Two Easy 240sx Upgrades that Look SICK!

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Rather minor "mods" if you even want to call them that, but I've been looking forward to getting Nicole some good brakes for a while now - end result looks great! I also finally installed my new valve cover from Colorado. FIRE SALE ON ZIP UPS AND PULLOVERS - /> Didn't mention it in this video, but I decided against CTSV calipers on her car because of fitment issues. Little did I know that Z32 calipers would have the same problem if not worse... You live and you learn!

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Adam LZ
Regarding the loose studs... For some reason they don't fit well in those hubs (they are brand new studs). Alberto had tac welded them, but most of the tac welds broke. I have other hubs, but they're at the warehouse so I was planning on getting those another day!
Destin Ginnis
You need a greddy intake manifold. That will clean up your engine bay so much!
Fr4g R4Z0R
Can't wait for you guys to go to japan again,really interested in the chaser.
Only clean it, leave the color...
Party Animal
Nice shoutout to Emilia Hartford !! Don't be a hater like TJ
Evan Peck
Leave it as is, sign it, and send it!
That valve cover in instagram???
Devan Chance
HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS CHRISTMAS This is like my dream garage with those cars 😤😤
Static Focus
Paint the valve cover green, and give it away.
Miles Johnson
Leave the valve cover weathered
Elias Stewart
Nicole's side boob tho on 8:22
Papa Meech
Why are your wheel studs loose? Oh and side boob at 8:22
Cameron Kinkade
Big Boost has a lady crush???? Amelia Hartford????
Big dig 33
Side boob
Bartoes 6902
leave the valve cover weathered, it makes it way more aesthetically pleasing
Try to buy a completely stock R34 GTR! Would love to see it on the channel, it's super customisable and an awesome car!
Will Cardoza
When big boost gets caught watching Emilia Hartford's bikini drift challenge. 🚨
Red cover looks better
Kristian A
At the start: "Z32 brake swaps are child's play" At the end: "Z32 brakes are annoying and make wheel choice difficult" You spoke too soon.
Fujiwara Shiina
i give you my left nut for that valve cover still looking like that!!! dm me on instgram bro
SHOUTOUT TO Emelia Hartford
Rilee Nolan
You have to leave the valve cover weathered. Repainting it would get rid of the aesthetic and its history
I think you mounted the rotors the wrong way. You have the right ones on the left side and the left ones on the right. The slices on the rotors should look like a sawblade. It's no big deal but just for next time.
OgN Stealthy
How many comments is this video gonna get about Nicole's side boob 😂
Florida country
Studs are not supposed to be loose like that.. shoulda at least tapped them back in from behind, not good, valve cover looks killer though
o Lemurs
if you giveaway that valve cover im putting it on my sr
OutlawX r3b3l
Leave ittttttt weathered man more sentimental
Ross McGregor
Kevin Rozell
Put the valve cover on your toilet lol
Zachary Schreffler
Hey Adam, Thank you for all you do with your videos and everything. You have been a big inspiration for me and my little brother, you have shown me my passion for cars and his passion for drifting. We have become much closer over the past year of watching your videos and just really wanted to thank you for all that you do!
Unstable Internet Connection
What are you doing in the bed 😏
Ethan Holmes
I’m so excited to turn 16 so I can get a car but I forget that my parents don’t have a garage
Leave it and sign it
Adam Humble
should rebuild the q45 calipers. They don't look as nice as z32 but I can tell you from my car, rebuilt old q45 calipers all painted up look decent and stop awesome, just as good as z32 in terms of raw stopping force. Plus they fit with any wheels pretty much
Niko Lehtinen
didn´t alberto fix those wigly wheelstuds?
These NUTS, gottem
james facts
Thumbs up for Nichols side boob
Fiber Sprite
Lol to Nicole's major side boob action
Biddy Jackson
Who else loves alberto
Trey Smith
Those forearm gainz😍😂 2:35
chris martin
Leave it dirty😂
Artur Specht
Adam dont drive like that the wheel isnt centered on the hub with thies spacers!
Alpha Officer
I agree with Nicole about the valve cover. But instead of giving it away, make a display for it on top of the garage tool doors
Destin Ginnis
Valve cover looked better red
Roy is Confused
Don't touch the value cover leave it dirty
Dylan Bush
Peep Nicole’s side boob at9:30
Leave it! It has history u know
baxter m.b.r
are you guys going to go put pa pittsburgh
Armour Shooter
Cream 240 looking more mustard! 😂👌
Miles Johnson
Please reply adam
Antonio Lloveras
when are you going to do the hood mod video?
Genius Team LV
hi adam best wid ever!
Dakota Cheesebrough
He said z32 158 times
If he signs and gives away the valve cover i hope i win it to put on my sr lol.
Keagan Rezek
Sign it clear paint it so the signature stays then give it away.
Atomic Playz
Keep it and hang it up like if you agree
Leave the valve cover how it is
Wayne 458
Seventh comment, xD ily guys.
first ?
4:16 does anyone know if spacers like these will damage the wheel bearings, or the spacers that you tighten down like the black one he had
8:22 side boob And at 8:35 And 9:02
Ramblin' Garage
LS swaps look sick!
Ramblin' Garage
Adam - most auto part stores have some razor blade tools that make it way easier to remove RTV and gasket maker. Just an FYI. Good luck!
What are the name of the gloves you are using?
Ricky Gurrola
Hate to break it to u Adam but those are z32 brakes, r32 calipers don’t have those ridges on top of the caliper there are smooth the ones you installed do have ridges so therefore you have z32 brakes don’t work work exactly the same😄
KillaApple Everything
I'm almost 29yrs old and I enjoy watching your channel along with haggard, ricermiata, gingium, jimmy oaks and others, the point is all of you have one thing in common you like working on cars and I wish I had friends like that.
SeaBass Vlogs
Keep the valve cover war torn and weathered! It has amazing story’s to tell with it!
Robbie Ballantyne
Hey Adam I’m almost 15 years old and looking at a 240/180sx for my first car after a deep check on it for a clean build what would you suggest getting maybe a turbo kit/ rims / coil overs or something I just need help so I can plan early
Ricky 2o9
How do you clean black chrome wheels ? Anyone ? Mines always have water spots when I clean them
You need to put the valve cover seal into the groove in the valve cover, if you just lay it on the head and put the cover on top there is a good chance the seal won't sit in the groove and will just be squashed or pinched; then you'll have an oil leak that could cause a fire. If it keeps falling out of the groove when you're fitting it, just use a few spots of sealant to stick it to the cover.
blake andert
yup sign it and give it away all battle scared up!!!!!!
blake andert
is nicole going to japan ??????
Scott Pearson
Screw your old valve covers to your garage wall. Would look pretty cool and a nice reminder of the fun you've had
Guillermo Islas
Leave the cover as is, don't even clean it. It tells a story. Just sign it. Great video btw
Morgan Schreiber
Where is the drift RC?
Adam Decker
FIRE sale. Get it? Cause the 240 caught fire?? I'll leave now...
Ayo Chino
Leave the cover as is and sign it 👌🏼
Please do a video on how the hood goes all the way up!
Alex Faulstich
when are u going to get pop up head lights
leave the valve cover the exact same
Nikolas Tresner
Definitely leave it weathered, it tells the story of that car and motor
leave it and what nicole said it has history to it
mateo Chafin
Leave it the valve cover how it is man!!
Clean it up but don't paint it, then frame it up!!!
1 million subscribers With out any videos
Leave it how it is
Just Clean it up and don't repaint and just keep it for memories
You should use hand tools if you are trying to keep her lug nuts nice and shiny like new.  Impacts just beat up the finish if that kind of thing bothers you.
Wietze Buwalda
Nicole living that no-bra life 8:21
Chris Foster
Nicole's side boob though. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤
Jos Pra
i like the red better
Joshua S14
Leave the valve color worn and tattered. But sign it, then clear coat the hell out of it so the grime and your signature stays forever!
sidneyy ominayak
am I the only one who thinks Adam's voice changes a lot?
doodle bob
Keep how it is so it shows the history
240sx looking fine as always
hi meet my gun
Did anybody else see that one wheel stud just flop? Should probably fix that lol