AGW - Dance Choreographer, Leah Howard (Behind The Scenes)

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The girls had only 2 weeks to learn all their dance routines for the whole 6 months of shooting! Here's a glimpse of them training in Sydney with choreographer,Leah Howard. Then, when they got to Singapore, Leah's colleague, Ryan Tan was able to step in and provide some extra revision classes.

AGW Dance Choreographer Leah Howard Behind The Scenes

Marny was a fix set for her role as Ally, but not Charlotte or Sophie. Charlotte was taken because she a great singer, sophie becames she is grown up english and german speaking and was part of a dancer group. Interesting that both weren't favorites in the first place. Their age didn't fit - Sophie too young and Charlotte too old. But their performance showed they were a good choice.
Laila Abou-Taouk
I like sow Mats kompisar på nätet sow mats
charl ene
Sophie ist meine abf.Sie hat mir allt Tänze beigebracht :D
Dulce Hernandez Gonzaga
sophie became 14 while the work. Charlotte is NOT a singaporian, only her role character Jackie is from there. Like Marny Kennedy Charlotte is from Melborne.
You have to think that from last day for film till first showing on TV mostly one and a half goes by. The episode had to be cutted and also translated into the languages of the partners companies - NDR (german).
@SUPERANTOEMMA The song at 2:02 is called Dance
Becca Fly
Marny is awesome!!!
Leoni Leoni
charl ene wärs glaubt ich finde das einfach nur auf deutsch gesagt dumm das ihr sowas schreibt wie Sophie is meine abff oder Marny und ich sind in der gleichen klasse und Freunde oder ich kenne Charlotte ganz privat sie ist ganz cool eh Leute ihr seid dumm wenn ihr Sohne lügen in die kommis schreibt aber is ja eure sache
Leoni Leoni
ach and Sophie, Marny and Charlotte so cool
Filippa Nordström
Marny is so pretty but Sophie looks so young without make up :)
Filippa Nordström
That dance teacher is in the blue whats high too! :)
Awwww i didn't get to see most of those episodes! XD I only got to see ONE dance!!! LOL!
Hedda Ericsson
maybe show-dance?
Sophies dance outfits are awsome!!!! She is also the best dancer, but marny and Charlotte are also great!
OMG ALLY ----> 2:21
What does Charlotte's shirt say? What does she luv?
Yes, but the person asked how old they are in this video, so my answer was correct :) But thanks for providing the current ages! Time always goes by faster than I think, that's so strange.
@chloecaddell Marny (the Australian) is 15, Charlotte (the Singaporian) is 18, Sophie (the German) is 14.
ali mosaki
Bra Emma
Linn Eriksson
Really, is she 18? :O
Daniel Chirieac
Love <3 do season 2 please !!!
Amelie May
@hahahihi50 emma? keine heißt emma du dumme nuß!! ich glaub du meinst sophie!!
Ingrid Tam
They are good :D <33
Jenny Rivas
Amo el siber mundo de las chicas:-)
Ronja Lundin
Whats kind of dance do they dancing. Please answer.
Cissy Fransisca
je veux aussi commence la dance comme ce fille ! <3 ****
Linn Eriksson
What kind off dance is this? :)
Surangkana Pettersson
Anna Onnes
Ni e bäst