Gakuen Babysitters Episode 3 English Subbed - 学園ベビーシッターズ 03話フル HD

This show is about babies but the adults seem to cry more than them
Yana Logs
Takuma is more alike to the mom and Kazuma is more alike to the dad
Faker Assassin
Those parents dont look old at all
this is too damn cute
Mimi Vang
I think I’m hooked on to this anime.
Nick [Phantom Thief]
this is to cute
Emzi Films
At the end I was like is kazuma actually smiling I was ligit dying
ma naim is Sao but not from sword art online
Roses are red Violets are blue How many invisible ninjas are cutting onions in my room?!?!?!
Blueberryjam crabcakes
O no the pedobear
Andrew Naylor
Midori - chan fangirled when he said I love those big round eyes of yours
Malik Brown
Kotaro is Kawaii!
A Person of Interest
Good timing. Today's Father's Day... Happy Father's Day, everyone!
King Of Bananas
Why aren't they publishing episodes anymore?😥😥😭😭😭
Irwin Lightfoot
Best part 15:58, I’m dying of laughter!!! 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
axel zamarron
10:15 she went ham on that giraffe
Editing Gurl
Why does the title screen looks like hot dogs that are shaped
Louisse Louisse
Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I want to go inside the anime and play with them( specially pinch their cheeks, pet their head and hold their tummies XD)
ok, adorableness aside, the guy with the hair in his face is actually pretty cute.
Heather C.
If Saikawa-san went to a cooking competition, he would have surely won by far!
Funneh Toast!
Ship ship ship ship ship SHIPPPPP green hair girl with nice brown hair boy 😍😍😍😍 shipppppppp Ppppppppp
Super Gamer_girl
7:58 Who else simultaneously shouted " *OO I WAS FUNNA SAY!!* or " *YEET* " when you saw the blood 😂😅
Kitt Kat
T/\T This is the most cutest anime, I ever seen!
Jacynta He
I think I’m the next Yagi- Kun HAHAHA
Lavendurrz Lovexx
the way they say “papa” is too much for my heart to handle
The Spiritfox Family
Omg kotaro fed big bro a chocolate i felt my heart crack by how cute it was
Sunbyul Park
Kotaro looks so adorable in his winter outfit , my uwu ~
Nani_ Van Gogh
I find it cute and funny how he always gets a nose bleed when around the kids or thinking about their cuteness. The adults cry more than the babies. The parents look so young and the twins dad has green hair which is cool
Katherin Alvarez
Queen London series me Gustav much
Ryan here
Dont worry i just LOVE kids like normal people
Laila Baldoza
6:49 *Sorry my favorite part*
Jovy Jabonero
On 12:21 u can see inomata San wearing a uniform but in 12:24 u can see she's wearing a brown jacket O_O
xXAshleyChan NightcoreXx
As an(?) Chocolate lover its hard for me to watch 😂😂
Heli Patel
...stop making me CRY!!
Farzana khan
Was it necessary to put those "stickers" on the sides of the screen
Cookies For Kookie
That family is too cute!
6:35 yea for him only lol gay alert
Sunbyul Park
The siblings relationship is just so cute
Gacha Midlight
My emotions: 😭 ❤️ 😁
Caden Keller
9:42 Anyone else see how adorable this scene is, even with Kotaro not saying anything?
Blue Phoenix
Midori's " nuffin " is so cute.....😄😄😄😄
juan kogoya
Why is every episode have sad parts :(
Candy Clouds
Bro it sounds so weird
Super Gamer_girl
Trang Le
Who else is crushing on some of the guys.. ;-;
Jenova Queen
This is so cute Uwu
Herminia Benigno
Must R e s i s t
Xanaha :3
13:56 he is so calm xDDDDD
spilling the tea
Please dont walk around d with kids just hanging on your head you might end up down one child
Roseann Vincent
Wow takuma and kazuma's dad is childish when it comes to his children.....;).....XD
Teresa Altamirano
this anime makes me love my 1 year old sis even more
《♡Cloud Queenie♡》
When his nose started to bleed o.o
Valerie Valentines
This made me cry tears of happiness
kawaii airin
I think kashima has a crush on a green haired girl
Turtle Master
This was so adorable
Tony Zhong
where can i watch this
Afif Sami
Give us the full
Nykeba Jones
Why did that man in the bush look like a the😑😐🤔🤨😒
Shawn Dequilla
kawaii airin
Who is cutting onions like if you did
Blu Chen
The parents looks there still in high school
phantom 237
These babies are to cute and chubby and short and adorable and cute and chubby and cute
Ice cream the Gamer
Sakura Fox Gacha
I died when the shoe was thrown
Danny v
Pedo bear Alert!
Black and Moonlight
21:30, What even...XD
{ Temaizz Tacoz }
The babies r so freking precious
His little brother sometimes looks like he don’t care about stuff
Dale Dumalasa
TyaNa18 Tyanaa18
Cody Blanchfield
Who is cutting onions?😭
13:56 he not fazed at all
Laboni Rahman
Kgakgamatso Kalasi
World most dramatic episode
Strawberry SGaming
Y u no share babies?
Blueberry Sans
stufette umane ahahaha