Microsoft Surface Go Review - $400 Entry Level Surface Windows 10 Tablet

Buy it at Microsoft - (affiliate link) - Microsoft's new low cost Surface Go Windows 10 tablet corrects a lot of what I thought was wrong with their prior entry level Surface 3 tablet. It offers great performance and an excellent overall build quality. See more tablets: and subscribe! /> VIDEO INDEX: 00:22 - Price and Configuration 01:03 - Hardware Overview 01:19 - Thick Bezels 01:55 - Kickstand 02:17 - Surface Pen and Keyboard 03:40 - Processor 03:58 - Storage and RAM 04:22 - Display 05:10 - Weight 05:33 - Battery Life 06:12 - Ports 06:23 - Full-Service USB Type C 07:00 - Magnetic Surface Charger 07:38 - MicroSD Card Slot for Expansion 08:01 - Front-Facing Stereo Speakers 08:34 - Performance: Photoshop & pen support 09:29 - Apple Pencil Experience Better than Surface Pen 09:52 - Performance: Video Editing 10:29 - Performance: Word and Excel 10:55 - On-Screen Keyboard Options 12:23 - Benchmarks: Speedometer 13:08 - Gaming: Rocket League 13:23 - Gaming: Minecraft 13:35 - Gaming: Half Life 2 13:44 - Gaming: Fortnite 14:09 - Gaming: Dolphin GameCube Emulation 14:54 - Benchmarks: 3DMark Cloudgate 15:25 - Benchmarks: 3DMark Stress Test 15:46 - Kodi Multimedia Test 16:09 - Final Thoughts Subscribe to my email list to get a weekly digest of upcoming videos! - /> See my second channel for supplementary content : /> Join the Facebook group to connect with me and other viewers! /> Visit the Lon.TV store to purchase some of my previously reviewed items! /> Read more about my transparency and disclaimers: /> Want to chat with other fans of the channel? Visit our forums! /> Want to help the channel? Start a Member subscription or give a one time tip! /> or contribute via Venmo! [email protected] Follow me on Facebook! /> Follow me on Twitter! /> Catch my longer interviews in audio form on my podcast! /> />or the feed at /> Follow me on Google+ /> We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

ERRATA: I incorrectly stated the screen resolution, it is in fact 1800 * 1200 - nice high res display. Additionally the device comes loaded with Windows 10 S edition which limits what you can install. There is a process that you can follow to turn it into regular Windows for free which you can see here:
neun malelf
Thank you for a NO NONSESE review of this device (finally a YouTuber that knows what he is talking about).
Thank you for reviewing the $399 version!
Finally, a surface go review that has retro gaming emulator in it.. can't wait to play skies of arcadia with dolphin emu in a plane😁
The Many-Faced God
Proper nerdy review which I appreciate because I'm a nerd too.
P Spee
Thanks Lon. That was by far the best review of the Surface Go I’ve seen yet. Costco has a version with 4GB and 128GB SSD.... comes with a keyboard. I think that’s the sweet spot in terms of value. Thanks for the video!
I think I could get a better computer at that price but great review! I subbed and left a like! 😁
Terry Carlton
The display is 1800x1200
S Bludger
One of the best reviewers. Earned my sub.
Fred Batton
100 for the pen? lol 100 for the keyboard lmao
Horror Mood
Thanks, Lon! Excellent review as always. I'm watching on my entry-level Go right now. Wish I'd watched your review first! For anyone interested, here is a hodgepodge list of games this runs well: Morrowind, Spelunky, Don't Starve, KOTOR, Stardew Valley, Oxygen Not Included, and Rimworld.
László Sárközi
I like the fact, that you reviewed the cheaper model, I already watched like 10 reviews of the Surface go and this is the first to review the $399 one. Subscribed to your channel because of this.
Joel Rose
Best review I've seen - very complete and unbiased. Unlike most, you actually showed the tablet being used rather than just stating a general conclusion! Great that you reviewed the base model and not just the high-end test unit that other reviewers got. Nice to see it tested it in various use-cases like gaming, emulation, Photoshop, etc. Well done!
Graeme Breiner
Great review, thanks for covering everything. I do believe the cheaper 4gb is the sweet spot. The price for 8gb just isn't worth it you'd be better putting that on a laptop or refurb. I have an OK gaming pc, blackberry keyone and a Nintendo switch. I've order the 4gb to fill the gap.
anonymous anonymous
I just love how thorough your reviews are . You cover absolutely everything !
jay t
Touch works fine on windows 10 on tablet this size and smaller. Can't believe people have issues with it... Scaling option in settings ffs.
Steven Quirk
Nice, thorough review! Thank you!
Andy Mcnally
At 11:25 I saw "DICK" appear on screen loooooool
Is the 4154 a single core or multi core score?
Great video as always! Thanks for the review.
Golden Vortex 16
You're the best Lon Seidman.
when i watch this i feel like im from the 90s from your background
Sharon D Slater
Thanks for demonstrating input into Excel cells. You helped me decide to buy the 8GB with pen only.
One of the best reviews of this product I've seen! Great job.
Lon, I have watched virtually all the reviews online on the surface go and yours is one of the very best! What's more it's one of the very few about the 399 model, since you bought it yourself (MS only sent review units of the top end model). Your review confirms that this is a great secondary device, possibly the best secondary laptop for many people. I have stopped buying any tablet without a kickstand except my ipad mini 4 which is propped up by a brydge keyboard, so I mainly have surface devices and clones thereof now...
Stephanie McKeon
I really love that magnetic charger. Reminds me of my old MacBook. Would be so handy for my iPad or iPhone to have that. Overall seems like a good machine.
4:22 - The Display is 1200x800 (Wrong: 1200x1800 - or - 1800x1200)
Damien Goovaerts
What is the controller you use with the Dolphin emulator? Good review btw 👍
Phat Nutz
very fair review and nice initial offering from MS. 👍
Mark Dell
Watching this on my Surface Go right now and I love this thing. Bring back the little ‘puters.
how does civilization 5 perform?
Alex Quant
At 13:31 the Mine Craft stats claim the display is 1800x1200 .. is that correct?
Cesar Alvarez
The other model with mlre storage has an SSD instead of EMMC storage
AntonioR Software
The keyboard and pen price is just insane.
George the creator
How about the Lenovo Active Pen 2?
For the same price you can get premium android experience, wondering if this low end Microsoft experience is worth it?
Darrel Robertson
Great review as always. Would like to see Microsoft sell only the better model, but at $399 and make their profits from the keyboard, pen and mouse.
Richard Johnson
How do you rate the h96 max h2 4k android TV box?
Gary Dorman
What controller is that? Is “heat during gaming” an issue to worry about if only playing stuff on MAME, snes etc?
Why does everyone touch that Windows Logo?!
Aaron Johnson
this surface tablet does sound promising i think that microsoft is doing very well involving these tablets and laptops, which would surprisingly catch up to apple but on the flip side, they are having trouble trying to update their microsoft store for on windows which is irritating cause apps dont install properly and if they would have a major update that can fix this issue involving microsoft store it could help them
yung nymira
i love that u mentioned the use of the usb c port most reviewers didn't mention the potential of it. Idk if u mentioned the SD card slot.
Can you do the follow up video focusing on the performance perspective? I would like to see how long it takes to load up a full resolution on Photoshop and export it, general speed on premier pro and lastly how many taps it can handle on chrome.
Michael Webber
I like magnetic power attachment; it's a shame Macbook turned away from them in favor of USB C only. 140mBps - what was that streaming from? The eMMC, thumb drive, network?
That Surface Go looks like the perfect couch surfer. I just don't like the prices on the keyboard and pen. Perhaps if they bundled both the keyboard and pen for $100, I would be okay with that.
Hey Lon, another great review! Not sure if you mentioned it, but according to Microsoft's specs the Surface Go comes with Windows 10's S mode enabled. Though S mode can be (permanently) turned off, it might be important to know for some users.
Sleep Music
I got the 8gb one, works great for my use. Really easy to hold, feels like your holding a book. I have quit using my 13" i7 laptop.
Lon, a comment about the bezels. I don't think MS can remove the higher and lower ones, as there is the windows hello camera and the foldable keyboard... They could however remove the side bezels, but then this would change the aspect ratio to 16:9 or 16:10, which I would be happy with, since we would have more screen, not less... but I doubt this would work from a marketing point of view. Unless they go with what I suggested 4 years ago, virtual side bezels that would disappear in landscape mode... This would have the same result but could "sell" better as a special feature...
Matthias Rambally
This device is perfect ...I won't be playing games on this is bc I have a high end gaming desktop at home so basically all work is done there but when I'm in school (Accountant) this fits my needs perfectly
Neurobio Boy
Nice little thing! I think the keyboard is clearly overpriced, but the version with an SSD worth its price! Neat!
Dny Choong
Is it sufficient for heavy OneNote use?
Garee Caagbay
Hi Lon. Do you think this product can be future proof? Like 5 or 6 years of use? If not what do you think is the maximum? And also, do you think 4gb ram is enough for student use? Long hours in Microsoft office (e.g. word or PowerPoint), web browsing like (5-6 tabs), playing YouTube on the background simultaneously? I'm torn between the 4 or 8gb ram and also the ssd vs emmc..but I'm also kind of tight in budget... buying the more expensive version will be fine but it would surely hurt my budget big time... sooo I really hope you will reply! I really need an advice. I'm asking because I find your review the most helpful among others. Thank you very much
nothing isnt As it seem
To be run in tablet mode by the way!
The thicker bezels can't be avoided much with the magnetic keyboard attaching to the lower bezel and it needs room for the speakers and camera.
I'm sure you just misspoke but at 04:24 you say the display is 1200 * 800, that is incorrect, it's actually 1800 * 1200
Win32Application - System File
Finally jesus, no windows 10 s garbage, thanks lon for your time review
Disappointing battery life in my opinion.
Matt Zahara
Can you review the HP envy x360? There are two screen sizes, but I bought the entry level 13 inch one. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the device. Great content!
The front cam is pretty excellent for the price of $400.
Mark S
Thanks for the nice review, Lon. It appears you turned S mode off. Did you just switch to 'Home' edition or did you go with 'Pro'? Are there down sides to turning S off?
Wayne Karrick
So, you know nothing about tablet mode?
Christine Roy
Best review of the base model. Most others just dismissed it out of hand. Your use cases are much closer to mine.For me if I wanted a windows device at the price (figuring in accessories) I think I would get that Asus laptop you just reviewed major bang for the buck!
I find it funny when people "complain" about battery life but you can obviously see them use the Chrome browser.
I haven't got myself a computer/tablet. It looks interesting and it can play games. Might get it. Thanks Lon!
Ralph McMahan
I like to get three or four years out of devices like this. Manufacturers making it impossible/difficult to open devices and switch out old crapped out batteries, pisses me off.
For the 8gb version which uses sad, would it be possible to change the ssd or is it a special ssd
Abel Alvarez
if it runs dolphin emulator on that ill take two.
unfortunate kun
Great content! Thank you
What is lon short for
Not just you, many people on the surface reddit also agree that the Apple Pencil is better, even though we’re on the surface pen’s 3rd generation while Apple hasn’t made a new pencil since 2015.
I'll be honest, I saw it for the first time in person but due to the tiny screen and keys won't be replacing my laptop any time soon. I'm sure it's a great tablet, but that's not the use case for many people. Get a Surface Pro if you want a true laptop alternative.
cece mamamama
Microsoft says that it's laptop but they don't give keyboard free so it's TABLET! We have to pay for keyboard, Even on Hp Stream 11 we don't pay for keyboard. This keyboard costs like 10-12$ to make and they are ripping us
Connor Reilly
What are bezels
Windows on 64gb of non upgradable emmc storage.... lol 😂
Even though I really don't like Windows, I'm really tempted by the Surface Go
Luca Bastianello
High budget, love battery. Not so good
Clare Held
I’m getting this for Christmas but I was wondering if I should spring for the pen. Does it only work with the drawing applications or could I use it like a stylus?
Gino Guillermo
Great video Lon. I Have sold my Macbook Air and i'm looking to go back to Windows. I chose the Surface line coz it's made directly by Microsoft and i suppose updates will be a wee faster. I'm interested with the new Surface Go (8GB/128GB SSD) as it is compact and within my budget. But I have heard the performance and loading times is still a bit slow. and the included/bundles keyboard is soft to touch (not firm) and not backlit. I also heard The Windows 10 S that you can't install 3rd-party software. And if you opt-out of the S- mode can you still install Microsoft apps? The most i'll be doing is Word and Excel, watching Youtube and doing wireless printing. Advice please? Shall i go to the cheapest of the more powerful Surface Pro line?
Alfredo Hutahaean
Can the Surface use for AutoCad. Im looking for a good device for using autocad
Petr Ignatov
i still cant choose between new 2018 ipad and this surface go , ipad have an 2gb ram which is sad (in chip version) but ipad cpu seems to be more powerfull than surface go
Nice review. I'm not sure how 64gb of storage can work as it seems over time with windows updates and some installed apps and software 64gb quickly runs out of space? How much free space is there from the start before installing anything extra?
ronnie tjikoeri
surface 3 has the perfect bezels for holding it with a thumb. when i saw the surface go that was the first thing that came to mind that windows is terrible at rejecting the thumb
Fabrice Lemfu
Can you Try PLEX client on it ?
Bryan Carder
Great review
Sharon D Slater
I prefer to use browser instead of apps on my ole Win10Home laptop (not touch enabled). Just hope Chrome Browser works well in Surface Go. I use Edge Browser on laptop so seldom mostly because the right side screen scroll bar is not as readily seen to access with my Logitech Trackball; Chrome and Firefox right side screen scroll bar is easily seen and therefore more accessible. I use iPad Pro for social apps and media consumption and use Chrome and Firefox on iPad, but Edge Browser is still not available for iPad, to my knowledge. I use Excel daily I have used Sheets and Numbers on iPad, but prefer Excel with a trackball. Hopefully Surface Go will be more pleasant to use for me.
Pishi A
Love your reviews Lon. I am surprised that Microsoft did not go with the Pentium silver, which actually costs less, yet is faster than the Pentium Gold. Maybe the Silver does not nvme storage, but a fast emmc would perform like a SATA SDD and would have cut costs even further.
Jesus McBeth
windows does have good voice features
Great review as always, Lon! I had a surface 3 and found the performance and screen size were the biggest barriers to usage. I had the 2gb version so I assume this one will be ok for performance, but that 10-inch screen is no good for working at your desk. I found my neck hurting from looking down so much. I would personally have loved to see a 11.6/12.5" screen with less bloated bezels and larger battery.
I’m a student with all online classes currently and want to use this. The only program I technically need is the responses lockdown program and some Microsoft word. Do you think this will be sufficient for webcam use when taking tests etc? I love the idea of tablet mode so I can write notes on my online text books or PDFs.
Sean T
So I get that MS is a business and they will always try to make the best profit vs what people will pay but I don't get why they don't include at least the keyboard to really aggressively go after apple??
neun malelf
The front camera is better than 90% of all Notebooks and Tablets ;)
Linked Designs
Hey Lon, I thought your review of the Surface Go is one of the more well-rounded review. I've been watching a lot of Surface Go reviews in the past week or so and I've notice some very strange things happening. People either seem to like it very much or are very very disapproving of it. There are some people saying it terribly slow or going as far as saying "it's complete garbage". What do you think is going on here?
If they made the screen even sightly larger, it would no longer be eligible for free Office mobile apps from the Windows Store. Only devices with screen size 10 inches and below get it free. If they reduced the bezel and kept the screen the same size, then the keyboard would be even smaller and more cramped to match the size. They need some of the bezel area for the Windows Hello cameras anyway. The current bezels and device size work out best.
Anthony C Brown
Great review and configuration choice. Would you consider doing a more frequent series of updates on your use of the device and impressions on long-term usability? There is considerable interest in this product and having the $399 version will get you lots of interest. Also, can you reconsider selling and not using the pen? I and others will keep the unit long-term as a replacement for our paper journals and as a new generation of iPads will soon be released, comparisons will be made. Pen/ stylus capable tablets have reinvigorated the tablet market segment that was slowing down and I'm surprised you are not using One Note and the pen-enabled features. Thanks for your channel and content.
Who is "We"?
HIGH Res Gaming
How profitable is this channel to you? Is it really enough money to support your family
It looks like a nice little tablet. I've been using a SurfacePro 3 for about 3.5 years. It's just the 12 inch, i5, 8GB model, but it has performed very well. It's a great little device to have with me when I am stuck somewhere for a couple of hours, like a car dealership waiting on servicing. The bezel on that SurfaceGo really is wide, it looks quite a bit wider than on my Surface 3.
Planning on getting this later today (I hope), I currently have a student discount which brings down the Surface Go (4gb ram + 64gb storage) with the black type cover to $479. Honestly not bad, was thinking of getting one of the other type covers but I want to save as much money as possible. Planning on using it for my online courses, light streaming and some light gaming. SD card expansion shouldn't be an issue since they go for pretty cheap (128GB micro SD card costs around $30 on Amazon). Nice review!
Linked Designs
I think the "big bezels" is due to the Windows Hello camera system at the top. Since they had to make the bezel a bit thicker at the top for the camera, they probably made all the other bezels the same size just to keep it symmetrical.
Worth noting Minecraft for Windows 10 runs at 60 FPS. Time to update that old Minecraft Lon! Love your videos though!