1/25 Scale '73 Chevy Caprice Lowrider model car Arduino

I equiped this 1/25 scale '73 Chevy Caprice Lowrider model with a Arduino circuitboard that controls the "hydraulic" suspension and working moonroof. It can switch between RC and Arduino mode.

Yo u have to make some kind of deal with a toy company or model company im telling I've been dying to have one of your cars since I was 14 I am now 36 and I still love your stuff yo your the best lowrider model guy in the world hands down
One of the best model car builders of the world hands down ☆☆☆☆☆
Damn MASTER J this is next level
you have set the bar very high sir
Joseph Yartins
I so wish there was a heart option because I love these ultra scale lowriders..
👍Nice.. Wish I could make them like that too!!!
General Hobbies
holy shnikeys dude. wicked cool 😊👍
LXC Scale Cars
Cool video, and as always impressive work Jevries!
天才 格好良い( ≖͈́ ·̫̮ ≖͈̀ )ニヤァ
bryan campbell
My new favorite!
Please make build your own kits... Dose the opening door trigger the start or is it just on a constant loop after being powered on
RPG YouTube
Очень нравится , хочу повторить , но не смогу
gadget tv cars
Wow amazing car 😱👌👌👌 I love bro ✌️
LIFER Jurado
Respect Wow
سامي الراجحي
I Want to buy one) 🙏
Dan Griego
Amazing....... Speechless. That is by far one of your best builds. 👏👏👏 👍😊
Luis Esparza
I'm 38 years old I've been following your car since I was a kid hands down they just keep getting better and better. You need to call a toy company or model car company start selling them
Sean P 420
You sir are insanely talented my hats off to you
Danny Hidalgo
Amazing work! Always innovating.
nice!!!! how can i buy one of your vehicles👍🏾👍🏾✌🏾✌🏾
R/C Obsession
A real masterpiece my admiration is turned all the way up
Madlab Models
Absolutely awesome love the paint love the detail work on the car. Of course the Wireless movement is simply the coolest thing ever but the moving sunroof has to be the coolest feature
Styrene Sleds
Absolutely Awesome Work Jevries !!!!! MADD SKILLS..
Damn bro what's next ...one that builds it self ....#SKILLS
bryan campbell
Always next level work!
Bandit Emcee
you already know 🔥🔥🔥👆👆✊✊✊
Ernest Chavez
Dude thats freaking awsome thats mind blowin what poeple can do wit technology
Paul Wiltse
My dude how can i get my hands on one! I want one for my pops on fathers day it would literally make him cry he loves your work!!
Kyle Walker
You build some awesome creations and in some small tiny spaces
Damn Jeroen. 🤙🏼 Echt ongelofelijk 😎 Wat een Beauty
😲😲😲 what next? Technology like the new cars that drives itself and can keep itself in its lane?
Top Dog customs 63 Chev
very nicely done your builds are insane bro
Looks amazing!
What a gem! Beautiful piece.
TuneTwister Music
If you start making it drive, computer lift, and make the doors and hood and trunk open and close by servo Im sellin all my resins and wheels and givin up!
Anthony James
It's funny cuz for years people have tried to do what you do but can't come close when are you gonna show everyone how it's done
Elver Galarga
Bad ass ride bro wanna sell it???
Andrew Diaz
Clean bro
Ziplock Dreams
share your methods
This guy...smh
voha bim
I need
Caleb Taylor
Rob Brimson
Does it drive on its own
mi eztilo diecast kustomz
Awesome carnal
Kevin T
Fantastic! 👍🏻🚦
Clemens Van den born
Ben jij Nederlands?
Where can I get 1 yo
Rollo Tamayo
Hey man i really want a 64 rc low low they use to them at the flea but they dont make like they use to Ive watched you for yeas since the california dreaming vifeo Please email [email protected] Ill pay what ever
quarlo mcswain
Damm hommie you just shit on everybody!! Tight ass work
Barbara Hernandez
Bad ass skills
jaime vasquezjaime
u cant take them with u when u die u know that