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Bellator 158: Michael 'Venom' Page vs. Evangelista Santos weigh in face off Bellator Staredown

Damn, danced in his face, caved his head in, and then caught him with a pokeball. Hard times for good ol' Santos.
Joe Kwong
cyborg looked like he tried his hardest not to smile
Can we just get him in the UFC already? I tired of him knocking out these washed-up burnt out b-list fighters. Will Brooks made him debut already and he's nowhere near Venom's level. MVP IN UFC MAKE IT HAPPEN.
I think cyborg was doing his best not to smile there. he had that look.
Sergio Velasco
It's so sad that people like Evangelista Santos keep on fighting because he hasn't made enough money to retire.
Helly Towolioe
MPV In outside is funny but the inside he is a monster killer
Oloruntola Deed
throw back when cyborg have a smooth forehead
Lol @ Evangelista's translator... Evangelista speaks Portuguese, but they brought him a Spanish translator.
check out the chick at :23. she's thirsty. lol
Denny Swain
he should be in ufc. i think hes best in the world in his weight
MVP already knew he was in his head and started to 💃boggy
Santi McGeady
00:22 a loirinha gostou viu kkk ( canto esquerdo)
If you listen real close, you can hear Santos's skull crack from here......Ouch!!!
Watch that girl when cyborg took his shorts off
Rebecca Gee
Love this fighter MVP. So much personality cracks me up every time.
i love when michael page looks at them dead in the face and laughs hahaha
"its gonna be a bad night" Yes... Yes it will be. Borderline dead bad.
josy bab
MVP should b tested with serious fighters like chechnian
yungah t
He won as well 🔥😂😂😂🙌🏾💯
2:04 I thought that was JoeRogan in the background
the amazing family
Evangelista got his skull crushed like a coke
David Hunte
MVP is on another level. he definitely needs better opponents. That knockdown was pure quality, the running was spot on and MVP knew because there wasn't any follow up. That was all he has to do. MVP for UFC now!!!
Protect from Evil beings
I like when he raised the snake head up ready to bite the other fighter 😁😁
Brian Kinary
THIS is why MVP needs to fight real world class welterweights. He isn't unbeatable. The cat he fought last took him to a split decision and Fernando Gonzalez is a solid fighter, but he isn't a world class top 10 guy. Let's see him try some of that shit vs Wonderboy - both guys have the same style and point Karate/kickboxing background. Woodley would beat him for sure IMO bc he is a world class wrestler, so is Ben Askren. Demian Maia is the best Jiu Jitsu practitioner in MMA today - he gets his hands on ANY welterweight and the fight is over. I want to see MVP in the UFC! Bellator has some good fighters, but MVP and Michael Chandler are really their only two superstars who could instantly go into the UFC and compete vs high level guys (save for Henderson and Rory). Ben was champ many moons ago and Rory came close til Robbie Lawler destroyed his nose...fuck that was a great fight! That staredown where they're mad dogging each other and blood is pouring out of both their faces! Anyways - MVP hurry up and finish off your contract w/ Bellator and come over to the big boy league! I GUARANTEE you he won't beat Woodley or Askren, all Maia would need is to get two hands on him if he could catch him, and Wonderboy and him would put on a striking show for the ages!
Tsp Jampa
esse cara é uma atração a parte! 😂😂😂
charged up
venom is a beast cyborg head got caved in
Julio C
I think that MVP is the future of mma
Lee McCord
Damn it man you got a Mike Tyson tattoo on his stomach I wonder how Tyson feel about that
Passei aqui só para dizer que o Page afundou o crânio do Cyborg na luta. 😂
he woop cybord Azz and fractured his skull LMAO!
Marcos Machado
cara otario, daqui a pouco ele cai
Jay C
I want a girl to look at me the same way 0.23 Ha
Renato Ribeiro Composições
Michael page is the best in the world today.
Paulo Marcos Bezerra
Muito bom o Page.
MVP was already on "win mode" he must have known he was gonna break some heads that night....
André Carvalho # Videos Evangélicos
page luta dimais ,,cara é rápido
Diogo Pascoal
Esse cara é de outro mundo 💪💪
Damn look at cyborg compared to how he looked when he fought Melvin manhoef 5 years before he fought mvp
I might hire MVP to open coconuts for me
Peter Mc Kie
Isreal vs Page wowzers 😊😊 ! !!
save ur pages 678
0:22 that girl in the left checked cyborg out 💀
Jax Bravo
The way Cyborg looked at MVP though, like he shat himself!. MVP is an entertainer bro!! The other guy looked stiff just looking at him!!
Cyborg looks like a scary man.. probably even scarier now with a dent on his forehead
Ngọc Đức Châu
I like style’s Micheal Page ^^
Zay Bell
Peep the girl on the left @ 0:22 LMAOO
Why so serious?
Renato Ribeiro Composições
temos que admitir Michael page é o melhor do mundo da atualidade.
I thought venom page was the Stylebender.... Now i see theyre two different ppl
Vagner Marques de Araujo
Marlon Wayans 😂😂😂😂
Patrick Michael
He's so chill and so cerebral at the same time. I'd like to see him in with Rory.
Nav Bajwa
santos a big guy
Rapid Fire Boxing
MVP put a dent in his head
Tobias Thorsson
Is there anybody who has a clue what song´s playing at the end of the staredown?! When Paige starts dancing???
Brice Korinek
oh so that's how cyborg really look..... OK....🤔.. I couldn't recognize him without that hole in his face....
Colin Flaherty Videos Daily
mvp= can crusher
PieCrust Slob
MVP is a beast
Marcelo Silva
evangelista e bosta...fraquíssimo...assim como boa parte do nível do bellator...esse page tá se achando o cara mas só pega galinha morta...digam oq quiserem do UFC.. mas é onde está a elite.. e esse page não dá um café
Joao Travolta
kkkkkkkk, interessante foi a loirinha gata lá olhando o tatuado, ficou comendo o cara com os olhos eu acho, kkkkkkkkkk
GAMBIT 1 9 9 8
"Vou amostrar pra ele sua primeira derrota" e morreu....
Carlos B
kkkkkkkkk. le quebro el casco. kkkkkkkk
Black God Morales
lol XD whats the song michael was Dancing its catchy
Shin My
best face venom
Cássio oliveira
É um desrespeito com o adversário , mais há hora de Michel page vai chegar Anderson Silva era deste jeito agora está mais respeitador
Jones Mazurov
наконец то возрождения техники рой Джонса ещё лучше
마 더기~
Cata Popa
2:47 that music, someone?
Anthonybodao Bodao
esse lutador e muito louco!!
Ryan Singh
Where can i watch the fight?
New Era
Micheal Page needs to sign with the @Ultimate Fighting Championship
Bellator looks so amateur
adilson luyana
Os Brasukas falavam que ele era um palhaço que só encontrava adversários fracos, okay . Desde que deu uma surra no Evangelista os brasileiros calaram a boca kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Conor no Brasil ` Ola Senhoritas ´
mohammad subhan
Mvp vs douglas lima...
Makulbek Buribekov
Hassan Hasselhoff
I can't wait for him to get in to the UFC and get schooled by pro fighters. He can be this cocky Bellator, but just imagine what someone like Lawler would do to him...
Damion Magee
Too bad tatoos aren't intimidating, lol
Dream Temple
Cyborg trying to act and look his head cracked open by mvp 😂
Jason Notes
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Segopecel Iwakbarakuda
indomitable jihad
Cyborg was shook could see it in his eyes
Elias Nunes
esse page tem macumba no corpo
Гия Гвритишвили
Сантос выглядит в свои 40 лучше, чем я в свои 15
Дмитрий Медведев
Track please ?
gosto desse cara ele é show Kkkk
word of the day:
Most fighters are on some type of drug. I think MVP is clean. I could be wrong. lol
Ilan Maia
Pena q foi um brasileiro
Santos got clowned in the weigh-in AND in the fight. He took all the L's.
Thierre emilio
alguem sabe o nome daquele cordao que Michael page ta usando? é vermelho.
Jones Mazurov
красавца Майкл супер
pill author
Conor McGregor??
Fez macumba ali no bagulho ala no pescoço dele, e aquele bang q ele faz com o braço slko. mesmo assim sou muito fã desse cara queria ver ele o mc gregor ou jhon jones
Abdulfatah Osman
Mickeal Vanom is dancing!!!
nhóc Lợi
p 0.22 con nhỏ tóc vàng mắt nó nhìn thằng vỏ sĩ cởi quần
Willian R
Bellator só tem lutador fim de carreira.
Geyce Silva
whats nime of song
Ceciliano Rafael
Ciborg o caralho.ficou com essa cara de marra levou um atropello, quase morre kkkkk
evov monbly
This kid definitely needs to be promoted better. too bad he resigned with bellator. ufc seems like a great fit for him post mcgreegor
Dener da Silva
My Opinion
Rory MacDonald
Ibrahim Mawry
Do any of you think he stands a chance against jon jones. just asking cause when I look at this guy I think of jon jones.