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Epic Fight Scene Between Batman and Bane In The Dark Knight Rises , Enjoy! I don't own anything in this clip, only for entertainment purposes.

Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
“You fight like young man. Nothing held back.” “Admirable but mistaken!”
Imagine how much easier this would be if Batman could just pull out a gun and shoot Bane in the face.
You know batman is in trouble when there's no music.
Zane Miracle
"Peace has costed you strength, victory has defeated you" how applicable that quote is
ice man
Legers Joker was definitely a better villain overall but Hardy's Bane is wayy more BaddAss.
1.8K believe darkness is their ally
Midna Lazuli
Joker was everything Batman wasn't. Bane is everything that Batman is and more.
Iver VJ
Tom Hardy really nailed it as Bane. The way he talks, the way he fights, everything. He was the most realistic version of this character. Hope to see if he can pull it once again as Eddie Brock.
Sam Schacht
Man I love this line: "The shadows betray you, because they belong to me!"
At 1:58, those punches hurt Batman so bad, I still feel them to this day. With everyone making comments along the lines of the fighting being realistic, not being choreographed well, or awesome... I don't care... this is the darkest and most epic battle without the foo foo bullshit that other directors make, Nolan's interpretation of the ultimate ass whipping that Batman can take is here. Thank you Christopher Nolan for showing me what a serious proper ass whipping looks like from one of my favorite comic book heroes.
Qarnayn _
I did an analysis on this scene for a project in High School. Bane was so menacing and left such an impression of fear and ruthlessness that Catwoman attempted to flee town without even trying to claim her reward for setting batman up. When she was caught by the police and asked what she knew about Bane she said only that they should be as afraid of him as she is. That is the power of Bane, feared by his enemies, respected by his followers. If you look at the way he fights he is putting in 0 effort half of the time (often just letting Batman land solid hits to show just how much stronger he is) and then switches in an instant to 100 the other half of the time and starts destroying Batman, who can only managed to soften some blows at best or make a futile escape while Bane is slowly but surely walking toward him. This damages Batman psychologically because it puts it in his head that all his hits, strikes and take downs do nothing to Bane (who is 'allowing' them to happen) and that he is helpless when Bane 'decides' he wants to fight back. It creates a feeling of helplessness coupled with the fact that he is caged and surrounded by Banes sympathizers who will no doubt not stay out of the fight should Batman make any progress. The once great Batman has grown soft and out of practice and as soon as he realizes he cannot compete with Bane hand to hand. He resorts to his training, fall back, utilize different tools at his disposal because this is one nut he can't crack with his bare hands. When that fails he resorts to his next fail-safe. Darkness, but Bane has him defeated in that as well, at this point Batman knows he is in REAL trouble and is not only low on energy, but out-skilled, trapped, and out of options. One could even argue that Batman knew he was in trouble the moment Bane called him by name. "Mr.Wayne", that simple phrase threw Batman off guard, "How much does this man know about me? He could know everything." He elected to show no fear or worry by walking toward Bane, but Bane knows the power of fear (or more importantly, not showing it) so he shuts down Batmans display by matching it. "This man is attempting to show he isn't afraid by 'stepping up'? I'll match him to shut his display down." Brilliant! Instantly had me reaching for the controller to replay it over and over again analyzing and deconstructing this dense and powerful scene. The subtlety oh my god, even the footsteps when they approach one another have audio ques. Batmans are "delayed" and have a lighter tone, while banes are rhythmic and beefier, more base.
Royal Shichibukai
When you realize Christian Bale is 6 feet tall and Tom Hardy is 5’9
Shawn Lacey
Twinkies has cost you your strength, cupcakes have defeated you...
The lighting is actually really impressive
“Powerful agents to the uninitiated, but we are initiated...aren’t we Bruce? “
John Dez
3:40 That was just pure disrespect. Sorry Batman, hold this L
C Mooney
"The shadows betray you, because they belong to ME" What a line
Gabriel Blume
Ah you think the symbiote is your ally? You merely adopted the symbiote. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see Spider-Man until I was already a man, y then he was nothing to me but weak!
No music. No crazy special effects. No CGI. Just two men in hand to hand combat with intimidating and confident dialogue. I love it.
The Stark Knight Returns
1:33 That shit did absolutely nothing
Oh, you think Darkness is your ally?
Admiral General Aladeen
1:12 that punch scared the shit outta me
“Do you feel in charge”
Kenny Tee
Chris Nolan to direct story + Zack Snyder to choreograph fight scenes = EPIC movie that we deserve
Bane's dialog is pure gold
Ah yes, I was wondering what would break first..your spirit...or your body...(CRACK).
Léna Lockhart
Still can't believe this is Hardy, what a phenomenal actor
I Forgot how great of a villain bane actually was in this film, The dark knight overshadows this film but when it really comes down to it , Bane was as much of a challenge to batman as the Joker was.
Megatron Jr
1:58 why is that so funny to me 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣
Rocket Hutchins
Victory has defeated you. What a line.
"Nobody cared who I was until I put on the symbiote"
Jesus Leyva
I saw this movie twice at the theatre. When this scene came on everyone was dead silent
Waylon Jones
We are Venom!
Nomad Best
Disney to Warner Bros: “ The box office betrays you, because it belongs to me!”
Pak RT
Who is here after watching Tom Hardy's Venom movie?
Nikola Tesla
Christopher Nolan should direct the next mission impossible
Love this Bane! Calm, intelligent....and yet beating the shit out of Batman.
DC >>>>>>>>> Marvel
Jordan Denny
I always forget that Tom Hardy is behind the mask
The Stark Knight Returns
- Ra'sl Ghul meddled with the concept of the repercussions of taking a life and the need to direct powerful tools into a positive goal. - Scarecrow meddled with the concept of psychological fear - Carmine Falcone meddled with social fear achieved by force. - Two-Face meddled with the concepts of Justice and fairness vs random chance. - The accountant "Mr Reese" ("Mysteries", get it?? Riddler perhaps?) meddled with the concept of human weakness and jealousy (blackmailing Bats). - Rachel Dawes meddled with the concept of love and a normal life as obstacles to his vigilante duties. - Joker meddled with the concepts of chaos, pure evil and anarky. A world without rules. - Catwoman meddled with the concept of righteousness beyond social inequality. The sacrifices someone is willing to go to live a comfortable life without having born with a silver spoon. - Judge Faden, Detectives Flass and Ramirez, that Matthew Modine captain in Rises and most of the GCPD, meddled with the concept of unlawful authority, corruption and conflicts of interest. - Bane meddled with the themes of matching (if not superior) inteligence and strenght. - Talia Al Ghul meddled with the concept of fidelity and trust. - Commissioner Gordon meddled with the themes of friendship behind the curtain of social hypocrisy (always denying Batman as an ally) and of law and order as obstacles to serving true justice, and how a bloodlust society forces him to wrongfully mark Batman as guilty. - Lucius Fox meddled with the notion that there are limits to vigilantism. True justice cannot be served at any cost (the cellphone surveillance equipment in The Dark Knight) - Maroni represented the frailty of social status acquired by force. A "respected" mob boss but afraid to go out at night. - Even ALFRED stood by him at all times, but ultimately chose to hurt his heart by revealling the content of that long-hidden letter written by Rachel in order to try and put him out of comission. BATMAN did not have a SINGLE true friend in this entire Trilogy. Every time he tried to do absolute good, someone else - even with good intentions - revealed a fundamental flaw that ended up holding him back. Harvey Dent was almost the exception, before his duality reavealed itself. Except for John Blake (ROBIN). He stood by him WITHOUT a MASK and without fear of being seen. Is there anything else to threaten Batman with? He remains undisputed.
Gentleberry16 Gerek
Mom: Tell me who did it, i promise you won't get in trouble Me: Okay, it was me Mom: 1:58
William Desmond
Tom Hardy played the D.C villain that uses the drug Venom to give him strength. Tom Hardy also played the Marvel Villain that uses the symbiote Venom to give him strength. Coincidence? I think not.
Azureus Fernández
Bane's voice is so addictive to hearing
Red Warden 19
Man I want to shake the hand of whoever wrote this script. Even though I can't understand a word they're saying...
Rui Luz
"You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it."
Jordan Meliani
Theatricality and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated... but we are initiated, aren’t we Bruce? meeEEMBERS OF THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS! A-aaAAaaAAD, YOU... BETRAYED US!!! Us? you were excommunicated... by a gang of psychopaths. PSSSH PSHHH!
Andrew Thomas
"The shadows betray you, because they belong to me." Haunting.
anthony smith
Bane's dialogue alone is better than anything I've seen in any of the DCEU films so far.
Lemuel They're in Me
He tries the same move twice and fails both times. 1:23 & 3:45
Louis Colville
I've always viewed the three villains of this series like this: Ra's al Ghul was Batman's superior. Joker was Batman's inferior. Bane is Batman's equal. THAT'S why he's so dangerous.
I LOVE how they explain why Bane won without needing venom. How batman was fighting recklessly without using his training or anything Batman would do, stumbling through the fight expecting rage to win over skill, ' you fight like a young man, with nothing held back' Bane took the blows, conserved his strength and wasted batman when he was tired and overwhelmed him, completely destroying batman, very clever and amazing framing for the scene.
Damien Croc
Notice when Bane said " I didn't see the light until i was already a man" hinted already that he wasn't the child who escaped the pit. Its amazing how we got caught in the action and suspense of his words and the environment that we fail to realize that hint in plain sight.
Problemm Childd
Christian Bale over Ben Afleck
Parsa Leilyabadi
Who else watches this everyday ? XD
Rhuel Smith
Batman should have tried grabbing the nuts.
Coolest part of this whole fight... is the beginning... when Bane walks up to Batman, his footsteps, heavy and slow... like it’s about to go down.. no fear of the Batman whatsoever...
D. Luzzi
People who criticise Batman's fighting here fail to realize that he is out of shape, retired, and out of practice. He's a shadow of his former self.
I hated the ending of this movie.  I liked Bane more than I liked the Joker within this series as well.  Nothing against Heath Ledger.  I don't want to read comments about how I hate dead people or I'm glad he's dead because I'm not.  I just genuinely liked Bane more.  He was phenomenal and his speeches and Tom's overall commitment to the role.  The reason I hate it is because Batman/Bruce had his back broken in his fight with Bane.  His back was literally broken in a hand to hand fight with someone so menacing and strong that it took little to no effort to beat him at all.  BUT then after a very short amount of time, he was able to do Tae-Bo in a cell somewhere halfway across the world and was able to walk again.  HOW SWAY?  Not only was he able to walk but he was able to beat Bane hand to hand after having his back broken.  Doctors should tell their patients with broken backs to do push ups and sit-ups if they want to be healed.  I just think the ending where he beats Bane is totally unrealistic. This goes without saying but for the people that love to throw hatred around on the internet, I am very aware that this is a movie and a piece of fiction but the directors, producers and writers could have at least tried to add some realism to the ending.  Batman wouldn't even have made it out of the prison.  period
David Montoya
“But we are Initiated, aren’t we Bruce? Members of the league of shadows... and you betrayed us” Best line of this scene in my opinion
wise guy
You think the darkness is your allie. I was born in the dark. moulded by it. Kick batmans arse anyday. Legend they shud do a bane movie staring tom hardy.
What happened when Bane played baseball?  He broke the Bat.
Future UFC champion
“Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you” My favorite line
I love how even the sounds of their footsteps at the beginning show just how outmatched Batman is here
Steven Williams
Why the hell did he throw that flashbang lmfao?
Emka _caffe
Who is here after watching Venom?
Alex O.
You fap like a younger man, nothing held back. Admirable but mistaken
Bane: You fight like a younger man: With nothing held back. Admirable - But mistaken. Bane: Oh, You think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, By then it was nothing to me but *BLINDING!* Bane: The shadows betray you, Because they belong to me! Bane: I will show you where I have made my home while preparing to bring justice. Then I will break you.
Travis Ftbl k r
The shadows belong to me
shahmir zaman
This one fight scene is better than all fight scenes in infinity war
Jose Garza
The shadows betray you, because they belong to *me* .
Boba Fett
I fucking love this fight. It's so grounded and real.
Imagine if bane and joker worked together. Gotham would have been theirs
Mysterious Mr OCD
This is my favourite movie of the trilogy...fight me
Kshitiz Garv
*Well, Alfred did warned him about Bane!*
Daniel Ramalho
In this scene we finally learn the cost of having your superhero stuff made in China.
Michael Jensen
Ra's al ghul challenged Bruce morally Joker challenged him mentally While bane challenged him physically
Tony T 3000
You just tell how the guards look that they are uncomfortable😂😂😂😂
The third act of this movie was a real let down. Everything before was pretty good.
R4V3 B0Y
I just realized a loop hole in this scene. Batman’s suit is a titanium tri weave suit with harden Kevlar plates on top. This version of bane has no superhuman strength, he just wears a mask that keeps his pain at bay. So for the sake of agreement let’s say bane is as strong as Dwayne Johnson. You’re telling me that he was able to penetrate the Kevlar plates and break Batman with his knee? The only logical explanation I could come up with is that there are no plates on the back out the suit. Don’t get me wrong I love Batman and this scene, I was just marathoning the trilogy the other day and I just realized this lol.
Emillie Rolland
You merely adopted autism. I was born in it, molded by it.
Daylan Barbosa
"Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you." Best line in the whole movie imho.
The Wolf
Yur spirit? Or yur buddday
Mr. Observant
Nolan's Batman movies in a Nutshell.... 1. Man trained by good-guy who is really the bad-guy. Surprise. 2. Man with costume that crushes throat vs dry mouthed Clown with cheek scars. 3. Man with crushed throat gets his back crushed by man with a mask that crushes nasal cavity. Nolan's Batman is the story of men with speech impediments playing dress up. ...But he somehow makes it work, lol.
Francisco Alegria
Is affleck batman got this bane the movie would finish is 15 minutes
Stephanie Broadwater
1:33 what the hell is that gonna do?! throwing some powder puffs at him?!
K Mart
You merely adopted L.A. Traffic..I was born in it,moulded by it. I didn't see open roads till I was already a man...
Walnock Fox
We are venom
Darline Mervil
I love Bane!!!! I was really hoping he would kill Batman in this scene!!! I looove the voice!!!!
Lord Jebis
This was basically Khabib vs McGregor
havoc 127
Coldest Batman villain
Teun van Willenswaard
Mask! Copy.
The nerdy Guy
That voice tho
Тот случай, когда украинская озвучка Бэйна, харизмотичнее оригинала
Members of the league of shadows...
people are shitting on this fight but think about it, Batman has rarely had to fight people like this before. Aside from Ra's, Batman spent the years of his career beating the ass out of petty thugs and mobsters. Not to mention the fact that Bruce hadn't had a serious fight in the last 8 years. 0 cartilage on his knees plus the years of batman induced injuries taking their toll on his body.
gokano headphone
Mission report December 16, 1991
Matt T
"You fap like a younger man nothing held back, admirable but mistaken"
Allen Thomas
I like this bane... but the bane from the comics are way more bad ass ... super tall , enormous muscles with thick veins and huge pipes to head . I miss that bane . I didn't understand he was bane when I first saw the pics at all. They are entirely different. And the coolest part I miss so much is when bane pumps the venom to his brain and becomes even bigger , badder and stronger villain.
Emka _caffe
Bane is my daddy...I mean Tom Hardy