The Time I Was A Sports Commentator (DAY 552)

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Pre-order my book: />LAST VLOG: />MY MAIN CHANNEL: />SUBSCRIBE & JOIN OUR FAMILY: /> Today I finished all the good oatmeal, I became a sports commentator, and I realized Raptors fans are the best! Also, kung pao chicken. Enjoy xo Hi! My name is Lilly and this is my vlog channel where I post my daily adventures, travel series and video extras/bloopers/behind the scenes. If you like to laugh, smile and be positive, subscribe! -- MORE HAPPINESS AWAITS -- TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />TUMBLR: />INSTAGRAM: />SNAPCHAT: @iisuperwomanii VINE: /> DOWNLOAD MY FREE APP: Unicorn Island iOS: />Android:

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I should be a singer right? LOLZ, but what should I sing?
Dylan Dalton
Lilly's vlogs are always SO LIT 😂
Lily why don't you do a recording day? come up with ideas and stuff one day (multiple ideas) and the next day shoot as many as you can (1, 2, even more), instead of recording a video a day before you're supposed to upload it. That way you would have a lot of videos ready incase you were too busy or tired to shoot on monday and thursday
Sabrina M
Amina Jafferji
When Humble and Lilly throws that ball i get remined me of Ross and Joey😂😂 just that the dont have a dropper
yassna imami
while y'all are saying "I'm first, I'm first" can we appreciate HOW AMAZING LILY IS!! Like if you agree!!!
Watching this while I do my nails.
Lol.. It's so weird lilly don't curse but 'bomboclatt' is a straight curse word in Jamaica... So I had hurry and turn my phone down cuz I didn't wanna get smack I'm the head 😂😂😟
Jordana Chaya
She is literally the definition of happiness. Look it up in the dictionary it will say Lilly Singh
Just Bree
lilly is awesome and her smile is gorgeous.❤
Taj Burke
😂😂😂😂 Lilly's Jamaican accent gets me every time 🇯🇲
Maria Presen
You're the queen but humble is also the king
Grace Damico
shoutout to humble for giving you your video idea!!!😂😂
Anyae Parks
Who else notices that the fish eye makes Lilly's face look different ?
I was going to watch this but then I had to go feed my car
Brooke Stout
Eat all the oatmeal Lilly😂😂
Zaina Cassam
When she dropped the camera, i legit had butterflies in my tummy ! xx
Vineeth Gohimukkula wanna hear something cool.... Lilly is composed of the letters i,l,and y Ily is i love you
Kathryn Victorian
7:20 No, Lilly don't throw us! T_T
I am so happy for you, you finally clean your room! I am very proud of you Lily!
Mahjabeen .B
what was the song on 8:46
Side to Side was my jam before Must Be Love.
Abbie Marlin
and the next day she kissed d-trip and we all exploded
If the warriors had swords would that not just be causing constant pain?
Alique M
Hi Lilly!!!!!! You probably never see this comment (hopefully you do) but is it just me or do you NEED to write a book which I will buy 10000000000000000000000000000000 copies of????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
so is she living with humble?
That's how I feed my eel
I thought she would be like "Look these are little cells :3 Also, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell."
Luis Torres
Priscilla Anay sandoval
Weak compared to TRUE Laker fans🔥❤️
Snehl K
Lilly, I genuinely think you should do one video a week.. And you shouldn't feel guilty about it. I bet everyone else would be okay with it. Right guys?!
silvia cx
Wait can someone tell me who humble is please????!!!!
Gabriella Gonzalez
6:50 what's up with the paintings like no hate just never seen them before
Jasmijn Zandinga
Thank you for your positivity Lilly, and for being a wonderful human being.🦄❤️
Warriors have louder fans because we have a lot more bandwagons so you can't beat us until there gone(:
Lexi Healey
You should do a what's on my phone!?
Alexis Stephens
sorry lily but golden state and cavs fans get hype as f way better than Toronto
natalie bartosik
When she said, "should I stop making YouTube videos and become a singer?" I thought of troye Sivan. Dat boi needs to be more active on his Chanel. :(
Brianna Peralta
Jessica Mendoza is a commentator for Baseball and she is a bawse female!
Mauro Onésimo Fut_Skillz
I am a Warriors fan, but I have to agree with u on how silent they (Spectators fans) get at times. I get louder at home than they do on the court. Toronto Fans go crazy from start to finish. True that!
valeria zolnaic
Victoria Elizabeth
Uh girl don't even get me started on warriors fans we are way better than raptors fans go see a game and you'll know ( that was in all respect and sass )
Mia Richardson
I can't decide if you and Brandon Rogers would either not get along at all or make a really cute couple
Taspia Rahman
Lilly please, if it gets too hard you don't have to do two videos a week. It's really difficult to do that
Celeste Gibson
the braid wave was hysterical
_A panda draws_
I realize how much you work 2 videos a week is hard but 2 times a week you make a million people smile
Mareina Chico
Blooper reel, please, Lilly!
Kung Pao Chicken
get a pet or something
Bula Masala
lilly jst wana say ...please take care of ur self cz theres so much of chaos there ...we aĺl love you...
Yellowkirby 1909
7:28 Awesome😎👍🏻
Alexis Diane Ngo
Can someone tell me where to get those cards?
Anagha Ravi
A tit bit of information for everyone. Just because. In India, this year, in cricket, the main commentator was a woman and she did a great job. And everyone accepted her really well which is nice because sometimes some Indians have problems with that. So Humble, there are "mainstream female commentators" in the field now. And that makes me happy.
jennifer bennington
Does anyone know where she got those cards and if we are able to buy them. I think they are super cool and I love them.
Humble theres an amazing softball player that does play by play commentating for baseball..Her name is Jessica Mendoza.. She is pretty good and knowledgable
Jessica Appolon
Ariana grande side to side
Tonya Trotman
that cute little dance was amazing
I loved your sports video Lilly. It didn't look like you struggled with it at all. I honestly wouldn't have known if you hadn't said anything.
dallas franko
Stop talking.
Nikiel M
Humble has such sexy legs.. lol
Lilly nooooo lmao, they are called the Roarcle for a reason! Ive been to a game, they are legit the loudest fans....cleveland's however... :( haha
Josie JEM
That camera drop gave me extremely anxiety
Josie JEM
That camera drop gave me extremely anxiety
yellow. bug24
love her
How do you manage to make and edit a video between 9:30 and 1:30!! That would take about two days for me earliest!! #Goals
Can you tell us about the super hero pictures upstairs
Gemma Leighton
Oh c'mon Lilly doing 2 videos a week on the main channel can't be that bad. Some YouTubers do 3-4 videos a day! I'm not hating btw, I just don't see how it's so stressful compared to other people.
Gurpreet Singh
Lilly I love you so much but I am a warriors fans we are really loud and love our team.
Amber Johnson
I rewinded the free fall of the vlog camera about 12 times
Anime Clan
maddy tomai
I love the Ronda rousey shirt don't be a dnb
What Humble said reminded me of a Vine by AlliCattt called "If Stereotypical Girls Were Sports Commentators." It basically shows a basketball game with a girl's voice in the background saying "Alright, number five is about to make a touchdown and he did ball is life"
Aneesh Raghupathy
That's how I feed my eel
Julia Tz
It would be so cool if you uploaded a bloopers video.
Deena Husami
The reason Toronto has good fans is not because Americans are lacking it is because we have so many teams in our national league unlike Canada that had such a minimal amount so of course they have better fans it has nothing to do with Canada being special
Thasnim Begum
Lilly!!!!!!!! Your mom *
Thasnim Begum
Huh? Lilly , is that your mum .
Tabassum Khalifa
What song was playing at 9:00? 😍
Banjara Bhaiya
Pause at 6:46 :o ♥♥♥
Shambhavi Srivastava
There are so many female commentators in Tennis...
Brenda Davis
is your movie going to Netflix?
Nina Milosevic
Did something happen between her and Jaz???
That's how I feed my eel!
Amogh Ramachandra
Golden State weak, best in the NBA
Génesis Granados
thats how i feed my eel
Nova Simmer
Cleveland fans are crazy! I lived in Ohio for most of my life and my I say as a person who was a fan of none of Ohio teams, people were always trying to kill me. I bought a Michigan poster at school and they tried to burn me......
Megha Kaur
Try and make the videos in advance
Alexandra Moraru
Please don't turn into an "women can do everything better than men" type of person.
RJ The Houston Kid
is that an ariana grande song at 8:44 to 8:58
Arianne Torresss
That's how I feed my eel
Soooo does humble live there orrrrr?
Jocelyn Kumerow
yesssssssssssssssssssss make tipes of sports fans
The Comedy Hangnail
That's so true though, I never hear girls commentating... -.- When I was choosing career paths back in high school, I was like " okay I either wanna be a youtuber or work as a sports broadcaster" and I chose YouTuber because of the freedom, but sometimes I make little sports videos and think about applying to broadcasting school just for fun lol
What is the name of the song when lily does the hair wave at 8:57 ?
Can someone fill me in as to why humble is living with lily, and also why they aren't together? Shippppp
Craftic Bunny
I hate to be that guy.. but you didn't do our secret handshake... love you anyway <3
Sylviah Marshalls
she's collabed with teala n eva....she also collabed with d trix
Oh God when she threw us down to Humble I got so much anxiety hahaha but Humble held it down
I literally love u so much💗💝
cookie monster
she got braces??!!