Marillion Fish ~ DVD Hypnotise The Lens ~ Full Concert Live 1984 in Zurich

Playlist Full Concerts Recorded on November 21, 1984 at Schlufwegzentrum Kloten, in Zurich, Switzerland Tracklist: 1. Assassing 2. Punch and Judy 07:08 3.

Marcelo Lima
Assassing 0:00 Punch and Judy 7:00 Jigsaw 10:30 Cinderella Serch 16:46 Incubus 22:40 Garden Party 32:23 He Knows You Know 45:43 (cut) video repeats starting with Punch and Judy
I'm Not Aving That
I agree they've been a habit I can't shake for 34years now.. FISH RULES
Massimiliano Galimberti
What a frontman!!! Fish one of the best ever!!!
Epic. Many thanks for posting this! The ghost of film reels past... and the performance has just begun. =)
Milton Pinheiro
Foda ! Histórico!! From Brasil ! ❤👏👏👏👏
Thank heavens for this.
Austin Centolella
Very Much Appreciated
I have never seen this one before, thank you so much!, 84, that is the year I started listening to Marillion, so far didn't stop listening!
Luciano Silva Pereira
Jose Vidanski