Metallica The Unforgiven Live 1993 Basel Switzerland

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Metallica The Unforgiven Live 1993 Basel Switzerland at the National Bowl june 20 1993 Creeping Death Harvester of Sorrow Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Of Wolf & Man Wherever I May Roam The Thing That Should Not Be The Unforgiven Disposable Heroes Bass Solo Instrumental Medley Guitar Solo The Four Horsemen For Whom the Bell Tolls Fade to Black Master of Puppets Seek & Destroy Battery Nothing Else Matters Sad But True Last Caress One Enter Sandman So What

Metallica The Unforgiven Live 1993 Basel Switzerland at the National Bowl june 20

Ryan O'Toole
dat snare
Jasper Steenhuis
James was sick at this concert, you can clearly hear him singing through his nose, probably a cold.
David López
When there were no smartphones in the crowd
Yisus el shido
2:38 xD Se le salió un gallo al James :v
Wow, he had that thing on his hand for a long time. He was burned in August of 1992, this is 1993. That's crazy.
Özgür CAN
1:12-1:15 james's dance :D
James hetfield
i Love metallica ❤❤❤
Magic Martinez
best Lars concerts: All the concerts w/cliff Seattle 1989 San Diego 1992 Basel 1993 Cunning stuns Quebec Magnetic 2009
Max Bass
Omggg that snare sound
Abner The Jew
I had no idea Jason Newsted cut all of his hair off long before the rest of the band!
For those complaining, this is a soundboard recording with no mix. Try plugging your guitar into a soundboard and just recording straight, it will sound like this. The Live Shit audio was mastered and mixed properly giving a much clearer sound.
Adriana Ramírez Álvarez
alguien dijo metallica?
Soundboard audio. That's why you can't hear the crowd.
Guillaume Mageau
Lord Hetfield
is james high in this record? xD
ArcGIS Tunisie
painkiller619 undertaker
lars was loud and heavy back then, now he uses some pieces of tins
God Kirk, tune your guitar
Jose Juan Rivera Reyes
2:35 James says goodbye to his voice... Forever.
Franklin Marques
Hino do Metalicca!
bruno sanchez artica
What the hell Jason , why you shaved your hair
Dani Garcia
Wow, Jason looks like a kid
vanilza Oliveira
tudo maravilhoso ,linda música,solo lindo ,amo tudo isso
toca pra caralho
Lars at his best and James at his damn worst. What an unusual performance.
1:10 either he teleported himself or he transformed in to michael jordan and jumped over the croud
Claudio costa brauw
massa massa massa
mustaineforpresident 2016
Back when music was music. Metallica, nirvana, pearl jam, and many, many more. The 90s man
Dani Rocksaurier
i was there at this Concert in my home country. Many Years Ago - Unforgetable
A Seth
James's posture ❤️
1:12 surprise motherfucker!!!
Rob Stone
Is James' hand like that cos he just got the cast off from the burn accident???
Hugo F. Schwetter
puta que pariu tudo desafinado
Wynter Schroeder
Guitar sounded out of tune in beginning! But amazing!!!
Matteo Vitali
Totally blew up his voice, anyway great performance
Suleyman Ozmen
Cok iyi yahu
Tune that guitar Kirk!
Paul Melo
use guitar tune plis
James clean vocals sounded really fucked here but his raspy vocals sounded actually still badass
The Hash
This was the tour where Kirk purchased a Wah pedal instead of a guitar tuner. He should have watched my guitar tuning video. Great song tho :)
nick charles
Kirk looks like he's loosing his hair here in '93 on top.
Definitely sick here because their are some 93 shows and even 94 shows Hetfield sounds much stronger.
Rodion Samburov
Я в восхищении!
I almost cried at 2:37 :'(
That white Tama kit.
such ashame,he lost his voice foever.Why didnt they lay off the tours i dont get it.
Jack Rockwell
Damn, James' voice is shot here.
zakk Messai
he's JAMES FUCKING HETFIELD  mother fuckers!!
The Best!
what did james play on acoustic guitar at the beginning?
Justin Trimpey
my heroes METALLICA
Matheus Espíndola
the best version
Renan Franco
tem Br aqui?????
Роман Некрасов
Нормально жгут
Carlos Vitor
música foda no início
denis langlois
i was there 1993. amazing metalica
Oh noo Jason his hair ;(
Luana Mesquita
Fodaaaaaa, eu e Metallica: muito amor envolvido, <3 <3 <3
Schelby Davis - pls sign out every day
James hetfield is soo cute and gorgeous!!😙😙😗
Stepan Iularji
2 23 Джеймс сказал пидарас , или мне послышалось?
Drums sounded so good back then, not sure if it is because of Lars playing or drum set was better, probably both :)
bob shitburger
my god is kirks balding badly
Orestis Pafiliaris
too epic for some to handle...
Dawid Grobecki
This song should be called "Unforgettable", because i always come back to this intro
Nik Urbansky
End of goodness voice 
Azuan Syakirin
doesnt james get angry and pissed off after hearing kirk's guitar is out of tune?
Paul Melo
use guitar tune plis
I love you James, but bad voice:(
belenger atlas
Agustin Garcia
James blew his voice out in the black album so he does not sing the same anymore the old voice was better
Stanko Aksentijevic
I dont see any connection of 2 events. being in band stops someone from doing what he wants ?
4:03 Go home James.You are drunk !!
Rock stars should never be allowed to have families or get sober.
snare omg
Jason cena lol
They were so much better with Jason. Rob is shit.
Роман Некрасов
Русские поймут
Gonzalo Mena
i am sorry but this metallica pergormance was awful
Guillermo Perez
very bad gig
Serg Seregin
what firm of acoustic guitar of James?
Kirk is so out if tune here. Now it's usual, but back then… probably his guitar tech's fault.
haha Kirk is so untuned :D
Lonely 1997
Alexandro Cañas Madrid
Mi tema favorito =-O
Susan Moseley
Why did Jason cut his hair again?
Melissa Solis
Eso James hifrield
Fifi Egerton
Love them
Celeste ferreyra
yo quiero un jemes  asii  para mi
5:41 hetfield trying to fire some semen to lars
SultanMachmud Machmud
I love metallica
Bruno Cesar
Um dos maiores artistas do planeta
Gianpaolo Pazzini
Hammet's guitar needs more trimming...
Sueli Castelani
26 01 2018 A love You Metallica. ..BRASIL 🐱🐱🐱♥♥
2018 Connor Purcell
Wrong fucking bassist
je m'en doutais qu'il était croisé avec Django Reinhardt le James ! 1:11 ils les vendent à combien la douzaine d'oeufs BORDEL DE PUTE CABRONE !!! "et cuicui qu'ils sont doux ?" ca veut dire quoi ? Que y'a plus de jaune que de blanc ?
About7 8rocks
Something about the way the acoustic guitar sounds. I can’t lay my finger on it
Tengku Saiful Afzan Tengku Hasim
hell freecs
Carol Burnet
One of my favorite rock songs.