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This yoga practice is perfect for beginners but also nice for those looking for a slow and mindful back to basics class. Promote deep listening with the basics. Up your fitness practice and even your yoga workout by connecting or reconnecting to action and alignment. Get the most out of your time on your mat by connecting with your energy and awareness. Cultivate deep listening each time you show up on your mat. This practice is also great for yoga teachers or aspiring yoga teachers! Special thanks to my assistant on this one, thanks Benji! Namaste. Join the community: Instagram: @adrienelouise Facebook: />Twitter: />Snapchat: yogawithadriene Pinterest: /> For more Yoga With Adriene visit For programs and merch visit Try out the Find What Feels Good membership site at: /> Intro music by Shakey Graves, House Of Winston:

I'm not very new to yoga, I've been practicing with your videos and taking classes in studio for an year now, but I must say that I really needed this prectice to show me how important it is to pay attention to each movement, each sensation and that sometimes I forget about it, especially on public classes. Thank you for reminding us how important it is to stay connected to our bodies - "sensation over the shape". Lots of love ♥
Marijn Kool
Thank you, Adriene. I have been practicing your earlier beginner video's in the past weeks and it is so good. With this one: beautiful to feel how your guidance and presence have deepened. Namasté.
Lisa Fortner
I've been doing yoga with Adrienne for 13 days now and I've never found any type of exercise enjoyable. Now I find myself doing yoga in the mornings and evenings and looking forward to it! Thanks so much Adrienne! Peace, love and happiness!
Hi, I'm a high school student who is being buried in stress and anxiety, so I've decided to try yoga! I'm hoping this will definitely help me calm down! Thank you!
Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle
The coincidence. I woke up much earlier than usual and have decided to practice yoga using your channel and you just posted 24 seconds ago. Amazing. Thank you
Christine McCloud
Oh, that sweet Benji! He looked so relaxed! I wish I could reach through & pat him! Good practice; didn't feel like 40 minutes.
Yolanda Violet
I love that Benji is a part of this! He is precious
Jdawg J
I love your videos so much. They have helped me and I started with your 30 day challenge and omg I love it! I'm 15 and I am on day 29 tomorrow :) just finished 28! Thought I'd comment here since it's a better chance of you seeing it :) Namaste x
Der Wandersmann
Just looking at Benji sleeping relaxes extremely :-)
Gianna Aprilakis
Hi Adriene, I'm a beginner to yoga and I've started with your 30 days of yoga and I am obsessed. I haven't missed a day and I feel great. Thanks for being YOU! I wanted to buy a mat (I've been using my rug until now, but rug burn is no fun) - is there one you recommend for beginners? Thanks!
Caroline Mariétan
That was such a great introduction !! I started the 30 days of Yoga but it felt a bit too difficult, so I'll do it when I feel more confident :) And Benji made me so happy, he's such a cutey !!!!
I'm so glad we found you. I have four kids ,two with autism and my 13 year-old has just discovered she has scoliosis so we have decided to do yoga as a family. You have really help us get started. Thank you
adam jensen
you guys should do a class called "15 minute yoga mornings" for the casual streacher
Jeff Jorgenson
I *love* Benji. Thank you for your practice Adriene, and thank you for helping me find my center.
Savoury Days Kitchen
Great tutorial!! I feel so refreshed and ready for the new day. Will definitely come back to this video and other videos on your channel <3
Stevie N
Benjis showing the downward dog 😉 🐶🇦🇺
Honda Housey
bahaha! That dog kills me the way he's just dozing off there.
I just love Benji 💞❤
Lifeofsunshine 007
I am 33 and am in a corporate job that I quit last year in December to sort my physical and mental fitness out as well as to complete a professional qualification. Part of this is to eat more healthy and organic as well as job, practice Yoga and powerlift. I have lost 4kg (8.8lbs) in January alone and am about to start powerlifting from Monday. I have done this full session of Yoga this morning (woke up at 5am, did body weight exercises and just completed this) and man did this kick my ass!!!! I need to get more fit and I am sweating now. Thanks for this video and I envisage to practice daily from now on. This will all help for my Mount Everest Base Camp Trek in October too!....Thank you and keep on keeping on from London!
Monique Szabo
Adriene. Just love your classes and your approach. Thank-you for making me feel like nothing I do in yoga is “wrong”.Please feature Benji in more videos :) 🐶
loved this one. what a great reminder to get back to basics :)
Nooralotta Ikonen
Ooh! That did me good. Thank you for all of the effort that you put in all of these videos. They make my life a bit more lighter! Snuggles for Benji 😘
Bev M
Thank you so much. Trying to get back into a yoga practice and very much appreciate your presentation.
Nara Karimi
Adriene I think your the best yoga teacher EVER! your amazing and i'm thinking of starting yoga, do you have any tips for me? Love you<3
Adriene I just want to say thank you. I’m new to your channel, and finally decided to dedicate some time everyday to get back into daily yoga practice. I thought it’d be strange and lacking something to not be in the same room as the instructor, but just from your videos I can tell how genuine and wonderful of a human being you are, and I’m so thankful for you taking the time for this channel and taking us all with you in your yoga journey. You know what you are talking about and come across so calm and wise and accepting and wonderful, and it’s making me looking forward to tomorrow evening already. Thank you <3
Gill Smith
I absolutely loved this practice. I have been joining you on the mat daily for some time now and I must say I have learned to cultivate that deep listening you mention Adriene. This way I get full benefit from every practice. Even and especially today with the basics, I feel I have had a full body workout. No sweating or heart pounding but an awesome all over stretch and lengthening ..... feels great. And in your kind and loving way, with super Benji making us laugh, what more do we need. Bless you Adriene, sending love 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️☺️🙏💞
Brookie Cookie
You have made me love yoga thank you so much this helped a lot.
Green Eggs
Wow. Thank you for this. Been going through a massive and traumatic life transition, one which included my beloved Blue Heeler (Fenny) dieing. I've been practicing sitting in stillness and trying to listen to what the universe might have to say and how to heal my grief. It seems to echo self love and self care, but where to even start? Try yoga. I'm so intimidated I keep putting it off. Try yoga. But I am so out of shape. I feel my bossy Blue Heeler nipping at my heels. He won't let it go. Try yoga. Fine. I look up beginning yoga on YouTube. Yoga with Adriene pops right up. I feel the encouraging nip again, so I steel myself to try this "impossible" thing and click on your video. And there he is. What a truly wonderful surprise to find you with your Benji, and him being sassy and bossy much like Fenny was. Of course I cried, and then I followed you in your poses and did my best for the full length of your video. It was a wonderful video and I felt encouraged by your words and gentle demeanor. Thank you so much for making this. I have subscribed and will be back tomorrow to try the next one. <3 -Holli
Becky Lang
Needs more Benji! Worked out with my own cattle dog. She enjoyed seeing yours.
Algin Peralta
So grateful for this channel and this community! ( AND BENJI!)
Thank you for this video... Am new to yoga (my first class was 4 days ago) and I wanted to practice safely until my next class... Your explanations are super clear, it made me feel like I was already the best version of me I can be at the moment! I didn't feel clumsy or lost or whatever. Plus I really connected to the sensations in my body. Am gonna try the foundations of yoga next =)
Johnathan Banks
I'm a hypnotist in Bakersfield CA and yoga as well as hypnosis is guided meditation and relaxation. I love practicing with your videos. Thanks!
You do such a great job of slowing things down and really helping people to enjoy the purpose of yoga, gratitude, and serenity. That dog of yours is so perfectly peaceful as well. LOL You are so adorable. keep it up and thank you!
maya sh
Hey adriene I'll  start my own  yoga classes  next summer  it will be for free in the park  and I'm  only  17 so please give  me some  advice  I want ur advice  bcuz  u r the best teacher I've ever seen . All the love from Sweden ❤❤❤
Tina Sibley
I LOVE this video - I'm totally new to yoga and felt overwhelmed in classes. This explains everything perfectly and gives you time to get into position and experience the feeling. I look forward to my yoga journey. And I so love Benji - and am glad you didn't edit him out! :-) Namaste x
I was really looking for something like this. I'm really out of shape and I feel the need to do something, but starting slow. Thank you! (and it's a good exercise also for my english :) )
Scarlett P
Loved this xx really helped😘💗💖
leane poulain
Just starting practicing yoga by myself and your videos are great, thank you !! <3
Valerie Gonzalez
I cannot thank you enough for this, I’ve followed you for a while now but I’ve been dealing with depression and was never motivated enough to begin but today I finally said you know what I’m going to start taking care of myself and selected this video to start with. I really appreciate everything you have to say, I really felt as though you were speaking to me it was awesome! I also very much appreciate benji being a part of this! The time flew by and I feel very happy and open and positive after this and am most definitely going to continue because I haven’t felt this way in a very long time. Thank you thank you thank you!
Mary E. Clark
💛 you Adriene! Thank you.
Alex Ducey
I just did yoga for the first time to this video, and am immediately certain that this needs to become a daily thing. My whole body felt cramped (I'm a little sick, which usually makes my muscles sore), and after this routine, I feel like my cold progressed 48 hours into the recovery phase. I am a deeply incredulous person, so I hadn't put much stock in yoga until now. I think the mystical language turned me off. But I can't argue with empirical evidence, and this worked wonders for my day. It was also easy to follow along with your pace, which is super important. I tried another video series before this, but I couldn't make it 5 minutes in due to the inundation of instruction. You're very adept at teaching, and I look forward to learning more from your videos. Have a lovely day, Adriene. P.S Give the pupper pats for me, Benji is a good boy.
That Benji though. I could just love him up. Such a cool pooch. Good to do a practice like this every now and again. Slower more mindful movements are more difficult than just cranking into a posture.
Adi K
Yas ! I found this other video for begginers ! 2 videos for us ! Thank you ! 🤗🌼
Joy Katz
Thank you so much Adriene and Benji! I really enjoyed this session! Namaste...
Asma Jelassi
Thank you very much!! It helps me a lot!!
Piary Sobhan
Wonderful! Thanks for being a true teacher & sharing your knowledge with so many of us!
Carol Grunewald
Today is day 7...and managed my first plank! I find myself mindfully breathing throughout the day, and occasionally stretching for no particular reason other than it feels really good! I also spend more than one class with you, each and every day, and it is time so well spent. I'm feeling more limber, definitely stronger in my core and peaceful in my mind and heart. I'm utterly and completely hooked! So grateful, Thank you!
Jules-Pierre Malartre
Thank you for this great introduction to yoga. I am 53 years old, and I just picked up yoga. My back already feels better. This is amazing. Thank you so much.
Susan Field
Thank you Adriene - just getting back to yoga and this practice is perfect.
Pirate Jeni
this was delightful and exactly where I am right now. Thank you
Paul Davies
I'm a complete newbie, me like! thank you foremost ! and the wonderful world of youtube for bringing this to us.
tinna bjarnadóttir
Thank you for this, I´m getting back into yoga after years of not really practicing and this really gave me the confidence and the belief that I can do this again.
I loved your video and seeing Benji. in it was so cute, made me giggle. this is my 1st day and I really enjoyed your video. Thank YOU!
Madeline Cutchin
Thanks for this beginners video. I have zero to no flexibility. Starting this as a program to help with being overweight and having high blood pressure. My next step is the 30 days of Yoga. Thanks, Namaste.
Missy Emylee
love these beginners yoga videos! After 2 c sections I am not as fit and flexible as I once was.
Earthly Rambler
Thank you
GiGi Tally
This really brought up some emotions in me. Gratitude being foremost. Thank you Adrienne. Your videos mean so much to me, have made such a difference in my life. To think I almost passed this one by thinking I didnt need it. Felt GREAT!
Alex B Chakoian
Thank you for these. I've never knowingly done a single yoga pose before, but I'm able to follow along and work on my form with your instruction. My cattle dog is also "helping" me as I practice. Keep up the great work!
Christine Keogh
Thank you Adriene. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now and still enjoyed this video for beginners. It was great to slow down and do things more mindfully. Also appreciated the slap to the inner thigh - it worked! - there's always something to learn.
Michael Walek
I know yoga isn't about perfection, yet these videos are perfect for getting acquainted with yoga practice!
I actually find your yoga vids a bit too fast for me sometimes. I’ve never done yoga before and there’s some terms you’d be saying where I’ll just be like “what?” And sort of give up because I wouldn’t know how to get myself in certain positions. I did, however, feel a lot better after that session
auré lie
Just did my first home yoga session with your video and oooowww it feel so good!!! Thank you and kiss from France 🌱🌱🌱❤️❤️❤️
Joe Luck
you are great, I am yoga instructor but I can learn more from you." My own wisdom When there is stillness within, I can hear the voice of my own wisdom."
Magdalena Karakaya
Thank you Adriene! I am so greatful for you! I practise yoga almost every day :) with your videos. I love it! Love, Magda <3
Shelby Cole
Wow, I'm glad I found your channel. I've been interested in trying yoga for many years, and I actually made it through this whole video! 😀 I look forward to watching more of your videos in the future. 😊
Steven Gibson
Thank you Adriene :)
Ruth Acosta
Gotta love when Benji makes an appearance, he is too cute just laying on the mat and all :) Great practice! As someone whom practiced yoga for almost a year this is a great refresher to get back to basics. Felt great! Now to move on with my day!
I love you and benji so much~ This video was so helpful for me to start yoga
Mish Young
Even though I have been doing yoga for a while, it was good today to stop and just go over the basics. Thank you :)
Liz Beardmore
Always good to go back to basics - there is always something new to learn. Thank you Adriene xx
Amy Julian
Long time follower of your videos and started with your original yoga for beginners video all those years ago. This was so nice to slow down and mindfully take each movement and adjustment. Felt like a moving meditation at times!! I also needed to be reminded to honour the teacher within. Kia kaha wahine toa, thank you thank you x
Emelia Söderlund
Keep returning to this one. Can't believe how much I've grown since coming across this video about four years ago, especially my confidence. Thank you Adriene. xx
Selena's Changing
Girl, I can't thank you enough for your videos! I'm not exaggerating when I say you've saved my life. I'd given up on trying to relieve my back pain and thought that was it for me at 45. I searched for yoga videos and found most of the teachers were too serious or too marshmellowy. (is that a word?) They didn't make me want to come to the mat like you do and I ended up quitting. I'm not sure what made me look again(spirit guide)but I did and found you! Anyway, you're an angel and I thank God for you Adriene! I look forward to growing my practice with you and wish you much success. PS I have my chiropractor recommending you to everyone! I wish you much success, you deserve it!
Thank you so much for this! Namaste <3
Maggie Oman
Thank you Adriene! Your yoga practice comes from inside out. Your integrity shines through. Great addition to my meditation. Love it. Thank you! Namaste.
Horse Caring5
Just came back to yoga after many, many years. Thank you for your great videos! Just love doing the yoga with your videos and must say, I feel so good after....
Vics B
Sending you love and gratitude. Namaste!
Ignacia Vásquez Azagra
Coming back to your videos just makes me feel so happy! A reminder of how much I enjoy YWA. Thanks for dedicating time to spread the joy of yoga. xoxo from Chile :)
Laurel Anderson
You are so sweet. I have been practicing yoga for years but not for the past several months due to an injury. This class gave me the space to get back into my body in a safe place. Thank you, namaste
stevieT stevens
Hi Adrienne, Benjii. Been doing your yoga session on Sunday mornings a little over a month now. Getting better and stronger. Thank you and Namaste!
Cynthia Garcia
Hey Adriene, I heave heard so much about you. I started my yoga journey in 2014 and earned my teacher training in 2018. I am so excited to watch your videos now compared to then because I learn something new every time I practice and teach. This is wonderful for beginners, which I teach a lot of, and advanced yoga practitioners because it makes us mindful even in the "easy" poses. Thank you for sharing.
Heather Carruthers
Having said goodbye to my old Labrador Rolo and welcomed a new puppy into our house I haven't been able to practise for a while. This was a perfect way back in on my now slightly nibbled yoga mat. Thank you!
Alejandro Hernandez
easy listen thank you, like the Shakey graves at the end
grabmane CH
Thank you!! Brand new to yoga. This was a perfect start!!
Kathy & Brad Brasseur
I am back! Thank you Adriene. I did thirty days with you about a year ago. Had several life issues arise. I came back today. You are absolutely wonderful. Thank you. Namaste! <3
Lis Carpenter
Thank you for that last pointer about squeezing the shoulders together to open the chest during the corpse pose. It wasn't meaningful to me until I made that modification with you.
Marie-Louise Sessions
Great together back to basics, to raise self awareness and re explore what is important. Thanks Adriene for the reassurance and checks that make what we do feel good but also her is to individually achieve our best x
Melanierose Elizabeth
Thank you!
Yoga For Beginners - The Basics - Yoga With Adriene - how many times a week is best to do this video, and which is the best video to follow this one Adriene - really enjoy it awesome.
I was looking to take up yoga - I think this woman just got me hooked :D - she is so relaxed and peaceful, yet funny and upliftig <3 - thanks for the upload, I subbed
Thank you it was so long since I haven't do yoga Im so relax❤️
this was wonderful thank you!!! this left me feeling so refreshed and you're so encouraging!!!
Theresa stratton-boyle
Thank you so much for explaining what we are doing!! Helps this newbie so, so much!!
Kevin Machin
Totally new to yoga and after years of bad running posture and a weak core I finally started trying yoga with Adriene. I hate public classes, so this is perfect and I love Adriene's chilled approach and not too yogi. Thank you for doing this and helping my little ol' bad back. Keep up the good work!
Moonwatcher Keeper
This is the best course for beginners! Thank you, Adriene, for making this amazing video for us!
Anna Rawa
You are amazing. You give me something BIG! Thank You
Татьяна Мануковская
Adriene is perfect as usual! It's a wonderful workout for thosw days when you are slow& lazy but your body still ask you for alignment and some joy of moving! Absolutely understandable and so detailed instructions that just make you feel each muscle, each joint Adriene, so many thanks to you and all the best to you personally and everybody dear to your heart! Tatiana Manukovskaya , Russia
Maike Thomsen
This video helped me get into yoga, thank you so much Adrienne! :)
Bev Onciu
mm m
I did it! This is the very first day of me to try yoga. #firstdayofYoga You are my first yoga teacher. Thank you! I will be here tomorrow! Thanks!