Haven (Half-Life 2 Machinima)

Created in Garry's Mod. A fractured group with an unruly leadership must find a way to escape and embark on a new life beyond the confines of the city walls. _ Filmed in Garry's Mod singleplayer and multiplayer. Read the official Facepunch Studios article on the making of here: />_ As mentioned in the beginning "This is an alternate universe not canon to the official events and lore of Half-Life." If this ruffles your feathers in any way, I'd suggest not watching. _ Stick around for the credits to see maps, models and addons. If you like their work please show them some support on the steam workshop! Machinimas such as this are not possible without them. _ Download the soundtrack here: />_ For anyone who would like to see a bit of the raw footage, or those accusing me of making this in Source Filmmaker:

The sad thing is that this will garner so little attention for how well it is made. Especially when you consider this was made in FUCKIN GARRYSMOD. Every shot is just so beautifully put together i cant even begin to talk. The only thing i felt personally hurt it at times is the reliance on NPCs rather then a custom animations but considering the scope and how well everything else is put together it can easily be forgiven.
Wolf Hoarder
This goes to show that half life would make a great movie if done right
Jerry Barabashka
Нихера не понятно, но интересно.
Max Tatarinov
Thank you.. Спасибо Gracias Merci
Великая игра. Фанаты живут... И когда видишь это... Понимаешь насколько огромное впечатление может оставить компьютерная игра...
Just Using the original tools,the skillful craftsmen can still make magnificent masterpiece. So here comes "Haven" , what a gorgeous Half-Life 2 Machinima....
26:05 is straight up visual porn. Holy cow, this is amazing.
Adam Douglas-Grindrod
This was made in Garry's Mod? Jesus, I thought it was SFM.
Jacob Carden
8:05 Is that a scoped SVT-40? Pretty accurate model. It makes sense lore-wise too, since city 17 is in Eastern Europe and there would still be a lot of surplus SVT-40s there, due to WW2. Realistically, a lot of the rebels would be using cold war era Soviet equipment tbh, and I think it fits the aesthetic of the game well.
19:10 In Citadel, the hole in the wall is covered with boards? Really?
Ziii Mr.
Очень круто! Потрясающая работа
Arhand Lee
Машинима на высоте! Автор просто молодец! Эх, жаль мало лайков...
Adam The Gaming God
How is this even possible to make?! Welp you guys broke the impossible
This is incredibly beautiful thing you've got here. It's seen that you've put your soul in this project, trying to properly translate your look on the Half-Life 2 universe model. It is a shame that so few people see this video. I guess I'll try to spread it as much as i can, showing this to more and more people. By the way, a question. How long it took you to make this masterpiece?
Очень атмосферно вышло друг.Класс! (Sorry bad eng) :D
How does something that looks this good film in gmod??
British Wrath
Errr... OK 2 mins in, why are they all pointing guns at each others backs?
Не существует слов, чтобы описать чувства, которые вызывает эта машинима. Собственный стиль автора и его собственный взгляд на Half-Life придает шарм. Персонажами не было сказано почти ни слова за все 40 минут (Исключение - Доктор Брин) это очень умный и невероятно сильный ход, ведь в таком случае мы занимаем свою голову не словами, а повествованием через визуал (привет, Тартаковски). История в сеттинге вполне банальная и короткая, если рассказать ее словами, но передана очень драматично и под необычным углом. 11/10 посмотрела бы еще раз.
Can't believe HL2 machinimas of this caliber are coming out in 2018.
D e y u m n son this is what happens when a film director plays GMOD. My only comment tho is it lacks life, like facial expressions, body movements, etc. But still, it's jawdropping.
The Buuiiman
I have been following you for a long time now and this is another beautiful masterpiece, when ever I see your work I’m a always so shaken. I simply love this.
Cheese Yourself
I loved everything about this movie. The cinematography, the lighting, the sound, all of it. I especially loved the Stalker scene; I thought it showed how cold and lifeless they are. 15/10 Great job.
Absolutely beautiful, I didn't want it to end... Incredible work, pouring life back into the series Valve sadly abandoned... ❤
Maxime Lebled - 3D animator
Absolutely outstanding work. You have managed to thrive in the limitations set upon you like very few machinima films have managed before. This is the new "War of the Servers" for sure. 👏👏👏👏👏
This is absolutely outstanding. The visuals and dark atmosphere really are the ones that make this shine. 5 minutes in and I'm already hooked. If I had to provide some critique, it would be the very large lack of dialogue. Dialogue helps us connect with the characters MUCH more and really supports the story, and this has very little dialogue, but mainly no dialogue at all. Other than that, this deserves a lot more views. Amazing job!
Гога Гордей
не плохо получилось, мне понравилось))) ( I like that!)
This is the best I have seen from any Machinima, it's incredible. After finishing, I just stared at the screen because I could not take in how good it is. You deserve more subscribes and views, this is top quality content. Your filmmaking is outstanding. The quality, scenes, cinematography, all of it is amazing. This is the kind of content I'd see in a cinema.
absolutely amazing.
A fan made Half-Life animation that's 40 minutes long? This is like a dream come true! Homework will have to wait ;p EDIT: I finished watching it, and while I have some problems with it, for example I'm not really sure if there is any story (lack of dialogues doesn't help) and things like the guy living in the woods, and yet wasting precious ammo on pigeons and zombies are kind of funny, and some elements of violence seemed overdone and unnecessary, the G-Man is there apparently for no real reason, and I don't see the purpose of that combine soldier sub plot, I must say that I appreciate the effort and the fact that it's so long.
Simple Brian
This piece of beautiful art deserves more than a measly ~250k views
I played the rdr Undead nightmare in the background while watching this and it fit amazingly well.
Valve has to see this.
Nathanael Ferster
Breathtaking. I had no idea that this sort of film even existed until now. I would definitely like to see more, if it exists. Personally I play G-Mod, recently with little vigor. Now I may try something like this work of art if I ever have the time and inspiration (not to mention the patience) readily accessible. Excellent story as well. I am no expert, but I believe that this 40-minute film is definitely worthy of evolving into a 2-hour blockbuster action movie. Most impressive and excellent work!
Deviant Pictures Films
This is a very impressive and unexpected piece of machinima. You have managed to cleverly introduce the roster of characters and work them around in a story. I thoroughly enjoyed the dark atmosphere that seems to be used so rarely in movies these days; it works really well with the theme of revolution and brings memories from first playthroughs of Half-Life 2. Really loved the wide shots such as sewers view on the city, sometimes I wish you used wider focal lenght than 50mm, for some moments it was disorienting to see closeups 98% of the time. Anyway it was a great surprise after all those years. A lot of people moved on and forgot about half-life but perhaps that might ignite the interest once again and we will see some great movies once more :)
This is beautiful. Amazing work my man. The story was probably the best part.
A Friend
Absolute masterpiece! Writing, digital screenplay, edit, sound, ambiance and final production. Will probably have to watch it again, so I better catch the story. Awesome! You have my respect!
14:50 the way the helmet light just turns on is so creepy...
Snopolopogus Co.
Here we have one of the very few good examples of the potential that such a looked down upon game has. We can all learn a thing or two from this. Amazing work.
CZ crusaderCZ
Im amazed, thats the best half-life 2 story/animation i have ever seen, impressive!
The Physical Return Of Christ
Amazing! It wont be long until company want in on this! haha. Please do continue this! I'm sure everyone else wants more!! keep up the amazing work!! :DD
Dimitar D.Dimitrov
Holy shit...a cinematic about Half life.Havent seen those from 2007 to 2010 God damn
Let's get this one to the front page, boys. It is our civic duty.
My god, this video is absolutely incredible, I was glued to the seat watching this entire thing. I was absolutely blown away by some of the scenes you managed to create, the city scapes must of taken hours to create, and for so many short clips. The bird cage scene must of been tricky to build, without the proper Garry's Mod tools, it looks a lot like you used Stacker for it. The scenes with G-Man were incredibly well short, the short pan backwards from Angela to reveal the briefcase caught me off guard. How did you make the interior of the APC? Did you build it yourself or was it just a prop you found? I realize the lack of voice actors must of made it really hard to convey the story from the characters, but the body language and gestures were spot on and you really got a sense of what was going on. The campfire scene with Padder had me on the edge of my seat, I was expecting some Predator shit to go on, Padder aint no Schwarzenegger I'll tell you that, so it was relief to see it was only a couple of zombies. Seeing Angela get Trans-humanized reminded me a lot of the time she got her arms amputated and replaced with cybernetic ones, just to fuck with her mental health, because the higher up who ordered it had a sick sense of humor. I absolutely have to say I loved this entire film, beginning to end. It's such a wonderful fucking momento to take away from all the years we've spent playing HL2RP together. You're doing fucking great things Dan, there'll come a you'll be making big budget films, you'll be the next J.J Abrams, you even got the lense flare down in some of these shots. From one retired HL2RP player to another, I salute you for this piece of art. -Padder
Firth Laist
The sound during the whole HL Mach-Movie is OUTSTANDING ...I highly recommended using HPhones. Bra-fecking-vo to the Creators!!
Anton :3
11:27 там мужик стоит огромный слева
Dante Morrison
Imagine re rendering this with proper Ray tracing in blender or Houdini, it would look awesome
Kristóf Petes
I did not believe anybody could make such incredibly cool and long animation. Nice Work!
Thirdy Molina
13:15 Vortigaunt : Hah , I win. Vortigaunt 2 : F*** This I quit Vortigaunt : U mad bro? *Rage quit*
MutterBilk Miscuit
Well done though, shot beautifully...you have an amazing talent in utilizing such an unconventional format and process and somehow guide it implementing some of the most exuberantly beautiful facets of visual story telling. I assure you this, that if I were currently wearing a hat, it would be off to you. Well done.
Roy Walton
5:20 Getting big Blade Runner vibes from that score, love the inspiration!
And I thought something as good as this wouldn't exist. Video is a golden nugget among all of the Machinimas!! <3
Levente Faludy
They lived happily in heaven until, the hunter got released. And also, why does the ex combine soilder, helped to the escaping revulotionist group? I dont get it. And also, om half has a beautiful atmosphere when you just watch it from far away and not just shoot brainless.
Absolutely out of this world, you truly have real talent my friend.
Маслину Поймал
Bryce Phil
It looks like it was made in sfm but it's not this was most likely hard to make
This is brilliant i have no idea why this channel isn't more popular
The soundwork and visuals are top notch!
This is truly outstanding, astonishing work. There is no need for words here, as in the movie itself. You guys should make movies for the big screen!
GARRY'S MOD? seriously? I thought this was SFM.. Great job right there
Wow! Thanks for that Daniel. Great work. The sound design and music was top notch! :)
lmao ive been to some of these maps in gmod. nice work
Kyubi Hitashi
Sir.... I Take My Hat Off For You... Congratulations!, Even On 2018 i've found an master of gmod now on YT!, Seriously man!, Amazing The Scenario, The Color Effects Tbh are really good fitting the ambience, and the events man, seriously, congratulations mate, you're a pro!
how much TİME SPEND TO THİS BEUTY ?! (my english bad )
Richard Ziegler
Heavy blade runner vibes.
The whole way the city looks reminds me of Blade Runner 2049 Incredible job!
Sir Geekalot
This is so beautifully made, good job man :)
I don't have words to drescribe this wonderful video! I love the universe of VALVE! Thank you. n.n
Кинокартина для уровня Garry's Mod класс Похоже на "Бегущий по лезвию" Но на нервы и впрямь давит
Impossibur Ducklov
now make levels cut scenes from this for chapters and sell it on steam - it would be better then hdtf anyway. it was amazing
Just out of curiosity, did you think of using pac at all when making this, and if you did then why did you not use it? I really thought this was nice to watch
Can you send a Judgement Waiver video, please?
Skydown Gang Wars
my good god friend. when I saw the title, I couldn't believe it, but after the first few minutes, I'm convinced. Excellent work.
You're talented AF. This is absolutely cinema worthy quality. Tremendous job.
this multiplied my belief in hl machinima and the power of garrysmod
Keller weskier
here is something i never really understood about HL2. you fight metro police. which generally turn into a swat team with MP7s. k. cool. then you get past ravenholm... and youre fighting nova prospect MPs. after that youre fighting combine soldiers. then in the citadel, you fight super soldiers. but... C17 is suppose to be the most secure location in the world at this point. so... wile c17 doesnt look much like a fight, what does the rest of the world look like? i mean. id expect the head city to be secured by MP not metro cops. i.e. heavy armor. big guns. pushing people out of the area the best they can... what ever. i mean if the Combine soldier is a thing. why arnt they used? id expect metro cops to be in lower security level cities. not C17. C17 to me was suppose to be the ground zero. strong hold. fort knox. a hard to get into area... but instead the area is filled with citizens. the only explanation i can think of is that 7-hour war ended less then a year ago. and Breen sets up base at C17 just recently. which explains all the security risks.
Enclave Remnant
Blade Runner meets 1984
Rim 001
Heart Touching. Impressive Extensive Machinima that very few archive. Congratulations. You Deserve a lot
To think this was made in garry's mod, what more if it was made with something better?? Amazing.
This is fantastic. Loved every second of it! Great job!
Alexis Sanchez
Como puedo verlo subtitulado al español?:'v ojala algun dia alguien me responda xd
Sebastian M
Awesome project and brilliant job of story and music l cannot wait when this HL2 story become of movie success guaranteed of 100%
Mr. Marooned
Wow, all I can say is “thank you”. I’ve said it once before, but I’ll say it again. You are one hell of a film maker. Your style, your sense of scope in the cinematography. It just sticks with me. You don’t just inspire, but you influence me. I’ll never come close to what you have done here. The best half life 2 machinima. Period. Thank you so much for this. The message at the end of the credits really hit home. Best wishes
Michal Madarás
Immensely beautiful work, Mr. Schetter. Hats off to you and your team, as well as everybody else who made this possible. It is absolutely fantastic how you managed to capture the dark, oppressive atmosphere with almost no words spoken. Someone with Twitter should make sure, that this gets to Marc Laidlaw at the very least. When the credits started rolling, I just sat there, in my chair, silently reflecting on what I just saw. A huge Thank you for doing this. I still believe in Half-life.
I'm impressed and entertained. Very artistic, really hooks into that thrilling atmosphere of HL2, interesting way of storytelling. As others have said, it's great to know that skilled people such as yourself are still doing such creative things with HL.
one of many Thoughts
with that ending u can make a HAVEN 2 please!!
Robert Stoneman
Amazing work all involved!!
I hope Valve sees this.
The ChosenOne
And why tf vort is so small? He looks like a baby vort...
Best Half Life Machinima I have ever seen. This is how I would picture Half Life 2 in movie form. Gives me both Blade runner and District 9 vibes.
Who did this? I only can say that is amazing. You deserve a prize.
This is fucking cool nice job damn i never thought something so beautiful could be made out of SFM
Enclave Remnant
By God this is incredible! At first I thought it was SFM, but like with Anticitizen One it was just good lighting, map editing, weather control, NPC command, and ALOT of effort and faith in machinima to prove that Gmod isn't dead! Well done, now go buy yourself a taco cause you earned it! And I'm sure that Kitty0706 and any other deceased and/or abandoned machinima maker would be pleased to have seen something beautiful like this!
Oscar Wylder
Epic! - Deserves an Oscar. I would to see it in full glory on a big screen.
Adolf Hitler
This actually shows like a different universe where the uprising didnt begin
Simply amazing!!😉👍👌👏👏👏👏
This is probably one of the greatest Gmod Machinima's out there, and definitely the best for Half-life. Amazing work for something done in 3 months. You sure do know how to work Gmod.
Coşkun ÖRS
This is absolutely perfect one! Good job friend. I love you so much :)
Mythic Hysteria -HaloODST124
I just love how gritty it is and shows what war is. This is very well made
Ian Chapoy
Your cinematography is amazing.
This is... unbelievably good. 11/10 fantastic cinematography