Windows 7 — 2018 Edition (Concept Design)

Almost 10 years ago Microsoft announced Windows 7. Now It's time to come back. Designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan. This is NOT an actual software. This video is the sole property of Avdan.You are strictly prohibited from making a copy or modification of, or from publishing , this video without the written permission from Avdan. *Windows is trademark of Microsoft. Follow me on Instagram: /> Follow me on Twitter:

Seybo Kadir
We don't want windows 11. We want windows 7 2019 version
Windows 10+7 Windows 17
Egemen Usta
Windows 10: Dude who the hell is Windows 7? Windows 7: (Pulls out 2018 Concept Design) Hold my Beer.
Shaorma Star
Microsoft destroy win7 for what? for win8 and 10 wtf my opinion: Microsoft go work for win 7 I love Microsoft but........yeah
Lemonade Master
This looks better than 10 lol
Li Gu
I want the win 7 default wallpaper with new windows logo.
dude, this is sick. i just want to get it. i have a windows 7 but this just takes it to another level. why dosent Microsoft look at this and just use it? windows 7 2019 edition.
Evil Within IV
This is basically the win10's design applied on windows 7
Plz expand original windows 7 security update extended support date
Just a person with the name Kevin
I want this! It’s so beautiful 😍
And plz support windows 10 for intel 9th gen processor
Vinicius 96
If you make themes, i buy it
Nick Graauwmans
You should make your own OS. It would look awesome!
Adam Aore
If Microsoft don't hire this guy, then they're missing allot!!!!
Much better than Windows 10
Parantez Adam
Türk olan 👍butonuna bassın bence
Joey The decepticon
Windows seven was the best version of windows, change my mind
Quad X
*We* _need_ *Windows XP **_2020 Edition_* _Just _*_kidding!!_* 😂
No name
Windows 10 with logo of windows 7 lol.thanks for the likes
Yabets Mengistu
Is there windows 7 2018 edition???
If wwindows 7 2018 edition release What are you doing?
que2 99
Abi müthiş eline sağlık
Aviral Srivastava
Hey dude! I have been recently watching some of your videos and I have to say that YOU ARE AWESOME. I seriously recommend you to design some themes for Linux or your desktop environment.... Because Linux is a place where you can make all this happen really!
Send it to Microsoft windows OS makers
Thomas Kahler
I love how this guy assumes the main font on Windows is Open Sans when it really is Segoe UI. Actually, I'm not sure what that font is. It looks like Open Sans, but I don't think it is. EDIT: He also uses macOS/Apple fonts.
Dude. That... defeats the ENTIRE POINT OF IT BEING A REMAKE. If Microsoft actually did this, I'd be going to linux
A Bilal Senghoor
Awesome 👍 work 👏 dude... Microsoft gotta concider it...
Miguel Dávila
do you have with the disposable themes? I would like to get it
Good, where's link to download this theme? XD
Should be Windows 7 Dynamic Edition
Natural Killer
Omg, it would be so cool that this version get real, Win 7 steel being the best SO
black knight301
Windows 7 is my love,but it dont let my games run like fortnite!!
Windows 7 NEEDS to have Aero Glass to be Windows 7.
Gamerz Zone Z
I hope windows 7 was like this
Mike Shifter
Hey @Avdan, I recommend suggesting every idea to big corporations. Maybe they'll listen to you!
Lan eskisehiri gorumce youtubeya konum ozelligi falan geldi sandim bende eskisehirliyim aq
reginaldo oliveira
Quando vi o "Start" do w10... até hoje é o mais ruim. Levar este "Start" aos outros sistemas em atualizações já é um erro. O antigo "Start" (... XP, Seven até o W7) são os melhores!
sinan 607
Adam türk yaw
Lạc Quách
You should add some design of macOS.
Dead Pies
Eskiden bilgisayarım öyleydi 7
A more smoother, faster, clean computer. Windows 7 Remastered. -Avdan and Bill Gates
Susán János
Wow! Nice job man! GG from Hunagary! (Sorry for bad English) 🔥🤟😎🤙
Robert IRS
IRS+ System 2020 year for Laptop IRS+.Different orbs logo windows IRS+ no windows logo .
Love it but that remastered logo is horrendous.
I hate this so much. You desecrated the image of a perfectly good OS.
Tech Point
It is exactly like Windows 10. good work
Would you release this as an actual theme for windows 7?
You Made Macrosoft! Mac And Microsoft. Macdows 7.14 10th B-Day
Para eso me descargo la Windows 10 :v Like si hablas español xd
Giridhar CSS
It's sooo cool! You should be in Microsoft for designing next gen windows...
Looks very nice, it reminds me of old Longhorn and Vienna concepts
Truong Laivan
Your work is really cool but honestly, this is just kind of horrible, like Windows 8 Developer Edition with some Windows 10 Implementations. And amateurish skeuomorphism. Well, I don't know if you still remembered the time about 5, 10 years ago, there were a lot of cool concepts or cool visual styles, customization sort of like Rainmeter, WindowsBlinds, DeviantArt themes, etc. It's not easy to look up for these days but just some sources if you want to feel nostalgic and references for your works. xox
Somebody in the UXstyle theme community needs to make this for windows 10!
Bright Fear
Is no one talking about the steam which Microsoft would never put in a trailer
Jake H_1979
Do windows 10 2018 edition next
Igoresha 99
Windows 11
ScoRpiOshKa - Илья Маруфенко
And people from Microsoft make a Windows 7 2018 edition after watching a video 😂😂😂 ( I know, what Windows stop a new OS((. )
Jadolive Işık
This guy is from Turkey (Country) Eskişehir is a city from Turkey
*C:/drive.exe has stopped working.*
THIS NEEDS TO BE A THING! also where can i get the wallpapers used in this video?
i want dark wallpaper Windows 7 — 2018 Edition
Robert IRS
IRS+ System on;y Logo and orbs difference :D
Andrei Mario Manu
Now is 2019,please create,, WINDOWS 7 2019 EDITION"
Windows 7 2018 Edition aka The original version of Windows 8
Cosmic Capybara
I've stopped watching my country playing in the #WorldCup2018 for this.
this is best consept for windows os from you. very lovely color bester than windows 11 consept....
Lucky SMC12
It is better then windows 10. But I still use windows 10 LOL
Mr wicrosoft says windows 2020 fulle expire not recienve update ok show no make video on windows 7 windows are fully death
Lorenzo van Gulik
Windows 7 (Fluent Edition)
G- man
Omg this is windows 17 LOL
tell me how you do these things. what software you use just upload a tutorial
Daniel Naveda
This is basically windows 10 but with the wallpaper changed and a bit more aero
How did you made it Please give me a download link
Erik Thebro
Microsoft has stopped working
Paras Arora
you should try creating themes for Linux there will definitely appreciate and give you positive response😄
wow the comments is 4K like 4K quality software concept there
Thirdy Abella
hmmm i saw local disk ad the sign on the top its win 10/9/8
Gamy- Amy
Win7 is better than 10 l have win 7 and 10 and win 7 is better
PecaMercedes 2
You are best youtuber. The concept is the best ever
i think if you made your on company like microsoft and upload this then you will become best windows optimizer or operating system creator... 😍😍😍👌👌👌😘😘 And about windows then this is looking sooooooo coooooolllll..... mixture of windows 10 and classic look of windows 7.... it looks soo great man....
The C tube
I'm extremely impressed by the design of yours...i am looking forward for such designy windows and waiting for official release...keep the good work going👌👌👌
spacetoon old قناة شباب المستقبل
i install this os but if you use ther are windows 7 2009 edition
it could be cool if this was released but it wouldn't be an update to WIndows 7 because Exended Support is only Security Updates and Bug Fixes.
Very similar to win10 but the minimalism here is much better. The day and dark modes are fantastic. Nice job :)
Kashif Ahmed
This is really good but not free it is paid windows
Max Tej
Windows 1 - edition 2018. LOL 😂 It will be better than Windows 10
How dare you give it Flat I want my Aero back or I am moving to Linux
Quantum Flames
Better than windows 10.
Luis María Hernández
This is too good but I gess Microsoft won't hire him, they'll buy the idea instead.
Randula nisal Dissanayake
Computer (file explorer) window in real nice with transparent layout, but the start menu Is not that good looking. Box type doesn't suit well
Omega Man
Windows 7 with the possibility to remod his look would had been an easy sell.
Josax Joseph
Hi man, whats up. I see that videos you do, how about teaching people how to do these kind of cool videos, i would love to learn more from you. Hit me back. J
Deniz Bilgin
Türkler adına böyle birşey yapman gurur verici bir durum. Başka projelerini de bekliyoruz.
Yusril Atfan
Microsoft, make this f**king thing. Edit: I need programming so I need Windows 7.
This Kaan guy is great! He should have a YouTube channel!
Sanat Perest
Slava 440
Yes!!!! YouTube channel for Windows 7 + Windows 10
Yabancı diye izliyordum adam Türk çıktı yaw 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷