(HD) Kelly Clarkson Star Spangled Banner live 2006 Dallas NFL

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Credit to the KCE 11 23 2006 hdtv source ch1

wow i didn't know this was available in hd
How the heck can she lip sync when there is no music in the background. Plus she was a bit off because she was nervous
Christian Galesias
Not lip sync guy ... She sings it . but just not her best.
Kelly Melo
I Love Her Singing, Great Performance. 
marlana ledesma
I love you too cheerleader and Kelly Clarkson
Stuart Murray
Fantastic - And I am British....
Caz PK
Brilliant !
Empa Thized
she is very off, so bad
Edison Ngu
bviously lip synching
Oh look it's sucky fatmo
Deedee Aguilar
....is she lip singing >:(