SLENDER MAN (2018) Ending Explained + Creature Breakdown

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Slenderman Before: I Cant Wait, Im Am Getting My Own Movie! Slenderman After: *am i a joke to you?*
Why Do I Try
Who else went straight to the comments And yes I liked my own comment
*poor Slenderman, he didn't deserve this disrespect* (thanks for all the likes guys!)
Dedoid's High Vis Vest
Did anyone seriously expect this film to be good though?
Michael Rodda
Your video reveals the long-forgotten truth: Slenderman really just wanted a cheeseburger.
4:12 my guy sounds like hes going through puberty all over again
madilyn bedell
debt is scarier than slenderman if we are being honest
Siren Nexus
Slenderman with glasses is the funniest concept I’ve ever heard. You have earned my like.
Most ICONIC way to get out of class: STAB YOURSELF IN THE EYE
Eli Mehlhaff
Who else laughed when one of the girls was running through the woods and got hit by a branch and screamed
DedLighter TV
i could make a better movie with a iphone 4 and a couple drugs.
I almost wish that SCP was owned by a company just so that I could be able to see an SCP movie, but that would ruin the whole thing anyway.
When slender man took out reading glasses I lost it
Billy Sprinkle
Still better than the emoji movie.
A Person
Sony can’t make movies. Just pray that Venom turns out alright.
Abbigale Rhodes
All the creepy pasta fans must’ve been really excited to see this
Lovely Anna
When I saw slendy, I thought he was going to be taller. But..... he's fine.
SB LunarVoid
*RIP, To the People who were murdered by Slender Addicts...* Like if you Care for these People
Mike Chester
I guess this movie explained is a... SLENDING EXPLAINED
No this is patrick
After watching slender man *My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*
hash and lexi's world
Man if slenderman got a movie I have a suspicion that Jeff the killer or laughing jack is going to get there own movies and Jeff and slendy are going to have an epic fight like Freddy and Jason Man that actually sounds awesome
763 dislikes are Sony employees
I wouldn't call it Slendeman, The title should be called "Cricketman". edit : he sounds like a cricket...
0:40 ender man. Would definitely watch that
Narwal Appreciation Association
I liked the I eat pasta for breakfast's slendy
Birdbox + The Rings = *This*
Christopher Walters
8:04 Imdb: 10/10 Rotten tomatoes: 104%
They should rename him Mr. Egghead
salvador corona
Why waste money in the movie theater when you can watch found flix instead❄
Cutie Marionette
Honestly I think it can be possible to make a good Creepy pasta movie if you understand the story their from and put actual time and effort into. Imagine a movie with Mr Widemouth. It would be really interesting to see how people in a town would react if the kid started to die vea suicide/accidents
Elemental_ Editz
"The next Jason, the next Freddy..." *fangirl inside me screams* WHAT ABOUT THE NEXT MICHEAL HUH?! WHERE IS THE GREATEST HORROR MOVIE VILLAIN MR. VALENTINE?!
Sonicfan The Nightfury 5099
I remember back in Jr. High and during High school I was a Pasta monster fan, but I'm now into Monsters like Freddy and Michael Myers I lost here XD 7:59
Sean Liles
The movie sucks big time if they ever have a remake of Slender Man let's have professional to do it
*slender man puts in glasses even though he has no eyes* Me: this will be great
K-Tube Gaming and more with Kael
"Last minute hatchet job" Sweet I love Ticci Toby!
thumbs up if you like the intro
Deadshot Fan
did anyone else notice the grill wasn't even on XD
Like if Crypt Tv could do slender man better than Sony pictures
May Anastasia
Ironically The internet fan fictions gave more interesting stories than the movie And that’s being generous To the fan fiction
emiel acton
5:24 “Making me wonder if the writer has ever actually ever even been around another human being in his life” HAHAHAHAHA the casual way he says that hahahah so savage
i experienced physical pain watching it
So Bored Rn
They just can’t make a decent movie about Slender Man :/
Patrick Simpson
Can’t wait for the minecraft version called “Enderman”
Curly_Queen_Bee CC
When I seen that a Slender Man movie was coming out I was actually kind of excited. Maybe I would be able to find out an official backstory on him. I watched it on my iPad, after I watched it I felt like I wasted my time. It was such a huge disappointment. You barely see him in the movie, which kind of made me think what was the point of even making it. It mostly paid attention to some teenage girls running around confused. I even yawned because of how boring it was. Something tells me that maybe Steven King or Tim Burton would give Slender Man the movie he deserves. .
oldnew newold
I like the SONY PICTURE in the back ground
Mike Chester
I guess this movie explained is a... SLENDING EXPLAINED
I just want to point out that Slenderman being "Bio-Electronic" or whatever effectively means he is a Digimon.
*Oh sorry I fell asleep so why won't you make me a sandwich?*
Danforth Paleontologist
😂 that intro was amazing! I consider slendy as an eldritch horror who sees humans as insignificant and the humanoid appearance isn’t even what he uses and he is interdimensional, connecting to the eather/lightning-atmosphere and the physical/our-universe Slender man should be shown as an interdimensional shambler mixed with this thing adding in the cut scenes.
Thank you for saving me from wasting my time by watching it. 👍😎
Sarfnic Productions
Big budget always means big fail.
Youtube Gamer Addict
Man...the Slenderman monster had so much potential. Heck, they could have had some kids go to a forest to summon him and become trapped in a maze-like forest being hunted by him. THAT would have been a better story.
I was hoping for it to be kind of like the Blair witch project. Not the theme, but how it was made.
Holly Skylar
I went to see the movie and absolutely hated it for how cheap the Slenderman looked and all the movie had was loud sounds and literally 3 jumpscares and only one scared me!
zoltraxn x
ok so to get your friends back you have to bird box?
7:51 lol
Fantôme Neko
The real monsters are the people who decided that this was a good movie idea
RebelForever Angel
Slender Man: just trying to sell my products!
Franco Bradshaw
Sony ruined a good character in my opinion .
Gavin Sticker
"He's just standing there.... MENACINGLY!"
Garret The thief
Everything wrong with slender man by found flix not Cinema sins the universe is braking
Corbin Karl
As I've gotten older, I've learned, the greatest fear, is the unknown /your imagination. When you/I imagined slender and what he did, that was scary. When you show me bad movies, clips, or games, he's known and now I have nothing to imagine.
Evelyn Abrego
7:51 was that a Trailer Park Boys refernce? 🤭😂
Dallion Coker
Why did you expect him to do something? You never see what happens to your CHARTER in the game
Blue Milk
Good man that Slender Man. Thwarted a teen pregnancy. Who knows where that make out scene would have gone if he didn't step in.
Captain Arey
Honestly, I dont blame Sony for being scared to be gory or vile. The real life case is something they wanted to respect and adding gory elements would anger alot of people. So, it was either be a flop, or anger alot of people. They, obviously, chose flop.
Your version of Slender Man was much more enjoyable so thank you for that FoundFlix!! I have another recommendation for an Ending Explained if you haven't done it already "Pandorum"
Glitched soul
I almost bought this. A Walmart employee saved me from this terrible movie...
Well, "just standing there" is kind of his thing. Canon portrayal right there.
This video was better than the actual movie.
Under Bridge
Please Hollywood, never do an SCP movie. Unless Del Toro did it
Nyxcion etcetera
honestly feel like this movie talks about the real life "slender man" sacrifice instead of the origin
xOLuca MagneticOx
_After they see him, his victims become more and more obsessed with him, which eventually drives them insane._ *insert Slendy fanart and fanfictions.* "Ain't that the truth."
Creepypasta Kami
1:18 - Me : "No, That's Offender."
No this is patrick
Sony needs to stop making movies *RIGHT NOW*
Me on the topic of slender man: no pages 0/10
Imaginary Armageton
Ligia Lathan
I would like to eat dinner with And he will get made soon cause he cant not eat I WILL EAT PIZZA INFRONT OF HIM HAHAHAHA
Anonym0us 1
I just wanted to point out 4:12
Loaf of Tofu
The movie would’ve been way less cringy if it came out like 8 years ago.
cian chua
That opening is literally how Sony got slenderman
Well it is Sony at the end of the day
Curtis Player
4:12 🤣 Much lov bruv! Love this channel
I watched it yesterday and with this review in mind I was disappointed. The whole time all I could think of was HUH?
Wacky inflatable tentacle flailing tubeman!
Holden Rowe (Student)
4:12 sounds like a noise that slender man would make
The fact that there was such a growing mythology around this character really made it fun to think about. But even then, the idea of this movie kind of worried me.
I ate the holy grail
8:01 better than the entire movie
Noah Tidd
you re the first person that I have found to mention Marble Hornets when talking about Slendermans origins
Scenic History
Eight words: Tim Burton Stop Motion Animaton Slender man film
@foundflix can y'all please analysis the ending of Freddie vs. Jason for me plzzzzzz
Scottie Burgess
It amazes me how big-budget studios can't get slender man right, but a couple of dudes with a cam-corder form 2009 can!
Dan Cliffton
finally someone talks about marble hornets thank you foundflix
TigerLoaf Games
Slender man is just a formal SCP-096
I Lost It When He Put Them Damn Glasses On 😂
TheNoob Jedi
Dat voice crack 4:12
Joshua Dempsey
Since the attack on the teenager girl Sony may deleted the scene so no one cant feel about this character is absolutely scary but no one should be doing this
Aleida Chumbe
Slender man needs friend
UwU trashy UwU
8:04 is literally the best part