For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky

For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky is taken from Episode 8, Season 3 of the original Star Trek series. In the episode, the Enterprise comes upon what looks like an asteroid, but turns out too be a large hollow vessel designed to house its inhabitants as it travels through space, who genuinely think that they are living on a planet. A computer has malfunctioned and controls the population under the guise of a spiritual entity who punishes those who disobey by causing pain, and often death, through an electronic chip that has been implanted in their heads. An older man tries to tell Kirk and the crew that he went to the forbidden mountains and that their world is hollow and he has touched the sky, but is promptly silenced by the pain from the chip in his head which ultimately kills him. Although the title already has obvious and subtle symbolic implications, I chose to find even further metaphorical meaning as inspiration during the composing process. For example, the first part of the statement “For The World Is Hollow” can be taken to mean that the world, specifically humankind, is doomed to continue the cycle of petty violence, hatred, and destruction despite the efforts of many to promote peace. The second part of the statement “and I Have Touched The Sky” can be taken to mean that there are things such as music and the arts that transcend the mire of human despair. So for me, it means that although my heart breaks everyday because the vile and hollow ways of the world never cease to destroy and kill, the arts (music especially) have been, and continue to be, my salvation. I am incredibly fortunate and humbled to have “touched the sky.” For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky was written for Sharan Leventhal and Nicole Parks, and composed in February of 2017. — Aaron Jay Myers

Kathy Supove
Terrific piece and performance!!!