Hurts - Better Than Love Live BBC Radio 1'S Live Lounge

Hurts best live version from Better Than Love

Its a disgrace that Hurts aren't fucking megastars here in Britain !
this is amazing!
3 words........mean as fuck :)
Teghan Draper
i dont know what to say cos i dont know what you mean
Teghan Draper
this fucking song reminds me of the time i climed snowdon the highest mountain in whales when i was nine years old
Teghan Draper
same its a off line on the other
Ava Jennings
Prefer this to the original :)
Chris Johns
To be fair though, I'd rather them be that way. I love bringing bands like this to peoples attention as a DJ, the reaction you get from playing a song like this is incredible. Just cos they aren't at number 1 every week it doesn't mean they aren't appreciated by music lovers.
Chris Baker
Better than the origional
Dexter Lime
Falling in love !
Sandra Sonne
wow...echt der hammer!!!
this is so fucking beautiful! I love these guys! xxx
jaqueline Q
Oh my god this is so beautiful💔💔