T.I. - Whatever You Like [Official Video]

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DonYelle and Diana
when this song made you want a sugar daddy at 14 😂
Michael Cancino
Who else is on an old song spree
Ruth Hernandez
Here from wildout
BlastoiseBoy 1
Not to make anyone sad but we cant go back to a time like this :(
October 2018 anyone? Lol why did get so mani likes
Anyone else doing a huge throwback song session?
Saucyy Kid
who here because of wild n out
Quad ToxiCAura
*November 22 Still listening to this amazing song 🙂* *Most I’ve ever got 😁*
Lespina Zvomuya
Who is here again after watching Night school.. Kevin Hart 👌
Someone will find this comment one day.
This is the song I play when I take my girl to McDonald's.
Lil Chicken
*sheez if u gave me anything I wanted...you srsly gonna have problems w ur bank*
Hariz Waan
december 2018. anyone? 😊😊😊
Rose Addo
who else came here after WILDnOUT?
Angelica Hamilton
It's been 10 years already!!!!
Michael Gregory
Please don't tell me you're here in 2018 🤣🤣🤣🤣going down memory lane
Mihai Jarca
who came here because of the movie Night School ?
Aaron Davis
I love his voice its so calming
NOSTALGIC savannah McCray
Back when music was actually good
RIP xxxtentacion
10 years ago the best rappers were Eminem, TI, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, T-Pain, Lil Boosie Now it's all about XXXTENTACION, Trippie Redd, Chris Brown, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Kodak Black
Gamer Girl
I was mad af at the end tho when I find out that it's all fake I was bout to throw my god damn phone at the wall but at the same time it was good lol
Patrick dela rosa
Came back because of wild n out
Morgan StarChild
Damn I remember being out in the clubs/bars as soon as this song came on every female would start "dancing , I was among them lol still love this song it's just got a sexy rythm and flow.
dodi juntaks
Night school movie bring me here.. 😂
Blake Womble
Thumbs up if in 2018
Listened to this song when I was 8 and I'm 17 now... Time flies :P
Lesep Stallworth
Who else peeped lil duval at 1:39 before he was living his best life
raamez 250
Who here listening in November 2018??😂
Maria A
Here from “night school” the movie
Vashaun Brock
2018 crew where u at😂
até o bob marley era vascaíno!
Tendai Mukonavanhu
Night school brought me here
Eric Luo
When I’m In Detroit, I run red lights, the cops don’t mind its aight baby I can do whatever Im White
MNBros Studios
November 2018 anyone !?
This song will forever be a classic. One of the best songs T.I. has ever made. So well-written... great production. Just a wonderful SONG... from the top to bottom.
Inès Gounongbé
10 ans après....
Gustavo videoz
Who else had this song as their ringtone on a flip phone back in the gooood days
Dominic Barrera
who else came here cuz of wild'n out?
ANABA FOTZE Quentin Marc
STILL IN 2018??????
Taco Stacks
This was my jam back in the day.
Karlen Booker
Pretty boy Savage
This song make me cool Bro
God At BO4
What happened to all the good old music that used to be popin?!?!?
scotttont gaming
10 years thats crazy😂
War Knight
November 7th... 2018. Still my jam
kim Gullick
love this song
Tre Daitrel
I want Joe Biden, Need Joe Biden *I wasn't the only one singing that, right?*
Love this video. She thought she was gonna lay on here ass and do nothing. Had a whole life planned out in a split second.
Who came here because they actually like the song and not a 5 sec part of it
Yetty K
Pretty boy Savage
I what this Song Bro
allan sohkhlet
October anyone???
I feel bad for the last guy, he just wanted a burger but instead get bad service.
Farah Elshami
Ay Caramba
Timeless classic
Anyone else still listen to this in 2018??
Maciu Chris Sakealevu
2018 anyone😍😍
I was 17 when this came out now I'm 65 time really flies
Sylvester Jayasundera
2018 still listening
Austin Wisely
I remember this shit at my 5th and 6th grade dances lol
Xitliali gonzalez
Reminds me of the time I used to go to the mall.. I was like 15 year old... anyways.. everytime I went to mall this song will play and I would start dancing with my best friend. 😂😂 be like stopppp lol... but I got always what I wanted. Lol
Damn I was 11 now im 21 I remember being in 6th grade and Obama just got elected
Kelly Brown
Sweet Jennifer
Love them throwback tracks always good to hear em' 👀😘
saleh said
2019 🗽😎🎧
Rahm and Sha
She lived it up for 4 mins
Migue Migue
10 años despues y parece que fue ayer.
Nini Love
I remember when this first came out
This song makes me want a sugar daddy!
amanda L
2008.. best days
I was mad when I was eight years old and found out she was only daydreaming...
Kasheena Arthur
Oops! I didnot mean too text that on MySpace(*.
Jamee Stephens
Khalilah Hyde
iLove DeOcean
_Mhhmm i miss this❤_
Ulquiorra Cifer
damn it's been a long time,remeber singing along on the school bus..anyone else- 90s KIDS, WHERE YOU AT?
Tracy Valenzuela
Hello everyone in the comments I’m the man that recorded him singing
Sweët Dreams Avakin
It's 2018 this song brings back memories I just wanna cry I miss dis song😭😭😭😭
Royal Princess
🔥🔥🔥 that will be me meeting T.I I’ll probably pass out😂😂😂
Daniel D
Reminds me when Michael Phelps was whooping everybody's ass
Priya Moua
Its 2018 and i still love this song😂
Should of stuck to music.. and he knows it (the few cameo acting roles hes played have been dog shit)
Ashelle M. Alridge Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
duval is that you son????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 it took me ten years😂😂😂😂😂😂
Anton Michael Swanepoel
why the god is the word brain censored out
zyon Blaney
When this song came out It was the day before I turned 2
❤️😏hot wings baby do you have wings? Her face thou😘😘
Trix_for_Dayz_ 17
Cory 154
Damn, November 2018....... the end tho, WAKE YO ASS UP SHORTY, LOL
Letty Sotomayor
I love T.I he always been my crush n still is.. He so sexy
Black Adam786
Anyone else feel like they're back in high school listening to this again? Man, JUST hearing this beat takes me back to being 14. @
Play Boy Agent
This song is old asf I played this shit to this girl I wanted and she started crying and we ended up together for like 3-4 years now we’re married and have 1 kid
Last month of the year! Who still listening?🤔
Elvia . . .
Pedro Salazar
I feel so old listening to this song now
vGhost dayton
This song came out on my birthday... when I was 5😩
Movie Network
When you take your girl to Dollar store 😂😂
Uwe Aime Van
Anyone in 2018?
Solomon Henderson
ON REPLAY!!!!! this jaunt hard asf
Peter Marchborn Dkhar
This is the song I checked how badass my amplifier was