(HD) Kelly Clarkson Star Spangled Banner live 2006 Dallas NFL

Credit to the KCE 11 23 2006 hdtv source ch1

Kelly Clarkson Star Spangled Banner 2006 Dallas NFL hdtv source ch1 hd 23\/11\/2006

Kelly Melo
I Love Her Singing, Great Performance. 
How the heck can she lip sync when there is no music in the background. Plus she was a bit off because she was nervous
wow i didn't know this was available in hd
Stuart Murray
Fantastic - And I am British....
Christian Galesias
Not lip sync guy ... She sings it . but just not her best.
Oh look it's sucky fatmo
Caz PK
Brilliant !
Empa Thized
she is very off, so bad
Edison Ngu
bviously lip synching
Deedee Aguilar
....is she lip singing >:(