Fingernails Grow on Woman's Head

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A College Student's life is thrown into hell when she begins having growths come out of her head that look like fingernails, making her hair fall out. What is the cause? | For more go to /> Subscribe to Discovery Life:

John Bruh
Why was this on my recommended
Hollie Sadler
Shaynas mum was so helpful
God forgive me for ever complaining about my life 😭
Moon Ehh
*I used to chew my nails. Not anymore.*
Katie Obrien
Who else felt their scalp while watching this? 😂
BlastoiseBoy 1
Id be too freaked out glad she got through it!
Anyone came here because of recommendation?
She looks so beautiful now
Hope she gets better😭😭❤️this is actually so sad ):
Cute candy Lover 113
I used to bite my nails and after I saw this I'm like nope not bitting my nails anymore
Aayush Sharma
Hope she gets better...
This is sad but second this is disgusting not being mean
Dat Boi
Witchcraft is real 😳😓
Golden Raider
before video: welp time to sleep! after video: uuuhhhhhh... time for nightmares!
john wayne gacey
Im praying for you no one should have to suffer
Wow. I'm amazed at many disrespectful comments on this vid.
A Geelo
*I WANNA DIEEEE,* *i feel so bad...*
Shanta Fletcher
Somebody cast a spell on her ! Witchcraft is real !!!
Lil skies Is the goat
And I thought having finger nails on my fingers were gross.
James Za Thang
The title already freaks me out
Selma Bette
Hopes those doctors find the cure.
Nature is cool they said
Nandha Kumar
Anybody reminded of Dr. House
Clem Grakata
*Holding the cross* OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!
Juan Carlos Marrero
Doctor- It shall be called...Harlequinicthyosis! Me- HELL NAW!!!
mos ham
this made me scared ...
Greenie! :D
Fingernails are racist. lMaO
God forbite this happens to anyone else!
Lion Lorelei
Yoooo, imagine getting your weave snatched by your own scalp.
SpringyStudios 44
The dramatization was actually pretty funny: played out like one of those crazy mutation horror films.
Demetria Huggins
im touching my cheeks now
This came out three years ago but it seems like everyone is just now watching 👏👀 hope she gets well soon ❤☁
Mr. Anonymous
This is disgusting sorry, But lucky me never bite my nails😉
I feel so so so bad for her I hope that she fully recovers and that never happens to anybody ever again
Gatcha_ Slimez
Sergeant Alan
I wonder how this type of disease happens!
Rod gendron
1 like = 1 prayer for shayna
Biochemistry & anatomy written all over this
pheonix james
Maiya Parker
Omg... This made my skin crawl sooo flipin much!!!
Demario Sutton
I fell sorry for her 😫😥😥 I hope she is ok 💖💗💟💗💖
Do ge
Juhi Laskar
Ohh god . Get well soon dear
Saniya Zan
Why does this feel like a horror movie
Darlana Green
Praise God, they were able to start a treatment, right then and there 😇😷 relief 😇💝 Amen
A one legged man
in the NHS you would get fobbed off for years saying it's nothing to worry about
iimichelleii i
We know she’s fine when an asian comes in
Selin Erdal
Why did i watched this?
Crystal Witham
Coco PEBBLES 🤦🏼‍♂️
This is so fake it looks real
Marie Rollings
I feel sorry for her
*"Harlequinictchyosis."* Wait what?! Were one of the doctors a huge DC fan or something?
Bless her
Trashcake233322 #
Salah Eddine Khial
What happens whene you eat your nails......
Google play despacito 2.5
Tonn Donaldo
I told myself not to click on this video, but here we are!
joe victor
Look god n getting help from real people too both matters I could say more but maybe I will
Hääääääälp!! 😟🤭🙈🙈🙈
Vivian Goodman
Omg rip
aqeelhao Eusof
get soon well
Azurie Garrett
I was eating chips 😭
Ava Phouangmala
Oh my god!!!This is too much too much!!!!!!!!!😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
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OS-ZORGO Juniper
I almost passed out I could not take it
Eva Hayde
thats sad I'm sorry
Chaparrita DemyAmor
After whatching this now my cheek hurts
Fullmetal Shenron
YouTube!I hate it when you show me stuff like this
Tessel van Dijk
Me at daytime: Yea tonight I'll get a lot of sleep and be well rested! Me at 2 AM: *"Fingernails Grow on Woman's Head"*
ësmë gåming
Paradox YT
3:13 she's creepy like if you agree
Unicorn Guru
Poor girl.
Ok no hate to the lady there, hope she is okay but why was this on my homepage out of nowhere YouTube?
Sports Nation
wow if u teared up hit the like button
Vallery Ramos
Oh my god. Hope she's ok
Apaw Khuplian
Everyone there have the Power On To Give upon something you are wanna get rid of Nice Job
i cant watch this ewww
Take your vitamins bois
Pastel_ Demon
When I watched this I kept feeling my face and hair. This is scary!!
Legend107 Gaming
Kayla Ortega
I used to eat my nails, I still do 😂
Moon Ehh
*They said I can be anything, So I became a finger nail* *Im sorry..*
Bottom Right Richie
I feel like the interviewed people and the people in the actual video with the problem arent the same person
Bleach is good
I thought she was gonna die, but then I saw the Asian doctor and now I know she’s gonna be ok
latino heat
Satan 🔥
Genesis A. D
Imma need to pop a Benadryl after watching this.
David Lefort
well I admire you for your perseverance and courage and strength to keep on going but you didn't reject the help and that was important and it worked congrats young lady you look good
the huge ass
YouTube stop recommending this to me.
z Biite
On the weird side of YouTube but I keep clicking weird videos, I think I have a problem.
Tashia Keith
That wasn’t even her hair Lmao 😂 that was a weave 🤔 they stupid lol 😂
Roti Wokeman
Straight turning into a foot.
Zrenlll RBLX
Ugh omg🤭 I can’t imagine being like this aww I feel bad😪
Asian's are definitely the only reason the world hasn't fallen apart
Prenticeo.o[p p0 l.p. I.21st cq 4thColeman
Probably was the weave
I like bacon
She look crusty