Naze Nani Nadesico!

With Big Sister Ruri and Bunny Yurika! From Episode 7. So, guess who got the complete collection of Martian Successor Nadesico today? If you guessed my mailman, you were right! But then he gave it to me, so I guess you're right if you guessed me too. Anyway, I saw there were no clips of Naze Nani Nadesico that weren't on Super Robot Wars J(I'll admit though, Sousuke and Kaname getting in on the fun had me in stitches), so i uploaded the original source. And not dubbed like the last two clips. YMMV on that. I also cut out a part that was related to the plot, since it makes not so much sense out of context, and spoils something as well. Anyway, Martian Successor Nadesico was made by Xebec and TV Tokyo and licensed and dubbed by ADV Films. No copyright infringement is intended, as I just wanted to upload a funny clip.

Ruri = Beakman Yurika = Lester the Rat
In Super Robot Wars J, Eiji gets roped into doing this instead of the big guy...
It was hard to believe how big drama will be in the episode's end after that funny moment. This anime has a huge contrast between humour and serious things... So, that's partially why the series are successful.
Sailor Ranger
What makes Nadesico fun to watch XD
Barry Bend
megatokyo did the best homage to this scene.
Joe Kuru
... Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
khoi nguyen nguyen phuong
anybody here because of swr j?
ナデシコはなぁ… 映画観た後だと、アニメ版は 素直に見れない。
Dhimas Afihandarin
Ruri seems reaally not want to into it XD
I hear Ruri also did the Naze Nani Nadesico bit in Super Robot Wars V
???:楽しそうだね トロワ
Dhimas Afihandarin
and this is where Akito found out about the Admiral... and see him sacrificed (not really tho.) himself
Barry Bend
the english dub was gold especially with Megumi it was so good.