Metallica - The Unforgiven (Live from Orion Music + More)

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Metallica - The Unforgiven (Live) Recorded live at Orion Music + More on June 24, 2012 in Atlantic City, NJ |

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Jay Semiz
Kirk's clean sounds horrible lol.
So I dub thee unfogeevuuuuuuun
Valerio 1973
4:43 cameraman falls asleep...
Kirks guitar sounds out of tune :p
Mauricio Parra
4:49 ohh my good close the ayes, listening James 1992-1993
Dom Loki
this song relaxs my soul.
Richard Williams
Don't do drugs
Lars buddy, SLOW DOWN
why does it sound so low tuned ?
Mord Fustang
hettfield man so talented, his voice is so amazing all these years
Always been a one of the die hard fans but what's going on with the tone guys? The Distortion and cleans are no where near as good as it was back in the late 80's and 90's. In fact kirks guitar tone almost seems out make the guitar sound out of tune. Sound guys fix this shit
servet sarpel
oooohhhhhhh mis
Ramtin R
Metallica is the best
nobody can play this solo like kirk.. he's the best..
He should have let the crowd sing in some parts..
Man in the box
and trujillo doesnt plays there?
Venelin Pavlov
E flat?
Stefan Dumitrascudaniel
I love james hethiend
James its getting older but he still looks like he's 40. How do they do it? REO Speedwagon, KISS, Ozzy, Def Leppard. They're either in their 50's or 60's and still look young
Gabriel Jaque
I need my drug. METALLICA <33333
Dizzy Krissi
Why does Kirk plays some many wrong notes? Great song anyway.
alexis Lopezpineda
matallica forever
Such a beautiful song. I just wish they wouldn't force it while playing and make it feel like they're almost playing it too fast. Songs like this one deserves to be felt and not simply played.
Zohar YG
give me your password in private i will upload your songs in your channel.
Matheus Oliveira
Foda !!
caleb telemaco huallullo huaman
me gusta esta cancion
Юрий Спиридонов
Эта музыка вечна!
Jordan Cattermole
Now that is what u call skill playing electric guitar and acoustic and singing
Юлиян Менсън
Im an deathcore & dead metal fan, but i started like metallica
Naman Sharma
Oli Sucks
Great voice !
que te importa
biieeennnn lml lml
this actually sounds terrible.
Mario Lopez
Too much Hetfield, not enough Hammet :/
I usually don't but... Lars is really awful on this song these days. James sets the tempo of the song a little faster than the studio granted, but Lars continually pushes the beat ahead rushing the feel of the song. Go back and listen to 'Live shit', when he's playing it, it sounds huge because of the tempo and the fact that Lars isn't pushing all the way through it, instead he's sitting back on the beat. He really needs to listen to some of the 90s era music, he laid down some really great grooves, sitting back on the beat, he really had it down. Now! I don't think he has it anymore, he's all power and very little about the subtleties of drumming. Granted Metallica aren't the most subtle band in the world, but they have songs like this one that it's needed and they need to be played with a good feel. He's not a shit drummer, he's underrehearsed and he could do with spending some time working on his timing/feel. 
mie zan
how can i get clean sound just like kirk first solo??....just learn this song
Irnbruman _TV
love this song
pretty vacant
never free , never me
Where the fuck was Robert?
Skittles killer
It would be amazing if the cameraman would actually film Kirk when is doing the freaking solo
gilsa da silva
isso é muito lindo!!
Iacob Stefania-Maria
Metallica is a legend! ROCK ON, guys!
Revfik Tatsuya
it,s music life
Uu Kurniawan
my favorite song
Tarcisio Oliveira
Essa música estará registrada pelo resto da minha vida.
Vinicius Torres
Amo essa música cara
Love this song soo much, i dont mean to be needy of views but i need some opinions on my vocal cover of this song so if anyone is reading this please check out my cover, thanks
Pompy Majumdar
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ N O O N E C A R E S W H E N U R W A T C H I N G ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
I can't stop listening
Davi Ferreira
Metallica Umã dás minhas bandas favoritas gostei muito dó show brothers é nois
1:07 ils les vendent à combien la douzaine d'oeufs si cui-cui qu'ils sont doux ?
Dimas Muhammad
James voice isnt change even a little
ooo ooo
Holy shit this is bad, wtf is Lars doing when Kirk is doing the guitarsolo lol😂
Вероника Топильская
Where is Trujilo?
Вероника Топильская
А где Трухило?
Сегодня Не завтра
смерть штатам....
Сегодня Не завтра
смерть американцам!!!!!!!!!!!
Сегодня Не завтра
Ana DeVedder
My favorite 4ever
Svetlana K
Kirk sounds like Nick Jonas.
Llama Drama
this sounds way different then the one the CD plays
bryan perrazo
Linda cancion exelente grupo METALLICA HASTA LA MUERTE 🤘
Carlos Ariel Farfan Adé
I think this is the best video clip that sounds
anagleice modesto
Tarun Gopalakrishnan
Am i the only one who likes the clean voice rather than the dirty one of James Hetfield
Without mentioning names, there are a lot of people from the original Old Bridge Militia who still say that this song reminds them of Cliff. I would have to agree, even if this wasn't why they made this song.
Willyses Miguel
the craziest man
Nair Lima
Por isso gosto das bandas é tudo eles...composição música. .demais...
Gabriela Montoya G
james te adoro, te admiro, eres como el vino que no envejece se añeja, es increíble ver tanto talento en una persona, me encanta
Silva Sativa
Metallica I like full show,
Glenn Hertel
Metallica The Unforgiven live
Travis Eads
I miss Cliff
SR C. Maghinay
James can't sing it good live.
Wal Sabarudin
Kirks guitar sound like im shouting like crazy
What Guitar is Kirk Using?
randy guiovanni Espinoza vivar
muy buena canción de metallica
Matthew Conway
My life in the past 4 years 🤘. long live Metallica!
Billy Gamer
5:36 unforigiviven
Guillemette Pradier
One of the most beautifull song i have never heard
Juan Santi
3:26 Lars looks in pain
Juan pablo Betancur moreno
5:59 awesome
Francesco Ferrari
Grazia Morano
the 1992 sandiego version !!!!!!
Wal Sabarudin
Rahul Kumar
why this sounds hurried up
Steven Baksh
I love this song
I love Metallica and this song but this performance was really lack luster for me. Almost like he lost the soul for it.
sniper XxX
I fucking turn off the lights to enjoy it
They need to downtune this even more. James is struggling to hit those notes in the verses.
Camilo Barker Official YouTube Channel
lars toca feo
Kirk seems somewhat off? He's like a nervous kid playing his first show..
dbzvegeta577 dbzvegeta577
I love all their material but this is the song I hold in my heart
Marcelo brancâo
foda foda foda foda ....
Rubén de Jesús García Sánchez
3:50 the best solo :)
Syafiq Johari
Nice Songs
José Luis Flores
ahmad muhlison
lagu kesukaanku
god veri nice