The Priest Refused to Forgive Me ~ Convert to Islam

Do you think about converting to Islam, but have obstacles that hold you back? Ala, a convert to Islam from Ukraine, was once in the same position and we hope that hearing from a convert to Islam inspires you to push forward in your conversion to Islam. Subscribe to the overcometv channel to get more videos like this and let us know if you need help overcoming any obstacles that keep you from converting to Islam. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey Muslims! Help us! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright © 2017 by All rights reserved. This video or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the owner.

Kade Kevin
as a born muslim,sometimes i begin to wonder how high the stature of these people(converts) would be,how pure and natural their imans will be,how beautiful and fresh their relationship with Allah and Islam will be and then i feel a little jealous,a little sad as to how far behind will i lag in comparison to these people i as a born muslim was spoon-fed with everything,but these people have striven and worked hard for their imans,these people solved the puzzles themselves and then i begin to imagine a long line leading to the doors of heaven(in which i might not even feature in the first place) and me standing somewhere wayyyy behind these people does anyone else feel the same way?
Sherry Dela Rosa
Ma shaa Allah. Alhamdulillah 😭💚 I too, am a convert for almost a month now. It is a very beautiful feeling. To know the truth and to live by that truth. I must admit, it is so hard and challenging for me since I live in a harsh and judgemental community and I am only 17 yrs old, the only girl in my family. People say bad things, judge you and accuse you of hurtful things. Yes, it hurts. But these things, the hurtful words they utter, only makes my Imaan stonger. I wanted to be a Muslim since the fifth grade, and only now in my 11th grade did my parents allowed me(they weren't so happy about it) and I wouldn't let false accusations affect me and destroy my imaan. May Allah swt guide and help those souls who know the truth but are struggling. May Allah give them an Imaan so strong that they wouldn't mind what others will say about them as long as they believe and follow Allah's commandments. And for you sister, may Allah bless you more and more and grant you jannah. Alhamdulillah for everything. Allahu Akbar 😭😍💚
Checco 1982
I am a Christian and it's very sad how the Church today totally contradicts the Scriptures and the teachings of Jesus Christ,consequently they give a very bad image of true Christianity and true Christians. She didn't have to ask him for forgiveness because she didn't sin against him. If we don't sin against someone directly,we don't have to ask  him  for forgiveness,but  we ask God directly for forgiveness,because He's the only One who can forgive us. This Priest is not a true Christian,she made her choice and she only deserves respect and love. God bless you all my dear Muslim friends
Hussein Abada
Allah chooses her to be Muslim masha allah
Fatimah World
SubhanAllah! I can relate with her. When I took Shahada my heart was felt with joy. It was as if I found something it was missing my whole life. Alhamdulillah!
Alvira Rahman
Welcome Sister❤️ I love Your courage and intelligence.
Osama Manan
My aunt was Christian then she reverted.. today her father dies a non muslim which is a shocker... its a great loss... its not that he died.. its how he died.. its a blessing to be a born muslim... its not easy to convert your religion...
king mohamed
Allah guides whom He wills.
I'm nothing
Stan CLC
Oh my goodness she's amazing. welcome sister
সোনার বাংলা
welcome to the peace religion sister...Allah will give you peace in earth and after here also Insallah
Olive Green
Welcome to Islam,,,,,Perfect choice sister ,,,,may Allah's peace and blessing be on you always .
mohammed muneer
Allah guides Whom So ever he are blessed. Now u r sinless pray for ur parents bcz PARADISE LIES UNDER THE FEET OF UR MOTHER .
Sal ahmad
what a beautiful child.....welcome to our beloved Islam, for you nothing but Jannah....Inshallah, may Allah subhan e talla give you the best of this world and the best of afterlife.
Amjad Hussain
keep consistent sister.well done on ur reversion to islam.
Shairoon K Mooti
While i was Watching this. . I feeling real happiness on her face. . Masha ALLAH. . .
Maryam Sani
Masha Allah,may Allah SWT continue to guide us on the right path
Mahad Ali
may Allah protect you sis and all of us Bi'idnillah
Stephen Harper
Welcome sister
najmul hassan
lucky girl...Allah is the one and only almighty if anyone dnt beleive try to learn islam only a little bit i promise you will fall in love wid islam
ኤርትራ ን ኤርትራውያን
Mashallah welcome to Islam sister Allah Wakber god bless you.
SubhaanAllahi Wa Bihamdihi سبحان الله و بحمده
SubhaanAllah (سبحان الله)…. JazākAllāh (جزاك اللهُ‎)….
Khan Majeed
A beautiful soul ...... one can see this so easily ....... God Almighty has to save such purified souls ...............
Blue sky
Masha Allah. She saying true. The moment you recite Kalma the moment tears rolls out, of the joy the soul feels. ITS TRUE. I BET
Mohammad Kaka
Sometimes, it seems that God chooses people who wants to show the right way, and He really knows what is He doing. You are one of them sister.
Creating service is the service of God.
alhamdulillah sister allah bless you.
SalaamAlaikum....Peace and Blessings on you .
Her Personality is so cute
Asad Zee
May Allah grant her paradise on the day the day of judgement.
Faadumo Moalim
mashallah keep going sis muslim
MoHAMMAD Zain Nawab
Congratulations sister 🎉
The Indian Partner
Ma sha Allah .😍😍sister.
smiley allstar
You look more beautiful
Mohammad Ashraf
Masha Allah, you will be happy every life Asslum o allikum
Awww - what a beautiful happy soul. You can see guidance and gift of Allah emanating through her soul MashaAllah!
Ijaz Masood
congratulations and welcome to true religion Islam of the world, may Allah bless you
Zaini Mohamad
ماشاء الله الله اكبر لا اله الا الله وان محمد رسول الله
random thought
yes yes yes alhamdullilah May Allah guide every one like you to the straight path and make our iman so strong, beautiful and powerful so that one day inshallah we die as shaheed in sujood and more ameen
Sharman Faysal
Masha Allah she is so beautiful with hijab
Asad Abid
We must have to learn to improve our iman and beliefs from these blessed brothers and sisters. May allah guide us to the right path ameen
Asad Abid
We must have to learn to improve our iman and beliefs from these blessed brothers and sisters. May allah guide us to the right path ameen
Alan Othman
god bless you🙏
Allah protect you and keep you and your family firm amiin
shpend Aliu
Allah bless you
Tariq Ausaf
Subhan ALLAH. I become v happy when I see some body converted to islam which is a straight path .
I am a Christian and I say it is most un-Christian and unbiblical what the Priest did, I do not agree with icons, statues etc. and most importantly, going to any other than God to ask for forgiveness. Going to a Priest to ask for forgiveness directly contradicts Scripture and is not practiced within Protestant Christianity at all. I feel sorry that people get the wrong impression about the true message of Jesus Christ and stuff that has nothing to do with the gospel. Only if we sin against a priest by lying or gossiping about him do we go and ask for his forgiveness like any other human being, but we ask God to forgive us first because a sin done agianst our fellow human is a sin against God Himself, who created people in His image and likeness.
Mahmoud Bouafia
May God ( Allah ) forgives you and that's much more Importent
Sarinah Pape
I found another gem! Alhamdulillah! What more can I say!
Apoorva palkar
Mashallah sister
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Ala Masha Allah. Masha Allah bless be upon you sister..
Motarjim & Voice-Over
!This is so great! God bless you
Awat Mahmood uk
I love you my sweet sister 😍❤️😍😔❤️💞🧡
Nadeem Ansari
Love u sister from india
Peace Man
Welcome sister ,May Allah protect you and the entire Muslim Ummah .
Muhammad Ishaq Hussnain
Sister you are choosen one.U r blessed person.
Kts 007
Masha Allah. ALLAH bless you..
Bilal Sheikh Dawah
may ALLAH bless u sis
Arising Lioness
Aww mashaAllah I love her accent😊 welcome to our beautiful religion sister💕 Eid Mubarak everyone💎
jama jijo
MASHAALLH sister Allah bless you inshallah 😍 i
i am happy for you ala :D
Qasm Junoon
Masha Allah..... sister blessed You are, may Allah grant You jannah...Ameen
Awale wiinterali
Welcome to the light of ALLAH s.w.t!
Ahmmed Nobi Adnan
Al-hamdulillah ,May Allah bless you , give you all the happiness and strength your beliefs . Amin.
Shyam lal Naduvath
Really great 👍🏻 you’re lucky sister.... may allah bless you
El Islam en Español
MashAllah que Allah now guie [email protected] amen
cak kelepik
May Allah bless you and reward you in this world and hereafter.
Ismail Solanki
Sister My Love With you 💖🌹💖🌹
Rasheeda Madani
Ma Shaa Allah .. bless u sister
Welcome sister, to the true religion of the creator Allah. may Allah protect us all.
Facts 911
May Allah bless you ameen
مسلم. moslim صحيح sahih
may Allah swt keep her safe.
Jameel Ansari
MashaAllah sweet sister welcome to the right path which is directly going to the paradise we luvs Islaam from India
Danyal Hussain
Sister MARSHALLAH you have so much family now your no alone ALHAMDULILLAH
Ardogan Rajabe
ماشاء الله.الله أکبر.
Welcome to the religion of the peace. Allah bless you and reward u sisters
Nabeel Usmany
welcome Sister Allah o Akber
Good for you sister, may Allah continue blessing you and giving you guidance and peace.
Wise Man
Only Allah can forgive. He's the creator of all mankind.
Hasan Iqbal Nashin
Masa Allah... Allah bless you.. ❤️❤️
Ihsaan Zubair
mashallah sister,things wont be easy from now, they will be ups and downs, inshallah allah makes it the easy for you.Ameen
Muhammad Anas
may ALLAH bless you sister
Teach tolive
May ALLAH bless you sister
we love you sister
سـلـيـمـان أحـمـد
only god can doesn't have the power to do so.
Celestial. dreamer/Aiysha Abubakar
Mashallah☺ such a beautiful name!
Hashmt Khan
Mashallah god bless you my sister
Mushtaq Ahmad
Masha'Allah Allah bless you in this world 🌍 and hear aftar Allah bless you and yours family and friends and country
islam is the ultimate truth either you disbelievers like it or not!!!!!
Irshad Nizam
May Allah keep you always safe and happy for good
Naram Bahadur
Mashallah I proud on your imaan my sister may Allah bless on you
norma yunita sari
not convert, but revert. Masya Allah Sister
heny tanjung
alhamdulillah you are muslim, may Allah Subhanahuwataala guide you in heaven. You no need come to the priest to say sorry he is only human being like us. he is not God. Allah Subhanahuwataala forgive all your sins in the past. you are my lovely muslim sister.
Mashallah Allah give you and your family happy life here and after
islam therightway
MASHAALLAH sister May Allah help u and us all and show all the right way.
Hameedur Rehman Khan
Welcome to Islam sister . May Allah bless you with peace and prosperity.
hanif hanif
Mother of Jesus dressing. Masyaallah nice
Sarah Qamar
Al humdulillah. We are happy too. May we be raised as Best ones.
atif jan