Singh Is Bliing | Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar | 2nd October

The most Amaze-SINGH Akshay Kumar as Raftaar Singh is here! Check out the official trailer of Singh is Bliing. Also starring Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta. Releasing on 2nd October. Starring: Akshay Kumar Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta & Arfi Lamba Music by Sajid-Wajid, Meet Bros Anjjan, Manj Musik & Sneha Khanwalkar Music available on Cinematography by Dudley Edited by Steven Bernard Release date 2 October 2015 Produced by Ashvini Yardi, Jayantilal Gada Directed by Prabhudheva

Kamal Chadde
Who else thought this was going to be a sequel to Singh is King?
addiction ink47
punjab vich 5 cheeza mashhoor aur satiikaaryog..(1) harmandir sahib,(2)10 guru sahibaan(3) pujabi boli,(4)baba deep singh g, (5)sant jarnail singh g khalsa bhindra wale....
Param Singh
Superman akshay sir is back this time its double the fun SINGH IS BACK!!!! Biggest hit of 2015 is here
Why didnt they call it Singh is King 2
Anusha Dahal
woah the movie is going to be awesome .
Heman Y
Bakwaas Trailer! Utter Crap,
Rijen Stha
copied from 'My Wife Is A Gangster 3" movie
sakti dhrajiya
Zero teaser View
Nikhil Dhakal
i m akshya fan but this movie copied from korean movie "my wife is a gangster" which is one of my favourites. blame goes to writers not akshya kumar. he just acted
Sexy Boy
Hi ADMIn why not mention name Amy jackson++ +Akshay Kumar
prabhuda = accha trailer bakwas movie
Puskar timilsina
nice action,,hope it will be as good as singh is king
So sad :( .... I Respect AK but 4 this movie & this song I Hate him a lot... & it's the fake image of Sikhs/Singhs... he is drinking alcohol in the movie a real Sikh never drink alcohol & if he does so he isn't Sikh .... & we respect girls not do like him..
Abhimanyu Atharv
HOPE RAFTAAR singh (singh is bling) is better than HONEY singh (singh is king)
Randip Singh
KHILADI is BaCkkkkkkkkkkkk with PRABUDEVA :)
eric perry
Singh Is KinG Was Far Faaarrr Better..
Prashant Srivastava
akki is back........
Nishant Singh
2:48,booyaka 619
Mickey Chhabra
Thik Thak Lag Rahi Hai Movie tow 😛😌☝
Satyajit Mukherjee
Debiprasad Indrajit
oye pravudeva ne toh bajaa di band...koi aur director dhoond nahi sakte the... all hopes on Akki's acting... fingers crossed....
Md Noyon
Ram Avatar
blockbuster king movie of the year........ but why the all songs were in punjabi style , still the movie has also been in goa and romania........ but great job by prabhu deva being south indian and made a big north indian punjabi movie,..............
Virat Kohli
love you amy jackson ... the movie will be hit for amy jackson
Sanket Shetty
not good as expected.
going to be a hell of a movie.
chai time
he is so old. he can be her father. retire
Aman Singh
kara is for wearing.. not for throwing around like bunch of ninjas.. bollywood gets carried away with emotions and always end up over doing it..
Amanpreet Kaur
love rdb forever!
shiva gupta
Very nice trailer akki
vijay thakur
maa kasam singh is king singh ka naaam h kafi hai acccho 2 ki dhilli ho jati hai..................................................chak de  india..............................................supar hit hai bhailog movie trailer h itna zabardash hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but kk chutiya lag rha hai really
Anik Alam
The previous movie was ok but this isn't looking good and the songs sound dumb. Only men with the turbans might fall for this.
hehe....I just saw complete movie in this trailer...:P
sawara khan
This looks like an amazing comedy film, why do people disgrace such Bollywood movies? They are meant to be fun and not taken too seriously, their feel good movies, there are plenty of movies with good stories and script etc, we need some light hearted humor too.
mayur wathrey
Punjabi movie in tollywood style.....i hope movie thk ho ....teaser not happening  ... akshay sir we all expect some good movies from u :(
Sendis Here
2nd part of Singh is King!!
Kulwant Singh
Another crap from boolywood. These people get so blind for fame and fortune, that they don't even twice, certainly why would they do so, for that need to a person worth considered. A conscious person may apologize many time for one mistake, but a fool will not even consider it even thinking about it. Despite being a defaulter in his early movie Singh is king, after even apologizing and visiting the holy Gurudwara Sahib for showing the deteriorated image of Sikh, he and his team under the direction of some anti-Sikh element again has portrayed the Sikh image as manmukh (the one who does not follow the holy teachings of Guru). Trimmed beard and mustaches, shaved body, and lunatic. This is what there mind set is, about Sikh. Shame on you all, who consider them selves to well mannered civilized people. May God forgive you fools.
एक मराठा कोटी मराठा
When I see Akshay Kumaar do movies like Singh Is Bling, it really gets difficult to believe that this guy has done movies like Khakee, Holiday, Special26, Gabbar, Baby, etc. This movie is such a mental torture that you will feel like punching in your own face as to why did you come for this movie. Before, I used to respect Prabhu Deva because he directed movies like Wanted and Rowdy Rathore but then realized that those were previously made in South and he just copy pasted them into Hindi and then he has created this masterpiece called Singh Is Bling. My advice to Prabhu Deva even if I do not know anything in filmmaking, "Please never direct a movie again in Hindi" They have made Lara Dutta a joke in this movie. Showing Punjabi Culture, adding funcky Punjabi songs, ('Toonk Toonk' is by the way robbed, word to word and beat to beat), showing Punjabi Culture (which is no doubt great) is not enough, you should have some story and some message to give to the society. Bullshit movie, give my money back..!!!
sameer chan
Akki is seen every where with grey hair and salt and pepper beard for almost a year and a half. His old and haggard man look is going to affect the collections of all his films . Look at Baby and Gabbar. They had potential to cross 150 and 200 crores respectively. But could only earn 85 and 90 crores respectively. Though they were hits they could not be blockbuster. Borthers failed as Akki had an old man look with salt and pepper beard when he was only a few years older according to the script. And audiences could not bear the thought of old and haggard Akki beat up a young and tough Siddharth. So the film flopped. Though in the Singh is Bling he looks marvelous and it seems to be a promising comedy film , I don't think it will be a blockbuster. Akki is digging his own grave professionally by being seen in the old greying avtar. Indian audiences would not want to see their heroes as old and haggard. And remember the offscreen image, and will not be able to erase that when the see the hero on screen in a young and heroic avtaar. They will reject it. And even if he wants to now I think he will not be able to erase the memories of Indian audiences as Akki has paraded his old man look for almost close to one and a half years in public. Now they will only accept him in old man roles. So I think it is the end of one of the youngest looking if he wanted to, fittest, handsome, macho Superstar we ever had. RIP Superstar Akshay Kumar.
Ashish Reddy
Yaar this is an edited trailer. I've been reading a lot about the controversies around this film caused by the Sikh communities that too before its release only. Srsly why do they do this for every such film be it sik, sos or sstg.Here I wud point out that there r several movies in Bollywood like golmaal returns where tamilians were shown in a very disrespectful and lame manner which was clearly based on their community yet no one reacted. Then what's up here?
Sann Lilies
Why dont u guys at least appreciate movies and understand that every movie has a concept.. Why all this criticism..if u can act and write script better show us and stop complaining
Daily Review
hands down akshay paaji ... ur looking like tom Cruise in ur movie SIB..... jst love u akshay paaji
Abhishek Kumar
comedy movie trailer akhay Kumar
Sukhdip Rai
The amount of propaganda needed to needed to make this film acceptable by Sikhs: Sikh/Punjabi actors, Shriomani Support, Sikh figures in the movie, Religious sentiment. Everything else is like a slap to Sikhs.
aaditya aaditya
Gr8 trailer! Akshay kumar's the biggest self made superstar of bollywood n a great human being. Superstar Akshays Singh is bling and evergreen Superstarni Sridevi's Puli is releasing on same day. Wishing both the films turn out to be the biggest blockbusters of india. Wow! what a treat for their fans. God bless both the films with super success. Amen!
Tasso Nadho
An almost exact copy of My Wife is a Gangster 2 ,a korean movie!. 90% of the movie, each n every scene, copied ! Shame on Prabhudeva!!! Ridiculous! I am so furious right now! Waste of Time!!
Abdul Khan
Please tell me friends movie acchi Hai ya nai? If no I don't wanna waste ma time
Shiva Tanwar
Best movie trailer.... Amazing concept.... Osm acting.... Best ever with lion, horse dance and also camel dance.... & so much funny first kiss of camel in Bollywood..... Akki's dance so interesting , lovely and masti style...... Waiting for "SINGH IS BLIING"........
paramvir singh
Prabhu Deva sala fudu madrasi....ess to baad punjab ch enter na kari .....worst director ever
Puneet Kumar Gupta
good to sleep there.....boredom.....plz akki run to hera pheri3...before u lost ur ground 0.....
Kaushik Talukdar
singh jaha pair rakhta hai...woh ilaka uska ho jaata hai??????? I MEAN...GIVE ME A MINUTE....SERIOSSSLLLYYYY????? COULDNT YOU COME UP WITH SOMETHING MORE UNCREATIVE?????
rahul gautam
prabhudeva aur jackson ke combination me hi gadbad hai...pahle action jackson ab ami jackson...:P
justjkjtgfqin bieber
মামা একটা জিনিস
johan curyff
again a copy of Korean movie
الاسد العراقي
Amandeep Rishi
Amy jackson looked beautiful in 'I' and 'Ek Deewana Tha'.. in this she looks meh.. oh this movie ? it is a dud.
Sekhar Naik
Aja mahi song is just OWS. Listing in 2018
Ultimate Uploads
Akshay and Amy both are looks awesome in action... I think I should have watch the movie....
Robert Thomas
My mom walked in on me watching this so I switched to porn because it was easier to explain.
Khaled Hasan
WOW,/...................AMY IS JUST AWSOME..........WAITING FR THIS MV
Atu Jamir
Nothing new copycat of Korean movie disappointed....
Zuhail Aripe
typical prabhudeva movie
Pearly Gem
copied from "my wife is a gangster" anyway still funny and I like the girl so much....
manmu gogo
A Madrasi directing a Punjabi movie.. I challenge Punjabis TRY doing vice versa
hemant rawat
Black Hammer
WOW!!!!! k.k menon as villian,, that's interesting.....
Samay Mehra
aa film koi mat dekhna bhaio singa da mazak uday gaya  isda vich.. punjab de kai city vich a film di rok lagai aa
that actress did not deserve to do a movie with an icon like akshay
Amir Ale
This movie is copied from My Wife is a Gangster 3 (2006) Showbox Pictures & Hyunjin Films
Pranit Desai
Kis Kisko Maroon
Rohit Bhad
The trailer is not bad. Let's see how the movie is.
Prattasha Bhuyan
Why are bollywood producers hiring white actresses when there are millions of indian girls? They can't even speak hindi, the producers arent gaining anything from hiring whites, they're only creating more work for themselves. And no this is not cultural exchange because they'll never hire black, or east asian actresses. And notice how they don't hire white men? Only white women. Indian men's obsession with white women and fair skin is disgusting. And P.S: Amy's acting is not very good, many indian girls are better than her.
Muhammad Mamoon
Going to watch movie just because of Kay Kay Menon...KK you always Rock other gets Shock
Taal Prohory
This movie is the remake of Korean Film My Wife is a Gangster 3. It was a 2006 film.
Amer Limbu
this is totally copy of Korean movie MY WIFE IS GANGSTAR 2 . Why bolywood always copy from Korean movies
Hyder Ali
Best Movies In 20151ST Bajrangi Bhaijan2ND Singh is biling - via YTPak(.com)
Shakeel akmal
yar bochet funny or bocht intarsting movie he ..ap se bochet as he inhe.. very funny
akash kumar
Zindagi ki rhao me akela chodh gate hai bada karke mukh mod gate hai are ham to darte hai ek phool dodane se na jane log dil kaise todh jate hai
Amar Gurung
My wife is a gangstar??
Harjit Sidhu
This a copy of “my wife is a gangster”
Fousey FAN Gaurav
the movie will be good if the villain have a long role.
Sanjeev Kumar
bakbaas (bad) movi.....singh di bejti krati is film ch..
himanshu tharu
this movie is a copy of a Korean movie called"my wife is a gangster".I mean not all but about 80% of it.
nikhil ligam
Blockbuster...Hope SO Its not remake of any south mvie in which main character is replaced by punjabi one
kuku chk
its copy from korean wife is a gangstar3
vinayak D joshi
singh is king toh hadd comedy thi.....but this feels more action oriented
Prince Pradhan
I like lara dutta than that tranny
Dorjee lama
korean movie copyyyy...hai jiii
Anuj Barthwal
Copied from the south korean movie my wife is a Gangster Part 2
nice trailor i have more nice comments for this video
Rohit Bhad
The trailer is not bad. Let's see how the movie is.
gourav jape
"singh jahan per rakh de wo ilaka uska ho jata hai"
Beverley smoky
I will watch zat film 🎥 definitely before going 2 exam 😍 😘
Shinda singh
att...sirrrraaa.....kaint trailor......i can say only this about singh is bling
Anmol Senmi
Action scene of this movie like salman Khan movie or kriss
every punjabi type movie be like us ki larki se shadi kr le or wo larki hmesha motiiiii hi hoti hai
Shubham Belel
2gud yr.... akkiii wid beautiful amy......