Superhero Origins: The Creeper

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This unusual superhero was once a confrontational Gotham Talk Show host. Join as we explore the origins of Jack Ryder, otherwise known as The Creeper. Special thanks to our users "Marco Rosato", "theenlightenedone", "offbeat08", "Brian Silva", "srami004" and "Spideyfan-0913" for submitting the idea for this video at :) If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our new interactive Suggestion Tool at :) Check us out at and We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out for more info. Help us caption & translate this video!

Didn't know it was a hero ...just knew it was something girls called me in high school 😔
I think of him like a good version of the joker
Yellow Skinned Wacky Man for President!
Larry Bundy Jr
The creeper was also the basis for Freakazoid as well.
i can definitely see Jim carry play the creeper in a live action movie 
MC Kaatt
"ok i love yew buhbye!"
Jeff Bennett was awesome as the Creeper in the New Batman adventures!
Nate Dawg
I wonder if The Creeper inspired Freakazoid? They were both part of the WB network after all/
Forest Armstrong
"OK. Love you. Buh-bye!"  LOL I think his animated appearance was heavily influenced by Spielberg's Freakazoid.  Just a guess.
Javier Venegas
I love these origin episodes, even though i don't read comics too often. Keep 'em coming! :D
So was the Creeper the inspiration for Freakazoid?
Albert Chyn
I think this answers my question to what if the Joker was a superhero.
steve ducell
before DEADPOOL there was.....................
I love when Jeff Bennett voices Creeper in the animated series, that's one of my favorite episodes. 
this is not the real creeper the real one lives down the street from me begging for a beat down for looking at kids the wrong way
Carlos Gallon
"Hello Lady" "Okay I love you bye-bye"
Ter Kane
I am perplexed as to why you omitted mentioning that Steve Ditko created the character. I think it would behoove Mojo to mention the creators and not just the characters.
Ferdy Hoshigaki Tube
This Character need a Movie, He seems Hilarious
Steven Bailey
They should of stuck with his original name, Yellow-Skinned Wacky Man.  Way more catchy.
The Creeper
I approve. 
This guy looks like a villain.
This seems hilarious why have I not heard of him before?
Trevor Onyango
I love how Joker isn't scared of Batman but he's scared of the Creeper
I'd forgotten how good the Steve Ditko artwork was. Vintage comic book .
The Joker gone heroic. 
Yeah I liked the The New Batman/Superman Adventures version of him where Joker kidnaps, brainwashes, and uses chemicals to make him. Then he call Joker "dad" and flirts with Harley Quinn
I wanna c beast boy next personally
Tyler Allen
Superhero Origins: Falcon, Adam Warlock, Nova, Scarlet witch, and Apocalypse Twins 
"Okay, I love you, buh-bye!" LOL!
kamui Cage
Freakazoid reminds me of the Creeper
Superhero Origins: Cybersix!
Whitedragonking Ocola
....weirdest hero ever.
This superhero bothers me for some weird reason, maybe its that stupid red thing on his back
Jim Hartey
My favorite DC character of all time.
Matthew Brockus
Superhero origins: mintberry crunch
I have always been a fan of Bruce Timm's interpretation on The BTAS!  Thanks for this
Robert Herrera
Had no idea this character existed till now.
Austin Godfrey
Top 10 Highlights of Paul Walker's Career!
Ricky Zander
Great character so sad he is so underrated
JB Entertainingness
Ah, my favourite superhero! Thank you, WatchMojo! Nice to do the original origin mixed with scenes from arguably the best version, the BTAS Creeper!
Old Man Jenkins
Still waiting on Superhero Origins: Cable. Have been for a while now. And I'm super sad it hasnt happened yet.
Alex Lemus
I see him in the background of the Justice League series every now and then too.
Grossly Offensive Lizard-Man
The crazy ones are always the best.
OK, I LOVE YOU ...BYE BYE what a funny way of making a homage to another cartoon character mindy from animaniacs LOLS
Adam P. Murray
If they ever make a movie of the Creeper, aka Jack Ryder I want Jimmy Fallon to play him and I want a crossover between Creeper and would be hilarious
I prefer the Creeper's origin from the Animated Series, honestly. A reporter who fell into the same acid that the Joker did, but retained his moral compass and wanted to do good.
that's not the creeper. the creeper is suppose to blow up
My first thought was scooby doo....
LOL! ok i love you buh bye! hahahahaha
David Leal
I prefer the fact that the joker basically caused him to become the Creeper. Also was pretty bummed there was really only one episode about him during the whole batman series.
take the 3 animaniacs put them in a blender then inject them into a guy with adhd u got the creeper
I do like how Jack Ryder was featured in the Arkham Games!
Timmy Menard
Oh yes! I adore this unusual hero.
Still waiting for the commercial but YES! been hoping for this one. :D
After reading the original Creeper origin story, I've been wondering if Steve Ditko was inspired by the young Jack Nicholson who was known for his leering smile and creepy characters early in his career. Near the end of the origin story there's a scene where he's got the boss criminal so terrified and hysterical that he's screaming and waving a gun as The Creeper stalks him. Amidst all his constant laughter, The Creeper asks: "GEE MISTER, YOU DON'T SEEM TO LIKE ME. IS IT MY OUTFIT? THAT REALLY HURTS MY FEELINGS." Very Nicholson!
Sammy Lane
Why are Scientists always stabbing people with superwhatchamatcallits??
Freedomcheese _
before the picture loaded I thought it ment the creeper from minecraft
im replying to this comment
im actually a creeper fan I've been thinking for a long time that they should make a movie about him the dc movie universe is so damn dark they need somebody funny
i hate how they retconned him to be like some kind of evil japanese spirit or something in the new 52. My fave creeper will always be the bruce timm version (new batman adventures)
Luke Hendrickson
Watch Mojo you should do superhero origins: cyborg That would be like amazing.
Leone Kaiser
"Ok, I love you. Buh-bye!" - Mindy from Animaniacs.
bustamove orelse
The Creeper from the Batman series looks like he'd be on of Freakazoids enemies
someonehug professorhidgens
The creeper that I know was a tv host making a documentary about ACE chemicals, but fell in because of the joker. He then came across Harley Quinn- bae - and the jokers goons and instantly fell n love with her; who wouldn't?He then spent the entire episode chasing after Harley
4:35. Well, now we know who Mindy's (Animaniacs) father is.
Samuel Green
"The Creeper?!" What about Jason Blood (The Demon Etrigan)? that would have been better.
Jeff DiLoreto
Love the creeper...that's a command and a statement...LOVE HIM!!!
I don't know why but I loved that catchphrase "ok I love you bye bye" XD
Rolyn Georges
#TeamCreeper #JackRyder Jack Ryder aka The Creeper is actually very cool. Just like Deadpool. They're both crazy, weird, awesome, and very funny. Lol.
Derik Tv
Honestly after watching the episode in batman tas about creeper, I freaking loved this character so much. I'm so happy he's a hero.
SSSSuper hero originssssssssss *BOOM!!!*
Great Value Bleach
Creeper is my favorite out of the DC comics verse.
Gordon Campbell
superhero origins: raven, brother blood(s) & blue beetle
Eh, I prefer the origin story of "Yellow Skinned Wacky Man."
Jeff Rosenberg
origin much like Capt America
Kitty Pryce,nova,power man,iron fist,Scarlett spider and Luke cage
andi le
lie spotted at 4:32. you do top 10s everyday tho
can you do psylocke
I liked the origin story the animated series gave him.
Xavior TheLycan
Anyone else here wanna see this guy in Arkham Knight?
ɴᴏ ɴᴏ
I like the origin form the animated series better
Jw Smith
It's like Captain America... but like, in a terrible way.
It's yellow skinned wacky man!
Harry Porker
finaly a top 10 comment
Last Laugh
I love the Creeper! He's awesome, and I always liked how he's an insane superhero.
Kay Haven
The Creeper is a cool character. I believe he makes an appearance on Justice League Unlimited in the last episode.
Jack DeLise
and then he turned into a green monster got a grudge against blocks and someone named steve
Tevin Howard
Jack ryder is Gotham brave hero criminals beware.
Yusuf Chaudhry
OK.  I love you.  BUH-BYE!  Man I love this guy!
When I first saw this title I thought it was a super villain origin not a superhero origin listen to this and tell me if it sounds like a superhero thing "Here comes The Creeper!"
Arkham Wrath
And people say DC don't have their Deadpool >>> and Deadpool first time appear so much years latter (exactly 23) after THE CREEPER first appearance !!! I wonder who is counterpart there :P And who is based on other character :P
M A R Q 24/7
.....Still waiting for taskmaster.
Aidan Randall
The Creeper is my favorite I just wish DC would do more with him
Lester Medina
One of my favorite characters.
Ron Price
I absolutely love the Creeper!
Harry Porker