T.I. - Whatever You Like [Official Video]

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DonYelle and Diana
when this song made you want a sugar daddy at 14 😂
Dasia Johnson
Whatever you like still listing in 2019.😍😚😚😀
eden skimson
anyone not here because of "Wild n Out" or "Night School" and they've just always been a fan of T.I.? anyone listening to this and having hella childhood memories from back in like 2010? anyone else used to blast this shit in the car going for late night drives? no? ok.
gene kihvra
Here after watching wild n out
Fish Zelealem
January 1st, 2019 anyone? 😉
Ruth Hernandez
Here from wildout
Aviral Janveja
And thus a generation of gold diggers was born ! 😂 God bless !
*who bumping dis in 2019 wimme* 👀
Silvotore styles97
I love the fact the girl is a dark skinned lady..
Mermaid Flying
There ain’t a female on this planet that ain’t never dreamed of this as their reality! 👠👠💯
Taco Stacks
This was my jam back in the day.
Rimo Don Rimz
If you stil love T.I let me get those likes......... One love
Victor Lobua
This song will just never ever gets old man,still listening to it in 2018💙💙💙
January 1st 2019 and here from wild n out ??
Bruce Brown
Who's here from Night School 🤓🤓
This video is reason why I work in McDonals😂
Jessica Harris
Finally got a real man that treat me like a queen thank God
sophy alwoch
2019 bitch!!
Mickey The Great
Happy New Year everyone......Came here after Night School
BlastoiseBoy 1
Not to make anyone sad but we cant go back to a time like this :(
I used to major crush on TI when I was younger haha
February 2019 damn what a tune
lux y
2019 anyone?
Buchan Sudan
2019 anybody
Michael Cancino
Who else is on an old song spree
Lil Ry
Roblox Queen
Zakaria Abdulkadir
February 1st 2019 anyone....
Nav Nav
im broke AF, cant get what ever you like.
Anyone else doing a huge throwback song session?
January 2019, anyone?
Regina Danielle
Speaking my language That’s what real men do Y’all fellas should be taking notes
alexis clark
i love this song i wish i had someone like this
choco dream
So he didnt pay 4 his food😂😂😂
Michael Gregory
Please don't tell me you're here in 2018 🤣🤣🤣🤣going down memory lane
Inge Vem
Damn 10 years old now. Feels right yesterday
Roman Reigns
leonel cortés
2019? My Yam!
Alexandra Munteanu
Here from Night School <3
Clone Zeus
I used to listen to this when I was 1 my mom said it was the only song that calmed me down😂😂😂
Sergio thanos
Yess 1st January 2019
Amanda Junn
tfw your husband still makes you feel like this!! #relationshipgoals
Kaylee Lenz
I wish that could happen to me
This is the song I play when I take my girl to McDonald's.
Joe Shannon
Chrystal Lynch
T.i is already taken
Pierre Mondy
Juanuary 2019😂🌴
1145 225
U know u too cute to be working in here
Listened to this song when I was 8 and I'm 17 now... Time flies :P
1:15 what is that thing she is putting by her ear? Lol
Claire Baire
I couldn't ever figure out the name of this song till I saw the title...I got curious....and I wasn't even looking hahaha
NKG Cloaked
2019 anyone???
Roshene Brown
2019 ?
Still hot 2019
Alexis Stanberry
Who else tried to call the number? 😅😅
KaneGang Records
Legendary ‼ 2019
Cory Guyton
Nayops 18
2019 Watching❓
Song still makes me happy and feel good
Lindokuhle Nkosi
11 Jan 2019 , anyone?
Who came here because they actually like the song and not a 5 sec part of it
Ya Nyima Jobe
February 10th 2019 anyone?
Abuu Swaveey
Is that lil duval 1:43 👀
Wa you Handsome .Yeah Horse Face Said He is a Talk too much Proud Maybe ↑↓Face 30cm HaHaHaHa/ New York Gangster Jay Z Kill Finish☞(HorseFace) Good Luck To Ti 「B:Brother」 In fact just a skin You Know & I Know But Bill withers& Billy ocean Another person said "What's your Hat?" Ah i'm so tired You Know &I Know Right?
Blueberry Bleach
Lil Duvall with dreads 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 1:40
Rahm and Sha
She lived it up for 4 mins
Imari Smith
Valentin Sanchez
Legend says that this is still a banger till this day
cali forrest
I just relised this girl Is a gold digger...still love this song tho 😂
WWW.LOVEHASWON.ORG ❤💙💚💛💜💓❤💙💚💛💜💓❤💙💚💛💜💓❤💙💚💛💜💓
até o bob marley era vascaíno!
Don Huan
sophia russell ferguson
only new ! you can have whatever you like 💯💯😍
Trevor Philips
thot daydream
Alainpatio Luc
Malgré que je sois europeen les americains me font rever chaque jour
Daniel James
I was 17 when this came out now I'm 65 time really flies
TheGamer MOOD
The ending Is just sad 😂
Andrea Yancy
Anyone 2019
Oscar Espinoza
Everybody gonna ignore the fact that he got his wings in less than 20 seconds LMFAO,Thats what I call fast food restaurant.
Jessica Cummings
hell yay can i have him now
I was mad when I was eight years old and found out she was only daydreaming...
Vanquish ツ
2019 Wya ??
Filthy Stink
2019 Anyone ??
Amiyah Sanders
She Like Pickles😂
Weah Betty Twum
What a dream 😂😂😂
Randy Latumahina
2019...still Dope👏
frank harerimana
have whatever you lke 2019
icey queen
Axel Gozain
I'm here from hardstop lukas
bethany w
valentines mood
Iulian Munteanu
Old but gold !😍
William Herzog
It is not how you treat a girl it is how respect them ✊✊✊
Hamiisii M.
here after watching night school
Edward Nigma
"I want Joe Biden, I need Joe Biden."
Ethan mendoza
Anyone still jamming to this in 2019?😂
Kiemiewo Ziezall
2019....10yeard ago....damn it..
unknown person
I know i Aint the only one who came here after Wild N Out
Gracelyn Taylor
He is so cute and so sweet
Aw man what a depressing ending.