losing my v card, masturbation, and other sexual adventures

this vid is demonetized as h*ck instagram ➭ @best.dressed subscribe for weekly vids ➭ />shop my thrift finds ➭ />twitter ➭ @bestdressed my second channel ➭ /> In an aggressively demonetized video, I dish out answers to every sexual question you might have had (and some you probably never asked for but here they are anyways). Topics in this girl talk include sex for the first time, casual sex, period sex, navigating porn as a lady, masturbation, feeling confident in your naked bod, kinks, oral sex, social expectations and pressures regarding sex, and, of course, how frickin weird penises are. arden’s vid on birth control ➭ /> ON ME top: free people ( />green pants: nasty gal (similar: />star choker: en route ( use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off!) long necklace: mejuri earrings: princess polly (similar: />lipstick: buxom plumpline in hush hush ( /> F A Q what’s your name? ashley what’s your instagram? @best.dressed how old are you? 20 (born in 1998) how tall are you? 5'5" what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese what equipment do you use to film? ➭ camera: /> ➭ lens: /> ➭ vlog camera: /> ➭ voiceover mic: /> ➭ on camera mic: /> ➭ editing: final cut pro FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small percentage of sales made via those links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

lol pls don’t make fun of my nipples
Can you start a podcast?!? You’re so funny and I would listen to it all the time
"be accepting of each other's genitals" - what an important PSA
Nσvα Kísh
I didn’t even realize this video was 20 minutes long, when you talk I feel like we have an actual conversation
Alisa Sophie
you are the big sister i never had and never knew i needed
katha 370
Where are the virgins?:D🙋🏼‍♀️
hi just found you and??? I love you??? youre genuinely so nice and funny and RELATABLE and this video made me a lot more comfortable with myself! stay golden
YBB Ashley
“I don’t like how d*cks looked they were ugly” me 🤣🤣
I've never seen a youtuber being this open about sex. This video has helped me so much you have no idea, thank you so much!!<33 btw you're voice is amazing, i could literally listen to you talk all day
Camila Hueth
“light bdsm is the new vanilla” is the best sentence i’ve heard that’s f a x
Blu Imagination
every girl coming of age needs to watch this
im 13. idk what im doing here
Marlee Jane
Thanks for giving me "the talk", Mom Ashley! :)
Marta Bartkowiak
I think I've just watched the best video of my life...no joke
Anahita Hedayati
Ashley's the older sister I never had but always wanted
erm schools should just play your video during sex ed lol it taught me so much more than what was taught in sch.... i love u btw
Shyanne Bender
Where were you when I was 16!? You speak so much truth! Better than my parents ever explained it. Keep keepin it real. Love you!
Mya Jasmine
Im crying at the “here’s my review of period sex” like LMAOOO just the wording pls 😭😭 this was so informative and funny
jasmine chhuo
Ashley: Were all adults here right? Kids that are like 10-12 : Uhhh
The first time I took Plan B was in 11th grade. My boyfriend left during our lunch break to go to Walgreens and McDonalds, then came back with a chicken sandwich and apple juice to eat while I took the pill before we had to go to Geography class. I still thank him for that to this day LOL
Jessica Inga
*clicks video "WAIT" *looks outside room and puts on headphones so no one hears "Okay... now I'm ready."
Brooke OwO
I go to a pretty religious school, so rather than educating kids about safe sex, they just use slut shaming and other means to scare us... One of our presentors literally told us that our future spouse wouldn’t want to marry us if they found out we had a lot of sexual partners. This was a really good video, thanks for posting Ashley :)
Yong Ki Min
What's wierd is that just a few hour ago I suddenly thought: "is ashley still a virgin? I mean she's pretty, she has a boyfriend. Nah why would I even think of that?" then now i fIND THIS
You are gonna help so many young people with this video
Destiny Bri'anna
My college offers plan b for 15 dollars in student heath center !!
Giulia Scalia
7:03 OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY ME I also started with lesbian/gay porn and than went to straight porn And yeah, I’m a straight girl. F L E X I B L E straight girl, not bi, just flexible lol
Destiny Ramos
Light bdsm is the new vanilla omg
What's very important in sex is consent, so don't just do stuff lmao, always ask the person if they're okay with this and that.
sister snatched
but DO use protection
Aine C.
This will probably get lost in this sea of comments, but I just really want to thank you :) I've been struggling lately with my body image and how I perceive myself -- my confidence has taken a really huge hit because of these. But ever since I stumbled upon your channel, your videos, like this one, have been helping me embrace my body for what it is and develop a more positive body image :) keep up your lovely work!
kim louise
ashley can u please start a podcast cuz ur just amazing and i would listen 24/7
Elena Z
I just discovered you and you are already like my big sister?? You are so great
Coco Day
*such a role model* 👏🏼 thank you for being so open and confident ❤️
I have literally gone my entire life without knowing inverted nipples were a thing and that I have them. I just thought that they were weird and it might have been an offhand comment but it actually made me feel better about my body, thank you Ashley!
I was always scared of getting viruses on porn sites 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Isis Nancarrow
Ashley! I know you won't notice me but, I want to say thanks. Just by the videos you have really, really helped me. Thanks!!
Tanya B.
You should really consider doing a podcast
Yamilah Nguyen
Marie Spits
ooohohh pleeaase do more videos like these, you don´t make talking about sex feel uncomfortable and it´s just like talking to a friend. I love your view on things! xoxo
Thank you for making honest open content like this! Awesome!
Madysen Goff
Omg thank you soooo much I needed this and I literally have no one to talk to about this
Kathy Nguyen
welp my parents are gonna be weirded out about my search history
eva edith
I hope every teenage girl sees this
I'm obsessed with your channel and I LOVEEE how honest you are! I didn't have sex until my 2nd/current bf and I'm lucky to have such a supportive guy, because I literally cried when the condom broke cos I was so scared of getting pregnant
Cecilia Dupuy Piquion
Omg inverted nips are a thin?!!!! I just noticed i have them omg im shooooook
Saim Tron
who is visit bellesa after this video ? :v
Audrey Hamilton
im sharing this. at first i was a little iffy on hearing someone talk about sex in such a casual way but then i realized that that is how sex should be talked about. also could you touch on how you know when you're about to "finish" bc i might be a lil different and would like some advice. i feel so much more comfortable about sex, thank you!!
Audrey White
honestly, I love how open you are and you are such a precious bean <3
Barbara Arnaut
plan b in brazil is equivalent to like 4 dollars and we litterally do it all the time (we also have free health care in general but specially for stds)
Nathalie T
I live in the Philippines and everything is an issue. :)
Emily Weil
It sucks that such a great video is gonna be demonetized
Ariana Vivian
Thank you SO much for posting this video. These are such important topics!
holy shit this is good content. it's nice to hear a girl's perspective
Booming System
I just realized how young I am after this video (I’m 15)
Cau fafa
Just found this, and all I can say is : speak louder for the ones in the back queen
Josel Recampo
My dad just gave me a very mysoginistic lesson about women and cooking today "Your husband is gonna leave you if you cant cook". I am 21 and it's 2019. Thank you for this video. You make me feel so good about being a woman again
John Connor
I'm a third year medical student who is very sex-positive and interested in reducing stigma regarding the topic. I have nothing to add; this was fantastic!
It's Just Jenna
Being the oldest sibling has the con of not having a older sibling. So I love these types of videos because i cant really talk about these things with my mom that much.
Samantha Gisser
she sounds like someone but i can’t put my finger on who
hello you are now my big sister. you’re welcome
I love how you're so honest and blunt about this . This really was an eye opener ! 💕💕
Tsuru Shokubutsu
What's that? New objects are orbiting Jupiter?? Oh no wait, its just sex ed teacher wigs.
coffee is great
i cant tell you how much i love u for making this
Ashley is our cool older sister
Heer V
Honestly this video helped me so much. This has always been a sensitive topic for me, but you explained so well and now everything really makes senses. I love how you tied with your personal experiences and I really appreciated this video. Thank you and keep up the amazing work! 💓
Martha EP
I can hear YouTube distance singing "demonetized~" in the distance...
Claudiie Welch
I used to have inverted nipples for the longest time then one day they just kinda popped out 😂
Amaryllis Martinez
Fellow inverted nipple woman😉 thanks for making me feel not alone and beautiful 💞🌻
Michaela K
Omg ppl that are so open with their sex life are so cool
ohmygod i. loved. this. video. thank you for educating me like this is so important and yet no one teaches teenagers any of this. personally, i'm completely comfortable with talking about such topics but my parents and friends always avoid these topics. so THANK YOU
Patricia Nicole Rodriguez
wtf i stumbled upon your video and wow just wow, im hookedt i love u already
nina monje
Question: What if you feel like you have too many pubes? I'm super insecure about it tbh
Kaelyn Tai
ahhh I thought I was weird for worrying abt inverted nipples rip
Crazy Catnip
This is clickbait, Ashley. We both know that you still haven’t told your parents about your channel
Elena barron
tysm for this, I feel like THIS is the video that should’ve been played in my health class years ago
Angelina Frøjlund Munter
LOVE THIS, THANK YOOUUU. I look 12 on my picture, im not. Just haven't changes the pic :))
Gumi Chan
im a christian catholic and I shouldn't watch this but....
Leila Katerina
you are amazing wow so much respect for filming and putting out something like this on the internet. so many girls are hush hush and never talk about the truth and the fact that you are bringing light to it, is incredible. i hope it normalizes these topics in society ♡
Kimmy Nonymous
Thank you for this vid, I felt more comfortable woth you now. Whish you were my sister. >/\<
Lauren Bennett
I found your channel like a day or two ago and I’ve watched most of your videos already and this is by far my favorite. I LOVE how sex positive your are! It genuinely makes (me, at least) people feel much safer / accepted. Especially your comments on hookup culture and the overall tinder experience. My favorite part was “light BDSM is the new vanilla” 🤣❤️
Sarah Levine
this video was so relatable and i really appreciate you :)
Scuba Tuba
I love this channel 100x more now
Wear I Live
sex guilt for yearssss but now I'm thriving. Thanks for talking about this Ashley you are saving our youth!!!!!!
marla m
i love u so much for YOU and who you are and for how comfortable you talk about that stuff because it really helps sometimes❤️
Pop Tard
Even though im a lesbian this helped a lot thank you <33
Jady Alondra
I was always confused because most girls (that I’ve heard of) you know just finger themselves or rub themselves but i personally just would like squeeze my legs together or cross them-? Idk
Elif Arıkan
You really should have a podcast. I truly enjoy listening to you talking about your opinions. You are an amazing talker and the humanity needs a podcast by you 😂😂🥰
Madalyn Knott
don't be silly, wrap that willy
Sadie Jane
i swear to god she read my middle school mind for that first section, literally everything she said was my exact thoughts/actions jesus, even now this made me feel so much better.
Bri Glez
I learned more in this video than my actual sex ed class😂love you ashley💗💗ur like a big sister
Aroused Potato
Hmm... NOPE I'm still asexual
Namjoon's Wife
I really admire you, you have so much confidence to talk about this, i really learned more, i think that maybe i feel more confident, thank you.
Tess Louise
could you please address body hair
Cassandra Herron
*You're like the big experienced sister I've never had lol*
Soraia Almeida
I cant even stress enough how thankful i am for this video , i just found your channel recently and i keep watching your videos and you know i love how open minded you are and then seeing this video and how i relate so much to some parts and how im the exact same age and i still think those things you said in the begining and hearing you say that its not the case and how you grew up from that...im- i simply love your channel, even more, this blew me away no one speaks abt this like you. Thank you so so so much ❤
Erika S
Thank you for posting this video, women need to be educated about sex! Always protect yourself! Use contraception, condoms are great for protecting you against STIs which a lot of people dont know they even have!! (If you do get an STI, its okay! You are still you and desirable, and beautiful. Its going to be okay <3)
You guys should see the Great Wall of Vagina to see the different shapes and sizes vaginas come in