American Idol 2009, Season 8, Episode 28, Top 8 Results

American Idol is an American singing competition television series created by Simon Fuller, produced by Fremantle USA and 19 Entertainment, and distributed by Fremantle North America. It initially aired on Fox from June 11, 2002, to April 7, 2016, for 15 seasons. Since March 11, 2018, a revival of the series has aired on ABC. It started as an addition to the Idols format that was based on Pop Idol from British television, and became one of the most successful shows in the history of American television. The concept of the series involves discovering recording stars from unsigned singing talents, with the winner determined by American viewers using phones, Internet, and SMS text voting. American Idol was based on the British show Pop Idol created by Simon Fuller, which was in turn inspired by the New Zealand television singing competition Popstars. Television producer Nigel Lythgoe saw a version in Australia and helped bring it over to Britain. Fuller was inspired by the idea from Popstars of employing a panel of judges to select singers in audition. He then added other elements, including telephone voting by the viewing public (which at the time was already in use in shows, such as the Eurovision Song Contest), the drama of backstories, and real-life soap opera unfolding in real time.Pop Idol debuted in Britain in 2001 with Lythgoe as showrunner‍—‌the executive producer and production leader‍—‌and Simon Cowell as one of the judges, and was successful with the viewing public. Source: /> - Genre: Reality competition - Created by Simon Fuller - Based on Pop Idol by Simon Fuller - Directed by Andy Scheer (2002) Bruce Gowers (2003–06, 2008) Ken Warwick (2007, 2011–12) Bill DeRonde (2009, 2014–15) Gregg Gelfand (2010, 2013) Louis J. Horvitz (2014) Phil Heyes (2015–16, 2018–) - Presented by Brian Dunkleman (2002), Ryan Seacrest (2002 - Now) - Judges: Paula Abdul Simon Cowell Randy Jackson Kara DioGuardi Ellen DeGeneres Jennifer Lopez Steven Tyler Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj Keith Urban Harry Connick Jr. Luke Bryan Katy Perry Lionel Richie - Broadcast: Fox (2002–16) ABC (2018–Now) List American Idol Season 8 Ep.1 - Phoenix Auditions: />Ep.2 - Kansas City Auditions: />Ep.3 - San Francisco Auditions: />Ep.4 - Louisville Auditions: />Ep.5 - Jacksonville Auditions: />Ep.6 - Salt Lake City Auditions: />Ep.7 - New York City and San Juan PR Auditions: />Ep.8 - Hollywood Round 1: />Ep.9 - Hollywood Round 2: />Ep.10 - Hollywood Round 3: />Ep.11 - Hollywood Round 4: />Ep.12 - Group 1 Semi-finalists Perform: />Ep.13 - Group 1 Results Show: />Ep.14 - Group 2 Semi-finalists Perform />Ep.15 - Group 2 Results Show: />Ep.16 - Group 3 Semi-finalists Perform: />Ep.17 - Group 3 Results Show: />Ep.18 - Wild Card Round: />Ep.19 - Top 13 Perform: />Ep.20 - Top 13 Results: />Ep.21 - Top 11 Perform: />Ep.22 - Top 11 Results: />Ep.23 - Top 10 Perform: />Ep.24 - Top 10 Results: />Ep.25 - Top 9 Perform: />Ep.26 - Top 9 Results: />Ep.27 - Top 8 Perform: />Ep.28 - Top 8 Results: />Ep.29 - Top 7 Perform: />Ep.30 - Top 7 Results: />Ep.31 - Top 7 Perform (Second Week): />Ep.32 - Top 7 Results (Second Week): />Ep.33 - Top 5 Perform: />Ep.34 - Top 5 Results: />Ep.35 - Top 4 Perform: />Ep.36 - Top 4 Results: />Ep.37 - Top 3 Perform: />Ep.38 - Top 3 Results: />Ep.39 - Top 2 Perform: />Ep.40 - Season Finale: /> Playlist American Idol, 2009, Season 8, Auditions, Holywood Week, Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Wildcard Show & Live Show: /> Donate on Paypal :

shadow hunter
The contestants are so nice helping Scott.
Lester Smart
Flowrider singer isn't showing any vocals....just entertaining... The girl singing has actual talent and should be the front runner for that band!!!!
Lester Smart
I hope that Flowrider gives you the credit that you deserve girl! You have an amazing voice and should compete on america's got talent! You could easily go far or even win! Love your voice girl!
Noo, Bye Scott!
Lester Smart
The chick singing with Flowrider should join American idol as a contestant! She has an amazing voice!!!!
Lester Smart
Seriously!!! That girl singing for Flowrider needs to compete on American idol!!! She has mad skills as a vocalist!!!!!!!
Timinger 811
SPOILERS I would've rounded out the bottom 3 with Danny instead of Anoop, cuz it seems like no matter what Anoop does, America will seem to hate his guts. Scott really was the person to go considering he was quite abysmal this week, though he's such a nice guy really. YEAR THEY WERE BORN 1. Adam 2. Allison 3. Matt 4. Anoop 5. Danny 6. Kris 7. Lil 8. Scott
Joyce Pacheco
Frankie Avolon
AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler)
I still really like Scott and always will!
Big Red!
Just waiting for the strip teas to begin on AI anytime now! Geeeez!¡!
Deryl Wayne
Of all the songs from 2002, the year American Idol was born, they could have picked a better song for the group performance.
Big Red!
I agreed with Simon. It was time for Scott to go home.