Fish - Kayleigh [1988]

The only song from Fish at Nelson Mandela 70th Birtday Tribute 1988 Mark Brzezicki and Phil Collins All Stars (House Band) The Phantom Horns - Johnny Thirkell, Gary Barnacle, Peter Thoms, Simon Gardne

Lisbeth Filosofen
Phil Collins on drums
Kayleigh Winn
Got my name from this song and this version is from the year I was born.
Midge Ure - Guitar Phil Collins and Mark Brzezicki - Drums and Percussion Mick Karn - Bass Guitar Paul Carrack - Keyboards The Phantom Horns - Johnny Thirkell, Gary Barnacle, Peter Thoms, Simon Gardne
Romulo Ferreira
The 80's were bizarre, this song is awesome.
Mick Karn on bass is just KILLIN IT. The combo of Phil and Mick? Unbelievable. RIP Mick.
With Midge Ure on his grey guitar!
Fish without Marillion is not the same than Marillion without Fish...! Who lost and who wins?
If you used to listen Marillion and Genesis, it's kinda unbelievable how much Collins style you recognize in this version.
Miguel Angel Prieto
At 2:49 cameraman singing ...
A Old Dude
Did anybody know that Fish had invented this spelling of the name and the song was actually his ex girlfriend Kay Lee meant
remy paraskovia
Is that Phil Collins? 01:28
Ariel Hdz.
Midge Ure on Guitar...
Trastu ProgRock
Fish is one of my favourites singers
Mohamed Rico
Phil Collins in the drums? Greats!!!
The lack of Rothery is very very noticeable :-) and the horns are terrible! but anyway it's a good Fish's performance!!
Kayleigh Maclellan
Lol I searched my name and found this
Bruno Lourenço
Thanks Derek we still love your style...we still supporting !!!
Dmcculloch5150 Mcculloch
Named my daughter after this song
Phil is such underrated drummer....... and Fish already gained status of prog royalty........ old Marillion is just my childhood......
Niven Calder
It's an amazing world that lets me see this again.  I taped it for my sister the day it was on.
....... Also good to see Mark Brezzecki (spelt wrong I expect !) from Big Country on drums .
María Eugenia Lemos
Phil Collins toca la batería, I love you ❤️ 🐾.
Emilio Castillo Campos
Is mark Kelly ay keyboards?
Graeme Glendinning
rock on midge ure on guitar
Fershum Floydian
Midge Ure guitar, Phil C. drums, Mark Kelly !!
Maria Hynes
Great song , love midge and phil
Certainly one of the best and most memorable performances, ever.
Midge Ure is no Steve Rothery.
Rachel Hammond
Congratulations big man for winning Planet Rocks Best British Single for 'Man With A Stick'. Well deserved!
Julie Cook
What a fantastic memory the days of touring fish with my dad good old days and his stillvas good now FISH lives on!!
Matt Maloney
Jordan Campbell talking complete bollocks. By this point Phil "the master of prog" Collins was the One More Night and Groovy Kind of Love singer and Genesis were little more than Phil and the Mechanics. He was still a great drummer though when he could be bothered to drop the Simmonds drums and the drum machines. As for saying the song never sounded better, it sounded better when Rothery was actually playing the guitar solo properly, which Midge Ure completely cocks up here.
Dudu Spinelis
@Hugo Leonardo    Phil Collins on drums!!!! Awesome!!!!!
thanx for uploaing that..
Tina Smith
lucky you!
Paula Abdul
Fish is singing pretty good here. The band sure is not Marillion...
fish is on fire lol
Nice version but you can't beat Rothery on guitar
Jordan Campbell
Good on Fish for his time and performance, but ironic that the one of the real masters of Prog - Phil Collins, is giving up his time - the great master Genesis drummer from that mighty band Genesis playing Marillion music, now that is selfless from Collins. Oh and the song never sounded better...
Oh, he's so tall! Tall and talented...
Fish and Phil Collins perform Kayleigh
The Billy Acorn Channel
I remember this at the time. great
Fish on vocals, Phil Collins on drums, Midge Ure on guitar. Magic.
Andrea Grillini
Pickles-the- Chimp
I was there! it was amazing!
Carlos G Wallis
There is only one thing missing here, Mrs Steven Rothery
Wow!!! Very nice footage!!Is it the only song he performed??
mark pincott-brown
Brilliant! Fish with Phil Collins and Mark Brzezicki on drums, Midge Ur on guitar, Mick karn on bass!
Krzysztof Chojnacki
sztuką jest stworzyć coś czego nie da się skopiować,szacunek......
I just love his hair on baldhead :D perfect singer
Emilio Castillo Campos
Midge Ure on guitar!!!!! Amazing! What a momento!!!
toxic badasss
Nice to see fish singing this live 👍👏👏
Donald Kriske
Phil Collins on Drums.... What a treat!   Great Song !!!
Ann Rose Berglind
Wow! Master Phil Collins! Also, love this song.
Simona Amerighi
mamma mia <3 
Enrico S
Brilliant !!!......with magic Philco !!!
Marco Galmuzzi
Grazie per questo video. Canzone intramontabile . Grande Fish !! 👍🏼
maravilha, linda musica from brazil
Jack Torrance
I need this Suit ! *Love this Song and FISH'S Marillion
said idabderrahmane
When the music was real
Midge Ure on guitar, Phil Collins on drums
Conny Thoss
I Love this Song ♡
jefferson silva
rock 2017
David Cook
Is that Paul Carrack on keyboard? (right side).
Bernabé García Sánchez
A lot of lovely musicians: Mick Karn, Phil Collins, Paul Carrack, Fish...
Renatto Paes
Finally I heard his voice!
THE BEST OF .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tony, The Stark
OK that stage is full of legends! Midge Ure on the guitar and Collins on the drums??
Alex A. Shemtov
I love Fish. A guy who believes in a better world. And suffer because of it. Like me.
Lena Kaulanen
Love it <3
Alvaro Robledo
cuánto mide este tipo? buena canción, tremendos artistas
jeffrey gorey
Guitar player certainly wasn't up to the task. Too bad.
Kenny Evans
Mark Brzezicki on drums too, guys a legend.
Daniel Taylor
Mel Smith?
Muzyka, która była, jest i zawsze będzie !
Ron Glass
Is that Phil Collins at 4:05 ?
Richard Edwards
I was there!
Kay Daniels
Named after this song
Rusty Y
Is that the late Mick Kahn of Japan on bass?
This is a half decent version to be fair, all good musicians but that doesn’t always add up to a good cover version but this is pretty good.
rubens siqueira
coincidência o vocalista tem a voz idêntica com a do Phil colins e ele está na bateria top top top
Can anyone tell me the name of the TV show that fish played a producer to rock band in a Scottish castle on TV in the 80s
Marcy Marc
Wow, Phil nailed some of those fills! Not so keen on the horns though. Was this a precursor to Big Wedge? Fish had a superb voice AND charisma. Can't help thinking he squandered it a tad...
Damn, that’s A Dream Band!
Brilliant !
Priya Jayachandran
wow!!!!!!!!  Kayleigh.........superb
Jamie Martinez
With horns mind you....not bad
The Grim Reaper
dafuq's he wearing
Богдан Попудренко
Mick Karn on bass yeahhhhhhhhhhhh
Great !
Paul Rowe
Rexor Max
I'don't like this version!
Andrea Costa
A voz é a mesma do disco.
Vin Novara
That is easily the ugliest guitar I've ever seen
Toti Bello
a lo puro pirucha fish
Scott Newman
Blatantly lacks the feel of Steve Rothery on guitar. No atmospherics. Weak and flat.
Malcolm Mcwhirter
no disrespect Ian Mosley Phil Collins blows you out of the water
Andrew Ward
simply awful....