Superman vs Batman Fight (Part 1) | Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016) Movie Clip

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Kal-El fan 49
Underrated fight scene, it might not be over the top, but it plays very well the fighters skills. Batman' strategies and Superman' superiority.
Dave Curry
"Thats are not brave,men are brave." Hail Zack Snyder.
Francis Lee
Movie title: Batman vs Superman Actual fighting: less than 10 minutes Movie length: 3h 3m Great movie
Ganja God
I enjoyed this movie a lot, its different than marvel because it's a lot darker, they should've stuck with a dark theme
Ok Cool
“Breathe it in” “That’s Fear” One of the baddest lines of all time
At 3:00 superman knew he f****ed UP , at 4:28 batman is like "It's just a prank bro" LmAO
Dank Memer
and still a better reason to fight each other than civil war
Rotz Löffel
Batman should consider himself lucky that Superman wasnt even trying to seriously hurt him. Because if he was, this would have turned out way different
Sam Sim
Notice how Bats fired a normal tear gas canister at first so when the (second) kyrptonite one came supes wouldn’t of bothered to catch it due to him thinking it was just tear gas. Good fight iq
Nathaniel Butcher
0:43 - 0:50 Superman= you don’t understand, there’s no time. Batman= I understand Superman= tap (Batman goes flying)😂😂😂😂😂 best part ever
Peter Parker
0:47 I love that part. Bruce is not afraid to go face to face with Superman. This fight is pretty decent.
Batman v superman is better than justice league i dont know why..
this film was so Far BETETR than justice league ,, it s a real good movie
Eric Butler
JL Killed this version of Batman!
Daniel Lye
I UNDERSTAND *falls 20m away just by the touch of a hand*
Baseball Fanatic
The part where Superman says if I wanted it you’d be dead already, pretty much sums up all debate on who really would win this fight
good movie or not, its a badass scene
Darth Tribal
Justice League is what happens when all the snowflakes cry too loudly about the darkness. What's the lesson here? Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.
James Honore
Thanks WB for hyping JL up at the end of the movie and failing greatly. 🙄🙄
Love this Movie
k. hess
How did the cgi go from this... To Justice legue. Smh
The only reason Batman ever has a shot at winning these fights is because Superman's pulling his punches. If instead of throwing him around he'd just snapped his neck the fight would have been over in seconds.
Jedi worrier
Goku: batman you must be the strongest Batman: I know Goku: fight me Batman: no Goku: why Batman: because I'm batman!
chris myronitis
this bat armor looks more like ironman not batman
War_Ninja_303 V
Basically superman won because both characters had a goal. Superman's goal was to convince batman to help him. And Batman's goal was to kill him. At the end Batman lost cause he didn't kill Superman. So therefore Superman won cause Batman helped him. Also superman said "If I wanted it, you'd be dead already". Meaning he could of killed him a long time ago but no, he decided to give him a chance and talk. #Facts
Anthony Mcqueen
Batman is a brilliant stratagist but it sure takes serious balls to walk up to Supermans face like that.
3:17 I really wish they had put the "It's time you learned what it means to be a man" line here while Bats walks to stomp Supes. That just would've made the scene even more majestic.
Ali Bakir
Unlike many people, I liked the movie. I suggest you watch the extended cut.
Dalton evans
3:29 You gotta give Henry Cavill some credit here, there are points where he genuinely looks like he's in pain and isn't acting. More often than not when an actor pretends to be in pain its noticeably fake, but he pulled it off.
Patrick Boozer
I liked this scene as far as action but if I'm being honest it made no sense. Like the fastest dud on the planet cant just say "hey Bruce Lex kidnapped my mother and wants me to kill you. Oh yeah BTW I was wrong about you lets be friends."
Jacob Sheley
Superman- "If I wanted it, you'd be dead already!" Zod- "He ain't lying!!!!"
I loved this film perfect follow up from man of steel in terms of tone and vision. Justice league was horrible. They can not undo what they did in that movie it has butchered whatever hope DC has of competing. Shame on WB you’re a disgrace.
Commander yogi
"You are not brave men are brave".
Matty YFZ
Anyone else realize how badass superman is for taking blows from a guy in a steel suit
swafwan poovalloor
Like10 Smurfs
I love the story of Batman v Superman the cartoon alot! But this was the best part of this movie. I pick Ben Affleck over Christian Bale ALL FUCKING DAY LONG! Bring it on haters lol
david fortuin
Batman is way too overrated. That prep time bullshit is totally whack. This fight was a joke in the comics and still a joke in the movie.
I really don’t know anymore
Am I the only one who appreciates what they did with Superman’s stength level?
Patrick Desjardine
One of the most epic fight scenes I’ve seen
This Batman version is badass
Sayantan Datta
2:44 Hulk fart grenades. 'Breathe it in. That's fart!!' :P
Superman is the best
Jivithesh Nithish
Superman is the best super hero in the world and powerful super hero in the world
gabriel knight
i dare marvel to make a movie of hawkeye v Vision and have more actual fighting, or a better movie than this one. Because all i hear is "too few fights" or "never actually a fight untill batman uses kryptonite". like, what else could batman do..honestly?
bhanu kaushik
Saw batman and superman both in fear ( rarely happens)
Thabang Mokoena
This battle, even from the comics was written and designed to beat superman, guys. I mean, I have the speed and strength, EVEN with the kryptonite, you still have to hit me with it. I mean, superman basically lost cos he is dumb, thats it. If i was superman, i would make sure the ONE thing that can kill me, doesnt get me, and instead of pushing batman all over, i would rip his head off, or knock him out or use my rays to burn his mouth. If batman can beat superman, everyone with kryptonite can beat superman, which just fucks up why there is a need in the first place for superman ai DC
i think it's just plain cool watching Superman go from kryptonite weak to gradual recovery back to original strength.
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D. J.
As much as I feel this movie had many, many, MANY problems, one thing I will not deny is that it has some pretty great actions scenes. If only it had a script as impressive as the CGI....
Raj K
for me, This is the best Superhero Film ever.
This movie is awesome!! Batman is cool!😎
Brohobo 1
Goku vs superman comment who will win my opinion Goku will win
3:45 - 4:10 that’s how you do Superman
I don't care what people say or think but Ben Affleck is the perfect depection of Frank Millers Batman. I like this Batman the best out of all them.
Brandon Zacharias
I hate when people say Batman is stronger than superman, cuz it's just not true. Did Batman win yes, for one reason, superman was not trying to win. He could have easily ripped his heart out at any point he was pushing him or shoving him. Even in the comics Batman says if superman wanted to he could whipe out earth and the jl in an hour and a half tops. So did Batman win , yes but because superman wasn't trying to kill Batman.
user 1992
I love how dc makes dark scenes and very serious too..and after that very dramatic including the music so why people saying this is bad movie
I freaking love this movie. Don't give a damn what critics say
1) Wonder Woman 2) Man of Steal 3) Batman v Superman 4) Justice League 5) Suicide Squad I still don't understand why there's no Batman movie or why they didn't make a flash movie before Justice league or why aquaman is in justice league before green lantern when aquaman sucks and they clearly have the movie rights to green lantern.
R1 992
The best fight
Venom Venom
The is My favourite DC movie fight Scene.I like both of them.and It was an Epic fight.
Funking awesome 🔥👍🍒👍🔥
Hey Superman. Since your opponent has a weapon that can weaken you, perhaps you should try to disarm him.
Thabang Mokoena
Ai this movie was so lame, there is a scene were superman CLEARLY realises that the greengas is his weakness. So, what does he do when he regains his strength, Instead of just snapping batman in half, he pushes him through walls and throws him around until batman gets a second shot of the SAME thing that makes him weak. Superman weakness isnt kryptonite, is that he stupid. Thats it. Zod would have killed batman in seconds. Come here with your tactics and billions like this is politics.
Greatest Comic Book Movie of all time. Not the most fun nor perfect by a long shot, but the greatest. Deep, philosophicql, meaningful, suffered, devoid of endless banter. The perfect Superman along with the best live action Batman to date. No other Comic Book Movie makes me feel so many strong emotions as this one, of course millions would disagree, but just the fact that two years later people are still talking about it, and that the conversation is so fiercely at odds just streghtens the point about the emotions it produces.
Blackguy 574
0:42 that push will always make me laugh. It's just so funny to me lol
Studio Autio
You know what? They can reboot the DCEU all they want, but these DC movies; MoS, BvS:UE, SS, WW, JL, Aquaman, Shazam, and WW84 will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe, because i think that these movies are underrated af compared to the MCU, which i'm 100% done with after IW. For me; the MCU ended with IW, where Thanos won, and the Avengers lost. It's been a good 10 year run, but now; it's over, to me that is.
I love how batmans all like "you're not brave" but the second he doesn't have the upper hand he's backing up with his hand up
Jeff Papi7272
Superman would’ve killed him in 2 seconds if he wanted to
Red Panther
0:47 "your breath stinks batman!"
Vampire Lord
There Batman is a real badass! I love it!!
Adam Shafi
People seem to be forgetting that Superman wasn’t trying to beat Batman if this were a, real one on one fight Superman could blast his thicc ass back to the Batcave
Filipe Ferreira 1333
im from brazil this movies was so great, and justice league was so bad, i was wheiting a better movie, now its all in shazam and aquaman
Very well thought out fight plot between the two superheroes
John Wonder
Best modern age comic book movie to date
Still better than Justice League
I’m watching Videos
Of course, stupid Bat, never listens...
If Superman didn’t want a fight than he shouldn’t have fought him
Jeff Papi7272
Dude Superman would’ve killed him in 2 seconds like cmon he gave him a tiny push and he flew
H.P Alternativeproduction
This is ok But it’s gold compared to the fighting scene in justice league
Henry Scheuller
This movie could have been AWESOME ... the music, acting, and costumes were amazing ... but I kind of want to punch the story board writer in the face 😡
The 80's Wolf
Superman really feels true fear in this movie. Luthor kidnaping his mother, Batman making him a mortal human. And by Batman making him feel mortal with the kryptonite, Superman feels both the feelings of human fear, but at the same time a fear of humans/humanity in itself.
Keyz Smith
One of the greatest superhero fight scenes ever
Kruger pool The 13th
I walked into the theater to see this movie with only wanting to see one thing to see batman beat the ever living shit out of Superman and this movie delivered on that
0 00
마사닦이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
бетмен слабый
T. CO 33
This.Fight.Is.Amazing. Bring back this batman
murali sai
Masterpiece small word for this scene
Leenuel Arnesto
Batman has no real power he use tecknologies superman has real power
syu novem
4:34 Bruce "Okay, let's talk. Calm down."
That Batman looks and sound like Robocop. :D
Archie Diggs
“You don’t understand” Smells Batman breath “Pushes”
Chinese knives
Really i do not understand how Batman make a super armor for fighting against superman and the helmet is opened!!!!. Does not he think that he can recieve injuries for that hole???.
UK white resistance
If the only focus of this movie had of been the conflict between bats and supes and their ideological differencess maybe this would have had a chance of beating civil war which it didn't even come close
ComicBook Guy
This fight was way too short and underwhelming for a 2 hour and a half movie called Batman V Superman. I enjoyed the movie very much but I did NOT like the actual fight.
Marco Antônio Oliveira
Batmam não tem poderes claro que é impossível ele ganhar 😂😂😂
Niko IB
Batman Fears nothing but he fears removing his Mask lol
Lidbidboiii oioii
Бетмен должен бы выграть
Jim Mon
At 2:29 i thought batman farted in a bullet