Andrew Bayer - From the Earth (Breakfast Remix)

Andrew Bayer - From the Earth (Breakfast Remix) Recorded from Above & Beyonds set at EDC 2010

Samantha Payne
This has got to be a top 10 all time fave of mine! Ive seen a video of it....with wildlife footage and mountains and some cruel bugger took it down. To hear this live is even better though! THE most WOW gorgeous uplifting looper of a track ever! Thank you for posting this xxx
Banging emotional goose bumps - joruney through clouds this one for sure :)
Andrew Bayer wrote this Track for his brother. He passed away years ago..
Søren Gannik
Hi guys, dont forget the remixer. breakfast (aka casey keyworth) is an amazing composer too. :)
andrew bayers is really good at making music sound amazing.
Ninio Stefanac
After a year i completely forgot about writing this but recently i checked and broke down in tears again, not because of her but because of the over whelming response of people just taking one second to absorb what i went through. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart peace to you and yours!
Jeffrey Mather
Prayers with you and her family, Above & Beyond seem to know how to put it all in order. They have also been a big part of my life as well keep your chin up and remember all the good times God Bless.
~ the sound of angels ~
could not live without my brother
I love it!
David Sousa
Christian CS
@bloodyclawz0155 Buy it then! It's $1.30 on iTunes & $1.50 on beatport.
I think people are leaving out breakfast from all of their thanks, they are the ones that made the song uplifting. the original is very sad.
1 word, AMAZING. ;-)
8 people are not from earth.
Brett Cotti
@n1ngtr32 listen to we will return. itll help u remember that u will return to her again.
@josephskates11 @moliver777 @mrsbiancanajjar this will see the light of day Nov 1st, it's about time!!!!!
Joseph Zamoraa
Didn't think this tune could be remixed and sound better than the original... I was wrong!!!
@n1ngtr32 I'd like to let you know that I lost my high school sweet heart in an car accident on 12/23/2003. My heart truly goes out to you and your families. There won't be a day that you don't think of her, but you will be able to appreciate the time you've had with her (it just takes some time to get over the pain and anger). My only piece of advice is to write - write all about her and the memories you two created so that you'll have them forever.
damn this track is clean
Breakfast perfect as always;)
This has to be one of the greatest songs of all time. Wow. Just wow.
omg i need more songs like this <33
Christian Avramov
wassup goosebumps
Pedro García Santos
You go Above & Beyond the people understanding!!! that's why you are so beloved!!!
ru bear
brings a tear to my eye :) in a good way :)
Kathleen Gibbons
danny j
god this songs just simple amazing..
Othman Chhoul
TATW 390... for all those who left earth too soon and went partying in heaven. Peace...
Andrew Tran
I'm listening to this on TATW 389 right now and had to comment on what an amazing and beautiful track this is. It manages to capture such emotion, and I love the distortion from the if the song has a sad overtone over it. It helped me through some rough patches too.
such a powerful track <3
a lot better than breakfasts recent remixes
Ninio Stefanac
i want to thank andrew bayer and above and beyond for this song, my gf who died left this earth to soon. im slowly recovering but every time i hear this tune every happy memory fills my mind, heart and soul. thank you for slowly helping me say goodbye............
This is the most sublime trance anthem I have ever heard in my life, without making anything up. It has got me into trance 1 and a half year ago, not a large achievement, but better later than never. Trance is such a fantastic genre, and this is a perfect example. First, you're lead through a highway of thoughts into beautiful heavens and dreams. Then you end up leaving the earth with no care to it whatsoever...
this track is very massive. thanks a lot for that!
2:28 in I left the earth, found pandora, mated with the na'vi people, became one with them and established a new race of huma'vi people high in the hallelujah mountains
@hfflpffchaser55 this is what comes to mind every time I hear this song TATW350!!!
2010, October 22...Above & Beyond smashing Milan with was incredible,sublime..I want it again!
Grikor Dzhansuzyan
andrew bayer did an amazing job creating this song for a deceased brother. and of course breakfast did an amazing remix job
I wish that moment lasted forever at TaTW #350! Good thing I'm gonna see A&B at the Palladium again next Friday with the same group of friends! This. This right here is why trance is the best genre of EDM or just best genre of music in general! Period! No other genre captures emotions, feelings, and moments like trance does!
no dislikes, better keep it that way. people who dislike aren't from earth.
A&B amazed everybody when they played this song at EDC! everybody stood still!
This is a song of the heavens, not from the earth. It sounds like a big choir of angels. I cry every time I hear it, congrats A&B
whats the song after?
A heavenly gift from the Earth, amazing!
Is ''From The Earth'' available to download? Thanks!
Ankit Sharma
i seriously think andrew bayer is the nxt thing in trance...i agree with u sgordy fully
Freaky Frequency
@illwill258 cant post the link to the video for some reason but you can past this infront of youtube URL .... watch?v=PkPdS0Mu52k
Freaky Frequency
@illwill258 the track coming up after it is A Thing Called Love: another beautiful tune from the great A&B .. nJoy!! :-)
Absolutely epic night. The last 45 minutes of A&B's performance was truly astounding.
Digital Entertainment Channel
This song is amazing WHEN IS THE RELEASE??? c'mon anjunabeats let it go
This answers the good old question - WHY ARE WE HERE?
Will Martinez
great track, but does anyone know the name of the one coming in at the end??
@o0AmcD0o yea oh my god I almost cried
Awesome.....when a&b dropped this at brixton my god :)
@hfflpffchaser55 at electric zoo when they dropped this they held up the laptop with that same message again!
@umana93 I feel like that sometimes too...When I'm rolling LOL
this is the song i remember the most from EDC all my problems were gone and i felt the love and energy from everyone one in the arena. such a spiritual moment in my life :)
seeing them @ Electric Zoo on sunday!!! lsjdjdhduhf'fijffmfrwkoewhweuh
@hfflpffchaser55 Everytime i listen to this song, it reminds me of the Love Parade tragedy. I guess you are right: It's for everyone who left this earth too soon. RIP LP victims !
Isaiah Cain
@hfflpffchaser55 that was so beautiful bro
@kaNNg1 I know this is freakin awesome.Trance around the world!
omg.... like omg... i was reading the comments below about how amazing this is. and it sound like really amazing to you guys! and omg. im listening to this right now again. i dont remeber it at EDC. but omg.... this is amazing. thank you for this. haha.
WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW This song should be studied by scientists, anthropologists, and musicians in major universities across the world. i just got f**ked inside me when i heard this song. it appeals to something greater inside us. EPIC SONG. THANK YOU Andrew Bayer.
OMG what a beautilful tune !!! Can't wait for the official release !
powerful track
I was doing my laundry and suddenly i heard a very beautiful UNIQUE Breakfast sound while i was listening for the very first time Anjunabeats Vol.8 and i had to stop everything i was doing. That Magical sound was: Andrew Bayer - From the Earth (Breakfast Remix).... Casey "Breakfast" Keyworth, THANK YOU FOR THIS ONE, i just hope you don't leave earth too soon!!! Simply, AMAZING!!!
is this an anthem of heaven? :) beautiful. best track from anjunabeats vol.8
frickin awesome!
God DAMN what a tune.
1:00 I Can't describe how it made me feel \O/
Philip Rosescu
Above & Beyond's set was amazing. I don't know any of you guys on here but I <3 you all haha. BTW, I have Above & Beyond's full EDC set for download if you want it hit me up on facebook, I hate YouTube's PM system. Phil Rosescu
Wally Valenzuela
Like that girl that O.D and died on ex! stupid little kids who dont appriciate the music :/
Chris Smith
@machavez goddamm i cried during this so powerful .. greatest trance Dj's around now and anytime soon.. A&B forever!
is this the song they dropped when he held up the laptop that said 'this one is for everyone who left this earth too soon'? such an emotional moment
Sam Haber
amazing night !!! thank you anb :)
bringss tearsss to my eyesss edc was amazing to say the least <3
EDC 2010 was amazing when they dropped this
Wilson Liu
this song is so amazing i can not leave without commenting
Anjunabeats Volume 8, I can't wait! July 19th, 2010 ; )