1965 Buick Wildcat by Debbie Martin - LOWRIDER Roll Models 35

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James Cadoree
Man l love this lady's story, she had me choked up a little.
Byron Sago
God is with us always. No matter how bad things look in our lives. Great story. God bless you.
TK 4594
Debbie, you had me crack a tear lady. Good on you! Be blessed.
I've been patiently waiting for this episode all week.
I'd like to hit that thumbs up button ten times on every episode! #awesome
Kimberley Espinoza
She's such an inspiration 😊
snyder Gee
Albuquerque nm in the house! ! ! I committed the ultimate sin last week while I was inside of the grocery store I walked past the magazine aisle and saw the brand new issue of Lowrider magazine with the silver 57 on it and I did NOT buy it. That was the first time in about 15 16 years that I seen the new issue out and didn't buy it I even went home and told my wife what I had done and she couldn't believe it because there's been times where all I had was $10 to my name and if I happen to see the new issue out I would always buy it no matter what, shit my mother in law has even got me Lowrider magazines 4 my birthday gift. I have stacks of lowrider magazines all over, in both restrooms at the pad, boxes of them in the garage, Stacks in the trunk of my car, a few on the rear dash of my car. Stacks of them inside my dad's garage. I even take some to my grandpa who has dementia so he could look at the pictures of all the beautiful cars and the older issues with all the beautiful women......
Gerry Paredes
Absolutely love Debbie's story, amazing! Great video! 👍👍👍❤❤❤ #GodisGreat
Adolfo Avendano
Got me crying at work n shit :-( great story. This hits home, bigtime. Alcoholism is no joke.
Krys Brandon Lestat
Tears in my eyes , Beautiful story God bless you !! Señora
Big Daddy
I love this channel they need 2 do a spin off about car clubs
Nice!💪🏾👍🏾 And I like the fact that you went against the norm and built something instead of a Impala. Dare to be different!💯👍🏾
Christopher mad man
I’ve been checking YouTube every singe day since I’ve seen the preview and FINALLY! get to see this video! Worth the wait 🙌🏼
Miguel Perez
Orale Ms Debbie keep up the good work..
Michael Armenta Sr.
Nice story and clean car.
You are a VERY sweet & inspiring lady. Low Ride For Life! I keep watching this and every time I’m getting more and more inspired. Keep up the good work!
For Wakanda
Que Historia mas impactante. What a blessing towards your Block you have been. Mrs Debbie you also have SWEET RIDE.
Luis Esparza
Another inspiring story and a what a beautiful car
Danny Sanchez
Finished watching youre story, got me to tear up. You are an INSPIRATION!!!❤🌹
IᑎᐯIᑕTᑌᔕ ᗰEᗪIᗩ
I'm agnostic and I thought this was a great story. Much love and respect Debbie.
Victor Fernandez
Much Respect From San Diego California
everybody wants to be famous or their own selfish idea of what famous is. This woman became famous by helping and encouraging others... wow. what an amazinging life and example to the youth
David A Graziano
Good people, thank you Deb, I'm inspired.Much respect.
Jason Rogers
Wow! What an amazing story this is. I'm a car guy that has never been into the lowrider scene, mainly because I've not been around it personally. Clicked on the video out of curiosity and was really impressed! Thanks for sharing, God bless this lady, and you all keep up the good work!
No Labels
God bless us all, and have mercy upon our souls.
Bob Saget
Musics so damn loud I could barely hear what she’s saying
i live one town south from her. dope!
Love it. Beautiful, both of you Great work ma'am
David Meza
Hi Debbie Martin, Just wanted to say I loved your story it really means a lot to me. I wish someday they would make a movie about you so others as well as youth can see that are love bring our creator and there is hope. God bless you and your famila 🙏
ed r
Another great episode, with another great story. Great job changing your life and changing/making a positive impact on the next generation of kids and future lowrider, just the way it should be. Much respect.
Robert R.
Great story. Coming from Los Angeles with a similar background myself and now being in the education field assisting others. I am a counselor for students that have many barriers in their lives. The students struggle and some dont make it, but when they succeed it is very rewarding for all.
Holy god I appreciate you guys being nice to my grandma
Nicholas Maietta
Such a beautiful car and story. This woman has style. Love it all.
Martin Rodriguez
God is so awesome & real! God bless you & your work. Beautiful ride, I love Buicks too. Keep the faith and take it low & slow Debbie.
Sittin Low
Lowrider “Role Models” never disappoints! 💯 🙌🏼 Motivation!
This is the best car magazine show on YouTube. I'm moved and inspired every time. It is an outstanding show. Thanks Low Rider.
Priscilla Limon
So proud of your testimony, DEEP! so many will benefit., inspirational store. Both you n Paul are so good . Love you both.
So glad I clicked to see this Car ..... your personal story was GReat!!!!!! Lifted me up... God is Good! Bless u
Helen F
Beautiful car,love it. Keep rollin'.
E. de, mesa,Az
Amazing Story!!🙏😎
Ruben Garcia
God Bless .. awsome .the Lord will always pervile .. Blessings apond you. lovely Ladie Of God ....
r misnchince
👍🏽👍🏽 Outstanding. Unexpected. Beautiful human being. Thought-provoking story and presentation. Very well produced. Kudos to Debbie Martin AND all parties involved in this creating this video. Thank you! Viva Castroville! 5/5 Stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
John T Leyva
Speechless 😶 but gives me hope for tomorrow God bless you and your family 🙏🏽
Al Neuman
I had a 1969 Buick LeSabre back in the early 90's. I *love* the body style of these 60's Buicks. Beautiful car she has.
Cathy Mullins
Thank you for sharing a part of your life.Debbie this really touched my heart I could relate in many ways.
man it's a really beautiful ride 😍.plus her story really got me in tears a bit 😞
Stephen Sanchez
much love and positive Vibrations i sending your way dale con gana 👍
I don't know her but I love her !! Keep up the good work !!! May GOD be with us ALL !! ;)
Mito Marquez
Dios te Bendiga Debbie. David Dunbar Buicks will always be my favorite to have. Loved your testimony.
Freedom Isn'tFree
That pinstriping if so beautiful. It matches the car perfectly.
Shawn Gladue
Is streetlow magazine still publishing streetlow art?I can't find it no more.
Ree Koh
Excellent story. Thank you for being a shining example for our youth. Possibilities are endless for those with the will to make it happen and a strong supporting cast.
only one Mr X Only one Mr y
That's a Sexy Car. Nice Wip
Daniel Castillo
TYTE AZZ LOW_________(that means perfect and cool)
Daniel Silva
All these great stories remind me to keep pushing to do better and keep striving towards getting my lowrider one day!!
Jacob Jordan
What a beautiful story, Debbie your amazing...almost had me tear up!
Adam Thompson
You are a beautiful person and your story is so inspiring and on top of that your car is sick... I love it
I'll be damned if 100 spokes ain't the cleanest wheels ever made!
Gorgeous Car! I lost my pops when I was 12. Thank you for your story! Bless Up!
You're an amazing person. My Dad was in Soleded, we were treated as family
jason shugart
Much Respect to this Real Woman! Roll Models.... another great idea from a company that I have looked up to for a long time. I bought my first Lowrider mag in '94. Thank you again
That colour is purrfect. The car couldn't suit her more. Love it.
Catsroville California, where my heart lives!!
Some of the best days in my lfe were there there in Castroville, Artichoke capital of the world. I appreciate you so much nole, I miss Castroville with all my heart and soul
Love you Debbie 💕 Such a lovely lady your momma was 🙏🏽.. Debbie’s low rider is way more beautiful in person 😻
michael delatorre
Wow what a beautiful person you are I'm so proud of you you guys keep up the good work!! I love these stories always keeping low and slow 😎😎
Jerrett Whitelaw
Thats a clean Buick. I luv these Lowrider Roll Models Episodes. Much luv n respect to u.
Kevin Roa
Enjoyed your video. I grew up in Reedley California where everything is ‘lowered’.
Hank Alfaro
Amazing story. Great job on the video 👍🏾
Robert Kresic
God bless you sweetheart! Thank you for sharing your life, God is good, stay strong.
irving farias
Firme!! As always
Matthew Kline
No offense but why don't they do these about people that are real riders & people that are well known in the lowrider community????? Nice story though....
😂 she busted out with had the chancla thrown at me must be Latina 🤙🏾
Fernando Martinez
Classy lady, my respects! Thank you for what you do with the youth.
Q-Vole Debbie...you inspire me and many more. You remind me of my sister. God Bless you and keep doing Gods work in your community and beyond.
Louie Louie
Awesome Debbie, reaching and teaching the Youth is not a easy job and only can be done with GOD'S help. Keep pushing and Praying!!!
great story & great episode No matter how bad things look in our lives god always with us. Debbie Martin boy the system that you have in that nice looking car. goes with my old school music mix lol lol boy love your story Debbie. great job for posting this awsome video. ((DJ LOUIS))
I love the paint and the upholstery color and the wheels and the what have you. perfect car.
Jarko Limbo
Debbie Martin-Respect. Thank you for sharing your story. :-) Low n slow indeed.
J. Valdez
Debbie you are a true inspiration! God bless. ~TROKITAS~
Mrs. Martin I want to just say thank you. Now to explain what I'm thanking you for...we all have demons that chase us. Their origin can be from just about anywhere. In this case it is the DEEP scar that can be left on a young girl when her father is either absent or taken from her at a young age. In your case eventually you turning to God was the bridge from where you were to where you are now. I bet when you were in the grasp of addiction you never thought you could be a resource to so many and inspire others with similar or even different backgrounds. Thank you for being brave and making a heck of a comeback!
Ryan H
Amazing car, amazing lady / thanks for sharing your story.
Mr Nasty Time
man ur beautiful i love ur story u remind me of my mom u made me cry and laugh i love what your about
Grant Tobgo
Damn that's nice! Wouldn't last a week here, where I live.
Carlos Carpinteyro
Wow!! My first time seeing this!! Great inspirational story!! Your car is gorgeous!! Will check out other Vlogs! You also may have family descendancy as a sephardic jewish person, that you may not be aware of, as well!! Low riders are a very important part of the american car culture, where the cars are a tapestry, expressing the culture!! Thanks so much for posting this!!!!
You'll Like It Too
Blessings to you for being a solid human being.
Gemini 64
Thank heaven for Debbie and the other lady Low Riders out there!
David Jenkins
Debbie Martin all I can say is God Bless You Mam.
rob duncan
damn that car is just fly as hell. perfect blend of subtle and flare. great story too
Gilberto Cortazar
You have a beautiful lowrider great 👍job on your car💪👍🙏💜
Beautiful story, absolutely beautiful car. What a great custodian of it.
That's beautiful!! Nice job!! I hope to see it in person one day!
I dont really like lowriders, but that one is clean... very clean, very tastefully modified, and very well taken care of.
Mark Hurtado
Wow. Tore my Heart open. Great story ! She's right we all can change no matter what we been through. Ask for help and doors will open. Lowriders. Rule1#
David Watson
God saw her True heart he gave you true love! This story had my heart Ive been down that dark road thank you for this story.
That was a beautiful story ! I clicked on cause i liked the car and found out i like the person telling the story way more . That is a important story and i am glad you told us about you and your journey !
Jason H.
Damn... no shots of her hitting switches on that bad boy? WTF I don't think I've ever heard of a Buick Wildcat, but it's real fuckin nice......😎
Still working on my 76 Buick Regal. ✌️out from Modesto,CA👈😎👉
Gearhead 6971
A guy in my neighborhood back in the 90s had a Red 65 Wildcat. Beautiful cars.