"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor

“SHIA LABEOUF” is a song by Rob Cantor. It tells the true story of an actual cannibal. Learn more here: />Purchase the song on Bandcamp: />Behind-the-scenes: />Tweets: /> FEATURING: The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles -- Dr. Joseph Nadeau, Artistic Director The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir -- Barbara Klaskin Silburg, Artistic Director The Argus Quartet CREDITS: Directed by Scott Uhlfelder Produced by Erica Harrell Arranged by Greg Nicolett Mixed by Gregtronic Choreographer: Stacey Tookey Asst Choreographer: Bruce Weber Director of Photography: Scott Uhlfelder Editor: Randall Maxwell First Asst Director: Tyler Reynolds Second Asst Director: Chandra Anna Marie Second Second Assistant Director: Daniel Erikson Camera Operators: Marco Cordero, Jonpaul Douglas & Andy Melo Asst Camera: Seth Smigelski Data Management: Ben Piety Gaffer: Brian Sorbo Electric: Lucas Pitassi Production Designer: Sara Kugelmass Rigger: Bobby C. King Art Assts: Tamara Gurevich & Shannon Malone Costume Designer: Alison Uhlfelder Asst Costumers: Nicole Gemma & Mary Russell Makeup Artist: Jenn Rose Asst Makeup: Samantha Ward, Sheila Curtis Technical Effects Supervisor: Jeff Barber Asst Effects: Amanda Barber Button: Andrew Laurich Production Assts: Michael Dris, Katie Kaniewski, Cyndi Lynott, Nina Mahdavi, Steven Peltzer, Max Philips, Desiree Proctor, Justin Ridge, Jud Scott & CK Spitler Audio Engineer: Kip Smedley Sound Mixer: Lindsey Alvarez Craft Services: Allison Kurtzer & Natalie Santana BTS Video: Matt Fuller BTS Photo: Zach Callahan Maker Rep: James Koo Visual Effects: Demis Lyall-Wilson Colorist: Marco Cordero CAST: NARRATOR: Rob Cantor BASSIST: Zubin Sedghi DRUMMER: Bora Karaca VIOLIN I: Jason Issokson VIOLIN II: Clara Kim CELLO: Joann Whang VIOLA: Diana Wade PIANIST: Greg Nicolett SMALL MEN’S CHORUS: Eric Aufdengarten, Marcus Connaghan, Liam Gillen, Jason Frazier, Shawn Ingram, Jack Inman, Zachary Kasman, Rich Meyers, Tommy Monks, Adam Parker, Melvin Robert, Dale Sheldon, Brandon Steele, Lee Stickler & J.T. Williams FEMALE DANCER 1: Amanda Cleghorn MALE DANCER 1: Chris Jarosz CHILDREN’S CHOIR: Ky’lee Abrams, Arielle Martinez Cohen, Matthew Goodman, Sophia De’Shea Lavender, Julia Lim, Valerie Mata, Coco Meritt, Jair Miles, Jack Thompson, Alexis Turner, Amadi Weser, & Catherine Zelensky HARPIST: Courtney Flynn FEMALE DANCER 2: Zola Williams FEMALE DANCER 3: Savannah Latimer FEMALE DANCER 4: Haley Erbert LARGE MEN’S CHORUS: William Aguila, Eduardo Amador, Edwin Cabatit, Jerry Cordora, Thomas Patrick Cullen, John Dennehy Jr., E. Rene Fette, Thomas Franklin, Steve Goodwillie, Fred Gooltz, Michael A. Graham, Charles Holmes, Steven R. Holzer, William Kolschreiber, Nicholas Kuefler, Raul Martinez, John Mews, Joseph P. Nadeau, Brian Nichoalds, William Steve Pieters, Samuel Saison, Scott Williams, Gavin N. Thrasher & Manuel Zermeño ADDITIONAL MUSICIANS: Jean-Paul Barjon, Tulsi Carpenter, Grant Cornish, Kristen Fields, Mary Catherine Finney, Jeff Grant, Charlene Huang, Jaclyn Kim, Constance Millecan, Eileen O’Neall, Ellen Ushijima & Joy Yi MALE DANCER 2: Kevin Mylrea MALE DANCER 3: Patrick Cook MALE DANCER 4: Eric Schloesser KUNG FU MEN: Rayne & Bradley Holzer AERIALISTS: Alison Lockfeld & Maggie Moon and SHIA LABEOUF as himself Filmed at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center Cultural Arts Manager: John La Rock Technical Director: Jack Meyer Stage Manager: Jerrold Root Master Electrician: James Blickensderfer Follow Spot Operator: Robert Ory Follow Spot Operator: Dewain Robinson Flyrail Operator: John Swaffield Stage Technician: Jonathan Reyes-Flores Audio Engineer: Sylvia Krawczyk 3D Papercraft Shia Heads designed by Eric Testroete Assembled by Lindsey Alvarez, Bora Karaca, Allison Kurtzer, Tamara Gurevich, Scott Uhlfelder, Alison Uhlfelder & Rob Cantor Additional Recording by: Charles Scott at The National Typewriter Company in Santa Monica, CA. Grant Cornish at Endless Noise in Santa Monica, CA Kip Smedley at ABI in Los Angeles, CA Ethan Carlson at Stagg Street Studio in Van Nuys, CA Aerial silks provided courtesy of Kinetic Theory Theater in Culver City, CA. Very special thanks to John Crosby & John McCauley. Special thanks to Becky Ackley, Glenna Avila, Sam Becker, Roni Black, John Boyd, Todd Burke, Alice Dutton, Jeff Elmassian, Elise Henry, Andrew Horowitz, Charlene Huang, Eric Jacobs, Brian Kaufman, Katie Kaniewski, Dan Karas, Morgan Karr, Ben Ketai, Dan Konopka, Zach Krasman, Anna Krendel, Andrew Laurich, Ricky Lax, Allegra Lily, Cyndi Lynott, Luis Medina, Alex Novakovich, Steven Peltzer, Aniela Marie Perry, Jim Raycroft, Ray Reinebach, Corey Richardson, Mark Robertson, Matt Saver, Isaac Schankler, Jeff Sneider, Cris Sposito, Anne Tomlinson, Justin Trauben, Chris Verdugo, Darren Yan & Nate Zeisler. Executive Producers: Maker Studios, David Britz, Cyndi Lynott, & Rob Cantor

Jon Gomm
This man has turned viral videos into an actual art form. He is sculpting the internet, we are his clay.
I got a 98% on a 6 page paper that I wrote based on this video and the social construct behind memes. Thank you for this
Saikou210 Number1
“Wait! He isn’t dead! Shia surprise!” And “Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf” are my two favorite lines.
Chaitanya Singh
(best part) wait, he isn't dead *SHIA SURPRISE*
Scott Manley
This is undeniably a work of genius.
LittleMau 1
Holy shit i never knew this song existed and just thought everyone unanimously decided to joke about him being a cannibal.
Lauren Stovall
I want to know what the budget for this was.
I wish I could watch this for the first time again
yes yes i want a BAND and um...a CHOIR, and anOTHER choir(but a youth choir) then i want DANCERS, lots of dancers and people HANGING FROM THE CEIL--
His cameo makes this video.
This meme is coming back I swear.
The Ritual Kings
All the dislikes, are probably from people who lost love ones to Shia LeBeouf.
Jae Bedo
even now after 4 years, i'm still wondering where the fuck did this idea come from
Lps Aquaverse
If you think about it, this might be the biggest inside joke, considering the multiple choirs, the band, the dancers, the choreographers, the designers and creators of the masks, the sound developers and directors, all had to be in on this big joke
By far one of the most incredible things ive seen on YouTube
Canada Dry
Here's the real question: is anyone ever truly safe from Shia Labeouf?
Christian Deepe
For anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons, Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf has a stat block and it’s the most amazing thing
Activate Halo
It's been 4 years. Watching this on repeat. My family is gone. And I'm now officially listed as dead...
Ryan Zickafoose
Wait but he technically isn’t killing for sport if he’s eating the bodies?
"Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf" is the best lyric I have ever heard across any song. Ever.
Theadora Touchton
it's october, time to awaken the LaBeouf
Chaitanya Singh
To the people who ask what would you actually do if you were a millionaire for novelty? This. I'd do this.
Sam E.
At least all those jujitsu classes were worth it....
Cassuttus Tshirt
The 'quiet, quiet' kid is my spirit animal. Also, more internet comedy vids need to end with a reference to Citizen Kane.
Magali Lopez
Me: Trying to open the fridge in the middle of the night without waking anyone up. Kid: "Quiet quiet".
siku fox
Its a little known secret, but this song is actually about Shia Labeouf
the show
my brother showed me this three years ago youtube saw fit to add it to "my mix" today thank you, youtube like others, i had a half-memory of this just being a cough-syrup induced nightmare
God of Beans
This is the second best thing ive watched on YouTube while shitting Edit: I've finished watching this is the best thing I've watched on YouTube while shitting
Flarn Anger
I love how they probably spent so much money on this huge joke!! And how they legit have all these children singing with and getting confused at everything happening.
I don’t know why but keep watching this over and over again.
seven phillips
"normal tuesday night for shia labeouf"
Jefferson Juno
“There is no perfect piece of ar-“
Annie Q
The ending was a Shia Surprise
Pascalle Z
I all of a sudden remembered the existence of this out of nowhere from a few years back and damn i still know its lyrics
I... I think my life is complete...
your walking in the woods and your phone is dead *KID PLAYING FORTNITE NEXT TO ME ON A TRAIN STARTS SCREAMING*
TekNoFreak 88779
This video is 4 years old?! WHY AM I ONLY SEEING MASTERPIECE THIS NOW!!!?
Cartoon Hangover
Everything about this is beautiful. Everything was Shia and nothing hurt. 
This is what happens to memes when they don't die at their natural lifespan they go too far and then this is the result. Thankfully we now have pewdiepie's meme review to keep this from ever happening again.
oh boy it's me
My Sixth period art teacher showed the entire class this at the beginning of the semester and I swaer I treat him with SO much more respect than he deserves.
*tries to watch TV at 4:30 A.M. and it's set to 100 volume* Kid: Quiet quiet Edit: Thanks for likes, it's rare for me to get more then one like.
Nelson Sweatyballs
"Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf"
Phoenix Raney
Shia Surprise at the end was the best twist ever.
Ava Devald
All i remember is that I thought Shia lebouf was actually a canibal
Ikiri Cross
Rob Cantor went from Tally Hall to this. Not disappointed.
HeavyMetal Mustard
This is the most random, but best song I’ve heard all year
mark feygin
not enough love for my husky 8 year old self who says "quiet quiet"!!
Anne Marie
"Shia surprise!"
mia l
6th grade me was shook when this came out
AHHHHH Its been exactly four years since this was uploaded. EXACTLY FOUR YEARS! I is scared.
The Chaotic Fox
This is the kind of shit that the internet was invented for
SuperNerd :D
*Play This At My Funeral.*
If someone asked me, "what's the greatest work of art on earth?" I would show them this.
Citizen Kaine clap in the end. So good
Thelonius 84
To me the most amazing thing in all this is how everyone managed to hold their laughter.
Catherine Dousa
If I die, you know who it was.
Georgia Brand
To imagine, that this had been in my feed for months, and that I had iGNORED IT.
A timeless classic
How did I miss this until late 2018 ???
Salad Ass
I still haven’t forgotten about this masterpiece
Why did i spend half an hour learning the words to this
Xiao Andy
I cannot comprehend how not a single performer laughed or even smiled during the filming of this.
Cinna bun.
doctor: you have 3:27 minutes to live me:
Grace D
Why does this keep coming up in my recommendations? I mean I'm not complaining
Elizabeth Mayr
I keep ending up here
Jordan Pallotta
I have to admit its pretty catchy
Ten Second Songs
I really do love this song, man. 
V August
We play this in my English class a lot but for some reason our art teacher wouldn’t play it on Halloween during the Halloween party
Ema Auer
“Normal Tuesday night for Shia LaBeouf” had me in tears
the fact that I saw this when it first came out and then realized it’s the yellow tie guy from Tally Hall is so fucking funny to me
Haldeman Kids
This is gold I’m in actual tears
in my opinion, this is one of the best jokes I've seen. not because it's a meme or anything, but because it's being presented like a serious work of art. this took talent and effort to create and for that, it is the funniest state it probably can be in. half assed "🅱️oneless pizza" memes are nothing compared to this. (well, they're nothing to any decent joke but you get my point)
Samuel Tasmaly
Its so funny how everyone is serious about it
Dew it!
Someone should turn this into a horror video game ASAP!
1:57 Top 10 Anime Plot Twists
Serena Morrison
It’s 4:20 in the morning. This is where I am.
Top 10 Archive
Stab him in his kidneeeeeyyyyy!
Bizzel Boem
Why does this sound so goos tho
Gabriel Schaloff
normal Tuesday night for shia labouf ugh can't imagine what his Mondays are like
Paige Tsubaki
This is an expensive meme....
Normal Tuesday night, for S h i a L a B e o u f !
I have watched this so many times.
Serah Valentine
Do you ever just love the human race sometimes?
Well apparently there are 23,000 victims of shia lebeouf.
welcome to tally hell.
Umbra Obsquro
You walk through the woods, wandering aimlessly about. You finally see a familiar sight. An old beaten pickup. You open the door and sit down, wondering how you plan to drive with your stump leg, when you notice something. You look in the rear view mirror, and you can see his face. His eyebrows go up in shock, but no emotion reaches below his eyes. As you slowly reach for the door, without breaking eye contact, you notice something odd. His face is in front of the front headrest. You realize you haven't seen him blink. You then realize that that means nothing where Shia LaBeouf is concerned. You slowly turn your head towards the door, and so does he. You reach up your hand to touch your face, and so does he. You jump out of the car and look in the seats. He is no where to be seen. When you look in your side mirror, you realize the truth. You are Shia LaBeouf.
If Shia LaBeouf dies, this should be played at his funeral. But you wanna hear the twist? He would've *faked* his death! *SHIA SURPRISE!!*
Pepper Mars
I think I got lost in YouTube...
The axe represents 4chan
Ashley Victoria
I don't think I will ever forget about this song. It has been a little over four years since the release and it is still fantastic!
Moo Moo
You guys know that Rob was a part of that band that made the Banana Man song right?
Helperino Kripperino
I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took a Shia Labeouf to the knee.
TrashyArtist 27
S H I A L A B E O U F Is such a Shia secret
— naki
anyone else just suddenly remember watching this like 4 years ago?
Who would have known that after all those troll attacks, Shia LaBeouf will turn into a psychotic loner that lives in the woods hoarding a flag. This song predicted his slow decent to madness. Let's see if he turns into an actual cannibal in the end.
I've got 2 pages of homework to do, how tf did I end up here?