Windows 7 — 2018 Edition (Concept Design)

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Almost 10 years ago Microsoft announced Windows 7. Now It's time to come back. Designed by Kamer Kaan Avdan. This is NOT an actual software. This video is the sole property of Avdan.You are strictly prohibited from making a copy or modification of, or from publishing , this video without the written permission from Avdan. *Windows is trademark of Microsoft. Follow me on Instagram: /> Follow me on Twitter:

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Adam Aore
If Microsoft don't hire this guy, then they're missing allot!!!!
Lemonade Master
This looks better than 10 lol
Tabish Butt
Windows 10 with logo of windows 7 lol.thanks for the likes
Electro Gaming - Playing with Friends!
Better than windows 10.
h.w. scorpedo
Adam türk yaw
tajir Channel
Ahmed BT
اللي عربي لايك🙂
mahdi emamalilo
Turkeler burda mi?
Igoresha 99
Windows 11
Deniz Bilgin
Türkler adına böyle birşey yapman gurur verici bir durum. Başka projelerini de bekliyoruz.
Taking everything that looks awful in Windows 10, and shoving it down Windows 7's throat
Erik Thebro
Microsoft has stopped working
Weld Elmansouri Production
it's just windows 10 !!! no concept , no windows 7 , no design !!!
AmythysT Justen吳
Made Microsoft Windows 1.0.1 But 2018 Version
Looks very nice, it reminds me of old Longhorn and Vienna concepts
Download link?
Ted Vangelov
I want this windows. Good work
Winner live
Best windows!!!!!!!!so sorry ,windows 10 fuuuu!!!!bad!!!
Even tho its just windows 10 but the files are modified it looks better than it. Even the bad features look better lol
Windows 7 Support Is Ending On 14, January 2020.
1 yıl önce
Windows 9
1-UP Memes
Rinku gupta
this will only be a dream...
Burak Babaoğlu-HG
Yakup Svs
-100 FPS in game
graveyard gunner
Windows 7 is my love,but it dont let my games run like fortnite!!
Party 777
That was awesome
0:18 eskişehir
Download link?
This is Jittered’s Channel now ; _ ;
4096 vs. Advan Anyone?
AzharCheRee Gaming
I want to buy ittt
Send it to Microsoft windows OS makers
coco boy
its a wow.....
Please make a software of it which we can use to actually modify windows 7
If Microsoft don't remaster Windows 7 with this , well , i'll be dead.
Anuj Nirwan
It's windows 10💻 not 7... Ok
This is just all the things that made Windows 7 look super old after getting used to 10 added back. What sucks about 10 are all the buttons and options you click on. And all the wasted space that is EVERYWHERE is this POS. If someone worked on that, I'd probably even toss them a donation.
Looks good but if the design was this, literally any tabs would be uncustomizable
Bjar Kurd1sh
Link the windows 7 edition 2018. Thanks
Yudis 617
Its Real ?
nisha raut
Just like windows10
But I can use Moni-I MEAN Windows 11
Mr. M
Pls..send the 32 bit iso link...pls...
Wolf Gaming
Windows 7 > Windows 10
Balkanlardan Gelen Soğuk Hava Dalgası
Ooo helal Eskişehir i gördüm helal bi Türk'ten mükemmel bi eser 👏👍
Wow this concept is amazing! Microsoft can't even get close to this.
Deniz Uğur
Umarım bir gün kendi işletim sistemini kurup bu fan editlerine gerek kalmaz kardeşim
Small blocks anti Ajit pai
looks more modern then windows 10
Eskisehir 34 derece anladik
Windows 7 NEEDS to have Aero Glass to be Windows 7.
Jose Calderon
Just why
SonicGamer49 [ Angelo Miguel Angeles]
Let Microsoft hire this man who upload this video
Liam Pfeiffer Tech
What software was used to make this? I love it.
Bringosek GR
Like for Windows 7 returns
Hasan Dramali Professional
Windows 7 Ramstered Reralistic Graphics
quando vai laça esa delicia!!
Cosmic Capybara
I've stopped watching my country playing in the #WorldCup2018 for this.
Z- Nax
Yeaaaaaah boyyyyyyy yes win=8 trash win=10 trash win 7=king win 7 remastered=metal king
Quoting YouTube
Woahy I wanna download
Elmo Taipale
Yuck, looks like windows 10, Microsoft should just keep on updating windows 7
Technology Mohamed - Gamer
Xilore 25
Windows 7 is the best OS. I miss it.
Windows Amythest
Wait till I get that update lol.
AM Gaming
Plz *Give me download link* ⬇⬇
Maks Kuhnovets
What about speed pc? This windows takes more pc than deafault windows 7?
No thanks, cortana. MS 2009: Wanna know the next big thing? Bam, no start button. 2010: Ok, you can have it back, but you're keeping the fullscreen tiles. 2015 Ok, that was dumb, but you NEED tiles, and cortana. 2018, the next big thing? FILES, you won't have any!
20 times better than Windows 10
Rather than windows 7 disguised as windows 10, I prefer original windows 10.
humza kamran
Is it available on internet? Plz tell me
Everyday Aden
Are you some kind of design expert? This is nearly flawless. I would spend money for this Windows system in a heartbeat :o
Spike YT
Looks like Windows 10, but a bit remastered
Right so you took Windows 10, added a slight touch of that Aero Glass thing Windows 7 did and made distracting, slow animations that don't serve any purpose. Aight
Robert Donnan
This please, for now I’ll use macOS.
Chandru Vicky
Windows 7 ultimate is the only best thing by Microsoft corporation. Now other new updates satisfy me. Till now I'm using windows 7, I will change my mind if windows update is just like windows 7 not only in appearance and also the easy performance and integrity.
Tushar Saha
Isse accha to 10 hi hai..
Very similar to win10 but the minimalism here is much better. The day and dark modes are fantastic. Nice job :)
Brain Pull
Что дизайн xp, что дизайн 7, все под одну гребенку, косит все под 10-ку, никакой оригинальности, могу за 10 мину сверстать тоже самое. Смысл делать редизайн компании, если функционал 7 будет таким же как и в 10-ке? В чем разница, зачем 10-ку выпускали тогда? Понимаю хотя бы с xp, подарок олдфагам, а 7 то зачем? Мог концепт xp доработать, там все было куда интереснее, нежели здесь.
celia lopez fernandez
quiero 1.000 por si acaso :v
you are the father of bill gates
Bilmem Ne
lol im turkey
Windows 7 is best OS so far! Production, gaming and more without all that bloated crap that Windows 10 has!
SiMo Idrissi
I Need This windows
Tozovbb91 Chaine bonus
The original is better but your concept is same to Windows 10 in Windows 7 theme
Rio Aryanto
Kamer kaan euy. loba teuing sangu
Ainda prefiro o Windows 10 :|
Better than windows 10
AndroTech TN
Can i download this version
Hương Giang
The start menu is no seach
Wellington Silva
Seria muito Top, tô usando o Windows 7 mais por causa do aero. Microsoft deveria ouvir esses artistas e ver esses conceitos. Muito lindo.
How to Download it Please say me
Amazing work, job in Microsoft still waiting
Video Viral
Bagus di Indonesia apa sudah beredar. ?
AdonisRD Nuñez
Windows 10 with windows 7 colors xdxd
Please record tutorial how to create it
Aryan Kumar Chandravanshi
bro link bhaj da
But why windows 7? That’s just a good looking version of windows 10