Why Return Of The Joker Is Secretly The Best Batman Movie

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Hawk Eyes
Return Of The Joker has a special place in fans heart.
Deanna Jackson
Return of the Joker is ridiculously underrated!
Love this movie so much. The cyberpunk atmosphere, the hard action and violence of the PG-13 version, and of course that late 90s hard metal soundtrack.
Cody May
Seen it, loved it, I grew up with Batman Beyond and reruns of The Animated Series. 😊
Mark Torres
I never understood why people didn't like Batman Beyond. I related more to Terry than that of Bruce's version of Batman.
Eric Woodard
The world needs a live action batman beyond with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne!
Batman Beyond is my favorite Batman.
Terry isn't Bruce's clone. He's his son. That's why they're so different in character but similar in moral.
What do you mean *secretly* ? Anyone familiar with the DCAU (basically the same demographic as WhatCulture's audience) knows this movie is a classic
Osian Coleman
Actually I’d say this was my favourite as a kid for years. I think it’s Fucking fantastic and was probably the best batman beyond thing ever.
James Michael Harding
This movie was arguably THE peak of Mark Hamill's Joker. He couldn't get more twisted here!
Legionaire Sunny
"Secretly" the best movie? I think you mean clearly the best! It is the only Batman movie to truly make me scared of the Joker. I loved it so much.
I loved this movie and I was sad when they cancelled the show 😍😭
Big John Boatright
Not one lie detected! 👌
Both versions are great. Censored and uncensored. Joker's death was better in the censored version. And Bonk? Oh. Right. Dead.
Marcel Zachary
Good movie although it is pretty dark seeing how Robin became the new Joker is just creepy.
Marcus Whitlow
"Most DC fans probably haven't even seen it..." There are a lot of DC fans born before you and we're all well-versed in this movie. Don't be snarky.
J Bell
It's no secret it's just FACT!
melv fasttrack
doing a batman vid with a superman shirt on.......that takes guts......or stupidity
Josh Lunsford
The flashback scene and when Terry mocks the Joker are the best scenes of the movie
Captain Jakemerica
Good movie I really enjoy it but personally I would say Batman Mask of The Phantasm is better for me but this movie would be a close second
Mark Jazyk
I still have to go with "Under The Red Hood"
Tania Hines
i love "aunty harley" at the end
Eric Schuller
I absolutely adored this movie as a child. It was the perfect way to complete the story of Bruce, Terry, Tim, and the Joker.
Anyone like the ending though. There's some things that can be done better but I liked that Terry pretty much shit on who Joker is as a character. He's a psychopathic murderous clown dude who uses laughs as a sick and twisty edgy hook. When he taunts joker, telling him that he only makes him laugh out of pity was gold. Joker spent his entire life trying to get to Batman because Batman didn't give him anything. Never stooping to his level even after he destroy Tim's life. But Terry...Terry gave him exactly what he didn't want. A guy who puts on the suit who ultimately just doesn't give a shit if it came down to it Terry would probably kill the Joker (if he were on his own) and not lose sleep over it. There's nothing intriguing (outside of maybe the extended stuff for JLU) about Terry. He's literally just a guy in a suit. And that's why he's laughed at Joker. Because he's the same fucking thing. And Joker couldn't stand that.
Once Upon A Time Productions
The Dark Knight is the best Batman movie! Batman Beyond: Hold my beer 🍻
I prefer this over MOTF. The flashback is one of the greatest animated Batman pieces of all time.
Nathaniel Barlam
Return of the Joker is great (still have it on VHS), but Mask of the Phantasm is the best Batman movie
Memnones Argyrhodos
I am still waiting for a new "Batman Beyond" serie. It's too good to be forgotten!
Aye this movie was fucking awesome. But Under The Red Hood will always be the best batman/DC animated movie. Or at least imo
Terry also defeats the Joker in his own way. By mocking him. "Couldn't get a job as a rodeo clown?"
Frederick Lawton
And terry is a amazing character to me
Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero is my personal favorite
Jordan Jenkins
It is pretty good. Also one of Mark Hamill's best Joker performances if not his best ever.
Connor Wood
Mask of the Phantasm say hi
Brian Daniel
"I'd laugh if it wasn't so pathetic!! Ah what the hell, I'll laugh anyway!!!" Favorite scene in that flick!!!
Mark Bolger
“BTAS always leaned into the supernatural elements of the character” What? I wouldn’t describe any elements of the Joker’s character as supernatural and I don’t remember the animated series ever doing any supernatural episodes involving him. I literally have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.
Michael Ortiz
I always enjoyed watching Batman beyond from start to finish, and I'll need honest Return of Joker was not one of my favorites. But it was still entertaining to watch Terry one up joker XD
Kone Whatsthenamespolicy
Definitely awesome but I like mask of the phantasm more for animated
Lance Esposito
This was my favorite has a kid watched it atleast once a week
I still put Mask of the Phantasm above Return of the Joker.
Sam Lightfoot
Batman beyond was so fun to watch
Eric Myers
1) Batman: Mask of the Phantasm 2) Batman: Return of the Joker 3) Batman: Under the Red Hood 4) Batman: Subzero
Luke Sampson
You spelled "Mask of the Phantasm" wrong.
Shane Boyle
The irony he's talking bout Batman while wearing a Superman shirt
Doctor Body Hammer
"It's a movie you lot have probably never seen" Um, who are these videos made for? Clearly not comic book or Batman fans
Micaiah Flores
batman beyond is SUUUPPPERRRRRR underrated as a whole
Osian Coleman
I think this is better than mask of the phantasm tbh. Big terry fan.
Maybe after Mask of the Phantasm. Not hating Return of the Joker because I love that one as well. Lol.
Return of the Joker certainly is very good, but Mask of the Phantasm is still the best Batman movie ever made.
You misspelled "Mask of the Phantasm"
K Collier
An excellent synopsis- you're Dad would be proud...
Wilhelm II, German Emperor
Ive seen (saw) it at...Blockbuster. (Pun)
This is a highly underrated movie. I'm suprised more people haven't heard of it. The Best.....? I can't fight you over that. You make a lot of damn good points. Thank you for reminding me of this. Hopefully I still have a copy of it somewhere that I can dust off and give it another watch.
Would like to see more batman beyond animated films, especially him as an adult like in justice league unlimited.
Charlie Irons
I already loved this film, but now I appreciate it more because you helped me put my finger on why.
Wow that is a really good analysis
Frederick Lawton
It tottaly is my favorite animated batman movie
arturo higginbotham
Wasnt expecting a video about this but I already Love it.
I believe the censored version of jokers death is better. I think it's more poetic to see the joker die by electrocution, from the same equipment he had tortured tim with. Also his scream still echoes in my nightmares. There is a place for being shot but I don't think it's a proper end for the joker it's not dramatic enough. Woo bang flag.
And Bruce quit because he used a gun to stop a criminal. His one rule, that he would never break.
Jake Desjardins
Well thought out, well researched, well articulated, I'd say you did a fantastic job today Mr. Patterson and I agree whole-heartedly with this statement! Batman Beyond Forever!
Space Force JJ West Fans
Bang on the money what a great review. You got new fans and sub from GRL FORCE and united states space force 1980. Keep up the great work!
I will say it first. This movie is infinitely better than The Dark Knight Rises.
It’s good. But Mask Of The Phantasm is better.
Return of the joker, Under the Red Hood and the 2 Batman The Dark Knight Returns are among my favourite (with Dark Knight of course) .
I still prefer Mask Of The Phantasm but Return Of The Joker is a fun underrated film
Gary Esajas
Batman beyond is my favorite batman (after the animated series)
Alex Damaceno
Secret? What secret? It's common knowledge.
Ben Munn
I loved Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker... Still do
Java Monkey
It’s an incredible Batman movie, but it’s got nothing on _Mask of the Phantasm._
Kevin Gomolchak
I still think that Mask of the Phantasm is the best. This is a very close number 2 though.
I loved Return of the Joker, but the best Batman movie IMO is the Dark Knight Returns.
2039-20 = 2019 is when Batman retired? Absolutely true. Poor Batfleck...
Jackie Jones
Return Of The Joker is my favorite.
Lilian Gassmann
maybe your best video yet. Stop the top 10 bulldump
Jay Barry
What’s really awesome about the climax is that it takes someone completely removed from the psychologically complicated Batman and Joker relationship to finally put and end to the Joker. Terry may not have the background to appreciate the Joker’s threat, but he does recognise enough to pinpoint Joker’s weakness and end him for good, and all because he doesn’t have the baggage Bruce has. When Terry is able to creep out Joker and put him on the back foot, that’s when the student becomes the master, finally doing what Bruce could never do. That’s Terry’s greatest strength as Batman. His different perspectives allow him to tackle problems and see people in a way Bruce wouldn’t think of.
Da1 King0fWakanda
Mask of the Phantasm takes the cake for me
Robert Labayne
Dude this was my favorite movie growing up and I was born in 2000
Sophie Cooper
I love this movie You can't spell Mark Hamill without Arkham,that Joker death scene is one of the darkest and best batman movie scenes ever . The whole movie is really amazing but these 10 min in the flashback ... Holy hell it's brilliant
Rahul Upadhyay
dark knight returns is my fav batman animated movie.
Knight of Ren
Apparently it’s also technically an anime. Gigguk said so it must be true.
It’s actually the second greatest, Mask of the Phantasm is the best.
I forgot bb when I was younger all I could remember about it was the red bat sign on his chest
Mr. Perfect Cell
RoTJ is a great film. But my favorite live action Batfilm is probably Batman Forever.
Joseph Bloch
What a great and insightful analysis. Well done.
liam williams
The flash back scene was the first time i really saw how horrific and terrifying the joker was. Up until then i only knew of the Caesar romaro version and some little bits from TAS. It was with this film i realised how much darker this character truly was.
Maria Mendez
This love letter to this film is perfect and I thank you for making it :)
Caomh Mc Gillion
It's not the best but it's up there with Mask of the Phantasm. Rewatching batman the animated series on bluray at the moment, hope they release batman beyond and justice league animated series on bluray too. And the pilot episode of Batman Beyond Takes place in 2019 and the rest takes place in 2039 according to Batman Wiki. So I like to think Batman The animated the series takes place up until 1999. So Bruce is in his late 70s early 80s in 2039.
My favourite batman film has to be under the red hood. But batman beyond was a close runner up for me.
I always love the part when Bonk was strangling Terry in the opening act. Batman: ragwul. Bonk: What? Batman: Flagpole. Bonk: *gets knocked off by flag pole*
Silent Protagonist
Just finished watching Akira found it so awesome when I realised that return of the joker and the series in general took a lot of inspiration from akira
Justin Jimenez
Joker: *Shows Batman video of Robin's torture* Batman enraged: *Busts through the window and relentlessly beats on the Joker* Joker: "If you don't like the movie, I've got slides." One of my favorite lines of the film.
Omar Kaj
4:05 The version I saw had a laughing gas scene instead. Only learned there were two versions of the film via Nostalgia Critic.
Israel Romero
Tim's breakdown is incredible. It makes more sense in PG-13, as he uses a gun to kill.
Rave Raptor
No, Bruce didn't stop Terry from being Batman because he wasn't taking the Joker threat seriously. He was afraid Terry would end up like Tim.
Christopher Poole
This movie is cool but I watched The Dark Knight Returns 1&2 yesterday and that story is pretty dope.
Secretly?! I thought this was well known!
Brian Schlicher
I will still say that Mask of the Phantasm was the best Batman movie, but well argued. I did want to point out the final fight between Terry and the Joker was outstanding because Terry did something the Joker wasn't ready for. Laughed! It was great and showed how Terry's approach while different from Bruce could be effective despite being different.
Considering they got the animator of Akira in to help with the laser scene and whatnot, got me hyped more so when I found that out.