NES Longplay [056] Batman- Return Of The Joker

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Wow this game has great music
Really impressive stuff for the NES. It's too bad the Genesis version is hot garbage made by different developers. The Snes version never got released, but judging by the prototype, that's probably for the best.
Batmanvania. Looks like an incredible game.
looks better than many 16 bit games
Ádám Pajor
Almost 16 bit graphics. Really great looking game for NES. And the typical great Sunsoft sound effects / music.
Best Bout Gaming
I remember being super impressed with the graphics in this game. Was towards the end of the NES era when they pretty much had pushed 8 bit graphics to the limit.
Backgrounds are much darker than most NES games. Almost %50 of them are just shadows especially in the first stage. I think this not only give the game a much better look, but it also helped them reserve memory space since the black areas are just empty spaces
I own this game. It's the only Batman game I have but this is like, brilliantly written by real pro's concerning it's just NES game. Excellent graphics and sound. FX and music goes fit it perfectly. No blurs, round corners smooth etc.  
This game plays like Contra more than anything. And while the Batmobile and Batwing designs are clearly those of the Burton films, Batman and Joker appear more like those from the comics. Weird.
Quinn The Quartz
Hot damn, this is one looking game. With nice shading.
Rene G. Castrejon
The music is awesome !
The NES version both looks and sounds better than both the SNES and Genesis ports; NES version makes much better use of it's own hardware.
Yes we al totally agree... best graphics on the NES.... so sad it came when the system was nearly finished
This game will turn your nes into a 16bit system(!)with graphics & sound that are hot as 16bit systems like the sega genesis,with amezing paralax scrolling effects here and there and you also can hide behind some backgrounds, it greatly uses the 1bit dpcm soundchannel for some pumping drum beats. Genesis does what nintendon't? Wait a minute nintendo had the mmc chipsets with software tricks to it's slaves to make nes games being possibly on pair with genesis games.
7:21-7:23.; I agree with The Angry Video Game Nerd, there when he said the following during his review of this game: "That doesn't even follow the laws of physics!?".
Gotta love the politically incorrect Bat that shoots everything in his path!
Man, I loved this game. I used to remember every nook and cranny of Return of The Joker but now I don't remember a damn thing. This playthrough is still pretty cool and nostalgic.
Ernesto Zamorano
Dat megaman music.
Guillermo Bracho Wagner
It appears that the guy totally forgot that Batman could dash (down + jump) and shoot upwards (up + shoot) in this game...
Gabbi & Jordan's Filmmaking Adventure
do the bat dance
everybody complained when Batman killed people in BvS. But look at this
Steam Sound
great game! graphics better than 16-bit version!!!
s3 savage
Lovely game cannot forget the old days !!!!!
Zeke Thompson
I never played this hmm...
Davy Machinegun
It seems the player doesn't know that you can slide on the ground like in Megaman. It's done by hitting the jump button while crouching.
This is a great game but it is my least favourite Batman game on the NES
Goku Negro
password de la ultima parte G P Z T
Caen Viso
I just love the Soundtrack!
incredible!!! nes very very very good graphics game!!best!
one of the best of NES. Soundtrack Fabulous!
Kyo Kitagawa
Batman Returns and this game were SICK
NES Genesis SNES mashup
10:49-11:14.; Did know you could slide?...
I wonder how a batman game would look now on the nes if it was set in arkham city
I wonder how a batman game would look now on the nes if it was set in arkham city
oh my goodness, look at that parallax scrolling on the clouds. magic
Marcelo Sampaio
Best soundtrack ever for a Nes game. ^^
Mike Hawk
This may be one of the greatest nes games graphics and sound wise ever. Defiantly rate it in the top 20 overall in the Nes library.
Ivan Muller
That is, the amount of video bits if it is 8 or 1 gigabytes has nothing to do, it is only the imagination of the Programmer that counts, an Iso can weigh 4 gigs or 40 and is wrong, the Quantity in such case does not exceed the quality of the Video Programming. An 8-bit game can be better than the 2 gigs of Video but if you buy the same Genre, not with the Fight, if not with one like the Capitn America of Ps3 that is badly designed despite the graphic amount
that man is not the isle - not belong to nobody джокеров всегда было не 2
Pepito Scofield
Memories ... 80' .. u are the best ' @world of Longplays
The 1-Up_Triforce
the original arkham city XD
It's like if Batman was dropped into a Contra game.
Mio Mam
me and my brother used to play the shit out of this game. good times 😊
Mazoe Grind
I beat the joker with my regular weapon and I was 9yrs old lol
Vastly better than the Genesis port by Ringler. I can tell just by looking (and listening!)
Graphic wise this game was the best. Though I dont remember the levels being so short. Also why didnt the player look up to shoot?
GPZT 😎 password to Joker. I Will never forget that.
Ivan Muller
General Score Graphics 9 Music 10 Gameplay 10 Stability 10 It's better than Sega's 16 Bits Batman Return the Joker just compete with the Batman and Robin of Sega and the Btman Begin of Ps2 or the Batman Arkhan Asylum of Pc / Ps4
Oh... You could do THAT with NES graphically?? Wow! Jeez!
The faux parallax scrolling is amazing.
Persona no grata
When Sunsoft and Konami merge.
lmao @ 09:07 the player was ether having a minor seizure or trying to do the bat dance!!! 
I always considered this one of the best NES games, graphically amazing and really fun gameplay.
This must be by far the best graphics ever displayed on an NES.
I believe this game could have ended a little quicker if you knew you could point up and shoot.
Don't think the head bobbing in level 1 wasn't appreciated.....oh it was!
Woah, the animation are graphics are AMAZING!
God the music in this game and all Sunsoft games in general are badass!
love this fkn game. Great music, great art, great everything.
fucking level 3-1
way too cheap...fuck you joker!
awesome game
Yes, it is.
It's easy to see the resemblance between the two, ya know.
do the bat dance
yeah they were back then they made aero the acrobat my favorite snes game
Sunsoft was THE SHIT!
Batman using guns was a moment where The Brave and the Bold jumped the shark. I mean, Batman of all people would know that he would NEVER use a gun!
Fronkie Mc
One of the greatest NES games ever.
Professor Renderer
boss theme = crash man stage
nintendo should put this game in the virtual consol
Nourdine Assefli
Uke Man
if you press up on the directional button Bat Man will actually fire in an upward direction also what is the code for the final stage do you know it I have played this game from stage to stage and I can't seem to get the last level stage
This game is 12 bit.
ha ha, totally agree. i can't believe they've invested that much in it. it was a head of its time.
Awesome fucking music in this game.
the best Batman game ever made. Period!
some of the most detailed nes graphics occur in this game.
Oh shoot, thats true. I never noticed that. XD
This looks like it was suppose to be a sequel to the Batman 1989 one. It started in the cathedral where the last one left off.
Jack Hitchcock
Which version of Batman: Return of the Joker is better? The NES or Sega Genesis version?
Unshelled Pity
Can someone give me a list of the bosses?
I've beaten the final boss of the Joker in less than 30 seconds and I was only hit once. What took so long here? lol
Erichi Mira
One of avgn's quotes: "Once you get to the boss, the music sounds incredibly familiar. -listens to CrashMan stage in MegaMan 2- MegaMan. Yeah, it does sounds like it, it's a lot faster, that's all.
World of Longplays
D - Used Re-Recording emulator ;)
beating the last boss with no hit : A - the last boss is easy as fuck B - you are that damn good C - you got problems
Sunsoft ruled. but this game seems to have had nothing on the og Batman....
I never knew N was so useful. I used it here and there, but I usually went with C.
Lee is Still Gaming
Great music, but I can't stand playing this fucking game. Fuck that ice stage to hell
Holy Gun-toting shoot'em up Batman! Seriously, I thought the bats hated guns. (not counting his grapple guns since they don't shoot bullets)
Pimp Balla
@iamspider i agree... Sunsoft did had da best games dat was fun back n da days, ya kno?
Sunsoft were obviously trying to simulate the graphical style of PC-Engine and Sega Genesis games in this. It looked incredible back when it was released -- even though a single onscreen enemy would cause flicker. Look at 15:55 and 17:42; those are really dynamic scenes for NES standards. Too bad the enemy placement is cheap and the level designs are so flat compared to the first game.
@andoc this was the first time i ever palyed the game and i never got any cheap deaths well, i never got any on this run
Mark Fitch
I remember getting this game new for Christmas when it came out. Was my must have... Loved it
@Rosey38343 Journey to Silius has also one of the best music on the NES.
@Rosey38343 You should also check out Shatterhand (published by Jaleco).
@gfbodomi battletoads was actually harder for me, if you look at my run at battletoads, then at my run here, u see that i never died here
@Rosey38343 yeah but this game came out 1991 and the other games you mention came out 1987- 1990