Windows 7 — 2018 Edition (Concept Design)

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Almost 10 years ago Microsoft announced Windows 7. Now It's time to come back. Designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan. This is NOT an actual software. This video is the sole property of Avdan.You are strictly prohibited from making a copy or modification of, or from publishing , this video without the written permission from Avdan. *Windows is trademark of Microsoft. Follow me on Instagram: /> Follow me on Twitter:

Adam Aore
If Microsoft don't hire this guy, then they're missing allot!!!!
Nick Graauwmans
You should make your own OS. It would look awesome!
Windows 10+7 Windows 17
naki pumkin
Microsoft destroy win7 for what? for win8 and 10 wtf my opinion: Microsoft go work for win 7
tajir Channel
Deniz Bilgin
Türkler adına böyle birşey yapman gurur verici bir durum. Başka projelerini de bekliyoruz.
Igoresha 99
Windows 11
Ted Vangelov
I want this windows. Good work
Just a person with the name Kevin
I want this! It’s so beautiful 😍
If you make themes, i buy it
Lemonade Master
This looks better than 10 lol
Much better than Windows 10
Deniska Fakt
Бля , ахуенна , можно 10ку похожей на это сделать?
AmythysT Justen吳
Made Microsoft Windows 1.0.1 But 2018 Version
I'm a windows 7 lover. I always take windows 7 for my pc. I had 2 pc with windows 8 and 10 and i told to someone to put windows 7 for me xd. WINDOWS 7 IS THE BEST VERSION TRUST ME *issou*
Winner live
Best windows!!!!!!!!so sorry ,windows 10 fuuuu!!!!bad!!!
- KirbyTheGamer -
*Microsoft has left the server.*
Stephen Yutuc
Windows 7 will always be golden
Ghost Gang
This should be made into an MFI for Windows 7 like they did for XP
Looks very nice, it reminds me of old Longhorn and Vienna concepts
Tech and Truth by SAIFAN
How would you make this? Plzz answer me.
Download link?
Bende eskişehirliyim
Rinku gupta
this will only be a dream...
Yakup Svs
pengu club
now do 7 2019 mobile (cuz you did it with xp so do it with 7)
Artem Leontew
Ух....Простите за вопрос , но как он в плане секса ? XD
Window 7 what have they done to you?
Windows 7 Support Is Ending On 14, January 2020.
look so much better than all official Windows 👏👏
Imagine the faster os ever
Like a windows 10 , zzz
nisha raut
Just like windows10
No name
Windows 10 with logo of windows 7 lol.thanks for the likes
Microsoft seni hala işe almadımı
Kusho Hanyou
Good Job! :)
Yudis 617
Its Real ?
2019 ?
Adam türk yaw
Madagaskar Kaçkını
kyl pa
I wish it was final and out so I can install it or update my windows 7
Hard Computer
As Bayrakları!
Welcome to *”Windows 7 SE“*
Send it to Microsoft windows OS makers
graveyard gunner
Windows 7 is my love,but it dont let my games run like fortnite!!
i think if you made your on company like microsoft and upload this then you will become best windows optimizer or operating system creator... 😍😍😍👌👌👌😘😘 And about windows then this is looking sooooooo coooooolllll..... mixture of windows 10 and classic look of windows 7.... it looks soo great man....
What is the name of this windows
Reds Tutos
Trailer of Windows 11 Pro
iso plz
coco boy
its a wow.....
Party 777
That was awesome
Nazeer Ahammad
how to download
Windows 7 NEEDS to have Aero Glass to be Windows 7.
i Lukyy
*Microsoft has left the server*
mahdi emamalilo
Turkeler burda mi?
Bonnie Gaming
I want to buy ittt
Andrew ZD
Want the wallpapers
I'd kill for this
Tej Wael
Where can i download this???
Download link?
Electro Gaming - Playing with Friends!
Better than windows 10.
Oleg Kunz
Way 👍😉
elang gaming and youtuber
Wow windows 7 is look like windows 10
Average Internet Surfer
Actually looks better than Windows 10.
Bjar Kurd1sh
Link the windows 7 edition 2018. Thanks
Mouhamed BT
اللي عربي لايك🙂
-100 FPS in game
To all haters: Hate it all you want. But I'm sure you wouldn't be able to do the same. Because I can't.
yüşa özdemir
Ohalan adam Türk Eskişehir de yaşıyor
XiLoRe 25
Windows 7 is the best OS. I miss it.
Small blocks anti Ajit pai
looks more modern then windows 10
If Microsoft don't remaster Windows 7 with this , well , i'll be dead.
Madhav Mittal
how i get this edition please reply
1-UP Memes
Wow this concept is amazing! Microsoft can't even get close to this.
Wolf Gaming
Windows 7 > Windows 10
Petr Zaplatílek
Its Windows 10 with Win 7 colours and Wallpaper.
Mr. M
Pls..send the 32 bit iso link...pls...
Cosmic Capybara
I've stopped watching my country playing in the #WorldCup2018 for this.
Even tho its just windows 10 but the files are modified it looks better than it. Even the bad features look better lol
Jose Calderon
Just why
Bringosek GR
Like for Windows 7 returns
Hasan Dramali Professional
Windows 7 Ramstered Reralistic Graphics
20 times better than Windows 10
Z- Nax
Yeaaaaaah boyyyyyyy yes win=8 trash win=10 trash win 7=king win 7 remastered=metal king
Technology Mohamed - Gamer
Elmo Taipale
Yuck, looks like windows 10, Microsoft should just keep on updating windows 7
Deniz Uğur
Umarım bir gün kendi işletim sistemini kurup bu fan editlerine gerek kalmaz kardeşim
Erik Thebro
Microsoft has stopped working
ItzAmythest Gaming
Wait till I get that update lol.
For this video I originally wanted to wish a nice day to you all, and for some they really deserve it such as the oldschool people unlike all those nerds that try reverse everything you do. Here is my opinion about Windows 7 — 2018 Edition (Concept Design) as follows: (If I made a grammar mistake I am not sorry so that you can complain coz I have my own style while you don't and just stick with the majority) I find it funny how people say it's just a theme trying to ruin your overall opinion to move on and stick with microsoft over the creative fanbase when in reality the fanbase does more then microsoft. Don't try to persuade us that it's the other way round saying the theme is useless when in reality design has much more potential over code and thus it's better. Creativity always wins over logic and sooner or later people will begin to see that and rise with more and more creativity as times get harder, we will advance while the logic nerds will fall like they always do. In the old days there wasn't code and things looked better and much more natural in all honesty then nowadays but the poor newer generation will never understand this and will always just watch, complain, be lazy and not work on they're projects like a dreamer with potential ideas would making it a reality sooner or later.
asth George
this looks *alot* like windows *10* but great!
Barış Öyür
çok iyisin ben Türküm/you best I am turkısh
This is just all the things that made Windows 7 look super old after getting used to 10 added back. What sucks about 10 are all the buttons and options you click on. And all the wasted space that is EVERYWHERE is this POS. If someone worked on that, I'd probably even toss them a donation.
Link download please
King_ Kozmin
откуда скачать этот Windows???
Wellington Silva
Seria muito Top, tô usando o Windows 7 mais por causa do aero. Microsoft deveria ouvir esses artistas e ver esses conceitos. Muito lindo.
Rubens 75
Tanto cuesta hacer un Windows 10, con esta apariencia fresca. Hay tantos diseñadores con tan buenas ideas, ojalá Microsoft se le ilumine a su equipo de trabajo y hagan un Windows más renovado estéticamente. No es malo el.actual, pero es hora de hacer un cambio de look.