Bo Burnham - Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant) - MAKE HAPPY Netflix [HD]

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This is the most intricate piece of both comedy and self-awareness I have ever seen.
A Google user
Every time I watch this I get chills. I feel this in my own way as well. Wishing you all the happiness life has to offer
Imacookieboi Choc chip
He mixes his problems with stereotypical jokes so well.
Tyler Stevens
"Come and watch the skinny kid with the steadily declining mental health, and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself." Then ends it with a deep, defeated, "Thank you. I hope you're happy." Chills.
Started as a song about can, ended as a song about how you cannot.
This is the best work of art made about Internet celebrity I've ever come across. So incredibly hard to be this clear-thinking about the many-tentacled beast of fame. -John
Is the buritto an analogy to his life? As in he has to much on his plate and he'd wish someone told him in advance that it might get tough?
Ratsy Valia
Nobody in that crowd was ready for the second part of this song.
Michael Todd
"But I'll blow ny dad before I eat a burrito with a fork."
Jason Cooke
If it's comedy, then why am i crying?
I dont think that I can handle this right now
Long Wu
I see a lot of comments saying how the pringle can and burrito is a methaphor, but i think they are missing the point or over analyzing. In my opinion, this is a brilliantly structured act. All the jokes in front was to build up to the moment when he said "I pretend my biggest problem is pringle cans" and it was mocking how ungrateful people are and complain about trivial things and get offended by it. But at the same time(including himself), hide away what really bother them. Our need for love, purpose, approval, and our insecurities, sadness, loneliness.(For him, and maybe most artists: his position as an artist and his relationship with his audiences) For me after all his videos, he isn't a comedian, he is the most entertaining philosopher.
Chris Lee
The most earned mic drop i have ever seen
Joey Zoota-Lucero
Only Bo Burnham is real enough to say he hates his fans
Josh Herbert
The 2.6k people that disliked are really sensitive about their stance on the quality of Pringle cans.
Are U Super Cereal
This dude is seriously a legend. Not only do the viewers get a stand up comedy show like no other, but we also get a straight up full blown concert with amazing lighting and camera work. Well done sir, without a doubt still one of my all time favorite comics/performers! <3
The cinematography in this is absolutely amazing.
Level 10 Edgelord
The real hero is the special effects guy.
Patrick Hallett
I feel like at around 5:45, he started to forget that he was performing and just began to pour out his emotions, all his pain and suffering, and frankly that just makes the last part of this song 7x more powerful, because now you can see just how hard it is for him to even breathe without breaking down due to his anxiety. I just want nothing more than to leap through the screen and give this poor man a big hug and tell him everything’s gonna be okay and to stay strong
Jim Szalewski
"Come and watch the skinny kid with the steadily declining mental health, as he attempts to give what he can not give himself" Sounds like Bo potentially struggles with depression. Hope he's okay.
It is extremely difficult to make this kind of comedy work, especially if it's musical comedy, but Burnham absolutely kills it. Ironically it's much harder to effectively make a piece that's hysterically funny and deeply touching *by turns* than it is to do both those things simultaneously, because the switch between them can be jarring and highlight the fact that one of them is (usually) stronger than the other. That's really not the case here, probably because it's such a solid pop composition. Masterful stuff.
if you feel me put your hands up - C'mon, If you feel me put your hands *uuUUUUUuup* Damn dude. I put my hands up. I was happy. 3 minutes later I cried.
Danille Piaf
By the end of this song I was pathetically sobbing and laughing at the same time. I’m so sad but Bo holy crap. I just... what you just gave me you gotta give yourself. The feeling of being so understood. The pressure of propel constantly watching your every move and you need those people but you are scared of messing up and it’s so fucking much. This woke me up. We gotta take care of ourselves and I hope you’re doing that.
Can I just mention that part where he talks about his real problems (that really #deep part)? I think more people should pay attention to that. People ask "Where is Bo", but no one asks "How is Bo" :c
Lilly Friedman
I'm currently trying to process my father's death (nearly a month ago as I write this), and I've somehow found solace in this song. I've currently been trying to keep up my facade of the person I was before this, but I really can't handle all of the crap that's going on in my life right now. Thank you, Bo, for creating a masterpiece that is both hilarious and deeply meaningful at the same time.
“I hope you’re happy” Thanks Bo, I hope the same for you one day
I get teased about my small hands. On the plus side I can totally fit my hands all the way to the bottom of the pringles can. Wheres my crew of people who can fit their hands in pringles cans?
You can like feel the audience regress when he tells them that they're his biggest problem. Like they're waiting for him to say that it's a joke. But this time it's not a joke. He's serious this time
The most thrilling thing about this is when you watch it again and again you're seeing the finale part is slowly building up through the whole thing. And then you remember how chords and words he planted in there are gonna end up at the end. Sends a chill down your spine.
UltravioletStudios -
Still better than every mumble rapper out there
It never feels like 7 minutes when I watch this
And in that moment, singing about a burrito, he looked like an angel
Sky Silver
"But I'll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork." ~Bo Burnham 2016
Daniel Kaiselgruber
"Thank you, I hope you're happy" *drops mic* I CANT STOP CRYING RIGHT NOW BRO
kayadelario !
damn... I miss him
Rhun Leeding
Seriously....if I knew the cheese wouldn't fit...I would have still got the cheese. Stuff lettuce and peppers, but never will cheese be sacrificed.
Wasted Evening Productions
Bo Burnham’s comedy special make happy was his last comedy appearance before quitting comedy. The shows core theme is about performing and the other central issue which is never trust anyone who is performing. Bo lies the audience with satirical comedy throughout the hour he is on stage, but there are times during his performance that he breaks away from his stage persona to speak directly to the audience. He does this several times throughout the show, but there is one time that stands out the most though. Right before the big finale, Bo tells them to get rid of the stage light and raise the house likes in the theatre. After he does this, he crouches down and says “look, and now we are all the same.” at This is the moment he is most real with the audience. Bo explains “that as a comedian you are supposed to talk about what you know and what I knew was always performing” he then stresses that he thought the show wouldn’t be relatable to those who were not performers. He then says that social media created a platform for a generation that demanded to be seen and to perform, but after he says this, he states “If you can live your life without an audience…then do it.” This statement sets up his final song entitled Can’t handle this. I will be analyzing this song and breaking down every metaphor. Before the song begins, Bo explains he went to Kanye’s recent tour. When he was at his show Kanye did something weird; Bo explains that Kanye ranted for twenty minutes about his problems. Bo is pretty much saying where he got his inspiration for the song. An instrumental starts playing in the back background, and Bo states that his problems may not be as high stakes as Kanye’s, but he has issues, at this point the song begins. This song is the most honest that Bo has been with the audience yet. During the song, he bounces back and forth between performer and himself. The song has officially started and Bo, with autotune on his voice, asks the audience if he can state his problems to them. This point is where the first metaphor comes in. His first problem is how he can’t fit his hand in a Pringles Can. At first, listen this may be funny and sound like it has no deep meaning, but as Bo has stated don’t trust anyone who Is performing. Bo then says, “if you feel me put your hands up…look at all these hands that are way to big to fit inside a Pringles can.” The Pringles Can represents the media and how the opening is so small. The hands represent people trying to fit their hands into the small opening. This metaphor means there is not enough room for everyone to be successful and the one person that manages reach the chip will be successful, but when that one individual goes back and tilts the can for the rest of the success the rest will come crashing down on them and it will lead them to unhappiness.
I can't keep count of how many times I've watched this video; and every time I have cried
The Dub Rebellion
bo is a fucking legend. LOVE THIS
Olivver Dennis
Everyone else is thinking about the most deep part and I'm like- "Nah dude. He was right about the pringle cans."
James Tuthill
Is mental health a privilege? After years of depression and anxiety, I'm starting to believe more and more that it is. I look at others who have actual problems and handle them and I can't even handle those given to me. Am I privileged enough to say I'm mentally ill? Does that mean I'm surviving with problems that aren't big enough to threaten my life so I'm bored and spoiled enough to call it depression an anxiety?
popcandy moon
This really gives me the chills every time I listen to it. It’s so funny and so real at the same time. What a fucking legend
damn that burrito metaphor was wild.
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Bo had the power to make you laugh and cry in the same 3 minutes.
i need this on spotify
Andrew Tonon
I got the sense of "Thank you, goodnight, I hope you're happy [...because I'm not]"
Shampoo Fully
"Come and watch the skinny kid with a steadily declining mental health, and laugh as he attempts to give you what he can not give himself. " ... "I hope you're happy."
Steven Lengenfelder
Disregarding the emotional, comical and psychological undertones of this song, it's better then 99% of music produced today.
I love his last line. "I hope you're happy." It's almost like there's an implied "because I'm not" that goes subconsciously after it. Great commentary on the nature of creator v. audience.
Got Nay
Holy crap. Bo’s ideology: Everything is dead. You can understand when writing his songs you find recurring and suicidal thoughts. Even his show themes express it.
jason bieber
I know it's been years since those came out but this song and who you are helped me through my father's passing. You are an amazing person
This will hold up as one of the biggest tone reversals anyone has ever pulled off on an unsuspecting audience
Andreas Eriksson
Bo, I sincerely hope you’re happy as well. This is so amazing every fucking time! You’re a genius and I hope you will make a comeback on stage in the future. ❤️
Nathan B
But I'll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork
Tina Bina Bear
Still one of my favorite comedy bits. Funny, deep, metaphorical, pure genius.
Real Potato
I just want to point out what he means when he says "I've overdone the pringles thing. Sorry". The pringle cans represent happiness, not fitting your hand inside of it represents Bo trying to become happy. When he says sorry he's saying sorry for caring about his own happiness. His whole job is to make other people happy. He's apologizing for caring about his own happiness...
Why is this so oddly majestic?
Johana Marin
The sincerity in this bit was better than anything he’s ever done
Marissa Turner
Oh Bo Isn't Ironic that a comedian can makes you feel sad? Left and Right are agree that you are the best I've ever seen. I know, we had a hell of a ride but I know is hurting you, and we understand you can't handle this right now, and I know, We'll gonna miss you a lot but I don't want to watch you in the channel 5 news like another sad artist story or hear that you just decided kill yourself because no one never  understood the real you, No. I don't want that ,I want that you live happy. In fact I hope you're happy now.  Because that is what Love is, no just stupid words words words or repeated stuff, for me love is what you did all the time . You made us happy, no. You made us laugh, you did all your best from the deep of your heart, even if you were feeling bad doing it. You never lied to us, even if you don't think that. You did what your heart wanted, you stayed true to yourself even when the people thought that they knew you and wanted to change you. Men and Women, old and young people. We'll never forget you Bo because you are an incomparable artist. What's funny now, people? Art is dead but remember you deserve more. So don't lower your expectations, we deserve real artists, real performers as him. Lesson Learned my friend.   If you want to be happy, stop asking, stop looking for it, do what your heart wants You do your own happiness...
"I hope you're happy." Wow. Those four words hold so much meaning...
Soulman Murph
Bo you are beyond incredible. In fact, any words will not do justice to your artistry. You are a natural born wizard of both comedy and tragedy and you blend them both masterfully into a collage that can only be described as beautiful. On behalf of every kid who grew up with you and is now an “adult” I just want to thank you from the depths of my soul. You have made us laugh incredulously, cry uncontrollably and think introspectively, often all at once. You are one of a kind sir, and I am thankful to have seen this performance. Blessings brother. Hope you found that ever fleeting burst of happiness you seemed to attain at the conclusion. Wish you and your family nothing but the finest. The way you flip concepts and grab the audience by the nips is miraculous and inspiring. Thank you buddy
4:56 same look Frodo gives Sam
Lizzam Abdul Latiff
Songs/shows like this makes me hate people like you, Bo. It's layered, wrapping serious issues between jokes and music. Making us audiences laughing and feeling sorry and sad and confused at the same time. It's no secret you're a genius at making something like this. It's in What, it's in Words Words Words, it's probably in many others out there or to come. it's probably your secret sauce to famedom, like CK's self-depreciating-I'm-a-sorry-older-man kinda secret sauce. But what makes me hate it is how sincere it sounds. How it sounds more like a cry for help than a party trick. How it reminds me of the geniuses that made me happily crying watching them showing off their geniuses in concerts, movies and stand up shows, and where it took them, like Robin Williams and Chester Bennington. And I also hate the fact that I loved this so much I ended up repeat-viewing it almost every day. I hate that if something were to happen, I would feel guilty for being part of the cause. I wish you a long and full life.
At the end when he talks normally but the auto tune is still on, he sounds Irish lmao
Allie Powell
I know this isn't the point but I have really tiny hands and I can put my hands into a Pringle can. This song is amazing though.
Black Rocket
You never know when Bo is serious and when he's joking around
Terry Bear
This is the only the second video I have ever seen of Bo Burnham. I wasn't aware of him. It almost makes me breathless to experience this person. It's also very scary his talent is equal to his pain. Damn what a shame.
Nikita Ferreira
W-WHAT?! IM NOT CRYING...Something just got in my eye....
Justin Berkeland
I find it incredibly ironic and eye opening that the audience is unresponsive when he gets introspective yet is so ready to grant a positive response when he "does his job" and is funny and vulnerable. A sign of true awareness.
August Larsen
I miss bo:( Just watched what. and Make Happy for the Sixth time
Eℓιzαвεтн Ocтαvιυs • Bιѕнopι
...There's a certain part of the video that makes me think hes a perfect Peter Parker
Nguyen Hoang Lan
We all see a piece of ourselves in his verses
This might be the stairway to heaven of comedy
Melted Snowflakes
"And laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself." His entire reason for entering comedy, wanting to become famous, his journey throughout the process, and ultimately his reason for leaving it all behind in the end summarized in one perfect statement. Deep.
Shampoo Fully
Takes a genius to cut a "genius" down to size.
David lynn
i still come back to this vid
I've watched this at least half a dozen times and I still get hung up on the last thing he says, "I hope you're happy" as in what? Like, does he mean I hope you enjoy the show? He would've just said that though, so it makes me feel like his meaning behind that was something along the lines of "I hope you enjoy me dancing like a monkey for your entertainment on stage" but I'm not 100% sure on that idea either, but with other parts of this song like "my biggest problem's you" and everything after that and "come and watch the skinny kid with a steadily declining mental health and laugh as he attempts to give you what he can not give himself" like, I've only watched a couple of his music videos but that's kinda sad, even though he's happy since he's living his dream and he's only in his 20s which is fucking amazing! So any thoughts on that would be awesome to help clarify what he meant by that last sentence..
Can't stop watching this. So good Bo!! 😂😂
Angry Yogbuscus
Bo Burnham is like a dog that freaks out if you lay down and stop moving. Initially amusing and eventually very worrying.
Really puts comedians like Kevin Hart into perspective you know
Pikachu 134
Bo, Be Happy.
Bo Burnham is going to go down as one of the best comedians and performance artists and of our generation.
Anna Woods
Why am I crying
Soy Bean
“I’ll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork”
Martin T
*intesifying atmosphere* ...woooh waaah....... ... ....blblblbl...
Josh Davidson
Introspective and comedy with a deeper meaning is the best meaning
Universal Link
I've watches this 57 times in the past 4 days.
Josiah Krafft
He’s what you could call a hero he sacrificed everything inside him so he could help you
Parry Home
Thank you Kanye, very cool
I nearly cryed.... The end part is so epic... Chills running down my back
Beatrice Baudelaire
i’ve watched this so many times. thoughtful, amazing, gut wrenching, hilarious
Jane Smith
Jesus Christ. The most gut punching end to a comedy show I've ever seen. I hope he is happy. Seriously, dude, be well.
The "I hope you're happy" at the end. I felt that.
Matthew King
I saw him perform this in a small theater in Regina, Saskatchewan and it was equally as impressive and grand in scale as his New York performance on Netflix. It was so impressive to see such production behind his work, and that Bo would make it consistent no matter the location.
After reading through comments and watching this clip on repeat.. I am in tears hearing his voice. I hope he does find happiness
Peter Arndt
Who else gets the chills every time they see this??
Adolf Hitler
Looks like Bo needs a pat from good ol Hitler
egg boi
When one of an artist's saddest songs is autotuned and 65% about Pringles and Chipotle.
Alexander Friia
God damn love ya bo!
Some people are here for the comedy but I want you all to listen to the lyrics, really listen to the lyrics.