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Joshua Bermudez
4 Likes On This Comment And I Will Ding Dong Ditch
Me mr Cheeseburger
Do ding dong ditching my teacher part 3
Desire Ruiz
Dude that was scary when he grabbed him😦
K Stange
That teacher is SAVAGE! like if you agree
I hate that stupid teacher
Jocelyn Green
were are you hiding.
Kristin Janik
OMG I don't think that he actually stole your friends jacket.!!!!!!!👘😱😱😱😱😱😱🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃 run kid run
Abdul Quddus
After a month can you please do a 3rd Ding Dong Ditch video.
Bella Twins
Yo that teacher is so Sketchy and Bitchy!!!
Kabeer Phull
Good job
iOS Game Mods
If I were the teacher, I would just stay behind the front door when it's closed.
teenabenny 1
im almost sure this is 67% fake
PoundTownBoog 178
NICE 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Shonna Norman
dang he must be really mad nice video keep doing ding ding ditch please
Nathen quick
dom tracy again
Nate Yeigh
Bro you have some yellow teeth
Wayne Kinder
i can see why u dont like mr.einstin ;] ;]
Karen Vanessa Zavala
Yooo teacher is Soo crazy 😕😮😅😡😬😠😈
Fake when the teacher got out the kid stoped for a bit and then teacher grabbed him next time act well ^^
Your cool man
Riley Walsh
Nice I like mart 2
jaygamerdude boy
Make part 3
Joshua Bermudez
ka2006leb!! Taylor
Part 3
The FuNtaStic4
super cat lover12 lol
James Webb
This is obviously fake he took your jacket and your freaking SMILING?!?! ID BE PISSED
Joey Guiliano
This guy sucks at YouTube
Radar Dancerr
34 seconds I’m dead and blind cause the blurr
Little Shotbros Gaming
You guys are bad actors
Kawaii Croisant
stop this you could get killed
MaryJane Olivarez
Do you swer
jr so lit gang gang
What a coincidence a house like that looks just like his it's fake 100%
He shouldn't have done that and you should not have either
Elizabeth Ramirez
wow you now don't put it in the dicription bc the last video
fallon elizabeth
thats probably ur dad
infinite_lists737466 HUMMBLE
That dumb teacher
What are you doing it didn't end well last time
Emrick Mitchell
Did he actually call the cops
Beast Gamer
stop doing that
Satisfying Slime
that's your house.
Vlog Kid
Damn he's a psycho god damn
MiddleSchoolKid 12
Im 2nd Good Video Keep it up
Nardnisha Hendersom
do part 3
Sebastian Ramirez
Ada tristan
You guys are crazy 😜
Macaroni and cheese Yolo
This is so funny
panda gta#2
Lighting Uzumaki
do part 3 :D
Jack Barnes
That not the same man
Kylie Mcdiffett
that was his house
*part 3 now*
Galaxy Samurai 873
Where do u hide
Anderson S.
Crazy Bros
Keep doing these
Ella Branham
So close
Krish Patel
Is this a skit???🤔🤔🤔🤔
James Wade
so fake
DaMommy 999
my name is daniel
Marbella Arreola
Amazing LionBoy
so fake
Jessica LeMaster
You guys should stop that's mean
Jack Barnsley
Don't do that it is mean
Atreyu Fox
I subscribed
Christian Saska
i subscribe
Angeles Sanchez
Liz love you 💋😚
itsalex 258
do a part 3 plz plz
sweet ness atkins
Part 3
Angeles Sanchez
Reece Borel
Max Goodwin 1234
Brandon Collet
That video is so fake
Cuddle team Leah team
Omg I k knew the teacher would trick him
Cuddle team Leah team
Uh ohhhh
Kx Merriweather
That was a fake find dong ditch.I know this because in part 1 you said his house looks like yours.Also he’d come out as soon as hid.And where did you hide.One last thing though, he probably would have saw your camera if it was real
Ella Urbanski
Okay, obviously that wasn't his teacher. When the man attempted to grab the kid and pull him inside, the boys escaped and ran off... but... the boy in the white shirt said: "Bro, who is he!? He's crazy!" So, good luck tricking us next time, boys. LOL
Cam S
Did you got arrested
Bryce Drexler
can you do part 3
James S
yo this will be funny if you put fireworks on his door step
Da CoralGirl
Wow that teacher is mean great video by the way
Gabriela Granados
i hace singular donde dicho my sckool on jojo andar frenos onda YouTube chanel🤗😇
Nolan Roberts
It's fake it's your dad and your house
Seth Mendez
This “teacher” is just getting harass by this kid
Baykeyla Vinson
Again why would you do that why why why you know he’s going to get mad and matter and matter every time you go there
Rilynn Swanson
Y do u keep doing this it’s stupid u act all scared but yet again u were on his property
lit zay vlogs
Everybody know that was fake talking about his house look exactly like mine you still got the same cord right there on the gate and where could you possibly be hiding at in the middle of the street
Y'all r stupid ...like y would y'all do it back to back...... like wasn't it obvious that he was going to come out after he got mad 😒
omg he shouldn't be a teacher
Ashley Bagen
Now I wish one of my teachers lived near me...
Anthony Rojas
It's fake because it's the same house as the other one part one the same house the two windows
Mateo Breazeale
you teacher you have now and is old or you mean old means used to be
Alena O'Sullivan
What the heck that teacher should be arrested
Lone Wolf
#child abuse
Sport Kids
Your old teacher is mean he is a idiot
Landen Ritter
Do it against n that was awesome every one subscribe and smash that like button
___Arsen al___
The other video you said it looked exactly like your house. That is your house. And you blurred his face out because it's your dad or friend
Itz Mooj
Fake, no way would that boy be laughing if a stranger grabbed him