Dmitry Pirog vs Danny Jacobs.

Dmitry Pirog - Beweglichkeit-Reaktion.2012.Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn you herniated disk!  Pirog vs GGG would have been a classic.
Pirog had so much swag in his style man, looks really confident and slick
Regz Zuse
Pirog is a mixture of Floyd 19:09 Naseem Hamed 21:11 And Jim Carrey (Dodging from the movie Me Myself and Irene) 21:29 Very interesting fighter, too bad his career was short.
Kwame Johnson
I've never seen a Russian pressure fighter fight this well. Let's start a GoFundMe to get Pirog a back transplant! :-(
Ste Dunn
What a huge loss for the boxing world to use this man to injury!
Валерий НВП
Пирог отличный боец!!!! Техника боя замечательная,шахматист на ринге...словно жанглирует ...защита...нападение, классно...
Станислав Адамов
Pirog could be top fighter now, bad luck
Justin Boseman
I wish Pirog was still fighting......he'd give GGG or anyone else problems at 160.......very talented
Steward commenting is music to my ears.
Scientia Ac Labore
From Russia with KO punch...
Hell of a fighter. The MW division could've used Pirog these past few years. Damn shame.
For all people saying ref stopped it early.. He showed no signs of life when he got knocked down until he waved it off, can't blame him
Benji Ramirez
old school russian style... this was not boxing, this was ART!
Kaisur Khan
Such a shame with pirog,could have been a great fighter
chris mccabe
Russian fighter are the best at shifting...throwing the power hand and switching to opposite stanse and making jab a power punch...GGG..Kovalev..Pirog
Lenny Henry
Look at that shifting just before the knockout. It's an old technique that you don't see anymore but they still teach it in eastern europe. Golovkin and Kovalev use it. This will be what happens to Jacobs again if he fights Golovkin.
Pirog was amazing fighter! GGG vs Pirog would be fire.....
Wow, what a great body/head movement 19:08
Mike J
Pirog is a joy to watch. Such an interesting style. Very calculated. Damn shame the way his career turned out.
Koolaid Kangz
What happened to Pirog was tragic he was a special fighter, and hopefully his body has healed from that crazy injury and he returns this year.
Dr Anxiety
sucks pirog had back issues. I would have loved to watch this guy become a Legend. now it's only gonna be a big "what if" amazing fighter.
The judges were trippin.
Damn... Pirog vs GGG would have been great fight. Pirog had an exceptional body movement, a treat to watch.
Anthony Montero
Pirog was impressive that night. I wish he never got injured, he could have really been something
Joey L
Holy, moly, great knockout!
sule maan
this is what canelo gonna do to him
Andres Kiani
Jacobs is such a classy man. Hats off to him.
Soft stoppage. Wanted to see Pirog out box him for another couple of rounds
Pirog  vs  GGG = fireworks
Brian Koulen
Jacobs wasn't KO he was knocked down, the referee stopped the fight when Jacobs was about to get up at the count of 3
Pirog listens to Sabbath, Jacobs listens to kiddie rap. No wonder he lost...
geoff N
Pirog had a great style and would give any fighter problems, even GGG. And I don't understand the scoring at all. It was clear to anyone who understands boxing who was winning, regardless of statistics and punches landed.
Jacobs lost every single round and got destroyed
Only The Strong
GGG don't move like Pirog. He's there to be hit. Pirog style was difficult. GGG style isn't as difficult at all. He invites contact.
Belzebù-usa, former mr. india रुस्तमे-हिंद
24:22 *What a setup, what an angle, the shifting, what a mo/fkn power shot* . This powershot could have destroyed a tank, who the hell is Danny Jacobs
Максим Крюков
Пирог доминировал! У Джейкобса не было шансов! Отличная скорость и не менее отличная защита! Красивый бокс от Димы! Если б Пирог захотел, все бы закончилось во 2 раунде
Huwaylaan Ore
A MASTER OF SHIFTING and I would say the second best in shifting at present is Golovkin.
Catchnelo, give me my fight.
this guy that got starched is the same guy that wants 60/40 split against GGG 😂😂😂
Bill B.
Pirog vs. GGG would be such a fun fight. Too bad Pirog's back betrayed him.
Alexander Tilinin
Best Best Best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Russell Pettit
Jacobs gets Koed by GGG as well
Listen to the BS these braindead US commentators are talking, Still using the old Anti Russian rhetoric, I am just thankful that the world now realises that it is the USA and always has been who are the war-mongers of the world, disgusting hole of a country, I pity the decent US folk.
Loredano Boari
Pirog was a fantastic boxer!!! I really like him, he had power and master defense with an unusual philly shell style for an east european.. A real shame that injuries ended his carrer early
Man, Pirog isn't called grandmaster for nothing. What an incredible fighter, shame the fate never wanted him to step in with the GGG, although Dmitry chose GGG fight instead of his mandatory WBO challenger. What a hell of a fight we never seen because of his back injury... This is my first fight i've ever seen him and i must say i'm a longlife fan of this guy. Props to Jacobs too, he's a warrior and very real down to earth person!
Veridicus Maximus
Man, I miss Emmanuel Stewart!
Forest Gumр
Тут тупо подбородок...Кто занимался знает...Дмитрий-молодец
CJ Ross and Duane Ford scoring the same fight!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! God thanks in didnt went to the scorecards :)
Pirog moves his hands for defensive reasons more than any boxer I've ever seen. And that's what he is. A BOXER.
Ko Support
It seems as the commentators were saying “oh hey pirog fights like a American boxer” trying to take away the Russian fighters credit
Jsroslav Hus
duane ford, cj ross , both crockshits were not needed that night.. imagine if pirog didnt ko, i bet he would have been robbed lol.
Anissa Nedjari
Referee should have counted out before calling it off. Jacobs might have got up. Pirog is a very good and awkward fighter. it's a shame he retired so early. Pirog vs GGG would have been one good fight
Respect to both guy's but especially Jacob's being so composed, gracious and mature during the post fight.
Ruslan Tatarinov
аж челюсть слышно было как треснула....5 раунд...dawn
ekktybyf 78
Димон красава))Классика через руку.
Jamaal Davis
People disrespect Jacobs for this fight but Pirog was in his way to being one of the top fighter's in the sport
antonio montano
5 rounds with ggg then it's lights out Danny!!
Bill Grundy
Would have loved to have seen him against GGG
I'm a huge GGG fan but I think Pirog would have beaten him
Chilli Man
Красиво он вырубил Негра💪💪💪💪
Max Planck
DP does a nice job of shifting just before he KOs DJ. Beautiful work by DP.
Pasha Pasovski
He is a good boy...Danny! Danny don't fight GGG, you are getting hurt for real, this time !
Lol Jacobs would have gotten up, the ref pushed him back down and said it's over! Very suspect
christian miranda
LOL - all 3 judges had Jacobs up.
Mike Johnson
Jacobs seems like a good kid, but you've got to say his management had a lot to do with this KO loss. Emmanuel looked at Pirog for 30 seconds and saw that he was special and took one look at Jacobs and knew he was frightened. Take the loss and no excuses. Pirog was just the better man.
Jordan Harrison
Such a shame he had to retire early. He was a talented fighter. Seeing him against guys like GGG and Canelo would be great.
William Price
It's hard to win by backing up 90% of the time. Jacobs was clearly on the defensive. Pirog had him in survival mode, it was just a matter of time. triple G will walk him down too.
Mike Johnson
Think what GGG will do to Jacobs. I think Jacobs fouls really get hurt.
Beside Golovkin the best European Middleweightfighter. So sad that he had such a bad back injury. 24:25 Booom
Alex Kidd
Such a shame he was injured, but he might be coming back!
Will Walsh
Seeing this again years later, it holds up. Pirog might have been a great one had fate been kinder. I cannot think of another fighter from the former Eastern Bloc with his style, not to mention his brand of swagger. Maybe Lomachenko moves even better than Pirog, but as Steward and Lampley point out Pirog was self consciously imitating SRL and FMJr. I had forgotten how good he looked in this fight. The judges who had it 3-1 Jacobs, and in particular Compubox's numbers in the 4th round, were detached from reality. I gave Jacobs the 1st. Nevertheless, the bout also makes me respect Jacobs. He did adjust and did land. He was confronted with a really tough challenge, but he was trying to figure Pirog out and having some success. The KO is actually kind of strange in retrospect because it follows Jacobs offering to touch gloves after an accidental and obviously not very significant low blow. I kind of wonder if Pirog's decisive attack here was not a gambit tried when Priog thought Jacobs might have lost focus. Good idea if so. Regardless, I think Pirog was the better fighter in 2012 and was probably going to KO Jacobs at some point. This experience will benefit Jacobs though. He has known the worst, and he has been straightforwardly careful about GGG, putting off any fight and preparing I'm sure. I think GGG vs Jacobs is an underrated fight. I'd favor the Kazakh but Jacobs will be mentally and physically prepared, a better fighter than he was here. That which does not destroy us makes us stronger. Wish Pirog was still a player, but there is irony for you. He would be challenge for Golovkin at least.
Robert Byrd is the best referee in the US, by far.
Kelvin Viola
Never forget, if pirog didnt knock him out they woulve robbed pirog
Oscar 1010
danny jacobs vs ggg on, for march 18
CSM. HB J-dogg
GGG is Lucky Pirog was about to clean him up next and Jacobs had cancer then
Gerard Vous
An over confident, angry and cocky young Jacobs got owned in this bout.
Alexei Cogan
Golovkin will destroy Jacobs just as quickly on March 18th.
Dominik Strike
guys honestly do you think Dmitry Pirog was able to fight GGG?
D Pritch
Actually most top European amateurs fight like this Selimov, Vodopyanov etc. they all have good defense nowadays
James Petrick
It is a damn tragedy that we never got GGG-Pirog
super bad refering
We were really robbed of a great all time fight in Pirog vs GGG. Worked out well for GGG because i think Pirog would have beaten him.
Karen Randles
How can anyone judge this fight when Jacobs was a about to get up
Rob Scott
And this guy (Jacobs) is supposed to beat Canelo???
They stopped it too soon. Gene Tunney would have lost to Dempsey in their second fight if the referee had done this to him.
Pirog was an Xlint fighter. He really messed up his back in training and was forced to retire, years ago. Who was he in training for?? GGG!! That would have been a good one...
қара қасқа негір Головкинненде Пирогтанда жеңіліпқалды болдығо енді бокстеспияқойса боладығо негір негір көктемегір нанжемегір
Ian G
shame about pirog's injury
Darren Hopwood
DJ is a very easy nights work for GGG he doesn't possess anything that can keep him off him ZERO
the judges had Jacob's up 3-1 WTF 😂😂😂. same judges as kovalev ward ??
Cesar Flores
Damn what happened with Pirog? Could of gone on to do great things.
PunchFor Pound
Every year I rewatch this, and every year I get more disappointed about what happened to Pirog's back, and the fact GGG-Pirog didn't happen, the one fight that would have made both their careers. Instead, both their careers ended up disappointments, and one thing it can be traced back to is Pirog's injury.
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WTF was the ref doing?! Holding a young brother down! Did he have $ on Pirog?!
Sam Shepard
Pirog is the best fight Jacobs has fought and he lost. not much else on his resume. GGG will break him down and hurt him.
Ricky Morty
Wow pirog is on another level...
Andrey Saltykov
I wish Pirog would deliver GGG his first L far more skilled and talented fighter
Арман Форево
Красавчик Пирог
Adolf Hitler
i thought Priorg won 2 3 and 4 but Wateves He won by TKO NON THE LESS
Anthony Vazquez
Pirog would have stopped Golovkin 💯
Casa Blanca
Jacobs supposed to give GGG PROBLEMS😂