Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Video)

Marvin Gaye's official music video for 'Sexual Healing'. Click to listen to Marvin Gaye on Spotify: /> As featured on Footloose OST. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: />Google Play: />Amazon: /> More From Marvin Gaye Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler): /> More great 80s videos here: /> Subscribe to Marvin Gaye on YouTube: /> --------- Lyrics: Get up, get up, get up, get up! Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! Oh, baby now let's get down tonight Ooh baby, I'm hot just like an oven I need some lovin' And baby, I can't hold it much longer It's getting stronger and stronger And when I get that feeling I want sexual healing Sexual healing, oh baby Makes me feel so fine Helps to relieve my mind Sexual healing baby, is good for me Sexual healing is something that's good for me #MarvinGaye #SexualHealing #Vevo #RandB #VevoOfficial

Amato ciccino
Who still listening in 2018 ?
Marin Celinscak
Who still listening in 2019 ?
Still a banger in November 2018!
Michelle Lovitte
A senseless death. A talent taken far too soon.
no camouflage
Vladimir Pejić
Chances are someone is getting laid to this tonight ...
Who’s still listening it in 2019?!
Levi Valenciano
I wonder how many people got laid to this song
Mo Ha
Who still listening in 2019 ?
cedric ralinala
2019 still rock 🔥 , any 1 here ?👍
松田聖子 コンサートYou Tubeラジオ マイケルJJ
Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. - Bob Marley
Leslie Lang
I've always liked Marvin Gaye and I still feel bad about how he died. This man had a tortured soul. But his father had no right to shoot him.
who still listening in 4025?
2019 anyone ?
Bat Man
This song has an awesome base line if you listen this on old school stereo with two speakers with built in bass and tweeter and mid range. You can feel the bass booming in your chest! The way it was meant to be heard or on a dance floor!! Today's, IPhone's and Beats don't do justice to a song where you need to feel Bass the thumping in your chest and body not just in the head!!! You guys watching this on your Ipad or IPhone need to appreciate this beat the old school way!
MIZORAM - Mafaka Hnamte
_2018... anyone ?_
*_Who still hear on October 23, 2018 ?_*
frostysnowman n
The best 80's music 😃🎤🎵🎶
Bernie Dejesus
this song never gets tired
Lydia Muthondu
Sexual healing is good for me baby.....
Lifetimes with Kath
Grown and sexy 👑🎯💘 come take control.... Just grab a hold of my body and mind.
xo christy
Who listening 2019?
The very end...Please don't procrastinate...It's not good to masturbate 💦
Mamello Letlotlo
Sexual healing 2018😍
I lost my virginity to this song. Just as I'm getting it in, this came on the radio.  The best five seconds of my life.
2019 anyone???
Mkenya Mzalendo
Old is gold 2018 still a hit👌
ensarito x
Thank you Mr. Marvin. It's 14th october 2018. And still listening this amazing stuff. Anyone else?
Making Music: Musicando
I am listening to you from Spain. It is 1:05 am here. What a great surprise meeting you again, Mr. Gaye. Motown is universal. No barriers for good music. An African-American colored human being or white human being have the same soul, the same bare needs… everyone has to love and be loved. I love you Mr. Gaye endlessly. You make me a better human being. Thanks for that. Cheers from Spain. God bless America and my country too. We need that.
Marvin had a lot of great songs but none of them came close to ...”sexual healing”
Mofolorunsho Abidémi
The 17K persons who dislike this killer song need delivrance. May God help them. Somebody, please say Amen.
Luc ter Bogt
2019 vibes
Edvaldo Domingos
Dixie Flatline
I used to work in elementary schools with (cough) underserved blacks and latino kids. Anyway, there was not much in the way of PTA, so we pretty well had the run of the place with their kids as long as we kept them off crack. So we were teaching the garden/nutrition unit. I made up a version of this called "Vegetable Healing" with most of the lyrics intact. Kids all knew the song anyway, we just had to remind them to say "vegetable" instead of "sexual", which of course they don't want to do once they get in a groove, but they at least they got the concept, which is more than "most of the time" can say for itself.
it's me Laura
I loved this as a kid . No idea what it was about. I love it still 😊
Gabriel C.A.Independiente
Qué impresionante canción!!! Eternamente gracias por tu música.Saludos desde Buenos Aires 🇦🇷RIP Marvin!
Alannah Beidari
2019 😊
YouTube Xoxoxo
Better than all the Ariana grande shit 😍😍😍
I play this on road trips to make people uncomfortable.
The One
Such raw talent. Thanks Marvin
Michael Wong
One of the classic songs from the 80's and sung by the late Marvin Gaye. We are able to relate to his message behind these lyrics. It is the truth that we all seem to have experienced it with this kind of emotional attachment.
Jessie Weird
2:00 acting casual at family gatherings. Dancing in corner
mesay tom
sexual healing+weed=best if you agree!
Adnan Khan
This was played 9 months before my birth
Gine Barahons
Sexual Healing By Marvin Gaye. Genie
sonia gonçalves caldas
muito bom lembrar eu amo esta musica dele ......MARVIN GAYE
Chocolate Caramel
2019 and I'm here for Marvin......
Sean Conroy
The MAN....
Back when sexy was still classy
Clement Ndebele
Its 2018 & still pure GOLD. They dont make music like this anymore.
Thérèse Ngoboh
I still wonder why Marvin Gaye Was killed by his father.
Pat Kasere
Marvin Gaye was an awesome singer .😘
Am I the only one who loves the way he sings baaabbbyyy?
Andy M
Wow! I remember this exactly 9 months before I was born, how weird. XD
16 september 2018 🔥
Katlego Kaylar
any one around ????????? 2018
Carminaa Carmine
Marvin 2019 💙🙌💋🎊😳😎
Polaex Tendo
Shavez Johnson
I'm pregnant just by hearing this song
Deontre Bartie
Norbit brought me here
Ana Maria Nicolai
A idade nos faz relembrar os momentos de paixão do passado e nada melhor que Marvin
João Ferreira
Alguém em 2019?
Joseph Stalin
It's well known that bovines are the most erotic animals sometimes I sneak out here and watch them mate. Please dont tell my father.
Celiwe Celly
2019 I'm here. Will be here 2030 also😍😍
Lloyd Chidimu
Who is still listening in 2019
Renaldy Akbar
didn't expect someone from high school sings this song a lot, he got the title of *sexual healer* in the yearbook and become a famous actor in the future
ahsan shaikh
Marvin was as smooth as silk. And I love the way the ladies dance at 2:15, so sexy.
This is probably how I came into this world🤔
January 2019 Gang ❤️
kurai shinzou
only 80 million views I think it deserves more
Zimbabwe Sickest
who is still watching this classic in 2018
Jade Fo
He was so charismatic and elegant. Marvin, you are unforgetable
Jana M.
I love you Marvin. ♥️
tyson leota
JChosen your cover the best ever no one can match it bro
Maria Bella Romero Quintero
ME 😘 2019
Who is listening to old school music in 2017?
Ginevra Ernest
Cinzia Madia
Who listening in 2019? 😍💘
listening December 2018?
Justin McGinley
Women you better take your birth control before you listen to this song!!
Abdullahi Aminu
2019 anyone???
Wayne Chingarire
who is here after october the 3rd
Gauthier Sire
roland TR-808 incredible sound
adeela meerunfozen
Anyone 2019???
Morgan Byrne
R.I.P Marvin Gaye one of the greatest.
big mustache
Qui écoute en 2019 ???😎😉
Cristiana Lima
Marvin gaye muito boa música show🎧😘😍
Petty Klaus
2019. All I need to do. 😍😋😋
Andrew Brooks
2019 like
Who is still watching this classic in 2018 ?
King J-Walk
Scientists of love making #SexualHealing
Talha Ahmed
Great song Great singer
Was this he's only Music video
Marvin had the most true swagger, one of a kind ✌
gman meacham
imagine all the snowflakes todat moaning about this video..
Ricardo Gauer
Quando a música é boa de verdade, não importa a que década pertença. Não importa se é da década de 50 ou agora. O importante é se a música é boa.
Wanda Leggett
I need some sexual healing from my King Joseph