losing my v card, masturbation, and other sexual adventures

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this vid is demonetized as h*ck instagram ➭ />subscribe for weekly vids ➭ />shop my thrift finds ➭ /> In an aggressively demonetized video, I dish out answers to every sexual question you might have had (and some you probably never asked for but here they are anyways). Topics in this girl talk include sex for the first time, casual sex, period sex, navigating porn as a lady, masturbation, feeling confident in your naked bod, kinks, oral sex, social expectations and pressures regarding sex, and, of course, how frickin weird penises are. arden’s vid on birth control ➭ /> ON ME top: free people ( />green pants: nasty gal (similar: />star choker: en route ( use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off!) long necklace: mejuri earrings: princess polly (similar: />lipstick: buxom plumpline in hush hush ( /> F A Q what’s your name? ashley what’s your instagram? @best.dressed how old are you? 20 (born in 1998) how tall are you? 5'5" what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese what equipment do you use to film? ➭ camera: /> ➭ lens: /> ➭ vlog camera: /> ➭ voiceover mic: /> ➭ on camera mic: /> ➭ editing: final cut pro FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small percentage of sales made via those links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

lol pls don’t make fun of my nipples
Mairead Lacey
We love a demonetized queen
this 👏is 👏what 👏sex 👏 ed 👏should 👏be 👏
Check yourself before you wreck yourself
"Light BDSM is the new Vanilla." - I choose this to be my yearbook quote
reboot failed
i'm 14, and literally this is what i wish every girl my age could hear. why you're not as famous as the kardashians i don't know. but seriously, thanks for being this open. i hope other girls will watch this and feel a little less taboo about sex. p.s. no, i am not having sex at my age. i just dislike the stigma around it, especially female sexuality.
Rebecca Tang
Honestly, you should start a podcast. I would totally listen to it. You make me feel like I have a big sister.
Daniela Lums
When *bestdressed* uploads a video about being *_undressed._*
Chloë Holt
Wait hold up make this a series! I’m literally 19 years old and know nothing because the education system failed and I’m scared to have any experiences of my own 😂
“the sexual debut” YES this is what we need to call this now and forever
Sydney Wilson
can you do a video about grooming down there. if it’s better to be hairless or not. the pros and cons. also when hooking up how do you know if the person has STIs or not. I know condoms can prevent them but what about when you go down on them or vise versa. thank you for the educational video by the way
"New experience ive gained" is such a healthy way of putting it instead of something we lose. If more ppl thought of it as something earned instead of lost, it'd help with the guilt
Nikki Blasi
ashley is like the bigger sister we all wish we had
Santeal Gibbons
Inverted nipple gang same sis I have inverted nipples
Jack CoolBean
I traded nudes for a chipotle burrito
Loki Like The God
bellesa.co not com if you're looking for it and can't find it :)
Lol like if u r under 17
Matt Trav
welp this secures your spot as my favorite person ever
a b b i e x c a t h e r i n e
sex ed teachers are quaking
mirra monti
okay but I'm bi and I really don't even like looking at dicks like that. even my straight self said that.
Aanya Chadha
Thanks Mom for “the talk”
this legit made me cry because I'm 17 and I'm finally learning to love myself and I'm SO happy to see someone actually talking about this shit!! my whole childhood I felt like I was dirty for being more sexually driven than everyone else. I still feel like that but this video really helped in making me feel like I'm not alone so I can't thank you enough Ashley. <3
i am like olive oil: extra virgin
Anna Smith
yes! I thought I was the only weird one who started watching lesbian porn bc regular porn was this aggressive thing! 😐 lol my mom probably thought I was a lesbian after seeing it pop up in my search as she was typing lmao good times 😅
Ana Cornelio
I am watching this in front of my parents.😂😂 So sad that they can't understand a thing coz English is not their first language.😂
*watches while casually eating Strawberry Sour Punch on my futon*
cafe ghibli
Am I the only one so happy with a video like this? Female youtubers will often post Q&As, clickbait them with titles like “aM i A viRgiN?¿” and then dodge it and barely even address the topic of sexuality. When I was ~13, I worried about whether I was normal or not because I started having sexual feelings and urges for the first time but society has made the topic so taboo and it made me feel like an anomaly or pervert. But finally, someone with a platform is actually talking about all of it. I’m so happy fir the younger girls who will be able to watch this video. I love u Ashley, tween me is smiling right now 💕
chloe foto
this is the video i wish they’d play in my sex ed class smh, tysm
is this really demonitized? Thats so sad :( it's a really good open conversation
kirstin A
love this: “loose your virginity to a tampon “
joonie tunes
I'm a psychology student majoring in sexology, and what you're saying is BANG ON (pun intended lol). Your attitude is a great one!
Angelina Frøjlund Munter
LOVE THIS, THANK YOOUUU. I look 12 on my picture, im not. Just haven't changes the pic :))
Yamma Llama
This is like the perfect video to show my daughter if I ever have one.
wow I feel so much more comfortable with myself thank you
you're like some kind of a really chill internet older sister
this is hilariously informative. damn girl. way to be a straight shooter. love this
Birbunny No
I always thought penises were gross, then I realized I was gay. Also, straight porn is so crazy to me. I’m such a vanilla person when it comes to sex. So, all that really rough stuff scared me away from porn before I realized I was a lesbian.
i love how the likes are 69k...i don’t wanna explain what that means if u dont know lol
Audrey White
honestly, I love how open you are and you are such a precious bean <3
Briggette Patrice
As an asian female, I love that you're breaking the stereotype that asian girls are "wholesome & conservative". We stan 🙌🏻💕
okay but why does she kinda sound like helen (elastigirl) from the incredibles or is it just me
I learned so much in 20 minutes than any class has ever taught me
Meg Dougherty
Choking is common, but also can be VERY dangerous so do a little research to make sure you don’t accidentally shatters wind pipe or choke someone until they’re unconscious. Kinks are cool! But keep it safe, sane, and consensual!
Medea Worbs
Honestly, like that Term... "losing your virginity"... it's not like you can find it under a stack of books one day!
Beth Blvd
mad respect for telling me more about masterbation than my health teachers during my high school life lol
Oh trust me. There's still porn on Tumblr. You don't even have to look hard.
Su Sezer
i have inverted nipples too, for a long time i was very emberrassed but now i feel very special, and my nipples have their own taste, if they like the partner they come out. they have some character! :D
I'm only 14 but I think talking about sex to teenagers is sooooo important so that we can explore our body before sex makin it less uncomfortable
THOSE PANTS ARE AMAZING. Your waist looks tiny. Damn girl.
iced water
Petition for Ashley to start a podcast .
Nay The Spud
Omg I’m insecure of my nipples too😔 they’re too big imo.
Sophie Burkhardt
this is literally so empowering and interesting and totally the content i subscribe for
Spookylil Bean
I lost my hymen in ballet 🤷🏼‍♀️
mathilde berenga
Thank you so much for making this video! It helped me a lot
Galway Girl
Huge respect for Ashley. Such a powerful woman.
Cort’s Wife And Girlfriend
I’m kinda mad they didn’t tell the girls about masterbation😂 why is it so looked down on for girl to learn about how her body works? Girls aren’t anymore fragile beings, we can handle it too...
Heather Sullivan
I’m 31 with two kids, this is the best sex ed lesson I’ve ever heard ☺️
Purani Kannan
We love a demonetized queen!
Farah Bakkali
It’s acc rrly cool that you are so transparent with your viewers and that you are willing to have such a great, open conversation!!! GO SIS 👏👏👏
sophia rouse
we stan a woman who can open up about sexuality
Bitch Lasagna
Honestly this video has helped me so much because I've never even had a sex ed class thank you for making this
Jynxed Stars
What’s slightly depressing about this is the fact that I’m a lesbian female and THIS gave me MORE information on Lesbian Sex THAN MY SCHOOL DID
Regular porn generally is made by man for male audience that’s why often girls feel the way as you described. Check out Erika Lusts work to see how porn could look like from a feminist point of you. It’s worth the money :)
Claire Bricknell
Do us all a favor and start a podcast
Helene Porsmose
Watching this should be a mandatory part of being alive
j -hope
This is so off topic from the video but omg I love your necklaces so much
yeonjun got jams
I cried while watching this. All of my life I've been told the complete opposite, and I felt worthless for being sexually attracted to the opposite sex. I thought I was weird and different. Thank you for this! You're literally my favorite person in the world. I love you!
Claire Williams
Praise to you! I use to be exactly the same when I was discovering masturbation and porn. I use to watch lesbian porn because penises looked a bit weird nowdays I watch videos on bellesa.co it us the best to find "clean porn" as you might call it compared to some if the weird stuff out there. I'm si glad you put this video up because women should not feel ashamed of liking sex and wanting to enjoy the feeling of masturbation.
Coco Day
*such a role model* 👏🏼 thank you for being so open and confident ❤️
Rosa R.
The worst is when you have one outy nipple and one inny (inverted) nipple...😂😅 They do whatever they wants. Lol
💞 shout out to all my fellow sisters with inverted nipples 💞
humpus bumpus
this is so casual and wholesome, this is exactly how conversations about sex should be!! also inverted nipple squad lmao, that part made me feel so much better ab myself
I LOVE THIS. i can literally relate to everything shes saying and i felt so weird about thinking about half the stuff she's talking about but i feel so normal hearing her talk about it!!!! why cant girls do this more its so refreshing and empowering and i literally feel less ashamed and isolated and weird because of this video.
hello you are now my big sister. you’re welcome
Maddy Rathbone
This is one of the most empowering videos I have seen. Where was this when I was 15! I feel judged by people around me and my own friends purely because I like sex and I will hookup with someone I'm not in a relationship with. But honestly I don't regret it at all, Iv'e become more confident with who I am physically and mentally. I would really like to see more videos like this, inspiring and empowering xx
I worry about bdsm becoming more mainstream. I’ve seen it hurt many people because they don’t understand what goes into it. You can get seriously hurt, not only physically but emotionally too! Please please do your research and be open to learning from people in the community if you’re going to try bdsm! If you’re new you definitely will not be an expert and you or your partner could end up worse off.
sister snatched
but DO use protection
Asian Girl
Lmao I love her so much
I’ll never lose my virginity because I never lose ✊🏻
Maika 2000
You’re an angel, you know that right?
Amaryllis Martinez
Fellow inverted nipple woman😉 thanks for making me feel not alone and beautiful 💞🌻
Emma Salmon
Thank you so much for this it was very helpful
Paige -Low Key-
Legit how r u so wise and ish but ur SO YOUNG OML
Maud Trenité
This is music to my virgin ears
Allyson Espaldon
this video is so worth 19 minutes of my time.
Jessica Cappelluti
where do you get your clothes and jewelryyyyyyyy. it's all so amazing <3
Irene Martinez
I am so proud of you Ashley! Thank you for this informational,demonitized video, we all didn't know we needed! Love you!
Shayne Medina
if ashley has inverted nipples, does she still experience nipping when its cold
Leila Katerina
you are amazing wow so much respect for filming and putting out something like this on the internet. so many girls are hush hush and never talk about the truth and the fact that you are bringing light to it, is incredible. i hope it normalizes these topics in society ♡
Cau fafa
Just found this, and all I can say is : speak louder for the ones in the back queen
sophie kate
Lol i love how she censored heck in the description
Etica Zerimar
LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 11:56 "come and get it boys" ahahaha I like youuuuu, ur funny, u need a podcast NOWWWW!!!
sweatered snail
thank you for mentioning vaginas!!!! I’m really self conscious about mine and this made me feel better :-)
“Mom and dad don’t kill me” *parents still don’t know about YouTube channel* 😂
Weird: one of my nipples is inverted and one isn't. Not sure why that is. Yw for tmi.
Laykin Renee
This is my favorite video on the internet thank you ilysm you’re such a role model!❤️
Sarah Bauvir
I am so happy when I listen to this kind of "big-sister-speaking-about-real-life-problems-with-you" videos because youtube is full of non pertinent content and your video proves that 2019's kids are safe and that there are wonderful people to take care of them and to teach them real thing! Hug from Belgium ❤
Pink Pastel
9:19 wait... So ur telling me ur so upset abt wasting 3 months of being depressed... While I've been doing it for 14 years. Wow 😂
Aspasia Sheppard
Why am I learning more from this video than school?