Kaleido Star Episode 2 - My Amazing and Lonely Challenge

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Sora deals with Fool, who indicates her as a future star performer. Yet, the other performers view Sora with jealousy, because she qualified without an audition. Motivated, she cleans the stage early in the morning. After the cleaning work, she ends up late to ballet lessons. At practice, she stumbles and draws further disrespect from the other performers. In addition, she blurts out her prospect of performing Layla's special trapeze trick, the "Golden Phoenix". Layla overhears Sora's boast and gets challenged to practice and perform the trick in one week's time, where failure leads to expulsion. Motivated to earn respect, she learns the trick with the help of Ken, even without prior experience handling the swings. As she trained, Sora shares her determination with Mia Guillem and Anna Heart, whom she gains support and friendship. In front of everyone, she passes per Layla's approval. i hope you like ite

All the best people are crazy
i love how Sora does not give up <3
All the best people are crazy
i really wanna punch some of those people who are mean to her :/
Areeba Naseer
wow everyone is bullying her 😒 just because they didn't get as lucky as her
Moody Princess
I'm surprised that I like this. Go Sora!
M MacDonald
At 14:21 I couldn't stop laughing. Poor Ken😂
The Mute Reacter
the spirit of the stage is a pervert
tsune kun
That police man is my spirit animal
I'm just so on the fence about sora's voice. i can't tell if it's cute or annoying.
The Mute Reacter
i love the stage spirit guy he is my favorite character in the anime right after sora
AnimeGirl_ 45
I feel so bad for her, if I were her I would be bawling my eyes out
Pheniox Seto
Ken has a crush
Jairo Quiros
This deserves more likes
Lonely Kitten
Ah poor ken so love struck yet ignored XD
Rose ?
I sooooo hate those MEAN GIRLS!!!!!!!! I WANNA PUNCH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡
A Joke
tht boss looks like a crab to me he looks like the crab from fairy tail :T THE CRAB MAAAN
Royston Playz
She is crying upside down
I bet the mean people looked back at this and said "Shit we picked the wrong one to bully"
Jimmy Owens
Bitches Bitches Everywhere!
Stephanie Vidal
I swear I love the policeman
Jimmy Owens
Poor wimpy Ken
Pheniox Seto
Layla dosent seem like thenperson to be on stage she pisses me off
Victora Valkrye
she needs a partner
Brenden Menard
This Boy looks very suspicious. 14:03
ᴋᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ 821
Ken and Sora! They are destined to be ^_^
I like how she just got a bunch of hate then she just powered up and cleaned it all
I love the dolly
Abigail Ghiorghis
The dorm supervisor/Sarah's accent is bae
Afuro Temuri
Poor soar 😭😭😭
Magic Wonders
Dont u find it funny when people r on the main characters side because i do
Pheniox Seto
What now
Lovey Dub
Dewi Safitri
I like video
Penny Jensen
I'm sooooooo hooked on to this show.
Author - chan Jamie
I saw aoi from aikatsu
Lets Fly Togeter
This show is already getting excited ekkkkkkkk😊☺️😁😀😏😸😺
Ella Bruno
Sora sounds like funneh
That police guy is ruining every moment ken has to talk to Sora :') I feel bad for him
Sakura Kitamoto
14:18 Damn. That sucks.
ken is a weird name for him I thought he would have a different name like luke or alex and whenever they say ken my sister is like "ew shes watching barbie" :') I still ship sora and ken!
Emma Driscoll
Yes the headstand cause we all do that when we're scared oh how I love the all ready
Mellie Plays
I am yuuki Vampire knight cool
Why was the spirit of the stage so calm when he was tied up? And, Ken x Sora :D
cute cupcake
They are so mean to poor sora I wish she give them a good response
Sarah Fillitz
My Name is Sarah too😅
Pheniox Seto
When i heard khlos i heard pokemon lol
Ender_NiNJA123 Nguyen
My name is Ana
nekomimi girl#1
i don't like seeing her fail :,((((( i close my eyes :,,,,(
Talea G
Every body feels sorry for her but what about ken he’s not anything to her
JustAn_ Eggtard
Is there a bit of romance in this show? I haven't watch this anime yet tho 😅
Mythically awsome
They call me LaRoche
Poor ken. Caught in the friend zone
The police man is like her dad😂
Lstene Brits
And I love the stage spirit !
Kim Kindipan
She is anoying
MTT_Enderskull -3-
Mohammed Farhan
Briana Osbourne
if I was lala I would punch her in the face so hard her face would bleed😎👿👿😈💀
Cookie PlayzGacha
Cookie PlayzGacha
Isn't her voise changeing?
tayler jones
My very first anime. I love this show. Such beautiful anime. I can watch this show over and over again. It really has a place in my heart 💙💜💙💜💙💜💜
B.T Bonita
Jody Bazil
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭go sora work hard I'll try to work hard to
olivia onuchukwu
'he's not my boyfriend he's not any thing at all' lol
animesaint :3
mrs sarah reminds me mirajane later in series you see her smile like mirajane smiles episode where sora practicing for Arabian Knights
Ngalla Fleur
Ouch not anything at all
Peachy Sweet
The police man is like soras dad XD
Mohammed Farhan
Franz Gonzaga
So close!
Like I feel bad for Sora and all, but poor Ken like the girl he likes literally called him nothing poor thing
Nia Moore Smith
What's a TV?
Little Lynx
Ken looks like a girl, honestly!
Cookie PlayzGacha
I hate talking dolls
Cheska Lumando
Go sora u can do it!!!😊😊😊😊 I really really like animes...
I can't be the only one that cringes so hard when Ken talks.
Zohra Lahdaidi
Helena Möllerström
wow..19:13 must be the shadiest I´ve ever seen Sora! XD
Spud_ Sprout
Mr. Cop has gone into papa mode