◄ Neurofunk Mix ► Dirty & Dark DnB ☠

Neurofunk mix by Db One | Best and epic Dark Drum and Bass 2015 [#3] That subgenre of DnB emerged between 1997 and 1998 in London as a progression of techstep. Between 2007 and 2008, a decade after the pioneering artists first established neurofunk's technical soundscape, the style was enhanced with a series of diverse, forward thinking debut albums set to redefine its concept production with some artists like: Psycho, Gridlok, Mindscape, The Upbeats, ed rush and more. Now, the scene is led by artists such as The Upbeats, Noisia, Spor, Black Sun Empire, Phace and Gridlok. LOOK FOR MORE MIXES: ◄ Drum And Bass ► />◄ Drum and Bass Liquid ► />◄ Trap / Twerk ► />◄ Neurofunk (Dirty DnB) ► />◄ Neurofunk (Dirty DnB) #2 ► />◄ Pendulum Old School ► />◄ Trap / DnB (neurofunk) / Dubstep ► />◄ Dubstep Dirty ► />◄ Dubstep Old School► />◄ Dubstep Chill (Chillstep) ► />◄ Female Vocal Dubstep (Chillstep) ► /> ♪ Free Download: />♪ Mixcloud Page: /> Tracklist: 00:00 | Zero Method - Cold War (Optiv remix) 02:50 | Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup 04:40 | Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub 08:00 | Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (The Upbeats remix) 12:20 | Gridlock - American Dream (Mayhem x Logan remix) 15:20 | Gridlok & Prolix - Riot 19:00 | Prolix - The savage 20:40 | Dabs & Safire - Hideout (June Miller remix) 24:00 | The Qemists - Stompbox (SPOR remix) 27:00 | Neonlight - Extrasolar 29:20 | Emperor & Mefjus - Void Main Void 31:40 | Audio & Insideinfo - Rust 33:50 | Noisia feat. Phace - Floating Zero 36:00 | Optiv & BTK feat. Sam Wills - Understand 41:00 | Optiv & BTK - Over The Edge 43:00 | Loko - Bassline Secret 45:00 | Gridlok & Prolix - Revenge (Gruff remix) 47:00 | Optiv & BTK - Hack and Slash 49:15 | The Upbeats & Noisia - Creep Out 51:20 | Audio - Collision 53:30 | Gridlok & Prolix - Mode M VIP 54:30 | Mortem - Revolta 56:30 | Black Sun Empire & Audio - Drizzle ╔╦╩══╦╩═══╦╩═══╩╦═══╦════╩═════╩══┤ I have not produced the tracks included in the mix, they are the property of their respective artists and record labels. This video was created just for fun. Send me a private message if you have a legal problem with the mix to be loaded and will be removed immediately. ╚═╦╩══╦╩═══╦╩═══╩╦═════╩═══╦════╩═┤

Ostravak ™
Neurofunk.. my way of chill & fun
Pavol Kubek
Perfect music for coding :D great set man :)
floris-jan lip
Eargasm the full length of this mix
Austin Müller
THIS is what I call Drum and Bass.
1 hour mind-travel in a dark eden :)
You write a tracklist and time of tracks... Man, I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much!
This is a one-hour mix of escaping a dark purgatory in the unfathomable depths of your mind... Dark, dark, dark... I approve!
hoarish goat
filthy, gritty, polished drumNbass and hard hitting aftermaths, idk.
Ivo Stamboliev
pffff sick and hard moments from the beginning ! BIG UP FROM BULGARIA
Andreo Milano
nice mix
This genre deserves so much more fanbase, truly amazing music!
D Villiers
Freaking tight bruv!
Little to large TV
This mix got me, on the train, from Chingford to Liverpool St and made the journey very pleasant indeed! Quality!
This mix got me into neurofunk, so awesome :)
Drum & Bass Arena need to podcast more... luckily, theres some sick dirty D&B on youtube also :D
Crawling Roots
i want more jungle like snare-ghost-notes in this!
Hady Basha
your description of the vid is why i am asking you for your help, it seems that you are well educated in the Tech Step sub genre... back in 2000 i heard a Track called Armageddon by Stajerefunk or something like that, i can not find it for the life of me online, i think i am typing the artist name wrong... any help locating a copy?
Audio ♥
Wildfire Hardstyle
HELL YEAH!!!!! motivation to start the day right here. Best listened to at high volume.......... and at 8am!!!!! Ready for an awesome day ahead!! Cheers DB one DnB'n'Dub!!!!
Eder Diaz
So great, l wake up whit this insane crack mix. Thanks bro
SEBASTIAN : SKY ⓥⓔⓡⓘⓕⓘⓔⓓ
this mix is from heaven :)
Hubert Lubawy
Zero method from the start, I'll keep playin bro ;)
Will Burgin
Great playlist. Thanks for the description, for those still discovering and exploring new subgenres of DnB like me it's always great to know what you're listening to
Andrea Sickest
one of the best mix !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10.33 is a facking bomb
Алексей Храбров
Christian Whiticar
wicked mix, so many good tracks here
Actually nice mix for ppl who wanna get into Neurospace
24:00 | The Qemists - Stompbox (SPOR remix) best DnB song ever played
Tunnel Vision
Thanks for sharing this, hands down my favorite D&b subgenre!
Will Palmer
this is fucking awesome! That download it going straight in my bask..... memory stick
Aztamindenit Winchenso
really sick!!!! Thats the music 4 a good party....
soldat louche
plus jécoute meilleur c est gj bro !!
Michelle Seath
Fantastic mix!!! Meant to be going out & doing normal stuff like food shopping but enjoying this way too much! :D
Dani Grass
Das ist gangster!!!
Arew Bund
Wow!  41:00 !!
Woah Chubrub is the best song in the mix in my opinion. Ed Rush is the man
thanos s
That's some dope neurofunk, great work ;)
The Wood Boys
Awesome, best mixes around man
Floating waves of neurointeractive frequenzies, THIS is what Real Music is made of...
Am i the only one using this while there going to the gym? Btw this is a amazing mix
in germany you get HERZRASEN from this. Like that
Hammer mix !
background please ?
im on that side of youtube again <3
Taylor May
this is actually one of my favorite dnb collections.
Michael Rojas
Had to take a shower after listening to this. Way too much filth.
Brainwashed. As expected.
Lionakis Darmell
dirty deeds done dirt cheat
27:00 wow
The Wood Boys
Awesome, best mixes around man
Contagious Bass
Really well made mix. *<3*
Awesome work dude! Straight to my playlist c:
☠ ☠ ☠
I want to make love to the first song
† Pyrorca †
This is now my territory. 26:50 \o\ /o/
robo joe
This is a really good set, well done.
Bart Simpson
Hermoso <3
Sonnie Taylor
Triple drop that what it make me want too do PAC man had this on vine
Macio Rr
great for racing games. just turn music off and turn this mix to the max xD
I heard so many times for "Neurofunk" but I was thinking it was some anime shit and never searched for it. Finally after so many years of listening to dnb i finally found my subgenre name :3 <3
NeBo Pro
02:50 Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup ...changed :D
Madis Siirde
Fantastic:) Thanks for making my day better:)
Sound Wizards!
is that female roadhog? that is the final think i need in my life
Иван Бессмертный
gridlok & prolix - riot ооооохуительнооооо!!!
Dominic Townend
Upbeats remix pf pacman just as sick as original. Big!
Wallpaper plz? :D Thank you.
Alexander Wicked
That is one funking smooth mix! Flows like a liquid. Great job man
alex dal cortivo
the one and only realy D'n'B 🤘🏻😁 a loooot betther than ....... nevermind😉 keep it!
simas zaidimas
5:45 is just... just WOW! :D big up!
Dexter Morgan
Really good set!!!
Puripoh !
I love this. There's only few mixes that can amaze me online (not only neuro). This certainly is one of them. Nice work!
17:23 BREAK
Rezko Rivotril
soldat louche
db powa ty !!
Absolutely sick! <3
Cherry Luna
Wow, where did you get the image from? It's so nice
Lena Graupp
Александр Полищук
Guillermo Peirotén Matamala
Is this music good for my insane? i will never know it, so like form spain
Mogyorosi Mark
Someone pls gimme link for this picture!!!!!!!!! x.x
makes me want to double drop
Ray Spencer
God,that image is so legit,I think I'm going to get a call girl,pay extra...have her rock a gas mask....well,yeah.......
Edoardo Varani
Dbone big up! ;)
DnB Liquid
nice mix fck good music"s
How could anyone ever possibly dislike this mix?! It's amazing!
sam creyf
nice mix
Paul F
where did you get that gridlok & prolix revenge remix? cant find it on youtube :( only other remixes but not the one from gruff :(
Petar 8 ball pool
I feel as if I have a pot of power and dark energy while listening to Dark DnB I swear these are alien like from bother planet
exactly the kind of shit i love on rave
Wracam często do takich setów. Ful wypas.
Will don
awesome mix insta subbed as you show each track in mix good work.
some serious tunes right there plus also mixed it great ...appreciate it...a lot
Moon Falcon
This was sick!
Benny Hill
On gta v get rid of soulwax fm replace it with this music all so different types of drum n bass