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Censored joker's death is way more gruesome IMO.
Lord Fand Angus
Joker's death on the censored version is cooler, but the uncut is more important to the story
Damn, Harley Quinn's granddaughters are really hot.
The Smoking Skull
Never really noticed how, during the censored version of Joker's death, Batman smiles when Tim drops the gun and Joker frowns/gnashes his teeth as Tim points at them and laughs. I'm pretty sure it's one of the only times Batman smiles in the entire movie.
Talon Omegus
I think the funny part is that people dont seem to realize all the parts where the Bat symbol shows up in the Censored version is technically supposed to be a jumpcut to where the next part starts.
Walking Corpse
Awsome job bro! The uncut version is better in every way, cept for the damn seat belts... That actually bothered me. Do people in the future like not wear Seat Belts??? Found out that in Terry's time I'm like 40... Damn I'll be old as fuck! Haha, but then that would mean Batman (Assuming he's around his late 80's) would be like 50 - 60 right now as of 2016.
Bonk's demise in the censored version seems more like Joker letting his victims die with a smile 😄
The Misunderstood Assassin
I just came here from Dorkly's video on censorship in Batman.
Chris _
Why did they change the old lady's color?
The censored version is no fun at all.
As much as the uncut version is the best, I honestly have to commend them for working extra hard to create a censored version. Honestly the seat belt scene should have been in the uncut. Who drives without a seat belt lol. I don't even remember ever seeing the censored version when I was little. I always remember being so shocked to see blood as well as seeing joker die in what was once a kids WB show. Great memories. This show as well as its predecessors was the reason why I loved batman. Nowadays, I never see a reason to keep up with everything. These shows always kept it nice and neat. :)
Will Xavier
Nice video. Loved the layout of the vid and the music. Superb job.
Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker "Uncut" is awesome and dark. -Just like how a Batman story should be.
I remember watching a version with all the uncut stuff but Bonk gets shot by the Joker with the laughing gas in the version I remember. Is it just me who remembers this or nah? When Terry goes to the Batcave I remember it being purple too. I also forgot just how fucking heartbreaking and earth shattering the whole Batman rescuing Robin scene is. This movie was so dark and it was awesome
@ 8:33 gave me a laugh, must have those seat-belts on.
JJskywalker / The League of Idiotic Gamers
I find some of these changes interesting. I suppose I like the uncut for the extra violence and souped up fight scenes, but I also enjoyed some of the censored. Such as I didn't enjoy the entire censored death of joker, but the fact that batman smiled because Tim had the courage to throw a gun away I found pretty neat. The harley color change I found fine as well and probably cause I'm a Texas guy but click it or ticket lol XD
no one
Wait ! I saw this completely uncut in my country back in the day (India ).... So Indian censors for Cartoon Network were either really cool people or they just didn't care .. well in any case win win
the coloring change was interesting for the harley scene. I wonder why? maybe the original version test screenings fans were not clear on who it was.
While I hate censors in general (especially since the un-cut violence is already rather tame all things considered) It really humors me when they actually make the scene...more horrifying. Joker shooting Bonk and instantly killing him is way more humane then letting him choke in laughter from joker-gas.
How Bout No
As far as The Joker's death goes, I prefer the censored version. Notice how Tim doesn't kill Joker. It really shows how well Tim regains his sanity and remembers what Batman taught him, which to me is an awesome characteristic for a sidekick of Batman to have. Batman also shows a relieved smirk when he drops the gun, which is a sign that he's proud of Tim for not going down that path. Tim fighting off the Joker, and throwing him into a water tank makes more sense in the case that he's just trying to kick his ass instead of murdering him, which something Batman wouldn't wan't him doing. Not only that, but The Joker's death is much more brutal and impactful. That scream is just... pure chills. But I'm completely fine with how the uncensored version went down. Other than that, everything about the censored version practically sucks, and even if the whole point of it was to show a more friendlier version of the film, they could have at least edited it better than they did.
idk death by electrocution seams worse than just a simple gun shot to the chest
SuperCHARged Productions
Some of these alterations are completely pointless. Like seriously, they changed "Old Bat Fart" to "Old Bat Coot"...why? And what was the point of changing the color of old lady Harley Quinn's clothes? It's still technically the same outfit. Why not just leave it the colors that match her old costume? That was actually pretty clever. Christ, I hate censorship. Destroying art since its conception.
"C'mon, deliver the punchline.." WHY WOULD U REMOVE THAT AMAZING LINEEEE
This was hella interesting to see. So many little details I never noticed.
the stooge
the only thing that makes any sense in the censored version is Nana Harley's color change, it's a nice visual allusion. there also allot of irony in censoring "fart", with how so many cartoons that came out during and after the time had fart jokes out the metaphorical wazoo...
Dom L
Never relised all the changes, always just thought it was joker amd bonks deaths. Gotta say I like all the additional scenes, but I like the edited versions of the deaths better, the jokers edited one mirrors how he dies to terry. and bonks laughing Gass death I just like more, doesn't make sense him dying by impalement but smilling like that. Such a great film tho, I think it may actually be my favorite batman movie.
private last
The seat belts. Changes the entire dynamic. No, really. Bruce is too paranoid to wear them, and Terry is too immature. Shows real development as people If they are willing to work past their egos for their own betterment. Especially when half the vehicles are flying at unholy speeds around buildings and other flying cars. How are Terry and ace not Salsa while untethered in the Batplane?
Coundessa Scarlotti
Gee, it's so hard for my tender childhood mind to conceive that THE JOKER could do something terrible to a person working against him; so it's a good thing they omitted the fact they used shocks and serums on him. I don't think my fra-gee-lay heart could take it! Also, does anyone else thing the obvious electrocution the Joker suffered in the censored version would probably have hurt him a lot more than that quick dart thing to the chest? Sure, it was off screen, but you still heard him scream and sizzle. Way to go censors.
Brian Cohen
I like the censored version of Bonk's death better than the uncut. Waaay creepier.
Safe to say the best thing the censored version has over the uncut is the fact that Harley gets her distinct coloration for her clothes when she grabs Dee and Dee.
Crewe on the Sofa
I would argue that the censored version of the Joker's death is far more brutal then then uncut one. Yes, they don't show him being electrocuted, but I find the implication of it and the distant screams of the Joker dying to be far more terrifying...
Does anyone else think that the Joker's censored death is way more gruesome than the original uncut version?
You can thank Columbine for this
Hmm wow I didn't think they'd change that many things .. fart?! lol seat belts haha
Disturbed Shifty
Damn. I knew the major stuff like the knife and the blood but never knew there was that much edited. The seat belts cracked me up though.
Big Huge
Excellent video! I spotted a mere fraction of these changes when I first watched these two versions but I had no idea how much was altered - even changing old Harley's colors to red and black to make it easier for kids to make the connection who the character is. Great presentation, too. The only thing left is to wonder how in heck I missed all those added seatbelts.
I'd say that the uncut version is better overall simply by virtue of having... more movie. However certain things in the censored version, like the deaths of Bonk and Joker are even more gruesome and fit the show better overall.
Alejandro del Arco
Glad to be able to say I've always watched the uncut version.
It's Over 9000 Productions
Holyshit. That censorship is insane
When i first saw that movie it was the censored edition, years later i wanted to see it again and didn't realize it was the uncut edition until i saw the joker die with a bang, i had no idea there was so much censorship until then. I like the uncut version but for me the censored death of the joker is the best one, that's the scene i always remember from the movie. Great video by the way ;)
Planet Rocky 2099
2:29 Why aren't the characters from the uncut version wearing seat belts? Safety is not just for kids XD
Connor Simpson
I like the uncut version way better than the censored one
For that scene with Batgirl, is that...Dina? Like Black Canary Dina? Why'd they change that?
Daniel Chilvers
Life doesn't give you seat belts
Raghav Tankha
could you please upload bonks death ( censored) with dialogues if you have it. more trademark joker i feel.
Michael Morales
Everyone who says the censored death of Joker is superior: You are plain wrong. He slips and kills himself out of clumsiness. How is that a fitting end? In the original ending he dies by his own creation. Tim is driven to insanity and horrifyingly, he seems to be aware of what happened to him. Which is why he kills Joker. He crosses the one line Batman never did, because he realizes that what Joker did to him can never be erased. The censored ending redeems Tim and suggests that everything will be alright, the uncensored ending shows that the kid is too far gone and he won´t be alright. Joker won.
Ned Flanders
The seatbelts in the Batman mobile actually makes sense, as he goes upside down and wild with it.
AMC Comics
For anyone interested in watching the edited version in a semi-modern format, you have to buy the dvd 2-pack that also includes Mystery of the Batwoman. It has all of the special features and also includes a Bruce Timm commentary. The edited version is otherwise a nightmare to try and get a hold of, as the digital and Blu-ray releases are all of the Uncut version.
Why does the censored version's colors look nicer and more vibrant? It looks like uncut has a blueish/greenish tint to everything. Joker has chalk white skin in censored while it's more like TNBA blue-tinted (though not as drastic as that) in the uncut version. Aside from that, I would LOVE a Blu Ray release that allowed you to pick and choose Censored/Uncut versions for each scene. I'd keep the enhanced uncut fights but maybe use the censored version of Bonk's death (but with all the added conversation from the uncut version afterward), and then uncut Joker death as well as one with all the previous changes but the censored death. So Blu Ray would offer Uncut as the default choice, Censored as the next option, and then a Custom option that takes you to a menu to pick and choose the scene versions.
People who prefer the censored Joker death are insane! 1. It happens off screen, while the uncut death happens on screen 2. Uncut death clearly shows that Joker is dead, so it makes Joker being alive in the future even more miraculous. 3. Joker viciously slashes Batman across the chest, so it is way more believable Batman is on the ground incapacitated. In the censored version he just fell off some bricks and he hasn't taken any other damage up to that point. Seeing the censored version, I was like "why is Batman just laying on the ground at the Joker's mercy, is his spine broken?" 4. Uncut has blood coming off both Batman and Joker, a testament to how brutal their fight has been up to this point. 5. "Deliver the punch-line' is a much better line and straight to the point. Joker wants Batman's death to be an elaborate joke. Batman being impaled by his own ward as the "punch-line" to not only the joke, but Batman's entire career, is super effective writing! "Make him one of us" doesn't make sense, the gas would make Batman into a mind controlled zombie just like Robin? Obviously not, that took weeks of peeling back the layers of the boys mind. So what is Joker saying,? That if Batman dies by laughing gas that is the same thing as being the Joker or JJ? Make him one of us is really vague and not nearly as effective. 6.. Tim having to make a snap decision, breaking his programming for just a second, and shooting the Joker makes his struggle much more dramatic. Throwing the gun aside, and consciously rushing the joker and pushing him (because punching would be too violent) makes it seem like the programming was not that strong and he could just do whatever. The physical immensity of his transformation is much weightier in the uncut. 7. In the censored Robin is just, i don't know, trying to delay the Joker until Batman can recover? In the uncut he has to decide, kill Bruce or kill Joker. That is the only reason he is able to break his programming, because the Joker is trying to make him do the impossible. Much more impacful. 8. Killing Joker outright would mess Tim up way more than than pushing him into a puddle and electrocuting by accident. Makes Tim's ordeal he suffers even more harrowing and the guilt he feels in the future even more real. 9. Most importantly, "That's not funny! That's not....." *dead* PERFECT line for the Joker to go out on! Like there is no better last word from the Joker. It's all a laugh riot when inflicting pain on others, but when it's time for his ticket to get punched, all of a sudden the laughing stops! Not so funny when he is the one to suffer. Forget the 8 other points above, this null and void makes the uncut death 10x better than just an off camera scream.
Movie Hoarder
Plus I Want A Live Action Batman Beyond Film Dude:)
Morgan Murphy
I didn't get the building reference until I realized the lights were off on the censored version
Damn, I never realized just how much was censored. I'm glad I only saw the uncut version when I bought the DVD way back when.
Movie Hoarder
Awesome Video Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Batman Beyond Return Of The Joker Another One Of My Favorite Batman Animated Films:)
Heja wolf 0602
Man, this movie must have been a nightmare to re-edit! It's crazy how even the littlest things were changed.
Renee Lawton
"Robin defeated him." Lol. Most of those changes are absurd, with the exception of the seatbelts.
Tony Dobbins
yet again another genius video
I think most of these changes were just to cut for time for the TV version, although when it actually got to the "censoring" part, it's just kinda silly. Specifically the dialogue. Tim's whole "It was me. I didn't mean to." is hilarious, and when that guy said "ice Wayne", that just sounded weird. I get that they didn't want to reference killing, but couldn't they replace it with "get" Wayne or something? Plus I don't know about you but I've never heard anybody offended over "putz" or "fart". The censored version is also ironically a little more morbid than the uncut version. Joker killing Bonk with laughing gas is horrifying, and of course there's the whole electrocuting Joker bit. Plus with Tim's torture, not showing what's going on just makes it sound less pleasant. Other parts of the censored version seems kind of better, though. Changes that seem really silly like the seatbelts and Batman's legs not being shown in the flashback sound stupid but honestly they seem to work better for the shot they're in. Plus I think it was a good decision to make Harley's clothes red near the end, although maybe her being blue reflected her retirement a little more. Even though this is completely unnecessary, I think if the good parts of the censored version were put into the uncut version, it might just be the definitive version of the movie. But that's just my opinion.
Big Boss Najenda
Bonk? Alright... Dead! :D also, this whole video was so interesting to watch. Incredible details!
Of all the ridiculous things to change, Harley's outfit a the end? And the amount of fighting they took out surprises me tbh
King Kagle
I would like an Uncut edition that keeps a couple things from the edited. That would be perfect for me. Like... Keep the impaling shot, but add the gas part. Use Joker's edited death (and subsequent related dialogue), keep the seatbelts in the regular car, keep old Harley's red & black. Otherwise, all uncut.
Toon Boy
My goodness! the effort to detail what's probably every single difference between the uncut and censored is fantastic. You, my good sir or ma'am, have earned my like.
Sam Wittsell
You forgot one: Uncut: "She was able to help Tim back to sanity." Censored: "She was able to help Tim back to himself."
Vincent Ly
Uncut Return of the Joker = Samurai Jack S5 Censored Return of the Joker = Samurai Jack S1-4
Alec Plumley
Just realized almost a decade later that I had the censored version.
Ngl that colour alteration for old Harley is actually good
I still like the censored Deaths of Bonk and Joker better.
Censored version You see Batman winning then second later he is captured
Elden Nebeker
Either way jokers death was done they both work. Uncut: killed by his own punchline Censored: like slipping on a banana peel almost. Either way both are well done
I love the logic, "The death is too brutal... we want you to censor it." "Well, we could have Robin causing the joker to be electrocuted to death off screen." "That's fine, that's not too gruesome." Would have loved to have been the fly on that wall during that conversation.
PrinzessinUGK the almighty
Thanks for the video :) was extremly interesting to watch I am so glad to have seen this movie in uncut version first; they censured some of my favorite scenes like Dee Dee beating Batman up at the very beginning, the "you're with me" scene or of course Joker's death.
I don't know why, but I found those seat belts hilarious.
Now I can see why so many people seem to having a problem with the censored vision.
marie 90
3:32 those were the same street walkers from the Ultimate Thrill (the Roxy Rocket episode) the blonde one looks like Black Canary.
Great job on this video! The layout and everything thing was great!
Caleb Douglas
The video that I rented from the library was the Censored Version
Great video didn't realise this much was altered for the censors.
SwapFell sans!
really....the cencored the word fart......wtf is wrong with that
Dick Greyson
*Seatbelts Added* ...Seriously? That seems like unnecessary effort on the animator's part
for the longest time I never knew there was a censored version
Hassaan Aamer
lucky enough to have seen the uncut version. as a kid.
This is a really well put together video and was just what I was looking for after watching the uncut version. Just wondering - why are all the scenes from the uncut version presented in cropped 16:9? The version I just saw was 4:3.
"Seatbelts added." Thank god!
If you were the joker, which death would you prefer more. The equivalent of an arrow shot to the chest, or full body electrocution? Pick your poison. I'm suprised laughing to death wasn't an option. I think he would prefer to go out that way.
DarkDrane SSJ4
yo cuando ví la película la compré en bluray
Actually, the scarecrow shouldn't have been in the fighting circle. He shouldn't have come back until he got knocked out.
I like old Harley's clothes and the seatbelts in the Batmobile better in the "Censored" version.  All other differences are better in the Uncut version IMO.
Enkii Muto
Crap, gotta watch tbe br dub to see which one we got, it has been so long i don't remember. Probably censored... though I think the joker's death looks like the uncut one. UNCUT IT IS! Thank you Brazillian Dub!
Well done that was very professional.
TBH, the altered Joker death may be more gruesome
DrWho Fan
seatbelts that was such a crime the lack of seatbelts
Why did they remove Black Canary for?
nick johnson
is it my country alone that didn't care to cut or censored or we are doesn't care if any of these show any violence no they don't
Harley's clothing colour is the only good change.
Diamond King
I saw the far better "censored" death.
Tim 57
Well done.
Is it just me or are those joker rag doll girls really hot?
With how many differences there are, they are almost like two different movies! At least the alternative deaths are well done, though. With Bonk, they made sure to add additional animations to the scene to make it fit perfectly (I like how the empty gas gun even bounces off of him, making it feel even more like it fits into the movie). And the censored Joker's death... that actually has another version to it, I think. He still gets electrocuted, but it shows a shadow of him for a few seconds getting shocked (if I remember correctly, that is). In any case, both Joker deaths are pretty gruesome. Which is great, of course. Having it be a silly death would only hurt the scene, especially for long time fans of the show. Even as a kid, watching the censored version of the movie on TV, I knew just how horrific it all was, which helped to cement how much I love the Joker in basically anything. Crazy, murderous, ironic... he's just simply a great villain. :P
I think the seatbelts were not drawn out of laziness. I mean did anyone really care about the lives of a bunch of violent animated character.
Louis Token