The mystic art of calling rabbits.....

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This is a video showing how to attract rabbits back from their holes and may literally save your life if you were in a survival situation. Predator mouth call (works for rabbits too): />Thanks for watching and feel free to post comments on here if you have tried this technique and how you got on. Did it work for you? Thanks for watching and appreciating the videos. Check out the Bushcraft / Survival and Wildlife playlist on my channel for more. Pondguru

This is a video showing how to attract rabbits back from their holes and may literally save your life if you were in a survival situation. Predator mouth call (works for rabbits too): Thanks for watching and feel free to post comments on here if you have tried this technique and how you got on. Did it work for you? Thanks for watching and appreciating the videos. Check out the Bushcraft / Survival and Wildlife playlist on my channel for more. Pondguru
Tom Olofsson
Like magic. Can you call kangaroos too? I never see them here. I think they hide well.
Lynn West
Zed Outdoors
That was way cool, you're a man of many talents and no doubt you were pursued by many ladies in your formative years what with that finger and tongue action! ~Peace~
Kaitlyn Gillis
Showed this to my rabbit and she practically was like WHAT IS THAT NOISE
alan roberts
And of course, with all the dead rabbits you shoot, you could stick them on your bald head,,,cause from a distance they will look like hares / hairs ;D
john fitzgerald
I think this is the sound of a distressed rabbit so it also attracts foxes.Thats what we use it for where im from
Frederick Dunn
THAT is simply AWESOME!!!! I have never witnessed anything like this before. Can't wait to try it with my grandson! Your kids are also great!!! So glad I found this video... who knew, I'm already subbed. All the best!!!! Thank YOU.
Anna Nicholson
had to stop at 2:38 in. one of my buns was scared.
Leslie Bunny
the I used this tl find my lost pet bunny I missed him but I found him
outdoor shaun
Cool vid thanks mate,and I love to see parents doing this kind of thing with their kids, so many parents now just stuff an iPad in their kids hands and ignore them. Respect to you my friend and all the best for the future.
Michael mason
My dad showed us kids this 50 years ago.i saw him call a rabbit up to his feet.true,I was stood behind him.when I moved in excitement off shot the rabbit.Dad wasn't well pleased.Dads gone now thanks for that childhood memory.
Bread and Jam
I once heard a rabbit imitate the sound of a cash register to lure me in. They obviously watch YouTube as well and you have given the game away you fool.
a special video ... you have a great family ... Best regards from Romania
Emily Pollifax
while this was playing my dogs went from a coma to red alert status....... probably because we raise rabbits and any time i hear that noise I'm flying out the door to check on them. The dogs are frozen in place at my feet, staring at me like "WTH is wrong with you!? We need to GOOOO!!"
Waldhandwerk - BushcraftSurvival
Very cool, good and nice Richard with Family! Thanks for sharing.
Zoe Hancock
Calling all rabbits, calling all rabbits ...
Now i know how to summon a bunny army!
Edwin Meyer
Why not just call up Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig or Dandelion themselves?
😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I have a bunny irl and the thought of him hearing a sound as if another bunny is being tortured.... just heart breaking... 😔😢😢😢
Dan Hibiki
This reminds me..its been a while since I've watched 'Watership Down'.
Long hard succs
very interesting video and fun to watch! i will try this method . . here in frankfurt we have thousands of rabbits in parks and green areas. . .even though they are a plague for some people i really like them and i was glad when you said that you don't shoot them often anymore lol. . .who are we humans to call some animals a plague? if there is any plgaue for the world and the nature it's us humans. . lol all the best to you richard! hans
Blazeskull 26
And it works on dogs to I GOT ATTACKED BY A FRICKEN DOG
Aria Monteith
wow my bunny came running to me
Dinka Boutit
Props for convincing a kid that age to spit on her phone! XD
David White
Sett? It's a Warren, ain't it?
Anyone else replay this while they're hunting?
Hammy Sammy
Great video Richard :-)
Robin Jacobs
I learned the same tecnique as a wee Lad in the 1960' ! From me Grand Dad, back in Massachusetts!
are you kindering me?
I did it and my bunny got super scared :|
fz gz
What's up doc?
Tommy Northwood
How bad ass is it that you named your daughter Freya. Beautiful name and an awesome one.
Lataheanga Mapa
it worked!!!i have a rabbit at home now......we are having the bunny for a pet! and its a black and a white rabbit!
oh dang was that fun to watch.. it reminds me of the days when my kids were young.. what fun we had... Now I guess I am gonna have to go and watch an afternoon of your vids...
Cool! It actually really sounds like a rabbit in pain. It's cool how they just pop their heads up so fast though :D
Sweeeet. I'll try that when I go rabbit hunting
Ur daughter is so beautiful
Greg Knight
.............Valuable family time in the outdoors............I started trying your rabbit call while the vid was still playing....needs a little practice and perfecting but it will work. ... Good part is I always have it with me............All the best to you and family.............
Great video, looks like you guys have some fun times together.
Wild Portrait Artist
This is a great tip for photography.
Andrew Howard
I used to squeak up foxes in the evening round the farm, one night a Barn Owl nearly took my nose off. Lovely video.
Caden Omecinski
Long hard *SUCCS*
R Urban
can't wait to try this, my area is filled with rabbits
D. J.
Thank you so much I so love to see the wild life this will help so much thank you.Your kids Are Beautiful
wait I guess you can use styrofoam they squeak
RunRunRabbit Runovich
Well damn I showed up 😂
Maurice Aquariums
Pretty cool and funny vid +Pondguru keep em coming :)
Mitchell Hardy
I think it just works with my mouth too...i have braces, so it helps.
ANNA Likes Gaming
my  rabbit comes to me when I clip my fingers
I always used a sound similar to that to call my cat over, always wondered why they responded to that noise. Thanks for sharing.
John Stocker
With huge nasty pointy teeth. Look at the bones.
Agnes Dark Rose
I used this video to scared my rabbit 😂😂😂
LittleJohn MD
Very good video Richard made me chuckle at the end with you three trying to make to sounds and then the kids messing about lol great stuff indeed :-) GL & HH
It is much easier to do if you start making the sucking/squeaking sound with just tight lips first and then bring your finger up the the lips after the sound is already made with just the lips... then the sound changes a bit right when the finger meets the squeak... try it...... squeak without finger then bring finger to gently touch the sound/lips... thanks... I will get me some rabbit dinner here short... got plenty of rabbit around my place.. too many cottontails..
Vera 1957
Thats a $600 rabbit call? Lol Hey, what if you have a screen protector on your phone?
Vexed Soul
;-; I think I’d rather starve than eat a rabbit.
Solo Frazier
Do you shoot the rabbits after calling them ?
I love learning new techniques! thanks a bunch
George Saxe
Arctic rabbits I meant
Δημητρης Σταμπου
tell the sound to attract your daughter!
tetra neon
I am the first biewer
Meg Jones
how old is ur girl
paul orta
Thanks! Awesome video!! I'm actually hunting right now at night. About 10:20pm south Texas. Lots of cotton tail here!!
William Clapper
Ive been trying to find rabbits i walk around in my local woods and i find tracks and even when walking through thick stuff i cant seem to find any. Any advice?
Dinka Boutit
If you use this for any purpose other than eating rabbits, you're only hurting all rabbit-kind in the long run.
Gary McKinnon
Cool trick, horrible noise though! Do they think it's a baby rabbit calling for help ?
Anamika kisku
My rabbit started running.
Harold clark
Great stuff.
Hailey Voge
That's so sad they only coming bcs that's the noise that a baby bunny makes they think that there baby is hurt look up what a baby bunny sound like when squealing
Jaden Torres
Thank you for the advice dude you're a nice guy I subscribed to your channel you're really cool guy nice to meet you my name out of the Taurus you're really good guy thanks for the advice once again look at my channel it's a cool thing it's called Hunter I'm not really in it but I send my friends how to do it there's a lot of bunnies out here too so I'm trying to track down bunnies and I see your channel Your channels great dude I've learned so much that Louise can actually track down grab it I tried it it worked 1 billion times I love your channel subscribe to mine I subscribe to yours mine just called killing hunter I don't I'm not in it but you could see it my friends go out and see it I've seen your channel many times you're a nice cool guy
Jeff Bingaman
I did not know rabbits could afford cell phones to call them. Let alone live in an area where there's reception? Or that anyone has developed a working knowledge of rabbit language that once you find their phone could actually have a conversation. OMG 😵..... you're pranking poor little rabbits probably eating breakfast or dinner depending on the time of day. What do you do, belong to the (N)o (R)abbits (A)llowed club? OMG 😵 They come out to rescue a fellow rabbit. You attract them with screaming calls, which all rabbits are heros and knowing that you want to kill😱 them. This has nothing to do with cell phones or conversations with rabbits. Except to use a phone to attract hero rabbits to kill them, to make extinct, hero rabbits.
Rhett Turner
Awesome video!! Super helpful!
The rabbits are cute, but your children are really cute, and lucky to have a lovin' Dad. :) Roger from Maine, USA, where we have jackrabbits.
Clint E
You can also make squeaky mouse noises by doing the same thing to the back of your hand. However I like the rabbit noise better bc it carries further. It’s nice trick to have up your sleeve when deer hunting and a predator skips past a shooting lane, sometimes a few squeaks and they will come back for a quick look. Great video
Mark Skaggs
You flipped my cats out with that sound!!lol!
Ron Hammar
It works. I have done that and I have called coyotes from well over a quarter mile away and they would come right to my feet and didnt seem to be concerned about wind direction. If I had a girlfriend I wouldnt have to use the second finger on my left hand. LOL
Julia Airut Murphy
Lmfao this made My pet rabbits flip out
Aaron Zornes
Wonder if she has grown to like hunting an edible plants or if she turned out like every other girl in this world worried about Facebook Snapchat an selfie's.. smh
Law V
good dad you have there children
Our rabbit took a slight interest. Our cat jumped onto my lap and scratched at the screen. I’ll be trying that in the park.
Greg Fox
I know how to get rabbits to run away from me. I just say, "hossen-pfeffer".
rehua ngatai
Just got my first rifle and don't know much about anything to do with hunting so this really helps me out thanks man. And quick question where abouts do I shoot a rabbit. Thanks
michael kingdon
Lovely video, lovely family,,,,,,,
T. H.
Wet it with a little spit
I knew that this was mimicking an animal I'd heard before, but I couldn't place it. Now I know I either must have a heard a dying baby rabbit, or someone mucking about with polystyrene to catch a glimpse at these sweet creatures~ Hopefully it was that second one 😂
Thank you, I would eat a rabbit. Just do not get rabbit starvation or Protein Poisoning. Personly its is very safe and legal to carry fishing tackle in your hat. Concealed too.
Shadow X
LOL.....I never knew rabbit calling was even a thing. Pretty cool. 👍
Ben Is cool
That will be really good to get them out and then shoot them
Ha xd its funny cause i hv my pet rabbit right here
Gib Mattson
Ha ha! My little lurcher pup was fast asleep on the sofa and when he heard the squeaking, got straight up and started barking at the screen. :-)
My cats ran right to the tv when you started squeaking.
definitely nasty, but works...
Gerald Dileonardo
Good one, nice family outing nature and knowledge.
Vitabrick Snailslime
jefte rodriguez
what where the items used?
I dont know about calling wabbits but I now have a yard full of foxes
Quarter Hoarder
That's an awesome trick. I'm gonna have to try that with my son this weekend and see if I can mimic your results. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing.