The mystic art of calling rabbits.....

This is a video showing how to attract rabbits back from their holes and may literally save your life if you were in a survival situation. Predator mouth call (works for rabbits too): />Thanks for watching and feel free to post comments on here if you have tried this technique and how you got on. Did it work for you? Thanks for watching and appreciating the videos. Check out the Bushcraft / Survival and Wildlife playlist on my channel for more. Pondguru

This is a video showing how to attract rabbits back from their holes and may literally save your life if you were in a survival situation. Predator mouth call (works for rabbits too): Thanks for watching and feel free to post comments on here if you have tried this technique and how you got on. Did it work for you? Thanks for watching and appreciating the videos. Check out the Bushcraft / Survival and Wildlife playlist on my channel for more. Pondguru
Michael mason
My dad showed us kids this 50 years ago.i saw him call a rabbit up to his feet.true,I was stood behind him.when I moved in excitement off shot the rabbit.Dad wasn't well pleased.Dads gone now thanks for that childhood memory.
Lynn West
Now i know how to summon a bunny army!
Zoe Hancock
Calling all rabbits, calling all rabbits ...
Bread and Jam
I once heard a rabbit imitate the sound of a cash register to lure me in. They obviously watch YouTube as well and you have given the game away you fool.
john fitzgerald
I think this is the sound of a distressed rabbit so it also attracts foxes.Thats what we use it for where im from
Tom Olofsson
Like magic. Can you call kangaroos too? I never see them here. I think they hide well.
a special video ... you have a great family ... Best regards from Romania
Showed this to my rabbit and she practically was like WHAT IS THAT NOISE
well you set my chihuahua off
alan roberts
And of course, with all the dead rabbits you shoot, you could stick them on your bald head,,,cause from a distance they will look like hares / hairs ;D
Emily Pollifax
while this was playing my dogs went from a coma to red alert status....... probably because we raise rabbits and any time i hear that noise I'm flying out the door to check on them. The dogs are frozen in place at my feet, staring at me like "WTH is wrong with you!? We need to GOOOO!!"
Long hard succs
Zed Outdoors
That was way cool, you're a man of many talents and no doubt you were pursued by many ladies in your formative years what with that finger and tongue action! ~Peace~
Mark Arnott
i did the whistle and a rabbit ran up to me😳 and smacked me a good one then ran off 🤪 think i woke him up ?
Blazeskull 26
And it works on dogs to I GOT ATTACKED BY A FRICKEN DOG
Hammy Sammy - The detectorist
Great video Richard :-)
bunbun thepuppet_UwO
Your kids name is Freya? I love that name! its so pretty!
Dan Hibiki
This reminds me..its been a while since I've watched 'Watership Down'.
Anna Nicholson
had to stop at 2:38 in. one of my buns was scared.
Your video was both informative and entertaining. Thanks.
Robin Jacobs
I learned the same tecnique as a wee Lad in the 1960' ! From me Grand Dad, back in Massachusetts!
Edwin Meyer
Why not just call up Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig or Dandelion themselves?
Dom R
We're not in camouflage gear said the dad who's son behind him is in camouflage gear lol great vid, going to try it tomorrow 👍🏻
Leslie Bunny
the I used this tl find my lost pet bunny I missed him but I found him
I will try it while hunting
are you kindering me?
I did it and my bunny got super scared :|
outdoor shaun
Cool vid thanks mate,and I love to see parents doing this kind of thing with their kids, so many parents now just stuff an iPad in their kids hands and ignore them. Respect to you my friend and all the best for the future.
It is much easier to do if you start making the sucking/squeaking sound with just tight lips first and then bring your finger up the the lips after the sound is already made with just the lips... then the sound changes a bit right when the finger meets the squeak... try it...... squeak without finger then bring finger to gently touch the sound/lips... thanks... I will get me some rabbit dinner here short... got plenty of rabbit around my place.. too many cottontails..
Aria Monteith
wow my bunny came running to me
Actually didn’t know that trick with the phone and polystyrene. Cheers mate.
Marc Graham
I breed rabbits I can raise enough rabbits to feed a small village, And have used this technique. Ps not for food. 😮🐰
St Myles
Neat trick. Thanks for sharing
Ur daughter is so beautiful
Wild Portrait Artist
This is a great tip for photography.
claire park
It works! My Lily just came running in 😀
David Daivdson
Step 1 Stake in snares Step 2 Play this video Step 3 Collect dinner
David White
Sett? It's a Warren, ain't it?
Maurice Aquariums
Pretty cool and funny vid +Pondguru keep em coming :)
simonmadmax simonmadmax
Well, I never heard of it working on rabbits. Im amazed
ohh angus, i thouht Pete ... silly me oh my you do have a nice family, bless ya
Great video, looks like you guys have some fun times together.
Meow Meow Meow ThisIsBatCountry
Well damn I showed up 😂
Waldhandwerk - Bushcraft Survival
Very cool, good and nice Richard with Family! Thanks for sharing.
Princess Marielle Pellosis
I totally got my rabbits attention while watcheng this😂😂they probably heard a noise😅😂
George Saxe
Arctic rabbits I meant
hairy 1
Your teknuk needs a bit of elocution lessons. The sucking works well though. Good to see a family out having a nice time.
Andrew Lines
Jade Hall
Listing to this with my rabbit on my floor and she's freaking out 😂😭😭
Allen Abramian
Haha girl at 36 sec 😆
Don Jackson
While watching you shock fish it hit me. You are the man with a fantastic beautiful young lady. Don
my swiss mountain dog is sure interested...thanks and God bless...doug (central Canada)
Sulav Magar
Chasing bunnies in a few days... will update later on whether or not the finger sucking technique works. Thanks for the tip!
Agnes Dark Rose
I used this video to scared my rabbit 😂😂😂
great video. good skills, beautiful kids and setting. super fun. good work man.
67 cuda
I learned that on my own when I was very young, along with many others. Cute family you got there guy ! You seem like a good dad.
Alib Ekka
Kuch nai hota Bakwas h I have tried many times
Mark Skaggs
Oh..and what a great Dad you are!
Dinka Boutit
Props for convincing a kid that age to spit on her phone! XD
Jeff Z
It sounds like my ex-wife yelling at me
Gerald Dileonardo
Good one, nice family outing nature and knowledge.
Paul Drake
If that fails there's always the Holy Hand Grenade.
akita wolf
this worked on my rabbits
Mrs Crispy
Made my dog come running too
Idle Onlooker
We use a metal "fox whistle" here. Saves your mobile from damage and the need to carry a chunk of polystyrene in your picket. 👍
RC Hobbyist Extreme
I tried this on my own bunnys and it worked
hey can you use audio too?
Gametrue 22
Or you could just use a picture frame?
One Wayfarer
Shadow X
LOL.....I never knew rabbit calling was even a thing. Pretty cool. 👍
Naibin Duan
Really amazing and marvelous skill!
Mark Bauer Sandoval
This is awesome. Thank you!
Tommy Northwood
How bad ass is it that you named your daughter Freya. Beautiful name and an awesome one.
ron B
Why not just record the sound and play it back over and over?
You just made my dog go berserk!
Latonya Johnson
I need this
D. J.
Thank you so much I so love to see the wild life this will help so much thank you.Your kids Are Beautiful
Anamika kisku
My rabbit started running.
dfw.talia -
It kinda worked my bunny looked at me like what's going on
Matthew Davies
i use to use a dog squeaker out of a toy much easier
Dinka Boutit
If you use this for any purpose other than eating rabbits, you're only hurting all rabbit-kind in the long run.
Silas Moa
Ayy he said yards🔥🔥🔥
Very clever..
Eric Mayernick
Great to see a father out with his kids and not have their faces planted in their phone
mostly cats 222
why does my rabbit look like that one in the video??? why my rabbit out there
Aaliyah Lizanna
My rabbit didn’t care 💀
Sounds more like a rabbit in distress
Distant Traveler
Genius invention governor
played this on speaker, and my dog came
I dont know about calling wabbits but I now have a yard full of foxes
Andrew Howard
I used to squeak up foxes in the evening round the farm, one night a Barn Owl nearly took my nose off. Lovely video.
Derek Stockley
Aaaaaaaa, what's up doc???
ludlow falls
I'm gonna give it a try this weekend! thanks for the video.
Thank you, I would eat a rabbit. Just do not get rabbit starvation or Protein Poisoning. Personly its is very safe and legal to carry fishing tackle in your hat. Concealed too.
Blair Jones
Thanks for helping me
Oh man! hit the note wrong and your lips are good and solidly tickled!
Wade Smith
nothing plain nothing happened smh
Renate DeBruyn
That is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time ❤️