Roger Waters - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

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Pink Floyd

Shine On You Crazy Damond

Pinky Floyd
HD PinkFlotd you are the best ....the hell with copyright
Cesar Cestari
It's amazing to see how important Gilmour is for this hit... It's still good, of course.
henri best
Wow this is not at all good without Gilmour.
Is that a metronome throughout the song?
Luca Marrocu
Inascoltabile. Un capolavoro deturpato. Waters é un grande paroliere, ma shine on senza Gilmour é semplicemente impossibile. La sua chitarra inarrivabile e la sua voce unica.
Waters May have been the creative force in the writing, but David Gilmour was clearly the musician of the Pink Floyd. Gilmore's performances of the same songs are infinitely better in my opinion.
turuntash the boo
Hector Martinez
This is good! But Gilmore nails it
Gaius Flaminius
What has happened to the sound... a click track?
Sidnei Mota
Apesar de Waters ser o pai da criança a versão de Gilmor é muito melhor
Omg terrible
Pam J Pollick
best g damned band on the planet, minus whoever or however many. May your gods keep you on an everlasting trip, SydB, and, by the way, Rogers Pink.
Fernando Gabriel
Roger ❤
x x
Sadly, Waters is the weak link in the performance of this cover version.
Steve Frost
all style and no substance. go and see David or Brit Floyd, a much better show
In all fairness - Waters sang pretty flipping well back in the 60's and 70's (untrained but pure effect and emotion and could better hold a key back then) He also used to play a mean bass. His singing and playing did not age well. Gilmour was / is, a more schooled and learned musician - perhaps. Waters was the dark / grit vocally and Gilmour would "lift us up" with his voice. If you watch this whole performance though - Waters still has a few nice vocal moments. Again, just pure drive likely more than raw talent. He used to be a machine lol
gilmour y Rick mejor k Waters muxo mejores músicos
Slaf Net
me desculpem os fãs de Roger waters, essa música ai só David Gilmour pra cantar e tocar, não tirando o mérito de Waters excelente compositor... mas essa música só Gilmour... bom minha opinião. sei que cada um tem a sua e respeito isso.
Correia Guedes
Assim se vê a importância do David nos Pink Floyd!!! David the best!!!
Leszek Byrski
Roger coling from !!!
Te amo Roger Waters 😊
Sheldon F
do these women know who they are singing about?  I hope so.  Rest in peace, Sid.  You were truly the  best.
Aldo Perez
<3 uff prro :v
Jesse Lee Barnes
It was an amazing and spiritual experience. One of the best concerts I have ever been to.
Damond ! :)
Jose Onorio
...roger es el creado de muchas letras de pink floyd,david evidentemente es el alma que manifiesta la esencia de pink ployd-
Pink Floyd the Best gilmour rick y nick
Chris B
Oh dear oh dear, I've heard better pub band covers, terrible.
Joe N
...great pink floyd cover band.
Own private I dunno
Aufhebung! Water and Gilmour barely able to restrain their mutual antipathy. Creative friction of which we are the beneficiaries. (Rick Wright getting a credit, why? because ...he was simply there at the time, or maybe his reserve kept things a bit civilised, or maybe the key protagonists felt bad about the damaging effect of their behaviour on him?)
Shine on ... Roger Waters - Shine On You Crazy Diamond 😊😋😍💜👌👍♥️
София Дмитрук
Космос! Вселенная! Вечная музыка.Браво!
Esto es en el Desert Trip?
cris tofer
lo mejor
Maria Madalena Alves Farias Murino
Divya Pal Singh
"Like two black holes in the sky". Roger Waters poet extraordinaire, next year's Nobel Prize in Literature, emulating Bob Dylan?
rock roll
yes I love this song allways a pleasure to hear the words and music just connects me back respect to pink Floyd .
Arthur Phillips
I remember when I was young - I shone like a satellite in orbit around a star of cheese which briefly broke the orbit and caused ripples in the fabric of space time - that was the late 80's second summer of love - techno acid drugs revolution - did it actually happen though? no, still in an orbit around a star of cheese so it didn't happen, don't say it did coz it didn't so that's that, hello cheese.
r hartnett
I've always love listening to this song, it is so soothing and calming. Beautiful!  :)
oops, you skipped the best beginning part. 0 point.
Evgene Yakovlev
он тоже вслед за Гилмором эту песню играет?
Keyboard player playing too fast, he is not in the music
Lauro Moreira da Silva
Alessandro Mello
non capisco certi commenti, waters, che pure non è il mio ideale di simpatia, ha sempre legittimamente portato in tour i capolavori dei pink floyd, con chitarristi mi sembra più che degni, ma ovviamente ci si concentra più sulla canzone. oer alcune ha riservato arrangiamenti molto liberi, interessanti, e meno male.
Eliso Akhaladze
Alessandro Mello
celio salahudin yasuf silva salahudin yasuf
tem 40 imbecil porra vai ouvir ANITA QUIME VAI VAI PR APUTA K PARIU..
Tommaso Di Lillo
Gilmour is missing
OMG - his voice is a shame for this song
Antonio Carlos Acioli Silva
Só coisas boas.
TJ Gamache
only thing i do not like is how quick they do the instrumental.... but a fantastic song nonetheless
Miroslav Horvat
where is Bramhal junior ??..much better choise for lead guitar...
Tutte le volte che ascolto questo pezzo mi vengono i brividi, mitici, peccato si siano sciolti.
Dani Canga
La mejor de los mejores.
pedro mello
Horrivel, Roger Waters não serve pra cantar em tom auto, mesmo sendo a voz dele na gravação original
Pedro Leon Icarus
Even I can play this guitar better, cmon wtf dude
Michael Heron
what a load of tosh, who does waters think he is kidding. There are many tribute bands out there who do it far better. Try using a fender strat boys.
Birdie Nam
This sucks. But it is still better than his understanding of what is going on in the Middle East.
Alex Aisorp
Perfect sincro audio video !!!
Hugo Justiniano
Buena versión, buenos arreglos, hermosa melodía....
Janice Place
infinite......i thought it was, " Diamond", ?
olindo pereira dicosilva
show sou fã numero 1 the best walters
Jean Marie Lagrave
Mon groupe préféré. superbe époque
Giuseppe Aprile
Da brividi
João Gomes
Simply fantastic
Good Roger ! His version is more expressive and full of love !
Dork of Cork
What a fantastic piece of music !
Dario Lo Porto
Now.. i can die
Carrasco Hernández.
Las Mejores Canciones de Roger Waters \m/
Manuela Gil