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This yoga practice is perfect for beginners but also nice for those looking for a slow and mindful back to basics class. Promote deep listening with the basics. Up your fitness practice and even your yoga workout by connecting or reconnecting to action and alignment. Get the most out of your time on your mat by connecting with your energy and awareness. Cultivate deep listening each time you show up on your mat. This practice is also great for yoga teachers or aspiring yoga teachers! Special thanks to my assistant on this one, thanks Benji! Namaste. Join the community: Instagram: @adrienelouise Facebook: />Twitter: />Snapchat: yogawithadriene Pinterest: /> For more Yoga With Adriene visit For programs and merch visit Try out the Find What Feels Good membership site at: /> Intro music by Shakey Graves, House Of Winston:

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I'm not very new to yoga, I've been practicing with your videos and taking classes in studio for an year now, but I must say that I really needed this prectice to show me how important it is to pay attention to each movement, each sensation and that sometimes I forget about it, especially on public classes. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to stay connected to our bodies - "sensation over the shape". Lots of love ♥
This really brought up some emotions in me. Gratitude being foremost. Thank you Adrienne. Your videos mean so much to me, have made such a difference in my life. To think I almost passed this one by thinking I didnt need it. Felt GREAT!
Christine McCloud
Oh, that sweet Benji! He looked so relaxed! I wish I could reach through & pat him! Good practice; didn't feel like 40 minutes.
Hi, I'm a high school student who is being buried in stress and anxiety, so I've decided to try yoga! I'm hoping this will definitely help me calm down! Thank you!
Der Wandersmann
Just looking at Benji sleeping relaxes extremely :-)
Jdawg J
I love your videos so much. They have helped me and I started with your 30 day challenge and omg I love it! I'm 15 and I am on day 29 tomorrow :) just finished 28! Thought I'd comment here since it's a better chance of you seeing it :) Namaste x
Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle
The coincidence. I woke up much earlier than usual and have decided to practice yoga using your channel and you just posted 24 seconds ago. Amazing. Thank you
Marijn Kool
Thank you, Adriene. I have been practicing your earlier beginner video's in the past weeks and it is so good. With this one: beautiful to feel how your guidance and presence have deepened. Namasté.
Lisa Polke
I've been doing yoga with Adrienne for 13 days now and I've never found any type of exercise enjoyable. Now I find myself doing yoga in the mornings and evenings and looking forward to it! Thanks so much Adrienne! Peace, love and happiness!
Anna Widell
Hi Adriene! Love your videos. But please, please don´t forget about us, your faithful followers. I have been following you for over a year and I have done all the "non beginner" videos like 100 times. How about some more videos that are a little bit longer and slightly more advanced (like the yoga for weight loss series)? Or even better a yoga camp/ 30 days of yoga!! You have plenty of beginner videos (I think 90% are beginner friendly) Do something for the rest of us. Please!! Love
Hailey DaVlog
Hi I was wondering what age is to young to start and I am in this video and I'm not to tired. Or really sweaty and I'm a gymnast so some of these things it's harder for me to feel the stretch. I'm 13 and what do u think would be good for me? I am a gymnast, soccer player, and I'm working on my acting. Would this be good for me?
Savoury Days Kitchen
Great tutorial!! I feel so refreshed and ready for the new day. Will definitely come back to this video and other videos on your channel <3
Gianna Aprilakis
Hi Adriene, I'm a beginner to yoga and I've started with your 30 days of yoga and I am obsessed. I haven't missed a day and I feel great. Thanks for being YOU! I wanted to buy a mat (I've been using my rug until now, but rug burn is no fun) - is there one you recommend for beginners? Thanks!
Ben G
I have a request: Yoga basics for those of us with Hypermobility Syndrome. Things like, the difference between straightening/lengthening and locking out, being aware of what is not normal movement, and just overall precenting injury. and also, how we can get the most out of our practice.
Selena's Changing
Girl, I can't thank you enough for your videos! I'm not exaggerating when I say you've saved my life. I'd given up on trying to relieve my back pain and thought that was it for me at 45. I searched for yoga videos and found most of the teachers were too serious or too marshmellowy. (is that a word?) They didn't make me want to come to the mat like you do and I ended up quitting. I'm not sure what made me look again(spirit guide)but I did and found you! Anyway, you're an angel and I thank God for you Adriene! I look forward to growing my practice with you and wish you much success. PS I have my chiropractor recommending you to everyone! I wish you much success, you deserve it!
Yolanda G
I love that Benji is a part of this! He is precious
Becky Lang
Needs more Benji! Worked out with my own cattle dog. She enjoyed seeing yours.
Jeff Jorgenson
I *love* Benji. Thank you for your practice Adriene, and thank you for helping me find my center.
adam jensen
you guys should do a class called "15 minute yoga mornings" for the casual streacher
Honda Housey
bahaha! That dog kills me the way he's just dozing off there.
That Benji though. I could just love him up. Such a cool pooch. Good to do a practice like this every now and again. Slower more mindful movements are more difficult than just cranking into a posture.
I just love Benji 💞❤
I'm so glad we found you. I have four kids ,two with autism and my 13 year-old has just discovered she has scoliosis so we have decided to do yoga as a family. You have really help us get started. Thank you
Carol Grunewald
Today is day 7...and managed my first plank! I find myself mindfully breathing throughout the day, and occasionally stretching for no particular reason other than it feels really good! I also spend more than one class with you, each and every day, and it is time so well spent. I'm feeling more limber, definitely stronger in my core and peaceful in my mind and heart. I'm utterly and completely hooked! So grateful, Thank you!
Maggie Oman
Thank you Adriene! Your yoga practice comes from inside out. Your integrity shines through. Great addition to my meditation. Love it. Thank you! Namaste.
Hina Shahid
Hi adriene, I have a very weak neck plus tmj plus shoulder blade imbalance which makes it hard to "roll them back" in downward dog or table top. If I continue with this practice, will it strengthen my neck and align my blades? Hope to hear back
Heather Carruthers
Having said goodbye to my old Labrador Rolo and welcomed a new puppy into our house I haven't been able to practise for a while. This was a perfect way back in on my now slightly nibbled yoga mat. Thank you!
Margaret Hoeschele
Adriene, I'm a solid beginner just starting to get into your videos! Do you have any tips for your beginner yogis with TERRIBLE knees? Especially between warrior 2 and the lunge, I'm really fighting to avoid pain in my knees. Tips for strengthening/modifying?? Thanks!
You do such a great job of slowing things down and really helping people to enjoy the purpose of yoga, gratitude, and serenity. That dog of yours is so perfectly peaceful as well. LOL You are so adorable. keep it up and thank you!
Vida Glanville
Five months of yoga every day including yoga camp and 30 days of yoga and this was the hardest! I think it's because I was paying more attention to the details. Thank you and Namaste Adrienne :)
Dennis Kent
I am so grateful for your videos, thank you SO much! And your dog is such a cutie :D
Nara Karimi
Adriene I think your the best yoga teacher EVER! your amazing and i'm thinking of starting yoga, do you have any tips for me? Love you<3
maya sh
Hey adriene I'll  start my own  yoga classes  next summer  it will be for free in the park  and I'm  only  17 so please give  me some  advice  I want ur advice  bcuz  u r the best teacher I've ever seen . All the love from Sweden ❤❤❤
Paul Davies
I'm a complete newbie, me like! thank you foremost ! and the wonderful world of youtube for bringing this to us.
I was really looking for something like this. I'm really out of shape and I feel the need to do something, but starting slow. Thank you! (and it's a good exercise also for my english :) )
Valerie Gonzalez
I cannot thank you enough for this, I’ve followed you for a while now but I’ve been dealing with depression and was never motivated enough to begin but today I finally said you know what I’m going to start taking care of myself and selected this video to start with. I really appreciate everything you have to say, I really felt as though you were speaking to me it was awesome! I also very much appreciate benji being a part of this! The time flew by and I feel very happy and open and positive after this and am most definitely going to continue because I haven’t felt this way in a very long time. Thank you thank you thank you!
leane poulain
Just starting practicing yoga by myself and your videos are great, thank you !! <3
loved this one. what a great reminder to get back to basics :)
Anna Rawa
You are amazing. You give me something BIG! Thank You
Thank you... great video
Nooralotta Ikonen
Ooh! That did me good. Thank you for all of the effort that you put in all of these videos. They make my life a bit more lighter! Snuggles for Benji 😘
Caroline Mariétan
That was such a great introduction !! I started the 30 days of Yoga but it felt a bit too difficult, so I'll do it when I feel more confident :) And Benji made me so happy, he's such a cutey !!!!
Missy Emylee
love these beginners yoga videos! After 2 c sections I am not as fit and flexible as I once was.
Brookie Cookie
You have made me love yoga thank you so much this helped a lot.
Pirate Jeni
this was delightful and exactly where I am right now. Thank you
kristen allin
What a great practice for all levels of yogis!
Nikolina Dukić
You could make a video explaining and showing how to use yoga blocks in different postures. I love your videos and this channel :*
Ignacia Vásquez Azagra
Coming back to your videos just makes me feel so happy! A reminder of how much I enjoy YWA. Thanks for dedicating time to spread the joy of yoga. xoxo from Chile :)
Michael Walek
I know yoga isn't about perfection, yet these videos are perfect for getting acquainted with yoga practice!
Denise Delgado
That went by so fast. I loved it.
Suspicious Milk
Fantastic video as always Adriene! Could you possibly do an in depth video of yoga for the feet? Particularly for those suffering from chronic feet problems like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, etc. Thank you! x
Piary Sobhan
Wonderful! Thanks for being a true teacher & sharing your knowledge with so many of us!
evangeline juanico
Yoga. Hi. thanks for this video for the biginner. i was started today as my friend from India says that I will try Yoga to relieved some illness stress and of course body pain. very nice thank you for sharing
Algin Peralta
So grateful for this channel and this community! ( AND BENJI!)
cool upload!! just subbed :)
Susan Field
Thank you Adriene - just getting back to yoga and this practice is perfect.
Jill Antonucci White
Thanks. It was great!! Loved that Benji was apart of it!!
Andrzej Mazur
Thank You Adrienne for this relaxing time: I feel fantastic after each video 😀
Sky Blue
Thank you Adriene! You've helped my knee pain a lot and I think that your tutorials are great! I love to do yoga with my mom by exercising to your channel. I loved the part when you exclaimed, "Peace, Benji," that was sweet and funny. Thank you again! (Your dog Benji is adorable by the way. So cute the way Benji is practicing with us)! 💜😉
Who else is doing this practice as a part of #FWFGnov2017 ? I love the idea of focusing on the basics for one month and really taking the time to concentrate on each asana in detail.
Mary E. Clark
💛 you Adriene! Thank you.
Thank you so much for this! Namaste <3
grabmane CH
Thank you!! Brand new to yoga. This was a perfect start!!
Steven Gibson
Thank you Adriene :)
Scarlett Pike
Loved this xx really helped😘💗💖
Crystal Burchert
Hi Adriene! I am new to Yoga just LOVE your channel. I have learned so much already from you and find your videos relaxing, strengthening and very informative. I have a question about a pose in this video; at about 10:50 you sit back onto your feet/heels with your toes curled under. I realized that I can't do that! I can sit back on my heels with my feet flat but toes not curled. What can I do to help my feet to be able to curl under better? Or should I adapt this pose in some other way?
Nicole Mostofa
nice to go back to the beginning after 8 months :)
Alejandro Hernandez
easy listen thank you, like the Shakey graves at the end
Clodagh Brennan
I really enjoyed this video. Used it twice so far! The one thing I seem to really struggle with is standing with feet pressed together. It just feels like the bones at the side of my knees are sticking into each other and getting in the way. Anyone with a similar problem and any tips to resolve? Should I just ignore queues to bring feet together if it doesn't feel good in my body?
Stéphanie Laurence
You are amazing. Thank you so much !
i wish my dog was that still when im doing yoga! lol
Ms Fluffer
Adriene - thank you so much love, you have helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life & I am eternally grateful to your rocking spirit! But please help - despite wks of practise, I cannot get my knee up from anywhere into runners lunge...I can only do it from forward bend, so frustrating, is it just me!!??
Jules-Pierre Malartre
Thank you for this great introduction to yoga. I am 53 years old, and I just picked up yoga. My back already feels better. This is amazing. Thank you so much.
Connie Davis
doing this in morning love it
mm m
I did it! This is the very first day of me to try yoga. #firstdayofYoga You are my first yoga teacher. Thank you! I will be here tomorrow! Thanks!
Kupkake Grenade
that fixed my neck pain 😆
Karen Jones
Thankyou for this video, first I have found that has explained the simple basics and how to get to those yoga postions. I live rurally in France and am in poor health and totally seized and not felxible at all. I decided to try yoga in my own home. Your video is so instructive, no annoying music and no screechy annoying condescending voices. Thank you so so much. Looking ofrward to working thorugh the rest of your videos.
Karolina Kołodziejczyk
I wouldn't call myself a beginner, but lately I feel the need to keep my practice kinda "low-key". So, as usual, You read my mind Adriene! Lots of love from Poland xx
Melanierose Elizabeth
Thank you!
Nicole Covic
Hi Adriene, Thank you for doing this videos. I look forward to my practice everyday! Quick question regarding Warrior II - what is the proper hip placement? Say my right leg is behind me, should my hips be forward facing or stacked on each leg? I want to make sure I'm going it right as I have some bone problems that could be worsened by improper placement. Thank you again and Namaste.
Gaia Zr
thank you! 🌺 you really helped me to learn the basic yoga moves
Emma sanborn
Her voice is soo soothing
Bisi Osibogun
Hi Adrienne, HELP PLEASE. I got a yoga mat recently. It's supposed to be no slip (as written on it), but I tend to slip off. Is it because I have sweaty palms? Is there something I can do? It doesn't help my practice at all. Kindly advise.
Alvis Hedlund
My knees really hyrt because i do not have A yoga mat haha.
Nazeeda Kors
My first yoga lesson ever! Loved it! Especially your way of teaching
Rafael Barbosa
You are extremelly gorgeous.
Rebecca Luke
Thank you for this video. It was a great reminder of the foundations & made me realise how sloppy my half way lift had become. I feel much more focused on my practise & more mindful of my alignment again. Much love xx
matko 39
my father is practesing it every single day
Kris Lee
Thank you so much for these videos. They're the highlight of my day!
Love how you so thoroughly explain each move! You rock, Adrienne!
I just started your 30 days challenge hopefully its good for beginners also yay!;D
Poledra Lark
that was really good!! i was so stressed about exams but now im super relaxed!! thank you i feel much better in my self and in others ~ x
0:37 R.I.P benji! you were the best dog ever:(
Camilo Cuevas
please keep making videos for beginners
Ruth Crouse
Loved this one!!
Yoga Videos
Best yoga videos.. 🙌🙏
june june
Thank you!!! I love your videos! X
Really enjoyed that. Good sesh!
Thanks, actual yoga and not the soft porn other videos pass of as yoga.
Mano Mir
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