Top 5 most terrible and deadly natural disasters of today

Hello! And welcome to channel “Top 5 Top 10, today we’re going over the #most terrible and deadly natural disasters of today, as well as looking back onl the terrible devastation the forces of nature inflicted throughout human history. Subscribe to our channel - /> All videos - /> For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] #tornado #tsunami #naturaldisaster #earthquake #hurricane #volcano #naturaldisasters

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How to survive all the disasters:Be The Camera Man. Edit: Thanks for the Likes!
_Mintt• •Chan_
Wait earthquakes are the deadliest? ._. *_But I live in Southern California_* ;-:
K_ Duran
I live in California so we can escape hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanos, and twisters too. But we can’t escape the most deadly one yet.....the Earthquake 😰 P.S I live near the ring of fire so ya....
Sandy Kassab
Omg the volcano and earthquake seemed so scary
Damarys Dingui
This was sad and devastating.. I feel sorry for all of the victims that lose their lives in catastrophic like this.. May they rest in peace..🙏.. Thank you for sharing..💖
Reddit Stories
Props to the camera man for jumping into a volcano
Kanser Gaming
A landslides happended here in the Phillipines A church was fully burden
{velvetplays gacha}
God will save us no matter what happens
Wigabiga Sksksk
You dont know fear until your school makes you sit in the hallway with a tornado on the ground a few miles away. Those things are fast.
Annie playz YT
I remember hurricane Katrina! My class read about it! Edit: thx for da likes. Most likes I have ever gotten!
Exotic GamingZ
Tornado: I can destroy anything I see Volcano: Hold my lava
UltraBr0 2
Some of these are from geostorm I think?
johnny depp my inspiration
Pls be nice to everyone We dont know how much years we have left to live Today can be parties tomorrow can be anything pls be nice ti everyone may jesus save us from mother nature
Francis Agena
I imagine of volcano Mind: is Tilted towers destroyed?
Crystal Stone
Showing tornado footage from the movie Into the Storm!!
Cookie Gaming
I have never encountered hurricanes, tornados,tsunamis,earthquakes and volcanoes... now I feel very bad for these people ;-; One like equals I prayer for these people😞
The Noob Army
This scared me sorry top 5 top 10 but I clicked of
Cj Davis
Good thing a ad came up at 3:20 at the perfect time 😂
DavidPlayz Animation
My country the Philippines has gotten shaken by an earthquakes so many times in most of our provinces in April 22 - April 26. 2019. Jesus is our Lord, he will know it.
The Noob Army
From The start is into the storm and the day after tomorrow I don’t know the other
moto moto
Well.. 4th was from a movie
Mr. Comment Boi
If we destroy nature, nature destroys us. I heard if we keep destroying earth, more natural disasters could happen. Save the earth now. Not just by asking for likes, but actually doing something.
Well something we all should've learned here is to live life to the fullest because you never know what could happen. You can't predict tomorrow. When it's time to go it's just time to go 🤷🏾‍♀️
Abigail De La Rosa
Tornado: I will ruin ur life lol Earthquake: *hold my beer*
He says hurricanes mostly or only hit the eastern coast Me: pfft, hurricane harvey hit dallas.
Shayla Le
If you’re scared .... Imagine the crust as pizza crust yummm
Tallia Hamilton
This is so sad for the people... i will pray for them...RIP
XxRoseBunny xX
😱Earthquake its THE DEADLIEST?!?! OMG I felt an Earthquake in our COUNTRY and Idk HOW MANY PPL DIED rip the Ppl who died in philippines and It was april 22
Daniel Cross
It's like when your standing till in a game, and you just die.
jasmine black
Allah is in control of all of this.. May Allah send us his mercy!
Ethan Eville
So if volcanoes wipe out entire cities, that’s explains why tilted towers and retail row got destroyed!
So sad. I have been through a horrible tornado in Big Spring Texas. So scary 😱😱😨😰
Angine Jattan
The first one the giant tornado is real and the movie was Into The Storm and the tornado name is ITA HD
Ethan Payne
The most deadly earthquake by magnitude was on July 20 1960 with a magnitude of 9.5
William Nabors
Another point for earthquakes being the most dangerous is some earthquakes will cause tsunamis and/or volcanoes. Also I thought super cells might be on this list.
Kayley Clark
2:43 is that a person I see flying in the tornado bottom left??
Carter McShannock
I'm like "Awe...Can this happen to my school god??"
Megan Salsberry
Soo my question is. Do they actually keep corks on them just so they don’t spurt out any lava or does it just control itself even after the eruption occurs?
keith larabee
tsunami's can be produced from land slides as well
I feel it would’ve made things a bit better if they were real clips instead of movie clips ( I know ‘some’ were real) I’m not hating just saying you know
Emelia Jacobs
I was in Joplin and my friends house is gone
Kristin Doxtator
Mother Nature is taking over because we are littering and killing animals we are not nice to Are erart
Talks about hurricanes, names hurricanes. *Shows clips of tornadoes*
Jacob Isermann
The second one number four was a movie out of the storm or something like that
emerald sword exe
but do you know what can go faster than planes a rocket
Sam Silberman
Well that was great to watch right before sleeping...
David Brinco
I think you can't avoid a SUPER volcano
I hope I am Dead by age before they all come again 😂
John Cipriano
A Most Interesting Video.
Meme Lord
Number 1: *the fortnite volcano*
Julio DaQueen
Jesus the thumbnail looked like Zues had a temper tantrum and took it out on a city
Charlene Cottle
.... After seeing natural is all the more reason for people to believe In JESUS , the CROSS, repentance of Sins, The Blood of JESUS, and most importantly..., Believe Jesus is "my" LORD and SAVIOR Bless. Bless and Bless.
Jacob Dyne
1139 the year was the a thing damn🤨😮😮😮😮😮
Markel Chretien
u guys hope we never get theat
:3 AWeFaM
So Baisicaly super volcanoes can wipe the population.....
Richard Ramirez
Fake but the 100,000 volcano eruption is probably real and the time real he rest fake bc he got that all from the movies🤦🏼‍♂️
Rolando Legaspi
After this video I am so afraid of earthquaks
Natalia liberato
All of this was si amazing
Communsim Better
I can’t find the Azerbaijan earthquake Could someone show the source, i wanna know more about its destruction
Abdul Hadi Irfan
Volcano made me cry
wow c
This is sad
Khairin Dzduan
Earthquake is also the cause of tsunami
Me on number 3 can a volcanic eruption reach the other side of the world? Me again:Well, time to move to the other side of the earth My mind:but you never had a volcanic eruption reach your house Me: what about in the future My mind:well, do whatever I give up....
Jonathan Roberson
this video was sick! but terrifying
Sid The Horse
I live in California. Right on the line of two tectonic plates. Ready to strike. Ready to kill
Nataly Monroy
I just found this and I am in love SUBSCRIBING, NOW.👩‍❤️‍👨❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖
its me
I live in israel we can get earthquake or tsunami in any seconds and im scared of waves😅
diamond nation
If thats deadliest why is the recordman still alive
galaxy Martinez
Wait these look like the movies like the Japan Tsunami these look fake to me
Melanie Gibson
WELL DONE! What is the name of the movie in the last segment?
{Bubble} Squirrel
7:23 2011?!?! That’s when I was born
Prosun Sarkar
Respect nature.If the nature will become angry no one can save us
Indra jhakri
this is really scary
Daniela Signea
Wen it goons happen 😢🥺🥺
Kevin C
True... earthquakes and other natural disasters have occurred throughout human history, however the frequency & intensity has stepped up in the past 10+ years now. We are building up for an event that most scoff at, while others look forward to; the second coming of Jesus with His angels to gather His true obedient followers. All of nature is declaring that this event is soon to occur, yet most are oblivious to the signs, sadly enough. They are more interested in the here-n-now, the gratification that the present self-centered life produces for them to be concerned with the REAL issues facing us all. Jesus is real, and so will His appearing be real.
Maria Castillo
Their is a place that no Earthquakes form , north carolina
katey polipo
Poor people i feel bad for them i can't believe it exactly why that is happening to them im in a good life in my world is okay nothing happened here in my world im sorry poor people who diead
Thijs Vernooij
I have watched all the movies you showed in the intro
Zombros Zombros
What is tge background music in no.3 pls tell
OHMYGO6 Roblox player
How to survive a earthquake be in a flying plane or a helicopter
Evelynn Espinosa
This is just so sad how people got tornados, like where I live there hasn't been a tornado in my area since like 2007, and I'm like lucky cause of it but for other people it's just sad 🥺
Rafsan Ahmed
said east Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and pointed to west Pakistan (now Pakistan)
Josh74000 MC
At least El Reno is still here despite there being a 2.6 mile wide tornado
Rebeca Orsi
A lot of history here
Sashaye Brewer
I'm from Oklahoma. The struggle with Tornadoes is real here. We also have some pretty horrible earthquakes as well...
Sydney cortez Cortez
OMG! 😱😨🤭
X- Rain
2:47 did anyone else see the lightening bolt like 50 feet away from the car?
coolstyle jimmy
Number 3 might've been how dinosaurs went extinct!
Dr Wojcik
So does splines actually help you cuz planes allways is in the ar
Tallia Hamilton
Omg i was in in india when the tsunami was here luckily i survived phew im so gratefull
Master Of Epic
I subscribed and turned on notifications! These disasters were really scary
Jaxx Johnson
The 3 was me i was the shoe person
Xx Karma&Kãra xX
The though bro I'ma have nightmares of people dieing
kaleigh crafts
Znc Shaun
I live in California and we have fires... BAD fires!
Seb Eleazar Abril
The volcano eruption was like a nuclear explosion
NeilPrasad 1905
You forgot one thing. A megaquake with a magnitude of 13 happened 65 million years ago. It was caused by a giant asteroid and it led to the extinction of dinasours.
Alex User
Is this real?! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯