Is Michael Jackson's Alleged Sexual Abuse About To Be Exposed With New Documentary?

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News broke out that Sundance will premiere a brand new documentary which will highlight the story of two 30-year-old men who were allegedly assaulted sexually by Michael Jackson. Ebro in the Morning unpacks the news with a conversation about whether we are ready to separate the person from the music. Is MJ's situation different than R. Kelly? #EbrointheMorning #MichaelJackson SUBSCRIBE: /> More @ or the HOT 97 App: /> INSTAGRAM: />TWITTER: />FACEBOOK:

Bee Popp
No, leave MJ outta this. RKelly still need to get up in courts for every single allegation. MJ got torn down, came out clean, now move on to those that haven't been dealt with. Take them down!!! But MJ inst even alive to speak on it, come on
1Million Barbees
The M.J. documentary should be boycotted
Raphael Carmo
There's files on the FBI showing evidence that Michael was extorted, some people that accused him before came out after his death saying that they were lying to get to a bag, Wade Robson & James Safechuck ( the kids behind the documentary) denied being abused UNDER OATH. any comparision with R kelly is crazy.
black god
The people that accused Michael admitted that they were lying. Delete this video.
Denise Gill
Those boys came out and said they lied on Michael Jackson after he died. Next case!
Derrick Banks
Ebro sound corny to me now...I'm surprised ain't no one slap this you gonna say you like black Michael instead of white Michael....that's just ridiculous...because he was the same person.
Firstly Michael Jackson was investigated by the FBI, Police, child services etc for years and they all found nothing. Secondly, MJ was found not guilty in a court of law unanimously. Lastly Wade Robson applied for a job choreographing the Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson tribute show in Las Vegas for the MJ Estate. When he didn’t get that job thats when the accusations started coming in. Also both accusers have testified under oath insisting nothing ever happened before & after MJ’s death. This is simply a smear campaign and these accusers are not credible whatsoever.
Channel WAVY
All these allegations against Mike yet NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE!!!! His actions were not always appropriate but he was NOT a paedophile. Whereas in R Kelly's case there is actual evidence - a video tape, a marriage certificate etc, Leave Mike alone!
Gene Kelly
He was found. Not guilty. On these exact charges. Do laws mean nothing in this country?
Mi Na
Well sorry Mr. Ebro. I would love to see how YOU would deal with - a burned sculp (losing your hair under the age of 30) - Vitiligo and Lupus in front of the whole wide world as the most famous person alive. During a time where there was no awareness and acceptance for those rare diseases. Unless you where educated enough and had the chance to have profound knowledge about everything that comes along with a burned sculp (endless pain), loosing your natural pigmentation etc. It's easy to judge someone in the way you do, but put yourself in that position. God knows what kind of insecurities you may have or will have to face in your future (God forbid). Despite everything MJ did cary on. Yes he changed in the way he looked but his heart didn't change and the reason why his looks changed wasn't that he was ashamed of being black. He was suffering from multiple diseases and instead of running away he faced the world despite the ugly rumors and whispering behind his back. He had the biggest balls a man could have. I am sure those who are quick to judge now wouldn't be able to walk one day in his shoes.
Cozy Rido
this is a disgusting smear campaign of michael jackson ebro this is irresponsible and DISRESPECTFUL
Yzaiah Jordan
Theres 100% evidence that Michael Jackson is innocent and yall tryna compare him to R.Kelly for some views ? Smh these days
Demonte Morton
Ebro saying he don't like White Mike like he could help the fact that he had vitiligo smh
Both of these so called accusers have had their cases thrown out of court in 2017, and were exposed for their lies. One of the accusers is Wade Robson who is on record testifying under oath and defending Jackson numerous times, attending his funeral and insisting nothing ever happened before and after death. Over 100 police detectives, FBI, prosecutors, & a grand jury investigated MJ for 15 years and they all found nothing to suggest he is guilty of a crime. This is a disgrace..
so now ya tearing down MJ ... Ebro gotta go
Byron Smyre
Hot 97 just lost me as a fan...Michael never said he slept with kids in his bed...he said he offered his bed to them while he slept somewhere else....on top of that It is documented that the same accusers of MJ have testified that they lied on why entertain this.
Johnny John
Michael there’s no poof and r Kelly there is proof
Michael Miles
Mike didn't do that ish. Period. EVERYTHING else is just noise and a money grab. I'm just gonna sit back and watch the show. 🍿🍿
Michael Jackson is completely innocent. R. Kelly is completely guilty.
Infinite Galaxy
The FBI investigated him for 2 DECADES and released all their files proving it was extortion. The police raided his house found nothing, there is a recorded phone conversation with the accusers father where he is admitting everything before the first lawsuit was even filed. They STRIP SEARCHED him and found the accusers description inaccurate and these so called "victims" in this idiotic quick payday documentary DEFENDED him under OATH, yet somehow these money grabbers want to release this documentary and compare him to R Kelly to whom where there is sufficient proof that he is guilty, there is freaking VIDEO EVIDENCE. How come there isnt a Harvey Weinstein documentary? or a Kevin Spacey documentary? How are Roman Polanski or Woody Allen still free? They are the guilty ones, yet a successful black man who was AQUITTED UNANIMOUSLY, who cant even defend himself anymore, and where there isnt any sufficient evidence to prove any guilt has to be the one persecuted. Smh
Mainman Mademan
Michael Jackson loved kids cause they didnt have lawyers and hidden intentions . Mike owned a valuable piece of treasure that everybody wanted . Very powerful people and entities . The smear campaign of being a molester was their only hope to break him and eventually it did . Where is the proof ? MJ was broke in the 2000's and couldn't pay nobody off so where is the proof ? R KELLY HAD A TAPE WE SAW ! They still are cashing in on his name and trying to replace him cause nobody can't compare
Terrance Brooks
So we going to bring up Elvis Presley
Mark Ether
Yall will never let him rest peacefully huh? A guy that was extremely proven innocent. Jus because yall Mad at Kelly yall point fingers at Mike you people are a disgrace distasteful an a abomination Mike an Kelly situation is totally different dont confuse the two.
Ty Mcfly
Y’all silly for using Michael Jackson as an example when Woody Allen still out here living and married to a lil girl he met injured at a high school soccer game. Ebro, Sundance or not you wack for this bruhbruh
Willy's Toys
Michael is innocent. R. Kelly is not.
Michael was exonerated because of false accusations that were proven to be false. In fact, one accuser admitted they lied, and the dad behind it committed suicide shortly after Michael's death. NEXT.
TrueandLivin TV
MJ did not touch them boys
solo Isthename
If the 2 accusers signed a statement saying that MJ didnt do anything to them, then why would anybody waste their time to believe anything that these guys say.
Momo Hass
Wtf I just searched it up the same ppl who went under oath saying they lied about the accusations in mike’s case is the same ppl who are telling the story in this documentary? But hey the truth is boring so let’s fly with it Ebro 😩
The original accusers got exposed as liars; what makes you think this will be any different? Next.
Corporate shills, Mike beat his case. The boy and his father came out and said they lied for money.
can't wait for ebro to be pushed off the radio
Evolution Tv
I get what Ebro point is but Mj a bad example. Didnt the guys that's in the MJ Doc say in court he didnt do anything wrong. & the kid at the time that got that big settlement, didnt his dad commit suicide after the son said the $ was gone & his dad forced him to lie to take advantage of MJ. MJ ain't Kells
Took down Bill Cosby. Taking down R Kelly. I just heard some things about Jay Z with Foxy. Now, I'm hearing a second crack at getting Michael Jackson. Where are these documentaries about the white celebrity or hollywood predators and the strong push to put them under the cell? How about an asian one or someone that isn't black? There is a way to handle the toxic in the respective community but clearly black people don't know how to do it for theirs. Everyone is too dumb to see the agenda that's behind all this that will stereotype black men as predators adding along with the other criminal viewings we are already seen as. What's also funny is that after all the targets are destroyed, all the people with all this energy isn't using it to prevent future incidents afterwards. I seriously have a hard time taking any of you people seriously.
Left Handed Sophie Harpo
About the Michael Jackson documentary, the fact it's promoted by the Sundance festival is a red flag. Harvey Weinstein made his career at Sundance, it's basically his showcase. Ppl need 2 understand how important Weinstein is 2 Hollywood, he is basically the Walt Disney of Indy films, this is the reason he's getting the softball treatment in the media(besides him being white of course) if he is tainted in the media, the entire "critically acclaimed" respectable Hollywood Indy film establishment gets tainted. Weinstein made careers most notably Quentin tarintino and Gweneth Paltrow, the entire Hollywood system is culpable 2 his crimes he's the most influential executive of modern Hollywood. So it makes perfect sense that after r Kelly they would serve Mj's head on a platter with a 4 hour "high brow" documentary at Sundance, a perfect deflection/scapegoat 4 what really goes on in the Indy film world and Weinstein's free reign in that world.
Jay-DHD Reacts
Foul, let this man Rest In Peace, Michael is not guilty.
what are you exposing? last time I checked majority of the people saying mike did it, confessed sayin it was all for money. One guy even killed himself in 2009. the rkelly situation is the one everyone should be worrying about. Let michael Rest In Peace dammit it’s been 9 years.
The Unforgiven.702
The most innocent and naive person was Michael Jackson, wypipo love to prey on successful black men
and the 7th Heaven’ dad Stephen Collins who sexually abused those three underaged girls.. wheres the uproar? ( asking for a friend )
What about Tyga and Kylie?
*what we not finna do is slander the GOAT MJ...these people can hee-hee and cha’mon up outta here*
Well here goes another artist legacy they’re about to destroy.
Wut?? ಠ_ಠ
There's nothing to expose! These two men have been making these allegations for 6 years now!! This isn't in anyway new! Both of their lawsuits have been thrown out in court and thoroughly DEBUNKED! Also, both of these men testified as adults in 2005 on behalf of MJ, saying they were never touched! Furthermore, there's no evidence to suggest MJ was ever guilty of child molestation in the first place, according to the released FBI files that record a 10 year investigation of MJ that came up with NOTHING! The man isn't even here to defend himself! To take these men at their word when they provide nothing but hearsay and mere accusation without any actual evidence is ludicrous and an insult to the 4 months MJ had to sit through a pointless trail that eventually put him in the ground! Try telling me I'm wrong. I dare you.
Re Be
It's nothing to do with 'fandom' and ignoring things 'at face value'. Some of us have actually read the court documents where the lies are exposed.
Did Ebro just use the words toxic masculinity? Hip hop is done
Marcel Neal
he was acquitted twice what are we listening to?? he didnt do it
Andrea Stephenlyttle
Why is Ebro trying to degrade Michael? He doesn’t want his callers to have their own opinions. He wants them to side with him. Please let Rosenberg talk.
i hope they have same energy for JAYZ
The Controversity
Another hot 97 episode explaining to us who we should dislike and not mess with.
Greg Gates
A man that was found innocent in a court of law, a legendary icon in modern history can't rest in peace because of these terrible voices that have a platform use a trendy topic like sexual abuse to propel their views. Ebro is a little diva.
Dasean Howell
Peep the wave black history month right around the corner 🤔🤔🤔
Sean Warren
The guys said under oath nothing happened!!! These guys don't dance, they make money moves. NEXT!!!!
Joshua Parmlee
If Michael was here fine. But he passed. It's not fair to his family. It's all one sided
Lachanda Alexander
I love Michael's music but if I see real evidence that Michael did anything I would hate his stuff. I would just see pain of kids when I hear his music. But Wade Robson is shady as hell and is the last person to have in a documentary to prove Michael's guilt. Just with Kevin Spacey I loved his stuff once the victims came out I walked away from his stuff. But because Wade is involve I wont even watch.
Jim Jackson
You all have to do your research on the MJ. The FBI even investigated MJ and found no wrong doing. And that is the FBI!!!! Mike was acquitted in a court of all on all 14 counts against him, during a very public trial i might add, so if that didn't sway your judgement for the good or bad of him, this documentary won't because they let it all air out in 2005. Plus, the first accuser came out and said MJ never touched him his parents made him lie. He was asked by the prosecution to testify in court and refused (if he was molested by MJ why wouldn't he testify against him and strengthen the 2nd accusers case?) Why did the DA use the same evidence from 1993 that didn't help them then and surely didn't help them in 2005. And the reason why it has been going on for 30 years is because of people who believe it not because of evidence provided like with R. Kelly. Also, if you look at when the accusations take place: 1993 (during the dangerous era), 2003 (after the Martin Bashir Documentary) and 2013 (while the Jackson family is suing AEG Entertainment.) You'll should've allowed more callers on. You would have learned a lot more.
Cosama Beast
I never comment,but this is BS. First off Ebro going super hard for shock value. Immitation and flattery right? Lol wow huh... and that whole "wierd funny looking white woman" or whatever it is he called it was for what? Beliefs aside why must you tear him down, insults have no other intention but to discrace the guy and it was cheap man. Michael was never found guilty,this is America tho right. He says listen to the accusers but don't give any bit of chance to hear from the other side of the situation? Automatically hang the person? By the way,countless people have come forth ,before and after his passing,and admitted to the conspiracy and lies against Mike. Let him rest in Peace. Shame on HOT97.…... Still,it's #HOT97
Kill Monger
Dude stop, no evidence against MJ! They all lied!!
Tone Blue
its funny how all these documentaries are only about the black men people once looked up to
Bobby Shmurda’s Hat
Leave Mike alone
Gene Logan
Micheal Jackson is innocent.
Marcela Spisiak
You guys totally missed the fact that he was on trial and was found "not guilty" anx these two guys testified under oath that he never did anything to them. And whg do people compare his case to other people's cases, like R. Kelly or OJ. They are not the same! People say "OJ was found not guilty too but he did it". Well, by that logic, anyone that was ever found not guilty is really guilty??
Benjamin Smith
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But y’all should really stick to music. Stay out of politics, etc. Ebro sounds extraordinarily narcissistic and is always trying to ride the wave of whatever leftist talking points are going around on the daily news cycles. I used to love listening to the radio show but now it’s always these lame opinions about politics and I don’t wanna hear that from you!
KonsciousKoonKiller 22
(all jokes aside)ANOTHER black man
Mayline De Paz
Michaels bout to hit 10 years on June 💀 and they still trying to get the truth out a wonderful human being 😭 how did it go from r. Mf Kelly to mike ? There’s a vid of mike and a kid he was probably 10 o lil older and he was holding mikes hand I didn’t see anything bad and then the boy put his head on his shoulder mike never told the boy put his head on his shoulder and be all upon him but all of a sudden people see it and they go crazy that michaels a pedo 😒 kids also have crushes yk💀 they need to shut up cuz ik if they would of met Michael they would change their story and say something different bout mike instead of saying stuff that they don’t even know what’s the truth never in my years of being a Michael fan have I ever heard a celebrity talk bad about him that’s met him in person
Justin Jay
The irony of life. Why is Ebro so obsessed about this subject. Some day we may begin to hear about his shenanigans.
Why they not talking about all these 1,000 of kids going missing and never found!! How the media is turning a blind eye! How the police is not bringing our kids back home!!
Adam Johnson
I mean Michael didn’t do it. So idc about the doc. R kelly is on video and proof. But if there’s sound evidence again mike than I just gotta fall back. It’s never been enough prooof.
doyouevenlift t
Imagine a grown man having a whole house for kids, inviting them over and spending the night with them alone (yes ik they supposedly slept in different rooms). Yall really this delusional? Get a grip, these huge artists aren't just normal people.
Same old stories, trying to get paid. Are we really surprised after R. Kelly was exposed, MJ was next. I'm a MJ fan but I'm not biased. The reports have been proven false. Old news.
Freestyle Football
There's files on the FBI showing evidence that Michael was extorted, some people that accused him before came out after his death saying that they were lying to get to a bag, Wade Robson & James Safechuck ( the kids behind the documentary) denied being abused UNDER OATH. any comparison with R kelly is crazy.
Tarik sadat
Why y'all keep speaking on mj. He was extorted. They came out and spoke on it after his death!!
Tila Bryant
I hope everybody is gonna keep this same energy with Michael 👀👀
Mike M
We can't go around just believing folks that ain't got no smoke for their case. There is smoke, video, and proof around R.Kelly so we can believe that. The accusations against MJ are spotty at best. MJ hanging with kids is weird as hell, but dude was wierd as hell, but I ain't here for tearing a man down on hearsay and no proof. Men lie, Women lie...if we just go believing everyone without any proof we are going to have the Selem Witch Trails all over again
No, my fandom doesn't blind me to facts. Facts are he's been investigated multiple times and exonerated. Wade Robsons story is old, stale, false and him.
Kulbir Singh
Michael Jackson claimed his innocence since these allegations were brought up, until his dying day he fought for his legacy. Ebro is a snake for implying that there was a chance it could be real. Can’t generalize and make R Kelly the same as Michael.
J Tyler
People would defend their fav artist till the death...its funny how ppl pick and choose yet none of us personally know these ppl. Smh when will ppl learn to stop falling in love with these celebrities as if they family..appreciate the art/craft and dont take it further point blank..all these ppl going hard defending ppl they dont personally know 😂
Shay Adeniyi
I feel like Ebro just don’t like Michael…
Johnathan Foster
Why am I going to listen to someone who admitted that they lied? Why?
untouchable Tee
MICHAEL JACKSON WAS FOUND INNOCENT BY THE FBI He was not a criminal and he was not a pedophile," Mesereau said. "The fact that so many agencies investigated him and couldn't find anything proves he was completely innocent.
tanmay tiwary
This movie will definetly have a negative effect on mj personality.they will try to make it emotional and scandalous to lure more people in. I just dont understand when wade Robson and James safechuck testified under oath they both said he was innocent and they were over 21. Wade Robson even defended him in jimmy kimmel and gave him a tribute on his death. somebody has to stop this film to premiere.
Safi Bowman
I am open minded. I followed MJ case and he got hustled. I read articles and heard audio footage about people talking looking to get paid.
Rhysand's High Lady
Guess we're just gonna forget he made Usher, Beyonce, JT, etc. and forget about him being the first black artist shown on MTV and demonize him so out children will despise him too. Wish these days a person committing a terrible crime didn't equate them with needing to be erased from history.
Nina Todorovic
No, our fandom is not getting in the way of anything. It’s about defending an innocent man’s name and legacy. Michael Jackson was monitored by the FBI for over a decade, his body was photographed, his house was searched, kids were interviewed and offered money to say Michael molested them and yet not ONE PIECE of evidence was found against him. He was vindicated on all 14 charges in the court of law. HE was a VICTIM of extortion. All Michael Jackson ever did was help the poor, sick and unprivileged children of the world. He donated millions of dollars to charity. Do your research before you slander an innocent man’s name.
Lisa cox
MJ never harmed a child in any way shape or form. . He wanted away from illuminati so they tried to kill his career. . . Bunch of bs delete this garbage. . He's a bad man because he loved children. . shame on you. . His skin was vertigo nothing he could do about that. . he was a proud black man. . RIP MJ. . .
In my opinion people's love for Michael Jackson is so strong that it will overpower this documentary.
Christopher Keenan
The king of pop Michael Jackson was found not guilty back in 2005 charges get over it you can't touch this man now he did nothing wrong let him rest ffs 😥😥😥😥😥
Another video where Ebro is trying to son every person he talks to
Stop comparing MJ to RK. Two different scenarios
Jersey Certified
Leave Michael Jackson alone.
Red Carter
This is not a case of people not being capable of differentiating the artist from the man. This a case of people being very informed on the allegations and coming to the educated conclusion that Jackson was innocent. Wade Robson wrote on his blog in 2018 that it's not because he wasn't sexually abused that he can't sympathize with victims, then he deleted his post after realizing his mistake. He wrote a letter address to himself where he said ''You're a master of misdirection, accusing Michael Jackson will make you relevant and relatable''. In which universe is he credible. And this documentary has no intention of showing any evidence, there going to present their narrative which they'll present as evidence. Saying things like ''I was molested every week-ends'' followed by a narrator who would show image of Neverland saying 'This is where it occurred''. There won't be any recorded evidence nor documents, just their words without showing any counter proof like the emails Robson and his mother send each other while looking for lies to tell the police where Robson says ''wow this is too exaggerated''. Ebro is being an hypocrite trying to act like a ten years FBI investigation that found absolutely nothing on Jackson is apparently meaningless, but the words of Wade Robson who sold MJ memorabilia to fans while simultaneously accusing him would somehow be the gospel.
Derrick Banks
Ebro I'm disappointed know better than this
Moist Bread
asthmatic Zenna
Heart Theartist
Damn Hot97 gets worst by the day
Jamie Woodstock
People take shots at the king :( it's so sad. I'm still with him
Cray May
So happy to see there’s people with common sense in these comments 💯🙏🏾 MJ WAS INNOCENT.
Lake Show
Mj had thousands of kids go to his place and only a few accused him of abuse... Which means those accusers were after the money if Mj was a man a abuser he would have lots of accusers like Bill Cosby or R Kelly
Classic Vigil
Question. What are the consequences for lying about being abused? Furthermore, if a person is found innocent in a court of law, what is to stop people from continuing to punish the accused although they were found innocent...what do we do about that? People should absolutely take an accusation seriously, but there needs to punishment for false accusations and you all with public forums with these powerful voices need to lead the way when someone was proven to be accused falsely to fire the same shots at a liar that you would at a person found guilty.
Moe Boogie
Dude yall are culture vultures