How to get your Rabbit to come when called

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This is my 8 month old bunny and I was just feeding him one day and I dropped the made a sound and he just started to come so I just tried to train him. Pls like for my first idea and tell me all the great ideas you have. Thx

Professor Nathenson
I keep calling my rabbit but she won't answer the phone. Should I be concerned? :)
my rabbits always comes when they hear the sound of me opening the packet of rabbit feed.
Boom tendo
What I hate about youtube videos is that people usually don't get to the point very quickly....
Aimee Hackshaw
"new videos every week" Uploads 3 videos in 4 years.
Idk •
I taught mine to give me a "kiss"
You need to change your battery's in your smoke alarm
Wow I didn't even see the rabbit until he moved. He totally blended into the background.
Megan Oxtoby
awww jake is so cute! Please could you make a video on how to toilet train your bunny x
Elise Pinter
He's coming to the sound of the food itself, not from being called. Mine hear the bag and run to it
Smoke detector chirp sounds like bird maybe why rabbit hides under bed .....
Bert Barnes
Please change the battery in you're smoke detector.
jesus christ get the point quicker instead of that beginning of video ramble
I swear why doesn't anyone put batteries into their fire alarm
Jeff Steinert
change your smoke detector battery! I'm sure they don't like the sound it makes, I know my dog freaks out when they beep....just a thought, no negativity!
2:20 you are welcome
elpida elli
Wish I had a rabbit !!! I have a dog and three horses and my parents won't allow me to get a rabbit because we have many pets.
Shadow The Wolf
He's so cute :3
Sarah Vlogs
I just got a Mini lop called Troye. She's very cute and loved being pet. It's amazing how confident she is at 8weeks old.
Rami Kada
Damn, I have a smoke alarm detector, carbon monoxide detector, and a multifaceted security system...I spent 20 minutes checking all of them thinking that one of them had dying battery, it turned out to be yours. Change your smoke alarm battery girl, use your vibrator's batteries until you buy new ones.
Hannah Goodman
I have a black dwarf bunny, and I love him more that life itself!!!! Get another dwarf bunny!!!!!!! :D My bunny's favorite food is Apples (preferably green) Just a little tip! :-P
you should get a nether land dwalf rabbit
If you care about your stupid condo so much go to walmart and break a $5 on a 9V battery for your smoke detector lol.
Tui O'Reilly
lop eared bunny dawafe are the best
Captain Howdy
Holland lops are very affectionate, cute and and sweet.
Rayna Guillen
Lion head bunny
Kamryn Boots
Get a netherland dwarf!
The God Sisters
Just as a warning, some bunnies may be aggressive towards each other so you may have to bond them together. But since their so young they may be less territorial, I would suggest getting the closet age to you current bunny
Selina Zou
I have a female version of jake
Ford Bostwick
I have a pretty messed up rabbit
angela dong
I have a dwarf bunny too! He has white fur and blue eyes! He is adorable too! His name is Cotton, and he comes when I just call his name. I LOVE BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didnt realize the bunny was there. i thought it was a blanket lol
I love jake hes cute.I have 3 bunnies no cage they live in my room,the whole room is bunny safe with cages by power cords so they cant get to anything dangerous.I have a Holland lop named fefe,a regular bunny names fufu and a white Flemish giant named skybunny.You should defenitly get another bunny for bunnys love each other so much they chase and groom and I think they would be sad alone.
Maddie Nonyabusiness
I'm getting a English lop and I hope he likes to be petted☺😕
Talsrey *
OMG HE"S SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he listens.. :looks at my bunny: why cant you listen.. huh?! haha... :)
Get a bigger cage because bunnys love to run around and yea that's all I know about bunnys and am new to bunnys and my bunnys fat
Abby S.
U have obviously already got the new rabbit, but if u ever get another one, I highly recommend some sort of lop! My personal favourite type of lop eared rabbit is the mini lop, because it is so small but those big ears are so cute! They are also very smart! Most say they make the best pet rabbit:) anyway jake is so cute!
I shake a bag of nibble rings and they come to me for their treats.
I love my little rabbit. bucky
Jennifer Vaughn
You need to change your batteries in your smoke alarm.
Clyde Rembrandt
Is the rabbit housebroken?
Ella Golding
Hi I'm going to be getting a rabbit soon I can't wait! I would like to train her but what treats do you recommend?
Drace Eisenbarth
You should get a Mini Rex
Pikachu cookie gaming
I got 4 rabbits
and not to be rude at all but my bunny got freaked out because she could hear the beeping from your um fire detector and yeah my bunny was freaking out about it
Hobby Farm CENTRAL
Yes, adorable! We train a whole different way, this is a good way too.
i have 4 Flemish Giant Rabbits
baron fox
Get flemish giant
Mariahla lover
you should get a brown bunny
Baby randy. Plees
Amira Peters
Aww your bunny is soooo cute ..... I want a bunny like that!
Jason D
Not sure if you'll ever see this, but I'll try anyway. I was watching this video and my dog started shaking uncontrollably because of your smoke detector beep. Could you please put a disclaimer? My dog is in a corner panting right now and has been shaking like crazy for the past 10 minutes, even with a thunder shirt on. I would've put headphones on had I known that your video had a fear trigger. Thank you.
draw cute Barrera
you should get a small breed of rabbit.
Peculiar_Feline 1
My bunny is grey and his name is Luigi
Leonie Russell
I think you should have a rex rabbit and be grey.
Dalal Kaid
I watched this more then five times because I really like this videw
NC Gamer
tap on the ground and say your bunnies name for crying out loud its a lot less startling and a lot LOTTTTTT QUIETER
Kendall Mincks
you should have a rex
tami Palomino
your bunny is so cute.
Penny Smith
Jake is really cute he needs a lot of pay do pellet either in the morning a little late night some vegetables once a day or every other day not too many sweets is not good for them lot of timothy hay you can train him to come with one word just say Come and tap your finger on the floor I'm doing that with my Rabbit pickles I tap my fingers and I called pickles and now she comes it took me four months for her to even come near me but Jake Jake is a beautiful Rabbit make sure he is neutered before you get a female rabbit and good luck
every time I hold my rabbit I fell that he is scared
Cat Gaming
Dwarf bunny :3 Or a Lion Head Bunny
Alisa michell
thank you I reallyL l know how to train my rabbit now🐇🐇🐇🐇
Get a holland lop bunny. They're so adorable
U need a floppy-eared their sooooo cute
You should get a lion head rabbit
Derrick Yang
Why won't my rabbit let me pick her up?
Keyla Coello
You should get a Dwarf Bunny BECAUSE THEY ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! THEY STAY SMALL AND CUTE FOREVER!!!!! That is why. :3 I LUV BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan Heath
love you sexy
I see him at the beginning,the ears give him away. lol
marissa 11
poop you
Sultan Ali
I just got my rabbit so thanks for the tip
Ignacio Pacheco
jake come jake haha 
Katherine Fox
I also feed her kale and grapes and stick snacks as well 
you have a very pretty voice miss lol
Jose Carlos. L.g.
Aaaaaaw I❤u Jake😍🐰🐇😙
Lucinda Evan-Wong
wow that is so cool, your bunny is cute. do you think it will work with older bunnies?
t e r I N E E D L E R
introduce tons of timothy hay and limit 'training' good bunny reward pellets. smaller buns can get obese easily and i rescued one and reduced him so he was adoptable and he went to a young couple. and fresh vegetables should be varied and nutritious using kale judiciously! cordon off any electrical cords so you can rule out that worry. my darling bunkie chewed a lamp but luckily it was off! and remember, take bun bun to the vet even if you have a small worry. i spent a few hundred to find out bunkie only had a tiny tiny gas bubble and all she needed to do was fart! i was convinced she was dying but just a new bun mummy. and hook up with house rabbit society and stick with the winners, such as mary somebody i forget her surname but she does videos and knows a lot. all the best with your new and growing family!
Katie knott
I have a floppy ears rabbit his name is Clyde he seems to always sleep on my face at night wicht is so annoying but I love him 🐰
Katia Vega
You should defiantly get the same bread you have now since they might get along better. But if you wan to get a different bread, lops are so adorable they do have very strong personalities but they are also very gentile. My first rabbit is a dwarf lion-head (brown), I let him turn 8 months before I got my little girl. She is a lop. She was very shy with the older bunny but she also did her best at ignoring him. This was my first time dealing with rabbits so it was trial and error. It is best to introduce them little by little, don't put them together right away. keep them in different cages but put the cages next to each other or close enough that they will be able to see each other. This is the best way to get them to know each other, after a few days spent side by side open up both cages to let them in but don't let either bunny invade the other's space.
Gabriella Heron
Is jake fully grown
My name is Aleah and I have rabbits too! o:
lily maria
welp. i have a really specific voice that I use when I baby my rabbit. he gets excited when ever he hears me calling his name using that silly voice and runs towards me so I don't even need treats anymore, but I do give him one or I'll per him when he comes so he sociates me calling his name with something good. now if he does something I don't like, for example chews something unwanted like the bars of the pen I use to keep him in our living room, I can just call him to me to make him stop. I don't give him a treat every time or he starts using it as a way to get treats. ^^" sometimes I just pet him and send him of. worked well for us.~
Luke Wilson
Get a baby lion head that matches jake!
S Jordan
Be careful your rabbit doesn't have access to anything cotton, because eating cotton causes stasis.
Flying Geko
Good luck!
I’m Me Mary
Girl omg this whole time I didn’t even notice your bunny their until you pointed him out 😂 btw get a mini Lop they are ADORBLE!!!!!
click bait, he didn't come when called....he came to the sound of the food.
Captain Howdy
also as far as getting a new bunny please, please check you local ASPCA, or shelter. There is a crysis going on with abandoned bunnies. people get a bunny because they are cute and think it will be all fun and playful but the reality rabbits can be aggressive and destructive if you dont spend enough time with them. They are a living breathing animal with feelings and urges like any other animal. they need to spend the majority of the day outside of their penis to run, jumping and play. they are not just a thing in the corner you look at once in a while. rabbits are the 3rd most abandoned pet only behind cats, and dogs so please adopt if you can. This mostly happens around Easter because parents want to get a bunny for their child but get sick of it soon.
Keisha Gunawan
My rabbit is crazy with the pellets
hank heim
As long as you interact and pet them, they will bond and follow you and come when they're called. You also have to be careful, when they start to respond to you , they will be under foot and you need to look down when ever your moving around. You will learn to do the look and shuffle when your bun is around... :)
I have a ruby eyed white rabbit, her names ruby
Ave Maria
We have a mini lop they are the small and cute. I like them
rabbits have to eat with in a twelve hour period or they die.but food should always be available to them or they can get very sick and die.their metabolisms are high they have to eat often.
Nora Ferrier
Sense hes a dwarf bunny u have to get another one because you can't have a small bunny and get a big bunny and put them together it doesn't work like that
LegoCreationz Real
I have one of those hybrids, between a Holland Lop and a Netherland Dwarf... I LOVE MY BUNNY
alexie 10
I have a rabbit named Emily! She's all by herself, but I'm trying to get her a friend to play with because I can't be with her 24/7 I have to go to school. At that time my parents watch her but I want to get her a friend she can always trust.
Ninfa Villarreal
Just feed them a piece of carrot a day because they can become if you have any visible cords cover them up because they can be electricuted.just saying...
Autumn Acorn Breyers
There’s this website called there are a lot of bunnies there that need good homes 😊