Batman You Forgot About Jack Ryder/The Creeper #27 (Batman Arkham Knight)

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I hope you guys enjoy this new series I am doing. It is called Batman You Forgot About. I talk about villains or things that Batman have forgotten about in old Arkham games and talk about how they could come back in Arkham Knight. Leave a comment down below and let me know what do you think Jack Ryder The Creeper will do in Arkham Knight? Also leave a comment down below and let me know another Villain or thing that Batman have forgotten in the old Arkham games and I might do a episode on that topic next time. ============================== Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and follow me on Twitter and Twitch for more great videos. Twitter: />Twitch: /> Music in this video Money Penny - Destroy (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)

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I am trying my best to keep up with the Batman video, so I hope you guys enjoy them :)
adrian lemus
hey unCAGEDgamez Do death stroke,manbat, anarchy,mister hammer and his brother,and the suicide squad like your videos please respond
I love to play as the Creeper but no my dream is chatter
jon blake
unCAGEDgamez you forgot about PROMETHEUS!!! I truly and fully believe THIS is the arkham knight! pleaaaase tell me someone who doesn't fit this role perfectly THAT HAS ALSO been mentioned the Rocksteady Arkham-verse!?!?!?!
Jaylon Kiper
Do Maxie Zeus
Hollywood _
Batman forgot bout the falconie family !!
Bob McBobicins
I only subscribed because i love the intro music.
Love the video as a creeper fan just wanna say. 1. Yeah hes a hero but hes kinda an anti hero like punisher. He kills people. 2. Not just jack ryder but the creeper was mentioned in arkham city in an interview tape so he exsists in the universe and 3. He cant die. Hes gone up against gods demons and the most powerful people in dc. His healing factor is better than deadpools. So if arkham knight managed to kill him he couldn't stay dead. Hes regrown from nothing but his face before. Again thanks uncaged for making this video. You are one of my favorite youtube accounts and creeper is my favorite hero. Love this vid bro
Maximum Arkham
Batman you forgot about:Thomas and Martha Wayne i mean think about it,Its been so many years since it happened By it i mean his parents dying i mean it could have completely vanished from his mind and with all the stress piling on to him and the jokers death alot could be on his mind
Aerion Blackfyre
You should do all the villains that escaped Arkham in Arkham Asylum, yet we're never in any games of the Arkham series because if what your saying about this huge army Scarecrow is building up is true, what's stopping people like Prometheus, Killer Moth, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Humpty Dumpty, Maxie Zeus, the Ratcatcher, The Ventriloquist and Scarface (I know Scarface was in the game, but him and the Ventriloquist go together) and the Great White Shark.
makurorakudo .kira yumi
I got two ideas one Batman you forgot about Copperhead well i don't know if were going to get the female version or the male what do you think unCAGEDgamez who do you prefer to appeared in Arkham Knight and finally Batman you forgot about Branden.
Dwayne Rodriguez
Batman forgot about Man-Bat. He was mentioned a lot in Arkham Origins by Alfred in the batcave. It would be awesome to see him as a villain. They did a great job with Firefly. But Man-Bat would be awesome.
Reverse Zoom
Whatif Jack Ryder is the Arkham Knight. It's been confirmed, that Ryder's voice actor is the same one that voices the Arkham Knight.
Blockbuster Edits
batman you forgot about huntress because she was referenced in vicki vales interview with quincy sharp
Logan Haynes
Jack Rider is out in the streets reporting about the Arkham Knight because Jacks a news reporter and then Arkham Knight comes and drop kicks him then HE GOES BEAST MODE
The Astonishing Ant Man
Maybe ra's al ghur have bring joker to the lazarus pit . Maybe
Saneal Kumar
Hey uncaged can you do the asylum its self episode, I think it would be cool and mainly because that's where the finish fight between batman and arkham knight could happen
Batman You Forgot About Hugo Strange Anarky or Cooperhead
Tyler King
Hey uncaged I got the feeling that if the creeper is in the game it will be probably when arkham knight is attacking jack ryder
Frog nigga
Uncaged do anarky also keep up the goood vids
Toby Hull
It would be awesome if that shadow in the shooting is creeper
101Crew Gaming
I think you should make batman forgot about Man Bat
intense wrestling federation
Hi uncaged I love your vids your my fav youtuber and if you could do a shout out to me on your next vid it would really cheer me up in dark times my grandpa just passed and I'm really sad about it, bye
Overload PG
What about hush? He escaped in the arkham city side mission
Jalen Mitchell
Could you do a batman you forgot about copperhead?
I am Negan
Jim Gordon
Chandler York
batman you forgot about: the ultra batclaw. this is like the millionth time i've asked pls do ths
Jiggerman 22
Wow! Crouch takedown from Robin!
mike nike
Praise uncagedgamez
Gianni Carlino
Batman you forgot about killer moth
Automatic Gaming
Batman you forgot about Quincy sharp.Btw u haven't made 28th episode yet
Dylan Taylor
7th ps love your videos uncaged
Yes yes yes. Thank you for making this videi
Ethel joed
Robin confirmed
Batman Cheese
You are taking for ever to make another video and by that i meen make another one
Batman Cheese
Batman yiu forgot about firefly
Jesse Morris
Batman u forgot about Wayne tower
Potato Potato
You forgot about penguin
RS 11
Lasurus pit
Ryoko Beifong
Cooperhead :)
Bill McKinney
maybe the creeper could spy on batman?
Anthony Jackson
Did you ever see the creeper in the batman animated series?
John Evans
Batman u forgot about scorpion #DCvsMK2
batman you forgot about Alfred how big of a role do you think he will play
Showtime Lakers
What game is this?
William Zamora
First take that people
Ok Davis
first time I saw jack ryder was in batman the animated serious and he was a villan kinda
_ _
yes i love these vids
hey uncaged do u think baraka will be in mkx
Muffn Man
Aye Walker
What about Bane?
Ben Wallace
Batman you have forget about tyger gard. Get this
Alec Gunther
Batman you forgot about Amanda Waller 
Abdu Al-Dohan
Do Batman You Forgot About Huntress (Helena Bertinelli), please?
Batman you forgot about Red Hood, although this is Jason's (Red hood) first appearance, Batman might not know that Jason is alive again. Because they state that Jason died sometime before Arkham Asylum.