Bo Burnham - Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant) - MAKE HAPPY Netflix [HD]

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Ray Tolman
*Comes for the comedy* *Leaves with existential crisis*
Cat Lady In the making
The way he says ''I hope you're happy'' is really, sad...
Jane Smith
Jesus Christ. The most gut punching end to a comedy show I've ever seen. I hope he is happy. Seriously, dude, be well.
King CAS
this guy is literally the most obscure, self aware, wise, humble, insecure, and clever person of our time, in comedic terms. fucking love the sheer honesty in his genius..
I'm crying about a song that's autotuned and 80% about pringle cans and burritos.
Backlit Rabbit
"You can tell them anything if you just make it funny, make it rhyme and if they still don't understand you then you run it one more time." People don't talk about this line enough. Anyone that uses humor to cope or deflect knows the feeling. Just keep them laughing and you can admit to anything. A suicidal thought, a bad self-image. If you say it outright then it's scary or alarming, but if you package your issues as a joke? They laugh and think you're just having fun. And if they get worried? You run it by them one more time. Just keep them laughing and they won't see the problems.
WaaDoku 【和ァ独】
Good comedy makes you laugh. Brilliant comedy makes you cry.
The Stalking Chicken
1:14 why is an auto-tuned "oooooooooo" so pretty?
clint mcbride
I'm sad that he doesn't do comedy anymore but after seeing his movie Eighth Grade I am ok with it. Because he managed to find another way to make us feel something, another way to make a statement and say something to help other feel connected with someone else. He is an inspiration and deserves so much more praise that he gets.
Tyler Stevens
"Come and watch the skinny kid with the steadily declining mental health, and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself." Then ends it with a deep, defeated, "Thank you. I hope you're happy." Chills.
Matthew Butler
They should have told Bo he can ask for the burrito double wrapped
Mason Warren
You can’t play with my emotions like that bo
Matthew King
I saw him perform this in a small theater in Regina, Saskatchewan and it was equally as impressive and grand in scale as his New York performance on Netflix. It was so impressive to see such production behind his work, and that Bo would make it consistent no matter the location.
Roxanne Rivera
this went from hahahaha to bo, you alright buddy?
Joey Zoota-Lucero
Only Bo Burnham is real enough to say he hates his fans
Hannah Pepin
I can sit here and pretend my biggest problems are pringle cans. And burritos. But the truth is my biggest problems you, I want to please you. But I want to stay true to myself. I want to give you the night out that you deserve but I want to say what I think and not care what you think about it. A part of me loves you. A part of me hates you. A part of me needs you. A part of me fears you. Chills.
The most earned mic drop in history
I'll miss his comedy shows but It's probably best for him.
Parry Home
Thank you Kanye, very cool
4:20 looks like a legit movie scene. Can Bo please have his own film? Like something autobiographical?
I still don’t know if that shirt is grey or blue.
John Stinson
I’ll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork
Giraffe with tattoos
The breakdown at 4:17 is quite possibly the most musically perfect moment I've ever heard. The entire song is beautiful. And wierd. But mostly beautiful.
Dorno Toba
This is one of the few comedy specials that consistently brings me to tears.
Bo, I actually love you man. I'm not smart enough to put my feelings into words. But you did it. Thanks man. I hope you are alright bud. Much love from a fellow kid from Massachusetts.
All Media Services
Bo will always be the best performer I discovered in 2019. Late to the party, as usual.
Eℓιzαвεтн Ocтαvιυs • Bιѕнopι
...There's a certain part of the video that makes me think hes a perfect Peter Parker
For Commenting
Comedy comes from suffering, and the saddest people are often the funniest.
that autotune was perfect
Jan Uy
This guy's an actual genius. It's called the Kanye Rant because while it has similar instrumentals that Kanye has in his music, many of Kanye's songs (especially his older ones) on the surface have relatively straightforward meanings like getting girls or getting rich and famous but if you dig deeper in them you realize Kanye is making a commentary on society, whether it be about suicide or slavery through consumerism or other serious topics. This song by Bo is initially about a pringle's can but eventually morphs into a commentary about his own well-being. I have major respect for this man for actually producing original art in this day and age.
Imagine if Pringles actually wide in the diameter of the pringle cans just because of this video
sniffthecactus duh
BO IS BACK BITCHES and so are the existential emotions and laughs
Rıdvan Erata
my biggest problem is myself. A part of myself loves me.A part of myself hate me.And ı dont like both of Them! SORRY ABOUT MY ENGLISH
Squirrel 0
After hearing about how his anxiety attacks and how bad it got to him while preforming in front of crowds like this then coming back to watch the end with how he just screams into the mic gives more clarity to how he felt to me. He really was showing how unhappy he got doing this.
This is fucking incredible. I had no idea Bo put on such a fantastic show. I have come back to this video time and time again, because it just never gets old.
Kai Amachi
this is why I laughed when Washington said "Can I get real for a second, for just milliseconds. Tell the people how I feel a second."
Loved the camerawork and lighting in this special. Exceptional
Kelsey Milburn
i swear it was the lighting that made me cry
"you can tell them anything if you just make it funny, make it rhyme." He literally is telling them he's not in a good mental space, but he does it in a funny way so most people overlook it completely as just part of the act. "if they still don't understand you then you run it one more time." He then repeats it "thinking i could handle this right now". He cant handle the fame maybe? Or he cant deal with his fans only seeing him for the comic and not the person? It's heartbreaking that he has to serve it up to people on a silver platter and for the most part it still gets overlooked. I hope you're doing okay Bo. We all love you <3
Nguyen Hoang Lan
We all see a piece of ourselves in his verses
Calvin Timbrooks
Honestly the best send off for such a legend. Do what makes you happy, Bo.
Hope Nichole
this got deep real quick.
Makenzie Feindel
"I can't fit my hand inside of a pringel can" - "I can't fit in with other people"
Jay Kim
I think the beginning contextualization about the Kanye Rant is supposed to represent excessive materialism. Kanye literally rants due to the failure of his excessively expensive t-shirts to sell well, which logically should not be something to rant about. Why can Kanye rant about whatever he wants, why can he price his shirts at a level higher than many people's daily wage? Right after, Burnham jokes that his very real mental problems matter less than Kanye's "problem" illustrating how oftentimes society just doesn't give a shit if one isn't rich and famous. I can't fit my hand inside my Pringles can embodies society's focus on meaningless things. We twitter away our time caring about such idiotic things as trying to fit our hands down a Pringles can, something that does not affect us greatly and can easily be fixed by either not eating Pringles or eating knock-off Pringles. Burnham returns to the Pringles can again after he says he has overdone the concept to further illustrate how much time is wasted on such trivialities. He starts this next portion of his Pringles rant on how he wants a daughter just so he can have someone whose hands will fit down a Pringles can. Another joke, but he still says that he wants to make such an important decisions over such a trivial topic, perhaps demonstrating how often people make important decisions over their most meaningless needs. His specific usage of "daughter" instead of simply "child" might be a hidden poke at society's irrational fear of sexual dimorphism. There are clearly differences between males and females, the most obvious being the ability to have a child but also average hand size. Yet a lot of people would try their best to use both pronouns interchangeably even in this situation because they care a lot about a generally meaningless difference(hand size does not usually matter) or fear that other people will care about this difference. Finally, he remarks that the difficulty with the Pringles can is priority number uno for him, clearly indicating his belief that society is prioritizing meaningless things over important things like the real problems he talks about later. Gym catch-22 is about stuck people. Burnham wants to get better, but he's afraid because getting better involves having to see his own inability in excruciating detail, and having to allow others to see that same apparent inability. Many people in our society become stuck because they would rather ignore and hide their inabilities than improve themselves. They choose to do nothing, because not doing is safer than doing but their fears inhibit them from ever growing out of their catch-22 state. By not going to the gym, by not working out, they are forever forced into hiding their weak biceps and calves. There are other reasons for trying to get better, but Burnham does not provide much material to analyze. The burrito portion of Burnham's act has underlying themes of how society cares so much about meaningless things. But more importantly, it reveals his frustration in balancing what he wants in his comedy and what will make his audience happy. His audience doesn't want a messy burrito. They want a contained package that they can easily intake and forget about afterwards. Something that will fit within the confines of the tortilla, within the space of the show, and leave them afterwards. But the show is overpacked with references to mental illness and social issues and things that don't just fit within the context of the show but outside and will remain with the audience past the time of the show. Burnham wouldn't have gotten even half the things in his burrito if he'd known it wouldn't fit. He would have picked specific ingredients out in order to make his burrito nice and orderly. His audience doesn't even know the half of it(his frustrations), and would probably have preferred that Burnham leave specific portions of his act out in order to make their experience simply fun and enjoyable. They don't want to hear about the problems plaguing society in a comedy act, and especially not from a "pussy" who puts on a "silly show". The show is titled Make Happy. I think that he wants to make himself happy, and while he tries to do that partially through making other people happy through his comedy, he also wants to stay true to his roots as a person. He might be a comedy expert, but his audiences are the ones that chose to watch his show and it is not his fault for not giving them what they expected. In the end, he's just trying his best to balance his art and be happy. If he can't handle the stress of it all then he can always revert to saying whatever will make the audience laugh because he doesn't know how else to be happy other than giving everything of himself to please others and hoping he succeeds.
Sam Retherford
This song is raw emotion and vulnerability. Praying for you bo
I hope he finds happiness someday. I hope Bo learns that he deserves the recognition that he gets, and that he'll be okay one day. I don't care if we never get any content from him ever again if it means that he finds comfort and peace in life. I wish him the best.
Bonsai Garden
Humor really is born from the deepest and darkest pit of a person
chryz wonderland
These performances will stay with me for life. Dammit Bo.
Dude man Bo! I subscribed to you when I was a kid and you were a kid and you had like 2 songs on your channel. Now I am married, have a daughter and a steady job. Never had the chance to watch you live. I've seen this before but now I had the urge to write something down. I hope this act was just that, an act. You are a great artist and I which u all the best! Congratulations on your movie also!
I have to say, as a man whom was feeling low and depresses when i heard this song for the first time it really touched me. This song is so deep and mentally intimate, i was truly moved by how you were able to break down your problems in a way any one can understand and maybe even relate. This song is a song any person form any walk of life can listen to and all come to the same conclusion..... Pringles please make your cans wider
Rosehip Of St. Gloriana
If you know burritos and Pringle cans are an analogy for. It is his deepest most personal song. This is why I love Bo. And he makes my life better.
Imacookieboi Choc chip
He mixes his problems with stereotypical jokes so well.
Eva Handwerk
Man... I loved this Ted talk...
lil dum dums number two
“but i want to say what i think, and not care what you think about it” and then leads into the most powerful second half of a song *chills.*
Can't wait till I look back on this and realize it was only the beginning,
His brilliance only seems matched by the effort he puts into all this. What a show.
"Let's go watch the skinny kid, with a steadily declining mental health, and laugh as he attempts to give you what he can't give himself." My heart, Bo.
Universal Link
Wish I could reach through and give this man a hug. All the subtlety of the "this is not a dance" song from Rick & Morty.
Johnny Pimberkins
I just realized this instrumental matches up really well with the Runaway outro 🤔
Shiloh Skye
The brilliance of this bit is that when you watch it a second time you realize the first half was just as serious as the ending.
McH31L on twitter/Instagram
This dude has more quirk than ‘all for one’
Ty From Jagon the Red
almost a year ago someone pointed out to me that at the very end he says "I'll handle this right, handle this right, handle this right now." and he hasn't performed on stage since. it hurts me. I don't want him to torture himself but I want him to do comedy.
Nick S
Man is a living legend! One of the greatest comedians ever. He is a very funny and thought provoking individual. One of a kind!
Bo I feel ya all the way. Not just for Pringle cans, just in general. *puts hands up*
Braulio R.
It's weird to think that within every hilarious comedian there's a very sad artist.
The subtitles couldn’t keep up with the Pringle cans
I can't even imagine how emotional this must have been live
Johana Marin
The sincerity in this bit was better than anything he’s ever done
James Stephenson
I keep watching this and now it makes me cry.
Connor MacKie
A+ to the person in charge of lighting
R3BEl Northwest
Bo is litterally the most relatable entertainer I have ever been fortunate enough to hear 👏👏👏👏
Stan ezen
Pringles can=society Chipotle burrito=self flaws and qualities Am I reading to much into it?
It’s been 3 years since the release. Bo has done 3 specials: 2010 - Words Words Words 2013 - What. 2016 - Make Happy I think we all know what time it is...
Everyone who says that "the audience weren't expecting the second half" and whatever are in the same group he's talking about, the people who are there for the performance and not him
Rain Shoshana
bo's always been super honest and frank and i cannot imagine standing on a stage in front of so many people and just baring my soul like this. it's super brave and i hope he finds what he needs.
Sam Mccarthy
Honestly, This song still gives me chills even years later. As an insight into what goes into performing and being on stage.
Hunter Sellers
When I saw this live in Houston he actually came back out for an encore to sing "Oh Bo" and invited the audience to sing along. I could hardly sing along cause I was so crushed by what we just saw, unbelievable performance that I still vividly remember 4 years later.
I feel weirdly connected to this.. humor, but at the end there's insecurity.. and the hard truth of life :( This man got his moment in life, and if I had something as great as this to look back on I would be so proud on me, and I'm proud on him too
Hannah Helgerson
I just watched a video explaining the meaning this song and The burrito represents him filling his life with happiness and then everything spills out once he was happy and he wouldn’t have become a comedian etc if he knew that it would have happened- I cried watching this btw
"I'll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork." Bro.
Soopz Boguz
I understand the ending had real deep meaning as many of the comments are pointing out- but... I just have one thing to say. I can fit my hand inside of a Pringles can. So, if anybody needs help with getting all the chips out, along with the crumbs, just hit me up.
I've watched this whole show about 20 times and it never gets old. Bo Burnham is a genius and I hope one day he finds true happiness
This is so cool! I love the lights and the voice changes! You've come so far!
Rachelle LeClair
The second he said I don’t think that I can handle this right now it felt like a breakup
find happiness Bo we'll manage without you for a while
Indi Leefe
Please put this on Spotify ty
Quaza Cake
I love this guy so fricking much
Think About it
Planned to watch a minute stayed and watched the whole damn vid
The way Bo uses lights is incredibly beautiful and impressive. His songs are amazingly made and his jokes can be full of deeper meanings. The 2nd part of the song is really incredible. Lyrics about how he feels about what he does. Bo writes everything beautifully and can really show emotion at times. Bo is incredibly talented in his art and it's all wonderfully made and impressive.
I have watched this so many times. I can't even imagine sitting in the audience watching this and having my heart break open for someone who has only ever made me happy, as he "gives me what he cannot give himself." Wish we could see some of the audience's faces during this breakdown. Thanks for being honest, Bo. I hope you're happy.
Vishya Knewdat
As someone with chronic depression who is CONSTANTLY told i should do stand up comedy i can tell you this much. a genius beyond compare and his bravery to admit this to his fans is 100% stunning. George carlin is the only other entertainer with this much testicular fortitude in my opinion.
Loftus YT
*i thought the sweaters were unspeakable*
Rafaela Clerici
my god, these screams near the end of the song always they shiver me and make me want to cry for some reason
Janelle Izzabella Antonia
I also dont think ppl appreciate what a genius he actually is. Smh
Isobel F
I don't know what's more impressive; the honesty, the humour, the lyricism, or the otherworldly sonic structure. This whole show takes it to the next level.
liam shelnutt
this makes me cry of creative jealousy
Inky teen :v
4:24 damn son looking like a champion over here.
This is a work of genius and I can't work out why. For a comedy sketch, there's so many layers to it.
Ethan Pritstick
5:00 *This got real deep real fast*