The Time I Was A Sports Commentator (DAY 552)

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Pre-order my book: />LAST VLOG: />MY MAIN CHANNEL: />SUBSCRIBE & JOIN OUR FAMILY: /> Today I finished all the good oatmeal, I became a sports commentator, and I realized Raptors fans are the best! Also, kung pao chicken. Enjoy xo Hi! My name is Lilly and this is my vlog channel where I post my daily adventures, travel series and video extras/bloopers/behind the scenes. If you like to laugh, smile and be positive, subscribe! -- MORE HAPPINESS AWAITS -- TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />TUMBLR: />INSTAGRAM: />SNAPCHAT: @iisuperwomanii VINE: /> DOWNLOAD MY FREE APP: Unicorn Island iOS: />Android:

Lily why don't you do a recording day? come up with ideas and stuff one day (multiple ideas) and the next day shoot as many as you can (1, 2, even more), instead of recording a video a day before you're supposed to upload it. That way you would have a lot of videos ready incase you were too busy or tired to shoot on monday and thursday
I should be a singer right? LOLZ, but what should I sing?
Amina Jafferji
When Humble and Lilly throws that ball i get remined me of Ross and Joey😂😂 just that the dont have a dropper
Dylan Dalton
Lilly's vlogs are always SO LIT 😂
Lilly's vlogs are the definition of positivity. Spreading smiles, one vlog at a time
Paige Johnson
Love this and your vlogs so much. Your hustle is truly inspiring, not only to TeamSuper but to all who witness. (and then convert, obvs.) Ahah. But really, we love you Lilly, and we love the amount of time and effort that you have dedicated to your fans and your channel. I know you don't like to call us fans, but I think it's the right word at this point because we all just love you so much, that all the body heat makes it HOT AF, so we cool you down. (Lol what. ) Anyway, I was periscoping whilst watching this so this is a completely genuine reaction, and we love how much you love us and want to be the best you can possibly be to achieve your dreams and desires. This got really long, my apologies! But we love you. Just had to let you know. ♥
Jordana Chaya
She is literally the definition of happiness. Look it up in the dictionary it will say Lilly Singh
Every time I see Lilly posted a vlog I stop everything to watch it ❤️
Sabrina M
All About Austin
Humble why aren't you a hand model yet?
Buffalo Wings
And yes be a singer!!!
while y'all are saying "I'm first, I'm first" can we appreciate HOW AMAZING LILY IS!! Like if you agree!!!
arushi dhingra
ily lilly but warriors fans are THE BEST FANS
sonam joshi
I really wanna see Lilly on Ellen... she is freaking awesome!!!! who else wants to see that happen?
That's how I feel my eel .
Chayse Felt
Anyone freak out when Lilly dropped the camera
JadesOfficial .
I always learn something valuable in literally every single Lilly vlog. 💕
Sean Nguyen
did anyone notice how Lilly capitalized "DAY" in the title of the vlog, when usually she doesn't? haha if you don't it's probably just my OCD ness but :) lolol
John Hill
2 videos a week on top of daily vlogs!!
Grace Damico
shoutout to humble for giving you your video idea!!!😂😂
Maria Presen
You're the queen but humble is also the king
Lol.. It's so weird lilly don't curse but 'bomboclatt' is a straight curse word in Jamaica... So I had hurry and turn my phone down cuz I didn't wanna get smack I'm the head 😂😂😟
Rck.l ess
We should made a Team Super theme song. We really need one.
Edona Zekaj
The video you just uploaded might be my favorite it is just so good and has so many amazing lines. Loved it
Thumbs up for anyone else who practically had a heart attack when Lilly dropped the camera down to Humble.
Advika Kumari
Here before 1000 viewss😂
wow... you reeeeally trust Humble, to just toss your vlog camera like that. Lol
Kookies and Cream
who else felt like they were gonna fall when lilly threw her camera to humble? lol
Dushane Waugh
that's how I feed my Eel! 😂😂
LLC Beauty
lilly is awesome and her smile is gorgeous.❤
Ileri Dosunmu
your fans support might be strong but your team weak AF
Elena TS
Coz I live in New Zealand your video comes out on Tuesday's and Friday's 😑 so I have to wait basically two whole days (coz she posts them when it's like 5:00pm ish here) to watch your Monday videos 😓
Humble and Lilly❤️ Who ships them🙋🏾
YASS! ARIANA'S SONG! ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖
Taj Burke
😂😂😂😂 Lilly's Jamaican accent gets me every time 🇯🇲
Gemma Leighton
Oh c'mon Lilly doing 2 videos a week on the main channel can't be that bad. Some YouTubers do 3-4 videos a day! I'm not hating btw, I just don't see how it's so stressful compared to other people.
Adiba Syed
Lilly is my daily dose of motivation I love starting my day with her vlogs it helps me stay positive.Love you Lilly xo
The Comedy Hangnail
That's so true though, I never hear girls commentating... -.- When I was choosing career paths back in high school, I was like " okay I either wanna be a youtuber or work as a sports broadcaster" and I chose YouTuber because of the freedom, but sometimes I make little sports videos and think about applying to broadcasting school just for fun lol
soapy soap
Lilly don't you dare offend dub nation raptors fans suck so stop talking about stuff that you don't know that much about
emotionally unstable
That moment when Lily's not so sure about the video and when you finally watch the vlog, the recommended video is Types of Sports Fans..😂😂😂
Jasmine Paris
Jeevi Bali
Notification squad where you at?!?! Team Super all the way!
Vishal Kalra
8:50 tell me the song plz plz!! wala soperwomen
#lonnor (lilly & connor) collab? wbu shane? he need cheering up from the stuff that happened and ur an unicorn and unicorn make ppl happy
Felicia Rose
who else lives for lilly's vlogs?
Moe Bryant
Naw dawg Warrior fans are way louder than Raptor fans 😉
Priscilla Thomas
Omg, you have to do a collab with Adam when you go to NY!
Azahrya Hassanali
notification squadd
Lilly looks like her mum a lot
seven faced
Jocelyn Kumerow
yesssssssssssssssssssss make tipes of sports fans
Josefien Heins
Ly iisuperwomanii
Sammy Tad
Great Video Lilly! Hope you had a great day as well
ESCO555 on the spot
Toronto is trash
Maria Ivaschenko
I've been in a sucky mood but you made me smile despite me fighting it. Just thought you should know, in case you read this comment...
The Pikachu of Texas
Hareth Nasser
what's the song at 8:45??
Watching this while I do my nails.
I just want Lilly to read this... I love you!
Anyae Parks
Who else notices that the fish eye makes Lilly's face look different ?
Zaina Cassam
When she dropped the camera, i legit had butterflies in my tummy ! xx
IMPORTANT QUESTION : whatsyour favorite kind of oatmeal?? and do you eat it with water or milk?
-victoria 'kuMana
1 view!!
Vineeth Gohimukkula wanna hear something cool.... Lilly is composed of the letters i,l,and y Ily is i love you
Kathryn Victorian
7:20 No, Lilly don't throw us! T_T
I was going to watch this but then I had to go feed my car
Iris Ortez
Why doesnt lily like the ceiling fan on or the ac? I dont understand lol
Brooke Stout
Eat all the oatmeal Lilly😂😂
Renelle Fernandes
Fiona Maloney
What are the cards called? I love them.
Yushay World
Notification Squad??
Kush Shah
Prediction - On of the collar is with Phily D
poetiklee vehrzed
i jumped when u said that humble will catch ur camera LOL
Fellalyck xo
ouch lilly!!! u threw me down??! it hurt ma booty! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Experimental 2.
2 main channel, well edited skit videos per week, plus daily vlogs, plus interviews and all the other stuff you do is mad bred ten! I don't see how you do it. Lol I don't know much but I the phrase "more doesn't always mean better" seems legit. I'd still love to see just 1 skit main channel video per week. You could make just one dope skit vid and it could even be better because you'll have more energy to put into one skit than the 2 you're doing now. :)
3:51 humble, please please read this. Lilly, i don't care if you reply back to this comment. I just want humble to see it. I love humble and everything, but this man needs to be educated. Please search on youtube- U.S. Women National Team (USWNT) vs any country and listen to the commentating. its most likely a man speaking, however there is this one woman. I think her name is Katie, former USWNT player, who commentates every game =) +Humble The Poet
Renelle Fernandes
Lilly, you really shouldn't feel pressurised to make a new video every Monday and Thursday. We love watching em but we understand that you're human and you get tired and you have YouTuber's block. The only thing that'll change is you're closing line for every video. You can make a vid whenever you feel like, honey. We hate seeing you stressed!
Manny Fresh
Nooooo not a singer. Be a rapper. You always do so good.
Marte Trollsås
I love sports fans, especially Norwegian handball fans. I remember one match when they turned off the music for the national anthem, because the Norwegians were singing higher than the music.
Alique M
Hi Lilly!!!!!! You probably never see this comment (hopefully you do) but is it just me or do you NEED to write a book which I will buy 10000000000000000000000000000000 copies of????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Anagha Ravi
A tit bit of information for everyone. Just because. In India, this year, in cricket, the main commentator was a woman and she did a great job. And everyone accepted her really well which is nice because sometimes some Indians have problems with that. So Humble, there are "mainstream female commentators" in the field now. And that makes me happy.
Sanjit Rai
I have been subscribed to you for a very long time and talk about you to all my friends and family. I watch your vlogs daily and am usually so proud of everything you say and everything you are. To a certain extent I still am. After the Raptors lost I was happy that you didn't have anything negative to say about the rest of the teams still in the playoffs. But as a diehard Warriors fan, that comment was inappropriate. We are known in the league to be the best fans (i.e., most loyal, loudest, etc.). Until you've been to our arena, you shouldn't speak on our fans sucking. Perhaps you should watch the game on something with better sound quality.
Vico Rodriguez
Why are Batman and Robin kissing in the background?
Lilly but teamsuper fans are better than raptors fans....right?
Lilly we know making videos is hard. And we love to see you relax. But we can't wait for Monday and Thursday because we absolutely love watching your face! So please don't ever think we think it's easy or we take it for granted. Your videos is what keeps team super all together. And this is why your fan following and support is phenomenal. Love you so so much! ❤❤❤
the amount of stress when Lilly dropped the camera tho 😅
haroun Martin
no english lol im go to the english translation and after that im writing comments .becauce english language so hard I'm tired to understand english fed up to learning english :'( im crying
James Calder
Lilly you have been such a genuine inspiration to my vlogs and along with many others YouTubers, helped me feel comfortable with my voice!
A girl has no name
your eyebrows sucks😂... btw I love you.... you make me so happy... hugs n kisses😘 xx
John Mel Dacaymat
When you work in the weekends and still say "Weekend is done let's get to work" Lilly you don't even have weekends
Maskppk 7
On your main channel u should do what girls do when there with girlfriends
Kyron James
Lilly, Bomboclat\Blodclat is a very derogatory Jamaican slang. Not sure if you should be using it so much, or even at all. Can any Jamaicans confirm?
Sharissa Nicole
Lilly please be a sports commentator LOL!!
I don't know what it's just me but I love how we actually saw the moment where you guys came up with the idea for your main channel video and you actually did it. I know you can't do that often if the video is coming out later in the week because you wouldn't want to ruin it but it was cool seeing the process.
Bertta Jouhki
Today I went to school and I saw a friend that I don't often talk to, but I knew she was a unicorn, so I went up to her and we did the handshake and it was the best feeling ever!
Sherri H
Alia MacDonald
When lily played your fav Ariana song ahhh 💕💕💕💕💕😜
Jellybean Squish
Toronto fans are better because ALL of Canada roots for one team because Canada only has one team
Mayurika a.K.a Pakhi Jain
Commentary with cat alone is so much better and so much much fun super!