Windows 7 — 2018 Edition (Concept Design)

Almost 10 years ago Microsoft announced Windows 7. Now It's time to come back. Designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan. This is NOT an actual software. This video is the sole property of Avdan.You are strictly prohibited from making a copy or modification of, or from publishing , this video without the written permission from Avdan. *Windows is trademark of Microsoft. Follow me on Instagram: /> Follow me on Twitter: /> #Phase2 #Episode5 #2018Edition

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Adam Aore
If Microsoft don't hire this guy, then they're missing allot!!!!
Tabish Butt
Windows 10 with logo of windows 7 lol
Unfortunately Just Consept :'(
Rock band
Old Windows 07 always best 😉
h.w. scorpedo
Adam türk yaw
Looks very nice, it reminds me of old Longhorn and Vienna concepts
Ого! Вот это красота 🌝
Looks good but if the design was this, literally any tabs would be uncustomizable
No, we don't need another BonziBuddy clone on another os
Ahmed RA
اللي عربي لايك🙂
Windows 7 Support Is Ending On 14, January 2020.
Weld Elmansouri Production
it's just windows 10 !!! no concept , no windows 7 , no design !!!
Taking everything that looks awful in Windows 10, and shoving it down Windows 7's throat
SonicGamer49 [ Angelo Miguel Angeles]
Let Microsoft hire this man who upload this video
Small blocks anti Ajit pai
looks more modern then windows 10
Deniz Bilgin
Türkler adına böyle birşey yapman gurur verici bir durum. Başka projelerini de bekliyoruz.
This is Jittered’s Channel now ; _ ;
4096 vs. Advan Anyone?
Erik Thebro
Microsoft has stopped working
Electro Gaming - Playing with Friends!
Better than windows 10.
If Microsoft don't remaster Windows 7 with this , well , i'll be dead.
Send it to Microsoft windows OS makers
Lilia Vitor
Windows 7 2028 Editions is....
Lemonade Master
This looks better than 10 lol
clienti buni
It's win 10 april 2018 update!!!!
Windows 10'dan soğudum...
Windows 7 NEEDS to have Aero Glass to be Windows 7.
Please make a software of it which we can use to actually modify windows 7
Hairon Rohon Hn
I like your design about Windows 7 2018 Edition , I really love using WINDOWS but I would like a new version of XP like "XP RELOADED" because it has been the best operative system that Microsoft had created regardes from Honduras
But I can use Moni-I MEAN Windows 11
Windows 7 Ultimate
Wait till I get that update lol.
is this downloadable and 64-bit OS?
0:18 eskişehir
mr rambek
Win7 is end of support on this year or next year
Sen, sen Türk müsün?
Wow this concept is amazing! Microsoft can't even get close to this.
TheAlexTube Blogger
Ooo helal Eskişehir i gördüm helal bi Türk'ten mükemmel bi eser 👏👍
Azeri Trap
bunny :
You damn send it to microsoft.
İlhan cık
as bayraklari as as
Anuj Nirwan
It's windows 10💻 not 7... Ok
Çüksüz Armadillo
Windows 9
Windows 7 is the best OS. I miss it.
daniel franco
Pasen el Link para la descarga
Muhammad Tahir
how to download it
memes gang
It looks like a Windows 10 with a Windows 7 design. I'm right?
Gabriel Games Dpu
quando vai laça esa delicia!!
Cosmic Capybara
I've stopped watching my country playing in the #WorldCup2018 for this.
DarkGamer PTT
How to download this windows haa
AsganaFlow89¿ ?
I want it
Maqa Memmedli
windows 7 2018 edition looks like a windows 8.1
Quick bill hire this guy!
This is just all the things that made Windows 7 look super old after getting used to 10 added back. What sucks about 10 are all the buttons and options you click on. And all the wasted space that is EVERYWHERE is this POS. If someone worked on that, I'd probably even toss them a donation.
Fenomen RBLX
Türk video
mr rambek
Lets now with Concept Windows Vista
Eskisehir 34 derece anladik
Woahy I wanna download
Very similar to win10 but the minimalism here is much better. The day and dark modes are fantastic. Nice job :)
Liam Pfeiffer Tech
What software was used to make this? I love it.
Говнище какое-то
Hasan Jaber
If there is windows 7 2018 edition if there is windows 10 xp edition.
THIS NEEDS TO BE A THING! also where can i get the wallpapers used in this video?
AM Gaming
Plz *Give me download link* ⬇⬇
Fenomen RBLX
Copy video
AndroTech TN
Can i download this version
максим виноградов
Та же 10ка только с оболочкой под 7ку
20 times better than Windows 10
Havlu Reyiz
Eskişehir?! As Bayrakları
The Canadian Askew
Who is watching this on a Windows 7 in 2018 or 2019?
AG Tech
Superb nice....
Emese Megyesi
Windows 98 2018 edition concept design create very cool windows 7 2018 edition next... Windows 7 2019 Edition
Better than windows 10
Canal BySpeed
Omg amaizing bro
Dan Jacobson™
Windows 7 is still my favorite version of Windows to this day. It was a Clean and Solid version overall, and I personally had very little-to-no issues using it. I ended up switching to Windows 10 due to recent hardware upgrades & updates I've had installed about a year ago. Having Classic Shell installed helps a bit :)
Izabel Jura
windows jest zarombisty
AdonisRD Nuñez
Windows 10 with windows 7 colors xdxd
Windows 7 is best OS so far! Production, gaming and more without all that bloated crap that Windows 10 has!
Hương Giang
The start menu is no seach
Mark Linton
0:22 I miss when my OS had color. With 10 everything is white or (almost) everything is black. Fluent is a poor replacement for the color that windows 8/8.1/10 took away.
How to Download it Please say me
windows 10 will be officially killed if they do it.
But why windows 7? That’s just a good looking version of windows 10
iqbal hossain
i can windose 7 eidit buy
Josh Miller
you just ruined the best windows ever....
helltrudi smok
Donde demonios esta el ISO?
I would love a Windows 7 which would be usable in skylake, kaby lake, coffee lake cpus with 0 bloatware and a clean design like this.. Too bad i dream a lot :'(
Amazing work, job in Microsoft still waiting
FUNtastic World
It look damn awesome, Forward it to MS OS builders to learn something ..... Easy UI
This looks like a Windows 7 theme for Windows 10... Windows 7 was great without Cortana, Apps and notification center. The start menu was much more solid and the UI wasn't so fragmented between legacy and the new "App" UI. Windows 7 is almost as lightweight as some modern GNU/Linux Distributions. There was a LOT less pre-installed crapware such as XBOX, maps and Paint 3D. They grew an entirely new "App" interface on top of Windows 7 slapped a new theme on it and called it Windows 10. I just want a barebones type system, I dont want the bloatware and if I did - sure allow me to manually install it from the App Store.
*Why are we not funding this?*
That would be awesome
Awesome! I really wish that this was a real thing. Definitley would switch from Windows 10.
The link for download Friend I wish use the your OS
Mert Tuna
Hocam Windows Explorer tasarımın çok başarılı. Çok beğeniyorum onu, harbiden koysan Windows 10'a sırıtmaz. Bu arada Microsoft'tan önce Dark Mode'u sokmayı başardığın için tebrik ederim :D
0:20 eskişehir? türkmüsünüz olm
Weird Videos
You can add more the concept of self changing wallpapers and dark mode according to time is great. But you can also add some more things like user generated time event program usage pattern which shows list of programs to be used at that time. Edge browser can also turn on and off according to usage patterns. And CPU going to under lock and over lock according to requirement and timing like web browser under clocking Photoshop over locking that's much better way
Don't tell me I am the only one who thinks this looks just like Windows 10, but with changed border colors? C'mon. I cannot even tell the difference. I only see GREY vs BLUE color change. :) Windows XP was perfect though.
Agustin Alvarez
Esto puede ser posible, ¿Como? Que Microsoft reintroduzca los efectos Aero de transparencias y demas en Windows 10