailey
Yared s
i like what you do
ZGamingLightZX GL
1st again
Number 47
And we never knew what happened with those prisoners again, did they eat pasta and fish when they got home? We will never know.
stillrad though
If you think about it, this is like in batman begins. When he falls down the well and gets back up. This time without the help of his father
"Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.
trench 444
Most inspirational scene in the world
The guy at 3:40 is like " please throw the rope down" lol
Swaraj Sarkar
This shooting site is in india( rajasthan)
נתנאל נברייב
זה יגאל הנאצי😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kühn Andreas
"fear is why you fell" 1 minute later "you need the fear to make that climb" yeah.. this is some bs
James Bond
How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible without the most powerful impulse of the spirit? The fear of death
Caped Baldy
Bruce Wayne has to know fear in order to overcome it. As Batman he was fearless. After escaping he became truly fearless and became the real Batman.
Motivational scene for all the fallen people this tells you to how to rise and the good sign bats coming out of the wall is epic
Abhik Raj
I just hope all dc movies were as great as this
Hoffer Puffer
Did he just throw down a rope before checking if it was tied up?
Crimson Blade
And then.....a guard shoots him in the face!
Toxic Affreido
Best scene 😍😍 batman is my favorite
adolf hitler
Arijit Mukhopadhyay
Didn't forget to throw down the rope in quest of saving Gotham.. a true and good human at heart.. Respect Batman
Ria S
It must've been because of the rope that people don't make it out.
Samrat Mal Mal
Best film of 2012.
They have a mini city down there. You mean they don't have enough items to build a way to climb out?