I'm tired. - Inside Llewyn Davis

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Llewyn says goodbye to Jean.

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I always really liked this scene, specifically because it's such a departure from every other Llewyn/Jean scene in the movie, which makes it that much more revealing. Despite the animosity and the strain that clearly weighs on their relationship, here we actually get to glimpse the other side of that and see the tenderness and care they appear to have for one another (probably how they ended up having the affair in the first place). I think Jean does genuinely have love for Llewyn, and he for her, but the man is too much of an incorrigible fuckup for any kind of romance to work out, and they both know and are frustrated by that. However, what's also interesting to me is that this scene reveals Jean to not quite be the virtuous straight-walker she believes she is over Llewyn, being something of a repeat cheater on Jim (and rather casual about it, at that). Adds another really interesting dimension to her character and her relationship to Llewyn, and why they can't seem to let one another go.
José Sánchez Fournier
Possibly the most revealing and touching moment in this great film. Thanks for uploading it.
‘The times is gonna be there’ and that’s how Dylan starts.
Bishop Braga
Thank you so much for uploading this
Bryan Blanco
Irene and standard