Once Upon a Time 7x01 Sneak Peek "Hyperion Heights" (HD) Season 7 Episode 1 Sneak Peek

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Once Upon a Time 7x01 "Hyperion Heights" Season 7 Episode 1 Sneak Peek - After six seasons, the residents of the enchanted forest enter Season 7 facing their greatest challenge yet as the Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin join forces with a grown-up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy on an epic quest to bring hope to their world and ours. Along the way, new fairy tale characters and old search for true love, find adventure and take sides in the ongoing struggle of good against evil as classic tales are once again twisted and reimagined. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Once Upon a Time season 7 promos in HD! Once Upon a Time official website: />Watch more Once Upon a Time Season 7 videos: />Like Once Upon a Time on Facebook: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Twitter: />Follow Once Upon a Time on Instagram: /> Once Upon a Time 7x01 Sneak Peek/Preview "Hyperion Heights" Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 1 Sneak Peek Once Upon a Time 7x01 Sneak Peek "Hyperion Heights" (HD) » Watch Once Upon a Time Fridays at 8:00pm/7c on ABC » Starring: Lana Parilla, Colin O'Donoghue, Robert Carlyle, Dania Ramirez, Adelaide Kane Contribute subtitle translations for this video:

Once Upon a Time 7x01 Sneak Peek Once Upon a Time 7x01 Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 1 Sneak Peek Once Upon a Time 7x01 Preview Once Upon a Time 7x01 Trailer Once Upon a Time Season 7 Once Upon a Time (TV Program) Lana Parrilla Colin O'Donoghue Adelaide Kane Dania Ramirez Robert Carlyle Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek tvpromosdb Once Upon a Time 7x01 Promo Season Episode Trailer Hyperion Heights

King Felipe
Regina has come such a long way throughout all the seasons. In my opinion she's had the most character growth and development. Forever my favorite. 🙌🏽
Remember when the series first started and Henry was only 10 years old
Miranda Miller
One: that portal was VERY Doctor Strange “esque”. Two: LOVE how Henry’s fairytale outfit looks almost exactly like David’s. Three: if they are going to bring in a new “Savior” for this season, I hope it’s Regina.
5th PreciousAngel
Am I the only one bothered by the fact that they are doing another Cinderella in stead of bringing in new characters?
Brianna Ray
When you were so convinced this season was going to be sooo bad, but then you watch this and start falling for the idea! 😝😝
chimchim of busan
AHHHHHHH!!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW SEASON!!! (Even if Emma isn't the main character anymore)
Hannah Garry
I was thinking Henry would say "Oh crap I killed Cinderella"😂
Jeez, I can't believe how fast he's grown. We've literally watched him grow up and watch his acting blossom. Now look at him! He's a great actor and I can't wait to see what he goes on to act in after Once! Just crazy. Makes me realize how much I've grown myself since the show premiered... wow... such a bittersweet thought. :)
Amanda !
"August taught me how" *the feels*
Crybaby Madhatter
More than one realm? That means there is another Peter Pan!!!
Sarah H
Nope. Still think they should have cancelled the show instead of this. The ending of season 6 could've been a beautiful series finale.
Ayn J
Missing Emma and Emma/Hook.
Ana 2703
Since when the bean portal is a fire circle?
Jessica Nordström
Annoying thing about the new season, hook is in season 7 but Emma won't like wtf they just got married? 🔫
alright im gonna admit this made me excited to find out what happens, still annnoyed that 90% of cast is gone but this looks slightly promising
Henry looks so pretty.
That bike has to run on solar, otherwise...
Miss DeRaMo
Jared grew up on the show. I remember how little he was in season 1.
Henry is still an adorable 11 year old in my mind
Júh Lima
omg Jared is so grown up, I can't believe he left it's almost unbelievable also we've seen him becoming that beautiful young man before our eyes for 6 years ❤ THANK YOU JARED GILMORE ❤
SassyBaby watson
Henry was cute before but wow he's gorgeous
Jesus Perez
Did anyone notice that portal looks just like doctor stranges portals and also like the one ghost rider made connection everyone there is a comic book line Marvel Fairy tales all marvel characters are turned into fairy tales
Debra Harris
I'm conflicted. THe new season looks like it will be good but I hate major cast changes. I'm glad my favorite characters are there though; Regina, Hook, and Gold.
Still wondering why they didn't end it with season 6
Smiley Riley
Im so excited for this! Older henry reminds me so much of August:((
Kitty M
Ryan Morris
If your wondering how Henry got his gas.... Just repeat to yourself, "It just a show. I should really just relax for Season 7 of Once Upon a Time!" ;)
Alvention Schmalion Ball
TBH, this shouldn't be called Once Upon Time cause it's a brand new story and Season 6 give the perfect ending for Once Upon Time. Its just my opinion tho.
Alayah Trammell
Damn Henry got fine
Sevonne Robinson
I wish this clip didn't end. Wanted it to continue
Lorelei Bodenbach
I swear, I'm having so many mixed emotions on this season. Like do I want to see it or no. 😑
sim sparkles
Well ... someone got hot
How could he leave her I'm crying
I think I can live with this... As long as Rumple doesn't lose his character development for the thousandth time. Like, please stop the back and forth with him and Belle and let him do good things. That was getting quite stupid, and they're 2 of my favorite characters when they are not being badly written.
Lt. Basil
Once Upon a Time Season 7: in which Henry is riding through an enchanted realm on a motorcycle and somehow hasn't yet run out of gas.
Brianna Oros
Lol when he almost crashed into her and sent her flying. I'm like look a flying jellyfish.
Henry Daniel Mills you get back to Storybrooke and hang out with your mom cause... well dammit. Just cause! 😂 My heart! 😭
Why is Henri leaving without Violet? How does he fuel his motorbike for "many years" in an obviously medievalish magical realm without gas stations? Why does Cinderella suddenly have curly brown hair? Did the writers forget there already WAS a Cinderella in OuaT season 1? Man, the new season hasn't even begun, and it's already getting on my nerves! I wish they had put the series to an end with the perfect happy ending of the last season...
Lusty Not Busty
Tbch the adult henry looks good but also looks like someone morphed mr. hyde and gideon into one person. Otherwise i appreciate that they're trying to be inclusive of other cultures' interpretation of the stories. However i havent the slightest idea of how they are "magically" going to explain away almost all of the cast. From the finale we can see that they built wonderful lives. It would be awkward for them to all poof into nonexistence as if they were never there.
Wow I wasn't really sure about this season but seeing this it's kind of interesting. It's cool how they are finally telling Henry's story and wow he's old now omg.
After they've done shit for Henry as a character the last few seasons (he didn't even have that big a role as the author), it's nice to finally see him become more active in an entire season instead of just every finale.
Jacob Mastromonico
But Cinderella's already in the show
Jo Schulz
I wonder... if like... Jared S. Gilmore's still gonna be in flashbacks. I don't wanna lose him completely. idk
Lmao of this shit show is still going??? Talk about milking it, I dropped it after series 2 this is just a joke the boy is literally a man! Let it end already! Dragging out programs for money and not storylines.
Oppai N u t
I'm going to miss the old cast, but i'm happy Lana and Colin will still be involved, as well as the new actors. I must say, they chose the perfect Cinderella! At least in my opinion.
Words & Whimsy
Last time I watched this show Henry was a little kid. WTF HAPPENED?!?! I feel like I'm a hundred years old right now -___-
Lazy Bun
Henry's hand gestures from 0:18 to 0:32...
Lol. Regina is totally gonna kill Henry when she finds out that he has a kid 😂😅🤣 I can't be the only one who thinks that, right? Also, I can't be the only one who caught that 'French/Italian Snow White' right? Haha. I guess that's one way to explain the new Cinderella.
Wow Henry is hot
Ruben Gonzalez
I was kind of afraid of what they were going to do with season 7, but I have to say, this looks promisging , love it!
Abigail 227
When does it come onto netflix in England
Wave Trader
Ah, so difficult to get used to the new characters and story line. Just giving it a try for Regina, Rumple & Hook. It feels like a family torn apart 😯😮😩
Zannia Ojibe
Personally I think this season looks pretty good and I'm excited. I'm just glad Regina is still apart of the cast or I would be LIVID
Um? There was already a Cinderella????
I don't know how the season is going to turn out but Hook is in it so I guess I Kinda have to watch it Lol
And I dont like henry's older actor
Lea Daher
I am the only one who doesn't watch the show?
Martina Berardi
Kiara Restrepo
Puberty hit Henry like a brick wall.
Alicorn Princess of Friendship Twilight Sparkle
If Henry true love Cinderella from other world....WHAT HAPPENED TO VIOLET WHAT ABOUT HER?!
Diamond Harris
Yo Henry's collar really throwing me off.
I'm actually falling for this idea! I now once is done, but this just open so many doors and ideas, new characters and story. I love it! I hope it's good so we can have future new story and different multi dimensions. It's just my opinion :D
Joseph D. Machado
Henry Mills is.... The Powerful Agamoto.
Madison Lynn
Is it wrong of me to watch the show mainly because the new protagonist is a very attractive man?
Cause Of Death: Park Jimin
EmmaDesigns !
Damn it the more I keep watching the more aggravatied I get because I'm one of those people who is very impatient I JUST WANT IT OUT DAMN IT
Aniqah Kabir
They say Cinderella and Henry fell in love... I didnt think they meant it literally
Bryan Gazo
i will miss jared :(
Steven Crosio
Is it just me or at the end "Andrew J West's Henry sounded like Jared Gilmore's Henry?"
The portal is like dr strange's... Henry is a sorcerer!!!!!!! Dr Mills..
Adrien Abella
Wow, they built gas stations in the Enchanted Forest too! :p
Simone Umba
Can't wait for the first episode!!!!!🙌🙌🙌
Amber Swan
Henry on a motor...Oh My Killian...time goes to fast...feelings...
Johnny G
Do u guys think Cinderella was on her way to a ball in that nice dress and glass slippers and Henry just ruined her chances of going omG I would be so upset
Destiny Haller
Love this show but just wondering how Henry still has gas for his motorcycles😂
ItsJustComedy TV
I think they should include Princess Tiana in the next season
Johnny Maygarden
explain why season 7 is different than other seasons
Ernesto Machucho
Como puedo ver los capitulos de once upon a time la 6 o 7 temporada
is this real??
Latviska LTP
I could of sworn season 6 was the last wow
Marcella Cordeiro
does anyone know when it launches on Netflix?
Ladonte Calvert
Didn't know it was going to be a change until after I watched season 7 episode 1 and now idk if I do want to watch it after everybody left the show can someone please tell me why did almost the whole cast leave wasn't problems on set ?
Syl Ka
OMG lol o.O but cinderella was in OUaT ;/
No fair I wanna see more! I haven't even started season six! It needs to hurry up and get on Netflix I'm far behind 💔 :(
Alicorn Princess of Friendship Twilight Sparkle
EMMAAAA NOOOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Alicorn Princess of Friendship Twilight Sparkle
GOD MY HEART. I gave up on this show ages ago, but Regina and Henry were always my favorite relationship. I CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S AS TALL AS SHE IS NOW.
Aaron Hoagland
Okay, maybe I'm not boycotting Once after all...but seriously, how long are the writers going to carry on this exact same story line?
So surprised to see a sneak peek already...
Wait. So does that mean it's going to be only the actor who plays the older Henry in this season? Will we no longer be seeing the original actor...?
Sarah Roy
Justin Watson
Thats the portal from Dr. Strange?? It never looks like that in the past. Is that on purpose?
Wow I remember starting watching this when he was just a kid... look at him now. The moments like this one I realize that I'm getting old.
Brent Dreher
So, they have gas stations in the Enchanted Forest now
Aryanna Mitchell
Omg omg omg I can't wait 😊
hey little mama let me whisper in your ear
OMG he's SO MUCH OLDER IMMA CRYYYYYY😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭♥️♥️😙😙😘😍
Nightcore Warrior
I expected older Henry was cuter but he is another Prince charming 😜
Roberta Saale
I hate how they all left and grew up... 😣 Plis.... didn't Cinderella already make an appearance...I know she did.. making a deal with Rumole? Is it a different girl sense it is a different realm?