SLENDER MAN (2018) Ending Explained + Creature Breakdown

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Ending Explained for the new big screen adaptation of the Slenderman creepypasta. Breaking down the story as well as looking in depth at the Slenderman creature and its origin. Subscribe! ►► />Support FoundFlix on Patreon! ►► /> === Connect with us on Social Media! === FACEBOOK ►► TWITTER ►► INSTAGRAM ►► Send me things in the mail: FoundFlix 6009 W Parker Rd Suite 149-174 Plano TX 75093

Michael Rodda
Your video reveals the long-forgotten truth: Slenderman really just wanted a cheeseburger.
Slenderman Before: I Cant Wait, Im Am Getting My Own Movie! Slenderman After: *am i a joke to you?*
4:12 my guy sounds like hes going through puberty all over again
*poor Slenderman, he didn't deserve this disrespect* (thanks for all the likes guys!)
Beaver Squad games
Who else went straight to the comments And yes I liked my own comment
Eli Mehlhaff
Who else laughed when one of the girls was running through the woods and got hit by a branch and screamed
Jose Quevo
This shit would've made millions more with the R rating
Dedoid's High Vis Vest
Did anyone seriously expect this film to be good though?
Who else laughed out loud when that girl said she lost her shoe
unxriginal axsthetics
debt is scarier than slenderman if we are being honest
No this is patrick
After watching slender man *My dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*
Most ICONIC way to get out of class: STAB YOURSELF IN THE EYE
TTC ImJust2Voidy
*RIP, To the People who were murdered by Slender Addicts...* Like if you Care for these People
Lovely Anna
When I saw slendy, I thought he was going to be taller. But..... he's fine.
GlitchProductions .
If Only Slender Man Could See What People Are Doing With His Tale.... Like dis comment if you get the pun...
slenderman lowkey hot lmao
1:38 THAT'S what everyone should've seen in the theaters.
loli jake
I’ve honestly never laughed so hard during a movie
Billy Sprinkle
Still better than the emoji movie.
I almost wish that SCP was owned by a company just so that I could be able to see an SCP movie, but that would ruin the whole thing anyway.
No this is patrick
Sony needs to stop making movies *RIGHT NOW*
Narwal Appreciation Association
I liked the I eat pasta for breakfast's slendy
Your explanation was better than the actual movie.
Abbigale Rhodes
All the creepy pasta fans must’ve been really excited to see this
hash and lexi's world
Man if slenderman got a movie I have a suspicion that Jeff the killer or laughing jack is going to get there own movies and Jeff and slendy are going to have an epic fight like Freddy and Jason Man that actually sounds awesome
Unruly Don
Slender man was ass I should’ve just waited until you dropped a video on it
this guy deserveres 5M+
763 dislikes are Sony employees
Caleb da fox
After watching slender man, I couldn't believe it. IT is way better than slenderman all in the movie is teens
thatgirl Pj
Anyone that watched this movie. You just waisted your time and you know that during that time you could've been breathing... Just sayin
What a pile of constipation this movie is.
Just an Ordinary Critic
I nearly fell asleep two times while watching that film It was that boring
Cole Thor
Slender man more like lender man he lends things to people
Brandon Ordaz
I thought slender man was real wen a was litle i thought it was coming for me and i went crasy wen i think about him
So Bored Rn
They just can’t make a decent movie about Slender Man :/
Sorry, but I had to stop watching halfway through. It's not that your video was bad, it's just that the movie is. :/
Dr. Coconut
I saw this movie with my friend opening night (btw, there was only like 15 people in the theater even though it was opening night) and at first we were anticipating scares or something good, then we were just laughing and making jokes about the movie the entire time. The only thing that scared me in this movie, besides the fact that the movie existed, was the anticipation of a creepy moment or jumpscare. But even the jumpscares weren’t as scary. I really hate Sony for this, they just try to make movies that are relevant with the time for people to think I wonder what this will be about. First, it’s The Angry Birds Movie, which like its a mobile app that was popular in what 2010? Then, it’s the emoji movie which is kind of relevant but still cringey. Then, Slenderman: the movie, even though slenderman was from the mid 2000’s. So in conclusion, Slenderman, 1/10. Gangnam Style: The Movie coming 2020... (I’m very tired this was very unnecessary)
Sean Liles
The movie sucks big time if they ever have a remake of Slender Man let's have professional to do it
thumbs up if you like the intro
pastel cat
i think it was a bad idea to make the movie because 3 girls went to the woods and the 2 other girls stabbed the main girl 17 times i think but the girl who got stabbed lived but the 2 girls went to prison
Omg dude your sketches are the greatest
Imaginary Armageton
7:51 lol
They should rename him Mr. Egghead
i experienced physical pain watching it
This just makes me sad because we were all so creeped out by Slendy when it first became a thing and now... it’s just dumb. Heck.
Shrek 101
I have seen the movie and it isn't like the trailer
Rachel Visosky
Randy wanna cheesebur- WHAT THE FK AHAHHHHHHHH
Cutie Marionette
Honestly I think it can be possible to make a good Creepy pasta movie if you understand the story their from and put actual time and effort into. Imagine a movie with Mr Widemouth. It would be really interesting to see how people in a town would react if the kid started to die vea suicide/accidents
movie based on anything from the internet should be illegal that and movies based on phone apps. I know your desperate on making a horror movie but don't make one based on a creppypasta, that's just gonna date the movie immediately
The only thing that’s wrong with this video is.... The Slenderman spotting Video was recorded Vertically.
Mr McBear
Although the movie is terrible, the video tape isn’t copying the ring as in the very first slender game ever the was a video tape you could pick up and put in a tv which played this creepy video.
GamingTornado YT
This was the worst interpretation of an Internet character I've ever seen this movie was crap
dragon man
The Start was funny
Spencer French
The slenderverse could do the Slenderman justice, so I say that the Slenderman should get a show that is connected to the slenderverse.
David Flanagan
*You know what they say about long boi's... They have long depression*
Hollywood is slow
TheNoob Jedi
Dat voice crack 4:12
xd Restfulsleet
Negative 14th. lul
4:12 beeFoRe
Im hyped for crooked man
And this also would of been a more terrifying movie if they had a person in a hoody called slender mans proxy
Gilberto Tabares
I was looking forward to this movie too. Now I'm glad I didn't bother.
PulZe _
Oculus is still my favorite movie
Klara Kent
Wait ...the movie is out? 😱
James Daly
slender man was creepy but now hes gust in the back round and now and again he'll be up close
box'O cereal
Is it bad that I laughed more than I was scared. Luke really, when they see him on the internet snd decided to click "summon him" LIKE BRUH 😂
How To Make The Trailer Scarier Step 1: Add Audio From The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen trailer, Step 2: Add Scenes From The Ring Cursed Tape And A New Tape Scene From Rings, Step 3: Add Audio From The Bendy And The Ink Machine Console Trailer, And There You Go! Free Nightmares For Everyone!
иσт Kez
It was a movie, i liked it; being a movie .. 3/5 honest opinion, it seemed a bit different because we saw the movie through a childs mindset .. In creepypasta, the story is told through usually an adults mindset and or teenager 16-18 .. Given that fact, we are left with people who are mad about their daughter getting stabbed, leaving the movie in a cut state, honestly , no one gave a crap about the texas chainsaw massacre movie .. But wth .. It seems people get cold feet when they are afraid of virtuality becoming reality
This video was better than the actual movie.
Marno Labuschagne
Woo girl power
Mike Warnke
Hes right, this movie was cut to ribbons, rip slendy, bad timing.
Thomas Morales
Hydroelectric Jellyfish
The Thicc Boi
FF and DM needs to make the best collaboration video they ever did...👌👌👌
scp 173
Why not just copy slender the arrival as a movie? That game scared the shit out of me
James Daly
the one rule is when slender man is dont go in to a forist
The cartoon watcher
Came for the skits Stayed for the plot of a bad sony movie
Papi 1000
Bruh I don't even understand what's he's saying
Amy Lionheart
Recently watched this movie, was disappointed not seeing the scenes that were shown in the Trailer. It would’ve given it some edginess, at least.
He need some milk
Anyone else catch the voice crack at 4:10?
Jesús Trejo
So the right page anyone? Hope could this not be mentioned?
Tori Skylar
I went to see the movie and absolutely hated it for how cheap the Slenderman looked and all the movie had was loud sounds and literally 3 jumpscares and only one scared me!
I Lost It When He Put Them Damn Glasses On 😂
Rexradiation 117
My theory is that slender man is not there but really the images from the laptop had implanted a real/not real reality. Basically having slender mans abilities only limited to the mind of his victims. Which is why his powers unlimited.
Breadrollz etc
Hey I was wondering if you could do one of these on the movie searching. I just saw it today and it’s really good
zpoc gt
It was a good movie
i could make a better movie with a iphone 4 and a couple drugs.
What would of made this movie better is if they had the ending like the Thing (2011) where it seems like a prequel to the original but instead it’s a FPS scene with a random person with a video roaming the woods looking for slenders 8 pages while trying to avoid slender
I also played the game on my channel because of this movie
Support Film Art
Did he just called "The Ring" a "crappy movie"??? Oh wow, now I know for sure that this is a purely comedic channel. 😂😂😂
Everyone in the theatre was yelling for no reason when the girl got hit by a branch
Trying to sleep while watching Horror movie reviews... i’ll have nightmares... probably
Rork, The Game Master
What’s sad is that the slenderman mythos has enough connected to it that you can make anything work with it, here’s s simple one that would of been better: there isn’t a slenderman, the whole movie is the characters going insane with the stories only for it to be revealed that all the murders are one of the characters that either think they’re doing it for slenderman or blackout and becomes slenderman.
Remember when everyone was so hyped about this before back around 2012?
This movie is what you get when you try to cash in on a fad without personally knowing or respecting the source material. A hollow, pathetic shadow of the source materials.
AU _Springtrap Studios
Dude doesn’t even wear a suit in the film
Samantha Darko
Can we remake this.... but.... good?
Big fan of your work. Just saddened but you actually choosing to do this shit box of a movie