losing my v card, masturbation, and other sexual adventures

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this vid is demonetized as h*ck instagram ➭ />subscribe for weekly vids ➭ />shop my thrift finds ➭ /> In an aggressively demonetized video, I dish out answers to every sexual question you might have had (and some you probably never asked for but here they are anyways). Topics in this girl talk include sex for the first time, casual sex, period sex, navigating porn as a lady, masturbation, feeling confident in your naked bod, kinks, oral sex, social expectations and pressures regarding sex, and, of course, how frickin weird penises are. arden’s vid on birth control ➭ /> ON ME top: free people ( />green pants: nasty gal (similar: />star choker: en route ( use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off!) long necklace: mejuri earrings: princess polly (similar: />lipstick: buxom plumpline in hush hush ( /> F A Q what’s your name? ashley what’s your instagram? @best.dressed how old are you? 20 (born in 1998) how tall are you? 5'5" what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese what equipment do you use to film? ➭ camera: /> ➭ lens: /> ➭ vlog camera: /> ➭ voiceover mic: /> ➭ on camera mic: /> ➭ editing: final cut pro FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small percentage of sales made via those links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

lol pls don’t make fun of my nipples
Am I the only one so happy with a video like this? Female youtubers will often post Q&As, clickbait them with titles like “aM i A viRgiN?¿” and then dodge it and barely even address the topic of sexuality. When I was ~13, I worried about whether I was normal or not because I started having sexual feelings and urges for the first time but society has made the topic so taboo and it made me feel like an anomaly or pervert. But finally, someone with a platform is actually talking about all of it. I’m so happy fir the younger girls who will be able to watch this video. I love u Ashley, tween me is smiling right now 💕
Wow, when you started talking about how you started porn by watching lesbian sex because you found penises weird I felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Honestly it's something that's been bothering me for the past couple of months but I just can't bring myself to talk about it because I feel like I'd be judged or something. Because I am attracted to men, I just don't like looking at penises that much, and now I know it's nothing weird or something that should make me feel embarassed, so thank you!<3
Marie Kim
always pee after sex
Beth Blvd
mad respect for telling me more about masterbation than my health teachers during my high school life lol
Tess Louise
could you please address body hair
Matt Trav
welp this secures your spot as my favorite person ever
Hey Ashley, I am a hijabi which basically means I am a Muslim and I choose to wear a headscarf. Being a hijabi means you have to have pretty much your shoulders, stomach, legs, and arms covered. I occasionally wear turbans and don't mind if my neck is showing all that much if I'm not wearing a turtleneck. A little ankle space is also not a problem for me as I really kinda wear big chunky heels majority of the time or loafers. To get to the point of my question, I was wondering you could do an outfit guide that kinda fits that type of design. Like a modest kind of twist, I really like your outfits with mini skirts and stuff but I don't know if like a pair of leggings and all would ruin the effect of the look. If you get the chance to do this, that would be pretty awesome. Anyways, I am a new subscriber and I think you are freaking amazing!
Joony Toons
I’ll never lose my virginity because I never lose ✊🏻
Julia S
I masturbated for the first time ever today and I’m 20. I never really did it because every time I tried to touch myself down there I felt dirty and ashamed but after doing it I felt amazing and confident. I regret not doing it after all those years
Just a gal
This video taught me more than school
Wear I Live
sex guilt for yearssss but now I'm thriving. Thanks for talking about this Ashley you are saving our youth!!!!!!
Olivia Magtaas
this is like the only honest vid out there. everyone need to see this. i, as a girl, appreciate this video so much. no one talks about masturbation or sex and it’s treated like a forbidden topic (especially when women speak about this issue). so thank you sm for talking openly. also I love you
Katherine Michaud
Side note ladies, if you’re in college check with your health center about plan b. They will usually have it for a much cheaper cost. Mine has it for $10 which is a lot better than $50!
Hannah Grieve
You should create a podcassssstttt everyone would listen i stg
Ladle By Ladle
literally parents need to show this to their teen children. this is amazing and valuable and perfect.
hello you are now my big sister. you’re welcome
Sophia Castle
O shit I think i might've broken my hymen from riding a bike I say this because the first time I bled from my vagina I thought that I had started my period (as in first time ever having a period), so I took a pad from my mom's pack of pads and didn't say anything. I have no idea what my thought process was, I'm not sure if my mom had told me about periods before then... Anyway, I was like "that's my period then" but the next day there was no blood at all. I was confused, but still I never mentioned any of this to my mom. Now, I remember that I had gone biking that day and my croth really hurt, like REALLY hurt, and then I get home and notice that my underwear was stained red. Weird. And then two weeks later I actually get my period so, there's that
nora ojensa
do NOT expect it to bleed the first time you are being penetrated. It is 99% because you are not lubricated, due to not being aroused enough or not being able to produce that much juuuice. NOT because of your hymen. Relax, it should be just as enjoyable for you as for the other person.
chloe faith
this was more helpful than sex ed in school
Alexa Likes
3:40 I was a humper too. Your sexual references in your videos are LIFE. Never stop! I don't think I ever payed for plan B. Canada is blessed.
Coco Day
*such a role model* 👏🏼 thank you for being so open and confident ❤️
gav w
Losing my virginity was so awful. I wasnt prepared and i bled sooooo much. Really guys. Use lube. It makes life so much easier.
Susan F
I have vulvodynia (chronic pain down south) so being able to masturbate has been this really amazing empowering experience, not just as a women but as a disabled women. Especially hearing people talk about it, like I'm 18 and all my friends became sexually active way before me. I'm kinda sexually active but I'm just really glad to be living in a time where all these baddies are here for eachother. Also thank you so so much for recommending bellesa.co it is so dope straight porn has never worked for me and this site is doooope. to anyone reading this: I hope you have an amazing day!
Lisa's scar
i am 14 y.o. and I think that this is amazing
Krispie not Kraspie
honestly, this very video was something i didn't know i needed. i feel so closed up when it comes to the topic of sex, but now i feel more open (???) in a way. my boyfriend insists we should wait when we're both ready, but it felt like i'll never be ready. watching this video was like a girl-to-girl talk that i've always wanted, which i never really had considering i have a chinese family, hence taboo. thank you so much, have a good day!
Yamilah Nguyen
Thank you so much for making this video it’s super helpful and really puts things into a better perspective! Quick question from a fellow unpopped cherry,, I know condoms aren’t 100% guaranteed but how would you know something went wrong apart from it breaking?? Just something I always wondered but never really wanted to ask someone in person😅
Sonia Chen
lol can u pls film more videos abt these?
Daphne R
Ahh could you talk about body hair?
DIFFERENT NIPPLE SISTERS UNITE!!! I have flat nips and I always thought they were weird, but they're more common than everyone thinks!
Leila Katerina
you are amazing wow so much respect for filming and putting out something like this on the internet. so many girls are hush hush and never talk about the truth and the fact that you are bringing light to it, is incredible. i hope it normalizes these topics in society ♡
i am 24years old but, still haven't get a ride through a sex experience yet😂😂 ... I clap for your honesty xoxo
Chloe Taylor
forever using sexual debut
Krystel Gapuzan
High key upset about demonetisation bc this was an incredibly good video that should honestly be recommended to more people
Shrek Höë
Cadey Cheney
Can you do a draw your life?
Madalyn Knott
don't be silly, wrap that willy
Julianna Nicole F. Giordano
i have three nipples don’t worry you’re fine 😂
This video was so funny, honest and so so informative. Thanks for sharing your experiences and enlightening others on the stigma places around these different types of topics. This will help so many people; including myself! Honestly, you're one of my favorite YouTubers that I've stumbled upon.
Mystery Geek Dude
Now that is a power move title, love it gal 💚
Just Another YouTube Channel
You are like big sister I never had hah. I didn't know how much I needed this video haha, thank you. Please post more "taboo topic" videos in the future, they are so interesting and helpful. Im 16 and very uneducated in the world of female sexual experience. I am in no rush to start but i really want to learn more and become more familiar and comfortable.
Martina Cola
I agree with pretty much everything you said!! Thank you for this video :) One thing I’d like to point out though is that you may have talked about Plan B too lightly. Plan B must NOT be considered as an alternative to protected sex! You should see it as your very last option in case your primary contraceptive fails. It is so strong that you shouldn’t take it more than twice in your WHOLE life... and it can have bad side affects like depression, crazy nausea and pains.
Adeline Purdy
When you learn more in a twenty-minute video about sex and stuff than I do in 11 years of school (:
Harriette Alexis
I swear you're talking at double speed 😂
Nikki Blasi
ashley is like the bigger sister we all wish we had
this answered so many questions, I felt so ashamed for watching porn though I'm 14, and I'm incredibly thankful for this vid. thanks Ashley! <3
Stephanie Huynh
Do you watch Big Mouth? Because if you don’t you should! Loved this video. Love that you’re talking about this stuff!
Penelope Ashe
This is SO refreshing. Feels like talking to a friend I looooved this video
Ariane Brunel
Omg thank you so much Ashley I love you I always felt so ashamed like for finding penises weird to look at for example and for masturbation and because of my body because I have fat but your really make me feel so confident. Thank you so much for this. I am 15 and you're my favorite youtuber everrrr ❤❤❤
Christina Marie
Who else loves how real Ashley is?! ❤️ she’s such a great role model, and super inspirational! Love that she talks about this stuff on her channel! ps: I have a little channel that I would love some feedback on if you have time :)
ѕωєєтиєѕѕ ѕυвѕ
Okay I thought I was lesbian because I find girls really hot and boys really cute and attractive, and because I’m disgusted when I see dicks 😂 Thank god... 🙏🏻
wow i wish this was posted when i was 14
unstable teenager
i don’t wanna lose mine because i hate how i look and it just seems weird. speaking about that can you talk about self confidence or something like that?
Claire Williams
Praise to you! I use to be exactly the same when I was discovering masturbation and porn. I use to watch lesbian porn because penises looked a bit weird nowdays I watch videos on bellesa.co it us the best to find "clean porn" as you might call it compared to some if the weird stuff out there. I'm si glad you put this video up because women should not feel ashamed of liking sex and wanting to enjoy the feeling of masturbation.
Fifty shades of grey is not real BDSM thanks for coming to my ted talk
Julianna Nicole F. Giordano
My bestfriend and I have been best friends for about ten years and we talk about sexual things sooo openly. we are not that old (we’re in high school) and i’d consider us a bit more mature than some other kids lol and we are very open about things like that and it’s weird for me to see other people talk about sex like it’s a weird or unusual thing
Ebba Eskilsson
I just love you! So honest, fun, entertaining and always lifting important topics without it being to heavy to listen to! Brilliant! I just uploaded my first English vlog and am so excited to create my own youtube style! :) Hugs from Sweden!
Ian Szeto
Is it possible to make a video talking about finance and money? I know the subject is kinda taboo but especially for a college student it’s really important to know? Love your videos, you always keep it real.
Isabelle Seet
I thought david a mormon was waiting for marriage LOL
yes queen EDUCATE US
Kaylee Cudjo
Yesss sis is coming through with this whole video. My 13 year old self needed this back in the day because I have been masturbating since my freshmen year of high school (I'm a junior in college now) and for the first few years I was always so shameful of doing it and would literally feel sick to my stomach after doing it because I thought that girls weren't supposed to do that. Fast forward to now, I know that it is okay for all people to do it and I am so happy that someone like Ashley is using her platform now to normalize it and let young girls and guys and everyone in between know that IT IS OKAY. Ugh I love her.
the turgle
this video made feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. thank u so much!
Meghan Jones
Gal, loved this. You should think about making a podcast, and having conversations like this. You are amazing x
Wear I Live
also fuq tumblr for doing this to us
I absolutely f-ing love this
i freaking love you!! u are a gem for youtube ❤ this video will help soo many girls! and I agree 100% with everything u said, especially the fact that people don't talk enough about these things and they are so natural and important.
can you please make another video about this. also please talk about grooming standards because there are so many
17:44 bro where'd ur necklace go
Pastel Julia :*:・゚
Who else loves her talk videos?❤️😂🌝 Btw I also make videos❣️
Nhi Hoang
Wish I had these videos when I was a virgin! Glad girls can see this now and be prepared! :) have fun and feel confident!
Taylor Marrs
I loved this video! It's so nice to see a woman's perspective that is realistic!!!! Thank you so much!! My boyfriend I lost my virginity to in middle school told his friends my boobs pointed away from each other and were weird. It made me really self conscious but now I embrace them.
this is such a helpful, reassuring video, thank you x
I’m actually really glad you made a video on this topic! Even in school they tend to dodge over this and I think it’s really cool how open you are about it. I think if everyone is more open it’ll help people who feel like weird and alone about this kinda stuff.
Galway Girl
Huge respect for Ashley. Such a powerful woman.
thank you so much for your honesty I really appreciated it because not many people are as willing to be open about this subject which is sad
Daniela Flores
omg, here in Mexico Plan B is only $5, I couldnt believe when I heard "$50" :o
Bailey L
I admire u so much :)
Daphne R
Josel Recampo
My dad just gave me a very mysoginistic lesson about women and cooking today "Your husband is gonna leave you if you cant cook". I am 21 and it's 2019. Thank you for this video. You make me feel so good about being a woman again
I’m 13yr. at least I understand
ur like an awesome big sister
Thank you for being so open about these topics!! Women shouldn't feel shameful towards sex. Growing up, I'd always witness girls being labeled as sluts for exploring sex and other girls being pressured to take steps they weren't ready for. No one should be ashamed of how many sexual partners they've had or lack.
Brittany Galloway
Ariel Alena
GIRL YESSSS!!! 🙌🏼😍i love how you're our internet sister and you're always here to speak your truth on controversial topics!!
Mia The Cat
ur literal such a queen i think im in love
I’m so glad you made this video. Helps me to not feel alone and know that there are so many others who have these similar experiences ☺️💖
Ashley Tay
This rly hit every point that most people (including myself) are concerned about thanks sis
12:46 pun
Daniela Lums
When *bestdressed* uploads a video about being *_undressed._*
If only this video existed a few years ago!! It's always funny and reassuring to hear that people have had similar ~*sexual awakening*~ experiences. Sex shouldn't be a taboo topic, so thank you, Ashley, for speaking up!! Some final thoughts: choking can be great, lube is your friend, even your first time, and if you can, pee after sex!
Jeshael Calderon
Podcast pleaseeeeeeee ❤️
Sarah Jean
I’m not an adult heheh 🙃 but anyways I learned way more than school and my parents ever tried to teach me so thanks
bria keener
keady rascona
Wow your comments about college students are very VERY accurate im *choking* 😂😂😂😂
I was actually thinking of talking about something like this and I was kind of debating with myself about it. But seeing this, it makes me wanna go for it.
11.55 lol
Nicole Wan
I am so proud of Ashley and this video. on so many levels.
Gabrielle Yeary
u go all out and i'm all for it