2002 Warriors - Highlights package

Another oldie from 2002 compiled by SkyTV. A few highlights from our 2002 season - again, this was shown after our Grand Final loss

Corporal Hicks
The 2017 Warriors could learn a thing or two from these guys!
J. Al
Aah Soccer the greatest sport on earth is loved by every country on earth or over 240 countries (over 4 billion fans) > Rugby league popular only in 3 or 4 countries (9 million fans) jdd Aah
Harley French
Campion was a hard man💪
Teneka Tookey
go warriors
Double Brownzzz
if only we where like this this year
Kevin Campion is a legend
Tangitaua Falala
yeah man what a team even the aussies loved watching this team play tries from anywhere at anytime,
DJ Dan
i agree.. tough season this year boys.. keep your heads up and keep that faith...
Tangitaua Falala
2002 the best season of rugby league the best warriors team ever but look how far they have fallen i just hope they go out there for the next 6 games and just throw that ball around and keep it alive they wont make the eight this year but the warriors are still my team
Why did they ever let Daniel Anderson go?????????
...even Bon Jovi sounds good when the Warriors provide the video clip!
1.18 ha ha Dont start what you cant finish..Kevin Campion Ultimate Warrior!
Phin Cuddy
i didnt make this one sorry. this was played on sky sport 6 years ago. i will be making a video eventually tho!
Kurt Bowden
What a team...what a season!👍
Grand Final was good that year
Tiger Lucas
so exciting back then