How to get your Rabbit to come when called

This is my 8 month old bunny and I was just feeding him one day and I dropped the made a sound and he just started to come so I just tried to train him. Pls like for my first idea and tell me all the great ideas you have. Thx

Boom tendo
What I hate about youtube videos is that people usually don't get to the point very quickly....
Aimee Hackshaw
"new videos every week" Uploads 3 videos in 4 years.
Professor Nathenson
I keep calling my rabbit but she won't answer the phone. Should I be concerned? :)
You need to change your battery's in your smoke alarm
my rabbits always comes when they hear the sound of me opening the packet of rabbit feed.
Wow I didn't even see the rabbit until he moved. He totally blended into the background.
Elise Pinter
He's coming to the sound of the food itself, not from being called. Mine hear the bag and run to it
2:20 you are welcome
Smoke detector chirp sounds like bird maybe why rabbit hides under bed .....
Jeff Steinert
change your smoke detector battery! I'm sure they don't like the sound it makes, I know my dog freaks out when they beep....just a thought, no negativity!
I see him at the beginning,the ears give him away. lol
Megan Oxtoby
awww jake is so cute! Please could you make a video on how to toilet train your bunny x
Sarah Vlogs
I just got a Mini lop called Troye. She's very cute and loved being pet. It's amazing how confident she is at 8weeks old.
Bert Barnes
Please change the battery in you're smoke detector.
jesus christ get the point quicker instead of that beginning of video ramble
Hobby Farm CENTRAL
Yes, adorable! We train a whole different way, this is a good way too.
baron fox
Get flemish giant
Kamryn Boots
Get a netherland dwarf!
Ella Golding
Hi I'm going to be getting a rabbit soon I can't wait! I would like to train her but what treats do you recommend?
Abdrea Justine
When I feed my rabbit *He hears the pellets* And he runs he's Harry 🐇 he is black
McKenzie S.
Me: Pulls out a carrot for myself My rabbit: *DID I JUST SEE A--* My rabbit: Runs like sonic, stealing the carrot from me
I swear why doesn't anyone put batteries into their fire alarm
Duke Airsoft
If you care about your stupid condo so much go to walmart and break a $5 on a 9V battery for your smoke detector lol.
tami Palomino
your bunny is so cute.
Selina Zou
I have a female version of jake
Baby randy. Plees
Ford Bostwick
I have a pretty messed up rabbit
Captain 345
Holland lops are very affectionate, cute and and sweet.
i didnt realize the bunny was there. i thought it was a blanket lol
Dalal Kaid
I watched this more then five times because I really like this videw
Hyper Tension
Hey I didn't notice Jake until u called him over lol
McKenna Johnson
If I leave my bunnies in my room they poop and pee everywhere, chew things up, and run away from me 😂
elpida elli
Wish I had a rabbit !!! I have a dog and three horses and my parents won't allow me to get a rabbit because we have many pets.
Mariahla lover
you should get a brown bunny
Manikanta Surya
updata rabbit home
poppet locket
a min lop x silver fox rabbit it is a bunny i got one his is so cute
Get a holland lop bunny. They're so adorable
Rayna Guillen
Lion head bunny
I love my little rabbit. bucky
Glenn Price
I love u rabbet just to let u know I'm using my dads account
Leonie Russell
I think you should have a rex rabbit and be grey.
Trash Dog
Btw jake is adorable
Get an angora rabbit Their cute
cami Elliott
get an angora bunnie
those legs tough
Kishore Reddy
thank you this helped
Drace Eisenbarth
You should get a Mini Rex
Amira Peters
Aww your bunny is soooo cute ..... I want a bunny like that!
Kendall Mincks
you should have a rex
Isabel Mcdonald
My bunnies will only do that if they r inside because they live outside and they r a pain in my butt but it did work so thanks for the advice Now do u have any ideas about digging holes? Lol😀😀
salvator angoang
Netherlands dwarf
It feels like your bunny is looking into my soul!!! He's a cutie!
Maddy Choate
it dose not work
minka kelly?
Alice considine &Freya Howard
feed give atenshen
lucy charlton
I am telling you to by a English Dot
Carmon Wilkes Cosmetics411
You should get a velvetine rabbit. I have one and she is really sweet, extremely soft, and she has a lot of personality
aqsa malik
plus jake is cute
Super Pony 3
now i want a bunny
Evernessa Neverlessa
Jake is cute.
Johann Libert
nice tip i'll try
your rabbit is so cute
Lumii Gem!
get a mini
Wig Snatcher
albino rabbit
Malu Oms
This always works with my bunny!!!
Lost and found pets
A dwarf lip
Clyde Rembrandt
Is the rabbit housebroken?
2:35 Num Num Num 🐇🐰
Harry's Bae
Thank you very much !! Tjis vid is helpfull 😍😍😍😍😍
julie jenks
I need to order I love it I am a bunny and we have many laps and I try to change it to come here any conflict I wanted to see how other things down so I left
A dwarf if u don't prefer a really big rabbit, they are the cutest thing ever!
The God Sisters
Just as a warning, some bunnies may be aggressive towards each other so you may have to bond them together. But since their so young they may be less territorial, I would suggest getting the closet age to you current bunny
Elisa Rodriguez
your trick didn't work my bunny
Cascade L
It works perfectly, thanks!
Get a Dutch like mine they are SI cute or a mini lop
Rameez aziz
you should get a brown bunny
Rameez aziz
you should get a brown bunny
JoshVlogs 01
Holland Lop Rabbit!!
Hallie-Grace Rina
your bunny is so so so cute it looks so soft i want him he is so cute
Collie Moon
I can sugest a daft bunny
Sheryl W
holland lop are really cutee
Henry Beacham
Geta mini lop
Guadalupe Torres
Want to train my Bunny like that
Katherine Atchison
What's that beeping noise
Aubrey Z
you should get a hollend lop
Idk •
I taught mine to give me a "kiss"
Joshua Hailo
You should get a dwarf hotot
My bunny’s loves me so much she won’t leave me alone so I don’t need this vid
NiyaBaby0933 SimmerGirl
You should get a Vienna bunny
Adline Seyfarth
cool,thank you for helping me.Now I now what to do with my bunny
Tui O'Reilly
lop eared bunny dawafe are the best
Makenna Offen
You should get an Angora . I have one and I love her
Mine doesn't come to me
melissa batchman
Holland lop
Elijah Veilleux
Get a baby
He's so cute :3
Fozia B
Excellent choice! My brother named one of my rabbits Bugs Bunny & the other one was called Lola until we found out it's a boy so I named him Rolo (after chocolates lol)
yuko akashia
bunny close up :3